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  1. Thanks @SylvainLS It never occurred to me to even try rubber. Probably about as close as I'm going to get.
  2. I've been trying to find a way to render a black cloth minifig cape in and have it look right. I get a result that makes it appear to be plastic with a gloss finish which just looks wrong. The colour doesnt seem to matter, and I can't find a satin or flat black to try colour wise. Any tips?
  3. theDeanoRama

    UCS X-Wing 2023 - Mods

    This R2 suffers the same issue, wrong scale. It's a bit too big. I think overscale looks better than underscale though. Need a happy medium as mentioned by @joebiwankenobi, a 3x3 would fit the bill perfectly I think.
  4. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon

    2178 pieces crammed into a midi scale falcon! This is the UCS of Midi scales. Excellent work.
  5. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] AT-ST

    Only thing missing is a venerable Ewok standing guard. Nicely done.
  6. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] Imperial Quasar Fire-class Cruiser-Carrier

    I couldn't imagine getting this in a box. It would look like the April Fool's set for the Destruction of Jedha .... one big box of one colour (other than a sub bag filled wilth a bajillion little black pins).
  7. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] Speeder Bikes

    Side Car Left is my fav of the series since I'm forcing myself to pick one as they all have merit. Well done.
  8. In Canada the Lego Store has had the TFA Falcon showing as out of stock since Black Friday's sales wiped them out but I managed to find a set through Toys r Us, lost out on VIP points but at least managed to get my hands on one.
  9. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] TIE/D Automated Starfighter (UCS style)

    Thanks :D I potentially changed what I may consider for articulating the panels. Take a look in PMs. I was second guessing myself tonight as to whether or not the ratchet on the hinges would hit just the right angle.
  10. theDeanoRama

    Jango & Boba - Merry Christmas

    @darththeling I think that's depicting a Deathstar lego set
  11. Do you have any empty submodel sections? I find if I accidently create but not populate a submodel, it won't generate (or regenerate as the case may be) pages.
  12. theDeanoRama

    75187 BB-8 UCS full RC mod with free instructions

    I had no interest in this kit .... until now :D Well done! As stated the articulation of the side panels really make this work for me.
  13. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] TIE/D Automated Starfighter (UCS style)

    I've been playing with this in LDD. The big caveat is that I've not yet tested my hinge solution in real bricks to see if I can attain and maintain my desired angle. Over the Xmas break I may try mocking up the pylon to see if it will do what I want it to do. I'm using a couple of these hinge combos to attain what you see here. I managed to squeeze in 2 light bricks with room to add a couple of part 44728 to lock the switches on from the top hatch. The 14 stud beams used in the original pylons have been shortened down to 6 studs to bring the solar array wing panels in closer to the cockpit.
  14. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] TIE/D Automated Starfighter (UCS style)

    Don't get me wrong, this rocks my socks and I'm hoping your going to be sharing/selling an ldd or pdf based on this build sometime in the future. I'm starting to turn into a bit of a TIE collector. Currently working my way through some of the Rebel Builder models. I'm more curious than anything else if there is/was a way to shave off 2 or 3 studs in length on the pylons.
  15. theDeanoRama

    [MOC] TIE/D Automated Starfighter (UCS style)

    I really like what you've done with the cockpit interior. The way the light is hitting it it almost seems back lit in reds. There is enough space inside, I wonder if you could pull off something with a light brick or two. The only thing I see that feels a little off to me is the pylons, they seem long in comparison to this reference from wookipedia.