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Found 16 results

  1. Zerobricks

    Leopard 4x4

    After a few month break it's time to get back to Lego and Eurobricks, and why not do it in style I give you the leopard 4x4: The model is a combination of the following ideas and concepts: Quite some time ago I came up with double torque tube suspension idea and now it was time to use it in a real model Claas tyres were an obvious choice due to their agressive profile and massive size. With the release of the 42069 set, I was finally able to build a model with a unique and striking color combination The final model took me some 12 hours to build and the features are as following: - Powered by 4 RC motors and 2 Buwizz - Double torque tube suspension - Independent dual drivelines - Dual servo steering gemoetry - Working winch - Working lights - Openable doors - Openable hood - Openable and removable rear cover Specs: - Width: 24 cm - Height: 24 cm - Weight: 1600 grams - Final gear ratio: 1:5 from outermost RC motor output - Total power: ~60 watts Now onto the photos: The rear trunk can be opened: There is barely enough room left for seats in the interior. Notice the different springs used to potimise suspension. The before mentioned springs give the model excellent flex: There are two servo motors used in order to keep the steering system as stiff and strong as possible: Under the hood there is a hidden winch, which is strong enough to lift the car: And the final, most important photo. Notice how the left and right side wheel drive axles use different colored joiners and bushes: And finally there is a video of the model in action: Safe to say the combiantion of the four RC motors and two Buwizzes with a low gear combiantion of 1:5 results in a model with impressive performance. As seen in the video Leopard can wheelspin all 4 wheels when accelerating on flat surface, which is a first for any of my Lego offroaders. Dual servo motors provide massive steering power and rigidity and allow the wheels to be steered into obstacles with ease. Only downside to the model is it's slightly high center of gravity cause by all the added panels and detailing. P.S. It feels good to be back
  2. sander1992

    MOC: The Doctor vs. The Daleks

    Hi all, I wanted to create a scene with Doctor Who and I wanted to experiment with floor techniques. The Doctor found out that the Daleks have created a portal to travel through time. The Daleks want to go back to the Time War to save their race from extinction. The Doctor have three Daleks in his vision, but he is not aware there is a fourth Dalek. Clara keep a low profile and stays with the TARDIS. No one have noticed that Weeping Angels are present and absorbing energy from the portal. For more pictures you can go to my Flickr album. Doctor Who Comments and questions are welcome. Sander
  3. The_Icestorm

    [EV3] GLaDOS

    This is a recreation of the robot character GLaDOS from the game 'Portal', using Technic and Mindstorms. Just to answer a question some of you may have: Why Mindstorms? Why not PF? Well for a start, I don't own that many PF motors (only got 2 medium motors and 1 XL motor), and secondly, I don't own any PF IR receivers or remotes. The mindstorms kit has its own IR sensor and remote, so I used that. Functions: 1. Head elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 2. Head rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor 3. Body elevation controlled by EV3 large motor 4. Body rotation controlled by EV3 medium motor These may not be very many functions, but they allow for most of GLaDOS's movement seen in the actual game. The range of movement is quite reasonable. Regarding aesthetics, I don't own a lot of LEGO pieces, so the model may look a bit incomplete or strange in some places. But I think I did an OK job with what I had to work with, especially the head. Some more images: Video: More info about the robot can be found here:
  4. I decided to open a seperate topic for this beast. Inspired by Letsbuild's idea to crawlify a Lego set, i decided to go full crazy and try to upgrade the biggest, heaviest and most orange set to date, Porsche 911 GT3 RS. First thing I built was the front axle, which uses the H frame as a placeholder for bewel gear, so there it no possible way of them to slip: Those with sharp eyes may notice the gears are not aligned, this was done in LDD development mode, more info soon The drive than goes directly to portal hubs with 1:3 gear ratio, giving the model 1:5 gear ratio on each wheel. Front axle also has a servo motor which steers the wheels and powers the Porsche's original steering wheel via a ball joint Rear axle powers the Porsche's gearbox via a couple of clutch gears in order to allow different motor speeds when steering or skid steering - Yes, this 4 kilogram heavy model can even skid steer thanks to its independent motor control. Here is the end result As with the original set, I kept the rear axle 2 studs wider than the front: For suspension I used 4 hard springs, which are hald compressed thanks to the model's immense weight. Due to the porsche's wide chassis springs are quite far apart, so the flex angle is not really big, but on the other hand that makes the model much more stable. Performance wise the crawler works very good, despite its massive weight, so far I had no broke U joints or gears and it has enough torque to skid its wheels on hard surface. Expect more pictures soon and a video soon.
  5. Agent Kallus

