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  1. My fav is the bakery, my least fav is the market. I've got the complete set, though we never ended up building the train last season (I gave it to my wife for xmas last year so it didn't get built for last years display). The market is awkward as it's not really meant to populate a street setting like the others, more for if you have the space to add a bit of a park. I tried creating a small park out of the skating rink from the bake shop and the market but it just got too cluttered for the space I have available. I will be reducing it back to just a small skating pond this season I think.
  2. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    A very cool mashup between a vic viper and star wars. As @JekPorkchops mentions, it would have been a nice change to rehashes, though rather U wingish (with nicer lines ... I was never a fan of how the U wing looked over all).
  3. Eagle

    Came here looking for a Space 1999 ship and was pleasantly surprised rather than dissapointed! Nice job
  4. [MOC] Miniature Millennium Falcon

    By looking at your Flickr account, I think the problem is that your photo is not public blank. There is no image in 2ZOmndr, or I should say is that the image is nothing but a transparent background
  5. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    A mount would translate better as a "stand" for the model. something to place it on. After building this in LDD I'm not sure the bottom of the ship would completely support the weight of the wings without some drooping/sagging. It may be better off standing on it's wings.
  6. [MOC] TIE Fighter (STARWARS REBELS Design)

    I've just started in on Rebel Builder's TIE (as soon as my bricklinks roll in), but this will be one of my next. I love the lines and the techniques behind a lot of the design. Just trying to figure out in advance how I'm going to add a mount to the bottom :P
  7. Have you considered having the ship parked at rest vs under power? negating the need for them at all ...
  8. With the amount of work you've put into this project, the 30.00 is a pittance. Shut up and take my money!
  9. Clone Z-95 Headhunter Remixed

    Sorry, my original link did not work for the LXF source, please go to instead Now Moc pages has gone offline (again) so here is an alternate link:
  10. Clone Z-95 Headhunter Remixed

    Not happy with the retail version of the Clone's Z95 I took to LDD to redo the wings, engines and gun pods wanting them to match the reference a little closer (reference: and The LXF can be found here: (caveat is that I've yet to brick this out, as best as I can tell It's solid, as well as you can tell with LDD). Minor updates also include the cockpit and a complete redo of the forward fuselage.
  11. [MOD] Modification of 9493 old X-wing

    Photobucket ate your homework :(
  12. [MOC] RSS Korolev

    I love how it's not symmetrical. First thing that came to mind when I saw it is that it would be a great stand in for the Flying Dutchmen and it's merry band of pirates (Expeditionary Force). This is the kind of ship a smart assed tin can could call home.
  13. I know this is kind of late in the game, but has anyone considered or altered the LXF to put key sections into groups? I'm new to the build but I've spent the weekend following along front to back in both relevant threads and had the LXF up as a reference point and I find myself using the hide feature a lot to try to dig into the depths of the exoskeleton to see the supporting structures. There is a lot of amazing work here and I am thinking I'm going to join the ranks of those tackling this build and if it doesn't exist I may take the time to break it all up into groups. I find the ability to select a group and paste it into a fresh window the optimal way to get around the mish-mash that the built in step by step generator can output.
  14. MOC Hospital.

    Not only is it huge but you've detailed each of the 9! floors. Amazing work here