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  1. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] C-9979 Landing Craft

    2018 Update I finally built it in real life! I made a YouTube video of the speed build! YouTube Someone let me know how to embed the video please.
  2. This is a reference for some techniques that can be used to create LEGO spheres. Hope this helps when deciding which option to use. And a look at the inside of the larger and more complicated spheres.
  3. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] C-9979 Landing Craft

    Instructions Instructions
  4. Happy Force Friday everyone! The frigate is one of top ships for screen time during the Clone Wars, and also seen in Episode III, but it has no LEGO model, so I made one for it! It has 2 Separatist stickers on the side, and I think it works great on this scale! This is actually one of the only scales that will work since you need the shape of those 2 large front pieces, so I'm glad they exist! I also love the tiny details on the buildings on top. LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  5. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] C-9979 Landing Craft

    Update Technic Structure Happy Force Friday everyone! This Force Friday update is a big one! When I was building the original model, I was trying tons of different wing designs and somehow got it stuck in my head that there had to be studs on both sides (top and bottom). So recently I thought "why am I doing this?", and realized that I shouldn't be doing this! The new design with only studs on the top allows the wings to: Be stronger Use larger tiles (4x4) Only use parts that LEGO uses today Be at the same height as each other Use almost 200 less pieces
  6. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] EpisodeVII - Apoca AT-AT on Jakku

    Looks great! I never personally liked grounds with studs on the side, but it still looks awesome, and accurate!
  7. Happy Force Friday everyone! Today LEGO will start selling their awesome lineup of Force Awakens toys, including Rey's Speeder. However, the model is huge, it's totally oversized! So here is my much smaller speeder, for anyone who wants a more realistic build to put next to other ships for example. It's not likely that LEGO will release another one of these for a long long time, but I could see this being included as an extra in another set. LEGO Ideas Page Please feel free to comment, and give me some feedback, and if you really like it, support it on LEGO Ideas!
  8. JaydenIrwin

    [LDD MOC] Midi CR90 Corvettes

    Looks great, nothing I would've done differently!
  9. JaydenIrwin

    [MOC] X-Wing Episode 7

    Looks good, but shouldn't it be white?
  10. Update Cleaner Cylinder The previous LEGO model of this ship allowed the front cylinder to detach as an "escape pod", so using this as a guide I also made the front detach. Krisandkris12 later pointed out that the front cylinder is not actually support to be an escape pod, LEGO just added that for playability. This gave me more freedom to use different bricks in that area, that don't have to detach this time, and also let the cylinder connect more securely. I didn't photoshop the stickers on this photo, but you can still see it looks a lot clearer. Hello again! Thanks bringing these issues to my attention. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed the previous LEGO model was accurate. I have tried going through all the bricks again to find any that would fit in that extremely small triangle gap, and literally all I can fit there is a 2x2 circle tile. The slightly smaller engines I can't do much about, but I've removed the escape pod, and cleaned up the look of it by removing those 1x1 tiles. Thanks for your support, I hope you like this just a little bit more! :)
  11. No, it's basically the same ship, so I choose this one because of it's movie appearance and the more vibrant colors!