    MOC: The new companion

    I built a Tardis interior but I wanted to put a new spin on it so.... Presenting Time machine DIY with portals. Chell's not using the official legs or gun cause I haven't gotten the portal dimensions pack yet but I got the torso and head separately.
  6. Some time ago i posted a B-model of palace cinema which i called caesar cinema. I wassn't totaly happy about it and i got some other ideas for modulars i wanted to build. and so i created the new Caesar Cinema with next to it a sneaker store called "SNKR" I am a huge sneaker fan. (i have 25 pair of nike's and Jordans) so i really wanted to make a sneakerstore modular. an this is what i came up with: I figured that the best pieces to represent sneakers would be the up side down 1x1 plate and the 1x1 slope Some limited golden and bleu sneakers behind glass Upstairs there is storage for some shoeboxes and... a companion cube?? and a locked door... To open the door, some one already got to the 2nd floor where some test must be done. but if you complete the test, the door will be opened and there wil be cake! CAKE!! so yes i am also a portal fan! LEGO, PORTAL and Sneakers all in one modular!! (have you figured out how to open the door yet?) The cinema is mostly build form the pieces from palace cinema, the City Pizza truck and some extra red parts for the theater room. in the entrance room there is a City Pizza where you can buy and eat pizza, but also drinks and popcorn for the movies, and a desk to buy your movie tickets. don't be afraid by the life size ET, Egyptian and BRICK SEPARATOR! and here it is in my city
  7. The Chosen One

    Handheld Portal Device

    "Very good! You are now in possession of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device." — GLaDOS from Portal. Hope you enjoy, any comments are welcome!
  8. As a huge fan of Terra Nova and Stargate I decided it's time to become MacGyver and produce round portal/gate.I had a lot of spare round tiles the swirl wasn't a problem. The round design which hide the swirl from the side was much more tricky. The gate is 3 studs wide and it's double sided. One side consist the entrance with the marking of the destination. Full Flickr Gallery
  9. Hello, and, welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center Eurobricks LEGO Media and Gaming Forum. You will be reading a review of 71203 Level Pack: Portal 2. I am authorised to inform you that there will be cake at the end. The Cake is a Lie! First we'll take a look at the LEGO Shop blurb. Front of the trapezoid box/carton/swing pack we have our figure and the two re-build-able vehicles. As with the other packs, it is an iconic pair. One sentry turrent and a weighted companion cube. Though, I would have loved a core of some kind. The side on view is an action shot of Chell. The opposite side has warning information on the "tags"; avoid getting them wet, magnets etc. These were murder to photograph, the angle of the box made it next to impossible for a good shot! The back of the box shows off the three things your "vehicles" can become alongside the warning information and age ratings. Plus the now very familiar Dimensions graphic. Inside the box, two bags of parts and the most pointless instruction manual (MPIM) It tells you how to build Chell and then directs you to the game. The extra pages are adverts and ticksheets of what to collect, much like all the others. Of course, this is the aim of LEGO Dimensions so I can't fault it too much. Just be warned that you'll need to look online if you want to have any of the level or character packs simply for the builds. Onwards then, to the builds themselves. Here we have what is probably the biggest attraction for gamers and AFOLs alike; Chell herself in official LEGO Minifigure form. Aperture vest, long fall boots, portal gun and all. She's about as talkative as the real deal too! One whole new figure, a printed tag and the lovely portal gun. The gun is a two parter, a rubber weapon with the siren popped in. The rubber makes it a little awkward to get into a figure hand and to pose it once it is in there. Though it is a lovely crisply moulded part, well designed and printed too. Yes, it is a render, but it shows off the part better than my camera can! Chell is fun to play as. Bringing along the Portal Gun that can be used, of course, to create portals. In the regular game environment there are white surfaces not dissimilar to the Aperture Test Chamber walls. They are dotted around the levels or can be built from revealed LEGO parts when you smash things. As expected, they help you access areas of the game to find gold bricks and mini-kits. Here is the official video. Companion Cube The Companion cube in its basic form. The cube itself is made up of printed tiles, five of them, no sixth, so you'll have to pick one more up for a more detailed version of the cube. It would have been great to have something more like the actual cube or some of the fan efforts out there, but of course the designers had to make it into two other things too. Hence all the extra goings-on underneath. Not the worst offender of the vehicles in Dimesions though. Aren't the printed tiles great! Laser Deflector Cube The "Laser Deflector" mode Cube uses all the parts from the regular cube and looks a little nifty. It can't help but look a little odd, but so did the first basic mode. As can be inferred from the name, it deflects lasers. Useful to solve certain puzzles. The Gold Heart Emitter This is the weirdest of the builds, but there is little one can do with a cube isn't there? Again, it does what it says on the can. The Turret Sentry Turret The regular turret is rather spiffy. Looking pretty much like the video game source but rendered in our favourite blocky medium. The turret provides lasers, which in LEGO games are used to damage gold obstacles in levels. Also useful when there are a lot of foes to battle. Turret Striker The turret provides a lot more to work with. So this variation looks much better than the companion cube remixes. More hefty and speedier than the Sentry Turret. Also, more "dakka" to play with in the game is always fun. Flying Turret Carrier This version of the turret is wider than the others, extra width for menacing placement of weapon's systems. It flies, this is helpful in games of course, allowing non-flying characters to fly. The Game It was a joy to play Portal in LEGO game form. Just too much fun for nerdy me! All the expected jokes and original voice casting. There's even a song! I don't want to spoil much more really. Just be assured: If you are a gaming fan, a Portal fan and a LEGO fan this is worth it. Conclusion So, if a visit to a LEGO version of the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Lab is exactly your cup of tea, this is excellent. If you have a Portal fan in your life, the LEGO figures and models are great novelty items in their out-of-box form (you can find instructions online, most helpfully). The game and the toy justify the price point, though it might be a little pricey if you just want the LEGO. However that is to be expected, you can't exactly compare this to regular LEGO sets. Also merchandise for games (like figures and vehicles) do have a similar price when cost of three items are added together. Thanks to TLG for giving me the opportunity to play with and review their exciting new product. Set Supplied by The LEGO Group.
  10. So as soon as I heard about the new contest, I knew I wanted a different crane as the normal mobile ones... A quick google search for off road crane inspired me as soon as I saw this picture: More info here: http://www.ww.mainpu...ifting/6196.htm Yes, its an 8x8 off road crane with massive tyres, suspension and what-not. After fiddling in LDD and real life I came up with front suspension: As you can see, its inspired by 42043's rear axle assemby, but upgraded: - with all wheel drive - portal axles, - improved steering system - longer, harder shock absorbers - can carry A LOT of weight The steering system is my own idea (as far as i know), by using different handle and steering arms length I get different steering angles: Another thing I built are the outriggers. Because this is an off road truck, the outriggers need to be high enough not to bump into terrain, yet they have to lower enough to do their job. This is why they extend at an angle: The outriggers may look rather thin and weak, but the fact is the 13L beam and 13L rack are in a sandwich which cannot be seperated, so they can carry lot of weight, as long as you dont bend them sideways too much. Here is how the front suspension and outriggers look like together: And I already started working on the rear axle... You can see its simpler than front axle, it has more support, and its very solid. There are a total of 10 points holding the rear axle assembly: - 4x Springs - 4x Longitudal links with rubber bricks with limited longitudal movement (you need a bit of movement in order for axles to flex sideways) - 2x Panhard links which keep the axles from loosely moving sideways Also notice the drive axle on the left, thats for the fake motor drive. More info soon...
  11. LegoPercyJ

