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Found 10 results

  1. Brick-Wombat

    [MOC] Harrower Class Dreadnought

    I don't have any experience with the games, but I saw a picture of the Harrower and was inspired. Aesthetically, I love the aggressive shape of the ship. The engine design is quite different from typical ISD style designs and I really like how the ship is absolutely covered with quad laser and quad turbo emplacements. Strategically speaking, this ship makes a lot more sense than "newer" Republic or Imperial style destroyer designs. A few retro improvements (in my opinion at least): - Command bridge is less exposed compared to Acclamator, Venator, Imperator - Engines are recessed and less exposed compared to Acclamator and Venator -Quad laser turrets are placed on the top and bottom sides of the hull which provides better coverage than if placed in the trenches. -The front and side hangar entrances are recessed which would give ingress and egress of fighters more protection Time will tell if I make this IRL. Either way, it was a fun little build. More views in the spoiler. Reference Image:
  2. See replies in this thread for NEW models - I have consolidated all models from Ep. VIII from other topics in to one thread (I had time on my hands during lockdown!) Models in this thread - SUPREMACY RESISTANCE BOMBER TIE SILENCER MANDATOR IV SIEGE DREADNOUGHT LIBERTINE SPACE YACHT CANTO BIGHT POLICE SPEEDER SKI SPEEDER XI-CLASS SHUTTLE RADDUS MC85 CRUISER NINKA BUNKERBUSTER SUPREMACY A nice simple model this time. Supreme Leader Snoke's massive starship from Ep. VIII. The only slightly tricky part was getting all those engines on without the model becoming too high. I managed to get 14 engines on to this little model by staggering the brackets but it is still not enough to be completely accurate. Overall a nice simple build which gets the message across. How tricky can a flying wing be? Hope you like it. Jon and on display planets stye with Snoke himself:
  3. Heyho folks! Last weekend I started to built this litte version of a First Order Siege Dreadnought for the "IdS-MiMi 2018 - Minimize Me" contest. Not that huge and heavy like my other MOCs but still fun and engaging ;D In this album you can find more pictures and a breakdown of this tiny ship! Greetings Kommander
  4. Hey, Here i want show you my MOC for the collab from Imperiun der Steine memberts for the Star Wars N4C - Noris Force Con. We build for the theme The Thrawn Trilogy and the ships are from the Katana fleet ore better know as Dreadnought. All photos you found on my flickr page. markus
  5. It's sonic... The Doctor (Doctor Who) Hello Eurobricks again! Let me introduce my new MOC related to Warhammer 40000 universe - the battle between the Aeldari and the Chaos Sonic Dreadnought Clamorion: The photos of this work are stored in my Flickr album. Follow me if you liked the MOC. The High Farseer of Ermyaris (the character from my Xenoarchaeologist photo stories) was exiled from his own craftworld for friendship with inferior human species and joined Ynnari - the new Aeldari movement dedicated to summoning of Ynnead, the god of the dead who can destroy dark god Slaanesh. The Farseer was looking for the fifth and last of the Crone Swords, powerful weapons which can bring Ynnead to the mortal world. And the treads of fate brought him to a planet in the Eye of Terror known as Atherakhia. There, among the warp-mutated plants and the white ruins of ancient Aeldari Empire, the Farseer and his loyal warriors tried to find this crucial artifact, not willing to stay in that Chaos-infested world for long. But soon he was ambushed by Chaos Space Marines from Clamorion the Yeller's warband. They wanted to slay the Aeldari to please their twisted patron, Slaanesh... The full view of the MOC: It consists of three parts: Clamorion the Sonic Dreadnought, the Noise Marine maxifigure and the ancient Aeldari ruins in a death world where the battle occurred. The main character - Clamorion the Yeller, the Sonic Dreadnought of Slaanesh: 10000 years ago Clamorion was a skillful warrior from the Emperor's Children Legion of human Space Marines. Later he fell to Chaos with his fellow battle-brothers and pledged to Slaanesh, the dark god of forbidden pleasures who killed the majority of Aeldari race. Due to his great martial skills, he was among the first who held the Kakophoni, the prototypes of modern Emperor's Children sonic weaponry. But during the Isstvan V Drop Site Massacre Clamorion was betrayed by Lord Commander Eidolon out of jealousy and grievously wounded by his orders. Then, he was imprisoned in a Dreadnought sarcophagus, and his life was prolonged by advanced life support systems. For Clamorion, his fate was worse than death. He was stripped of his feelings and could no more hear the magnificent sounds of is sonic weapons and enjoy the screams of his enemies. He literally became a slave to Eidolon and other non-crippled marines. Clamorion was locked in a hangar and the Emperor's Children released him during important battles, only to imprison him again. Moreover, the Warp slowly began mutating and twisting his body, and though he didn't infuse with his sarcophagus, becoming