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  1. Brick-Wombat

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Kristof really surprised they didn't use that 3x3 fender piece. Looks about the right scale... even if it isn't, it would look a whole lot cleaner than their current implementation. I would've bet money LEGO designed that new piece specifically with the Razor Crest in mind. Oh well...
  2. Brick-Wombat

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    I really like where you're going with this @Midlife-crisis! Proportions are looking great.
  3. Brick-Wombat

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    @Kristof Yep, 6x6 diameter engines would be too small. Anxious to see someone utilize them at some point on an appropriate scale! Original designer's Flickr in spoiler below.
  4. Brick-Wombat

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC WIP

    Speaking of the engines, will the new 3x3 fender pieces from the X-Wing 75273 work at this scale? They seem destined for the Razor Crest! Image from BobDeQuatre's Flickr.
  5. Brick-Wombat

    [MOD/MOC] 75172 Y-Wing "Comet"

    I like your upgrade! TRoS could have used some extra creativity like this.
  6. Brick-Wombat

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    Asking the real questions here... when is LEGO going to try their hand at a Venator!?
  7. Brick-Wombat

    Vote for next UCS at Lego ideas

    @Gremer2 pretty much. BrickVault has a whole series of mini-fig scale SW ships, and it's really close in size to TLG's sets.
  8. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] UCS Venator class-star destroyer (WIP)

    @thire5 did you already finish the digital construction or are you doing the two in parallel?
  9. Brick-Wombat

    ISD Intimidator, Monarch, or Eviscerator?

    @danielwerner I think that's a fair assessment of each. Personally, I prefer the Monarch and Eviscerator over the other two. The trench is much sharper on these two and the designs overall look much cleaner. I also have a hard time with how big the turrets are on the Intimidator. But, as you said, that's personal preference. They're all impressive in their own right.
  10. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    I couldn't get over the chubster appearance of the original version, so I started from scratch... naturally. Still not super accurate, but the overall proportions are better. The most notable changes include: - Narrower fuselage - Engines suspended - Droid is enclosed - Color schene
  11. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    Thanks for your opinion! I might just have to create two versions then!
  12. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    @macaron35 It isn't in any of the movies. I'm not sure it's even in any of the shows. The ship was supposed to be the successor to the X-Wing, but at this point I don't know what's "canon" and what isn't.
  13. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    Thanks @Reaper and @deraven. Inevitably, I started tinkering again with the intent of elongating the nose and now I can't decide if it's an improvement or a regression. The below iteration is basically a stubbier version of TLG's X-Wing nose... which leaves me rather conflicted. The proportions are better, but it's much more blocky. =/
  14. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] E-Wing Starfighter (Updated)

    (Updated version in the comments) --- Here's a different spin on the E-Wing. Not exactly proportional to the actual dimensions, but I wanted to build one that had clean lines while still being rigid. I wasn't able to accomplish that with plates, either the parts don't exist or I'm not creative enough. Either way, the fuselage is shorter and wider than the source material, the engines are integrated into the wings instead of suspended underneath, and a cavity has been added for a droid. The dorsal laser lifts to access the cockpit and landing gear folds flush with the hull. Cheers! BW
  15. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] mid-scale Millennium Falcon (WIP)

    @anothergol Looks nice! Better than the render. Are you content with the rigidity of the model?