    (MOC) Portal Turret

    "Hello there..."
  12. Lego Junkie

    Portal: Still Alive. (MOC) The ashes stir once again...
  13. With the hubless wheel post in the back of my mind and some 56x28 ZR Street tires on my table next to some old-style track links, something clicked in my head. 22 of the track links fit perfectly in the 56x28 tires. More interestingly, if you put 4L tiles or plates on alternating links, they also fit the inside of the Unimog tire. Of course you'll need more than 22 - probably between 40 and 50 - to fill the Unimog tire. The tracks can be driven by spur gears, so you could make a planetary reduction hub which could also be a portal hub. I don't plan to make any large trucks any time soon, but figured I'd post this in case it's useful to those who build trial trucks and other large vehicles.
  14. Hello everyone! Kooberz here. Recently, I was asked to create an interview/tour interview for the Red vs Blue Uk event held on August 2-4 in Leicester. They provided the questions, and I did my best to answer them in the best way, and present some of my best and previously unseen work. I hope you like it! Also just released, is a full tutorial on how to make my version of GLaDOS from Lego Portal 2 Part 1.
  15. Hello everyone, I will not pull the entry, so I'll start with the MOC.In this model, the main character is a little Pteranodon, escape the jaws of a giant snake. The portal opens at a time when the hunter caught his prey. The portal is made mainly in bright green and black colors. Other images: Thanks for watching!
  16. bricked one

    Portal stuff

    These have been sitting around for quite awhile so I thought I'd share them with you guys. Thanks for visiting!