a Helbrute, his eyes were covered by flesh and his mouth became very big and able to make sinister screams. Hopefully, Clamorion's slavery didn't last for long. He managed to escape from the spaceship where he was held. And after the Horus Heresy, this maddened Dreadnought assembled a warband of Chaos Space Marines from Emperor's Children who didn't want to serve Eidolon and other commanders. Now Clamorion lives only for two purposes - to avenge those who betrayed him and to please Slaanesh, hoping to return his feelings... Clamorion is a standard Ferrum Infernus-pattern Dreadnought painted black and pink - these are colors of post-Heresy Emperor's Children: The prototype of this MOC is an old Forge World Sonic Dreadnought: Thankfully, Clamorion's flesh didn't grow into the adamantium sarcophagus. Only his large mouth protrudes from his helmet, the mouth that yells inhuman screams during battles: Clamorion's shoulders are decorated with shining grids and the Mark of Slaanesh. There are the heavy flamer and the sensors which help him to navigate in battle, under his bulky, boxy body. His right arm has a twin blastmaster: It is a heavy variant of a standard Noise Marine sonic blaster and a weapon which creates horrific sonic waves that can rip internal organs. Two barrels of the blastmaster: For close combat Clamorion uses a power weapon in his left arm: His arms are very mobile: On his roof, smoke launchers (in the middle) and doom sirens (on the sides) are placed: The doom sirens amplify Clamorion's terrible voice, making it really deadly for enemies. On his back the engine is placed: Unlike the original Warhammer 40000 model, Clamorion has only two exhaust pipes, but they are chrome! The chains replace short wires and suit the aesthetics of Chaos and Slaanesh well. The Dreadnought stands on mighty hydraulic legs: Some pistons can be seen from behind: The Dreadnought can make some (anti)heroic poses: The chrome is shining (it's not CGI): Clamorion leads his own warband of Noise Marines. Since the Dreadnought was intended to be true-scale, and the Space Marines are taller than an average human or Aeldari, I decided to make a Noise Marine maxifigure: The Noise Marine holds a sonic blaster. The chain is a "wire" connecting the weapon with the marine's pauldron. The Noise Marines miniatures made by Games Workshop: Height comparison - an Aeldari, a Noise Marine and a Dreadnought: The side view of the Noise Marine: He wears an iconic backpack that powers servo-drives of his power armour: On a top of the backpack there are doom sirens like those on Dreadnought's roof. The Noise Marine without his weapon: This particular Noise Marine is called Nefaros and joined Clamorion's warband after the betrayal of other Emperor's Children. The Aeldari of Craftworld Ermyaris are represented by traditional minifigures. From left to right: Howling Banshees Exarch Eyla, the Farseer (he haven't been using his name for a long time), his Gyrinx (a psychic cat familiar) Murzinx and Ranger Moyaz: They all are characters from Xenoarchaeologist stories. Eyla is equipped with canon Banshee Mask which works very much like Slaaneshi doom sirens and armed with power sword of deceased Autarch Erestril and a shuriken pistol. The Farseer holds a Singing Spear and a shuriken pistol too. Ranger Moyaz prefers his sniper long-rifle. The same characters, albeit Eyla doesn't wear her helmet: The ruins where the battle took place: The word Atherakhia means destruction in Aeldari language and suits this forsaken world very well. The millennia spent in Warp changed forever its nature, and plants and animals became weird and deadly. And among that colorful ruins, the inlets of white ancient Aeldari ruins are scattereed, and in these ruins the Farseer was looking the lost Crone Sword. This part of the MOC was inspired by the piece of terrain produced by Games Workshop: The sculpture made like an Aedari rune towers over the ruins: Once majestic buildings are now destroyed: The green-and-red grass is inhabited by deadly spiders and other dangerous animals: The back view of the ruins: The review of the MOC is over, and here is a small story. The Farseer, Eyla and Moyaz walked carefully in the ruins, attempting to find clues leading to the Crone Sword: Danger found them very quickly - the Aeldari were ambushed by Chaos Space Marines. "I WILL BRING YOUR SOULS TO SLAANESH!!! RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!" The Aeldari engaged in battle with the servants of their mortal enemy. The Farseer clashed with Sonic Dreadnoight Clamorion, and Exarch Eyla fought with Noise Marine Nefaros: The Farseer distracted the Dreadnought, simultaneously guarding his fellow Aeldari from sonic weapons with psychic powers: Moyaz took cover in ruins, aiming the Dreadnought's vulnerable parts: Eyla fought Nefaros in close combat, not allowing him to use his sonic blaster: And Clamorion activated his heavy flamer but the Farseer and Murzinx evaded his flames: And suddenly the Dreadnought impaled the Farseer in his chest: "BEHOLD, SLAANESH!!! I OFFER YOUR A SACRIFICE!!!!!" The Farseer was dead. He fell on the ruined wraithbone square. Murzinx looked sadly at his fallen master. But soon the Farseer's head began to glow... And he appeared on a ruined wall behind Clamorion's back! The Farseer created a psychic illusion to deceive his enemy and prepared to strike with his Singing Spear and to cast Eldritch Storm! Te battle continued. Emboldened by their Farseer's "resurrection", the Aeldari stroke the Chaos Marines with renewed vigor... Thank you for watching and reading! P.S. No Hogwarts was harmed in the making of this MOC. Almost.
