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  1. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    The bending in the nose section of the build, while not ideal, seemed a worthwhile tradeoff to maximize rigidity. However, I agree that the brackets on the back of the fuselage were quite frustrating. There is so much tension in this area that I worry it will burst apart. This is an area I plan to rework in the future, even if doesn't look quite as accurate.
  2. Brick-Wombat

    An Excess of X-Wings!

    This was a fun trip down memory lane.
  3. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    I noticed some others have had issues with the S-Foils not opening symmetrically. See BrickCats review here: One way I found to avoid this before it's too late is as follows: 1. Install the wing mechanisms (A). 2. Turn the tan gears counterclockwise until there is solid resistance. At this point the front and back wing mechanisms move independently from each other. 3. Install the top assembly with the grey gear (B). The wing mechanisms are now linked and move together. Since there is some initial slop between the black wormgears and small gears attached to the wing mechanism, this ensures that the worm gear engages the small gears in the front and back at the same point. At the end of the day, this is a minor issue. If the wings don't open symmetrically, you can adjust them by hand for display. However, if you're somehwat OCD like myself, I hope the above tips help.
  4. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    No doubt! Unfortunately, I'd need to do some major rearranging to make room for it. That thing isn't exactly compact.
  5. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Finally found the time to build this, and it did not disappoint. Compared to the A-Wing the build is significantly more complex, but the instructions are quite well done.
  6. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    VoilĂ ! Thanks, Jerac. That was a much more comprehensive response than I was expecting. And I do appreciate that lego creations are a fantastic yet imperfect art. In retrospect, if measuring to the engine, I should have measured to the midpoint of the foreground and backround engines from the 3D model to properly measure on the same plane.I was being lazy. Even then, it does make more sense to measure fuselage front to back. In either case, a remeasurement has made me MORE impressed with your scale and proportions! The only remaining perceptible difference to me is that the engine cowling is a smidge too long... albeit an unavoidable issue since that wheel piece is so perfect in every other regard. I retract my previous misgivings. Your model is about as perfect dimensionally as one could ask for. Thanks again, and I can't wait to start assembly!
  7. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Hey @Jerac, First of all, absolutely incredible remaster! Bravo, bravo, bravo! I've had my eye on your X-Wing for a while, but this latest release was the catalyst for me to order the instructions and buy the parts. I'll be going with the white & dark blue livery that BrickVault showcased with their Yavin base diaroma. With that said, I'm considering modding your MOC... please don't hurt me. My personal bias always liked the cockpit in a more foward position like your T-70 model. I'm by NO means an expert on this matter, but a quick comparison against a schematics (30 second Google search) further exacerbated my bias. Per below, it looks like the cockpit is too close to the engines/wings... seemingly the result of the engines being too far foward. As much as two studs in places. I understand that perspective may be distorting the comparison here, but I'd love to hear your input on this. Do you foresee any issues if I try to add 2 studs in length between the cockpit and front of the engines? Kind regards, BW
  8. Brick-Wombat

    Lego Death Star

    Very excited to see this come together! Already most impressive.
  9. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

    @AWproductions I was mistaken! 30361c is available in tan. Pay no attention to me. And I'm glad to hear the connection is strong enough! Lego can pleasantly surprise sometimes.
  10. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Nebulon-b Escort Frigate

    As 3d designs go, this looks great! Very impressive if you were able to keep the cost so low for such a large ship. -redacted- One comment though, the angled panels in the rear (not sure what they're actually called) have a 1-stud connection point. Not sure if that's enough to support the weight of these panels. At the very least, they'll be prone to falling off. Not a problem if it's on display and out-of-reach, but it could be annoying nonetheless. Again, as with the AT-ST, I'd highly recommend building this before distributing it so that potential buyers don't have a frustrating build experience. Also, if people can see photos of a real build, it will increase their confidence in the integrity of the design, and your sales will likely increase! Personally speaking, no matter how thoroughly I THINK I designed in 3d, there's inevitably something that needs tweaking on the actual build. Physics, although a wonderful thing, can throw a wrench into even the most well laid lego plans.
  11. Brick-Wombat

    At-St (Movie Accurate)

    The appearance looks very good, but, as others have pointed out, the ability to stand on its own is a critical component. At least it would be for me if I ever chose to build one. I honestly don't think those mixel joints are rigid enough to hold the weight of the "head". Brickvault just released instructions for their own AT-ST. Despite having a more robust mechanism here, it still has some wobble to it. You might consider trying a similar technique if you decide to build it. At timestamp 3:04 in the below video, you can see it better.
  12. Brick-Wombat

    X-Wing gearbox

    I modified mine to remove the rubber bands based loosely on Krispijn's design (pictures from his flickr below). However, it's a bit wobbly still. I believe the worm gear solution is more robust and less prone to wobble, but I don't know if the instructions for the mechanism itself have been shared. Plenty of X-wing mocs use it.
  13. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Munificent Class Star Frigate

    @Darth Watto Thanks! Unfortunately, I haven't made instructions yet. Will post here when/if they get made!
  14. Brick-Wombat

    "Reverse engineering" Razor Crest MOC

    @WickNole I'm happy to see more people tackling the ship at this larger scale! One can appreciate the vastly different build styles between yours, the OP's, and others. I'll admit, I'm happy to see someone utilizing the curved bricks around the engine cowling.
  15. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer - The Eviscerator

    This is magnificent! Keep 'em coming!