  6. We learned about this ship just before The Last Jedi came out and I feel it must be included in any comprehensive First Order display. It's Snoke's boudoir!! Next sunny day I've got to take this outside for better snaps. It seems highly likely that we'll get an official one someday but I'm not one for waiting... The front and bottom are not quite finished. Will update once the parts are in. It's 168 studs long! I wanted it to be slightly longer than the SSD Executor. The 'sandwich' format has most of the ship at a height of 1 brick + 2 plates while the middle part is exactly 3 bricks + 1 plate high at the highest point. I was motivated and inspired by LegoProvoBro's build that he's had on YouTube since the film came out. It's a monster size-wise but also had a really nice little interior so I was trying to pull something like that off. This summer's official Lego throne room set 75216 turned out to be a must buy and therefore I could proceed building a Supremacy MOC without the restrictions of an interior. Since I've been building this in my head for several months it didn't take too long to put it together. It was much easier for suss out the build with a pile of parts than plan out in LDD (which I have been floundering with for months). So I scuttled my Royal Nubian starship moc (which needs to be rebuilt with slopes anyway) and I was able to complete the top layer of plates with that alone. That was night #1. Night #2 I put the wedges in (borrowed from the System Falcon) and flushed out the interior "meat" of the ship with mostly regular 2x2 and 2x4 bricks. Despite being incomplete it is remarkably sturdy. Night #3 Tore apart the 75046-1: Coruscant Police Gunship for parts, as well as a couple of other half finished MOCs. I added the bottom plates and put most of the details in. I'd say it's 98% complete. I need a few more studs for the bridge area and some color-corrected wedges but otherwise she's ready to come out of the Unknown Regions at last and punish the New Republic!! Sorry - these pics are so ugly. My office is messy. Better pics to come and please let me know what you think. I'd be especially glad to hear from others on this forum also working on a MOC of the Supremacy... what kind of scale are you using and what are the challenges and so forth. It was very liberating to approach this project without the need to include an interior (same goes for the J-type 327 Nubian royal starship).
  7. Well, suffice to say, this has been a long time coming. I had ideas since this contest was announced, but only started building in the last week. That sounds like a great idea. Anyway, here is my entry, Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought. As kind of a backstory, Admiral Seasick was a rich fellow who had retired from the navy, but missed having a ship to command. However, one thing he did not miss was the rolling ocean giving him seasickness, so he wanted a ship, but not on the ocean. Thus, he contacted one of his inventor friends, and the Land Dreadnought was born. Now, the Admiral is running in a race, with some of his fellow Navy retirees, the inventor, and some assorted family members. Wish them luck, they're going to need it. Now, on to the model itself. I had many inspirations, including Mahjqa's Khagaan, armored trains, mining equipment, and of course, older naval ships. The chassis had 3 straight six engines, and steers via articulation. From a structural standpoint, it's almost complete, most of the work now is to make the thing look like a ship of sorts. The wacky functions are going to be lots of guns, of course, but there are going to be some other fun goodies, that you will never see coming. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 01 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Overview. I'm debating which end is actually the front end. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 02 by Saberwing007, on Flickr Turning. The steering gear mount is not final, and will be changed to be more solid. Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 03 by Saberwing007, on Flickr One of the modules. There will be another engine mounted here. I'm debating whether this module is actually the front or the back. What do you guys think? Admiral Seasick's Land Dreadnought 04 by Saberwing007, on Flickr The central module. The large turntables are going to be mounted to the front and back modules to make the frame stronger. The gear assemblies hold 2 of the 3 engines on either side. The gear assembly in the middle is for steering, and is going to be modified to go up and have a large knob gear on top. So, that's it so far. I'm going to be working on this later today, and hopefully get the frame finalized.
  8. sanderverkuijlen

    Miniature Warhammer 40K dreadnoughts

    Started tinkering with today and figured I'd make a small non-technic figure. Pretty happy with how it turned out! Edit: credits to for inspiration.
  9. Wedge09

    [K - A06] The Akena

    The Akena is the flagship of a new series of dreadnought produced by the Kawashita Group for its naval fleet; created with the latest technology, these huge ships are armed with heavy missile batteries and laser cannons for point defense and protected by advanced energy shields, everything makes them a formidable opponents for any other battleship. In addition there are several embarked squadrons able to attack, escort or do reconnaissance in support of the mission. The Akena-class doesn't stop there, in a galaxy to be explored each vessel must be able to carry on colonization of new planets rich in resources and the Akena-class was created thinking about this too: they are able to carry troops, vehicles and prefabricated garrisons for the colonization of any planet, as well as have the right rooms for all of this, as secluded bays and laboratories. Ventral side So, here we are with my first LEGO ship! I'm really happy about the result so I hope you will like it! Enjoy!
  10. I did not make this. Eurobricks user named Sunnyx created the original LEGO model, a Star Craft "Battlecruiser" in July 2010. (Here is a picture of that version: http://www.brickshel...y.cgi?i=4569048 ) I downloaded it today and made it into Classic Space colors, along with some changes to the engines, plus the addtion of a Classic Space logo (unprinted here, but this part in real life: http://www.bricklink...sp?P=30363pb021 ) on the front, just above the fighter hanger. (This model is designated to be for my brother, Austin, and his classic space fleet. It may or or may not be built, as it has an quite large 1380 parts!) Background: Designed and built right after the first Blacktron War and before the formation of the Space Police, the "Dreadnought" class was designed to take the punishment of any Blacktron wepaon developed up to 1989 and give back the punishment in triplicate. The Dreadnought class numbered only five strong when 1991 rolled around, bringing the Blacktron (this time the Future Generation, successors to the original Blacktron) back into war with the Space Police and Classic Space. The Blacktron forces received a pounding from the Dreadnoughts, but not before finding a way around the 1989-vintage scanner systems and destroying the original Dreadnought with a concentrated barrage on the hyperdive system. (a weak spot for the Dreadnoughts is the four hyperdrives, located on the above and below the main wings on the left and right sides) The end of the second war and the supposed erasing of the Blacktron scourge meant that over the next 10 years many Classic Space leaders promised to decommission the Dreadnoughts, but they stayed put, slowly becoming more outdated as the years went by. Only after the Neo-Blacktron sightings and Benny the-1980-something space guy coming to head the Classic Space fleet did the task of revitalizing and revamping the Dreadnoughts get finished. As of 2015, the four Dreadnought's remaining are being surpassed by Super Dreadnoughts, the first of five will be coming off the assembly line sometime in the near future, probably within 2 years. The rear of the ship, with it's four main sub-light drives. The ship features a hanger for smaller fighter ships on it's nose, which can hold up to 20 "Galaxy" class deep space fighters, plus their is space in a secondary hanger for 15 exo-suits. The unlucky Blacktron ships caught in the crosshairs of this mega ship would be subject to 70 laser cannons spread through out the ship's superstructure, 10 tractor beam ports that are mostly situated around the bow, and two retractable Ion cannons located on both left and right wings, in between the hyperspace engines. Top view. The frontal wings hold the star fighter bays, while the rear wings hold the hyper and sublight engines. LDD file: http://www.mocpages....1424445098m.lxf Comments welcome!