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  1. GarryTheMinifig

    Lego Creator 3-in-1 2024

    The turtle is the highlight, the fish and the crab are great small builds, but the seahorse is a bit... eh. If the head were attached more accurately (further back and curving with the spine) it would look a lot better.
  2. If they're going to diversify non-licensed-or-Friends minifigs, they should just go full Doug with it and have them be orange, red, blue, purple, #FFFFFF white, etc. Keep the ambiguity (not drawing explicit parallels to real ethnicities, let people see what they want) but shake things up a little.
  3. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] Another Day in the Tundra...

    There are two, that and this one. Cute MOC, by the way! Good use of those fish too.
  4. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] Another perfect day in space

    That Blacktron fighter is A+, especially for how small and relatively simple it is. Great shaping and economy of parts!
  5. GarryTheMinifig

    Abomirex the Mechanical Terror

    So, here's a MOC that's actually a few years old that I'd neglected to post because I wasn't super satisfied with the photos nor the build itself, but after stumbling across it again browsing through folders I think it has at least some merit, so I now present to you... The Abomirex (or A-rex if you prefer)! A mechanical monster created by one of the most diabolical minds in all the known world as a weapon of terror and conquest. Sporting massive razor-sharp claws, built-in weaponry, and tremendous mechanical strength, only the most skilled and nimble of heroes can hope to stop it. Initially conceptualized as far more overtly birdlike, with wings utilizing the clear orange sail pieces from that one Ninjago set, but I couldn't come up with a decent enough design and thus went in a more saurian direction because dinosaurs are neat. It can't see through walls, however, which could provide our hero with the upper hand. (also sort of inspired by the movie "9" and by extension the short film it was based on) Snout splits open to reveal a flamethrower. Hope your shield spell is up to snuff, or you'll be snuffed out. Get it? Fire jokes. One of its least immediately obvious weapons is its bladed claw tail, catching its opponents by surprise! But if caught, perhaps a lucky swing could bring our hero close enough to a weak point... The conspicuous power source on its back totally wasn't that weak point, why do you ask? At ease, or perhaps scanning the horizon. In profile. Torso construction detail. Full disclosure, I don't remember it being particularly sturdy, and in addition to looking somewhat jumbled overall, it's part of why I'd neglected to share it earlier. But the aesthetic still sort of works for a steampunk/dieselpunk/frankenstein mad sciencey sort of look. (also tangent time: I hate steampunk and think it's super overplayed, or at least the variation of it that everyone falls back on. what part of "british aristocracy in fancy dress with gears glued to it" is "punk", exactly?) Obligatory gag scene. Full gallery here!
  6. ...I can't say I really feel strongly about this one way or the other, I'm more surprised that people actually buy these $100+ sets (that they apparently wouldn't touch otherwise) just to get the cheap little freebies. That seems like a strange investment to me, but I don't suppose an AFOL has any right to judge.
  7. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] AS7 "Kestrel" Air-to-Space Fighter

    Swoosh. Meet the AS7 Kestrel, the latest model of variable-environment fightercraft from Studberg Aerospace! The basic idea behind this was to create a small, fast and maneuverable fighter with a modular weapon system that packs a huge punch for its size. It's also highly customizable in theory, as those weapons are modular and can be swapped out, and most of the white and red parts are available in a variety of other colors. The two topside guns (which can swivel to face the rear, making the Kestrel deadly in dogfights) were actually the very first part I designed, then those sat around for a while while I worked out something to put them on. Most iterations were small-ish fighters inspired by similarly-sized Star Wars ships. Some of that can still be seen in the finished product, in particular the V-Wing (which I had the older set of as a kid). Bit of a Star Fox Arwing in there, too. On that note, it does look like something out of a shmup game, doesn't it? Bottom, with retracted landing gear and three VTOL thrusters visible. Initially I wanted to have it attach to a sort of launch rail (idea being that's how it would take off and land) but didn't have the pieces to do that how I wanted. Weapons removed! A lot sleeker, but it loses a bit of personality. Well, that and it's totally defenseless now. That was stupid. . As mentioned prior, weapons can also be switched around or possibly replaced with entirely new ones if the need arises. Here's a lighter-weight arrangement without missiles and the guns mounted beneath the wings in their place. Cockpit detail! I try to fill out cockpits like this whenever possible, because lone control sticks and single control panels (like you typically see in official sets...) bug me and strain my suspension of disbelief somewhat, especially in something as complex as a spacecraft. There should be a ton of buttons and switches and tech-y things! That's all for now! I leave you with our hotshot pilot and a link to the full gallery here.
  8. GarryTheMinifig

    Are the mistika really that bad?

    Memory is a bit hazy, but weren't they (and the Phantoka) supposed to be the same characters as the 06-07 Toa initially? I always thought some of the design decisions made a bit more sense through that lense.
  9. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] VEC-3 "Rhino"

    Thank you! :>
  10. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] VEC-3 "Rhino"

    Thank you! Cross-country or cross-planet, whichever one prefers.
  11. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] VEC-3 "Rhino"

    Here's Garry, introducing the Variable Exploration Craft model 3, nicknamed "Rhino", though more for its slight resemblance to a rhinoceros beetle (and its appropriately somewhat clumsy flight capabilities) than anything to do with the majestic large african mammal, but don't tell him that. Note the tail fins in the back. There's more to this than you might think. The basis for this build was the legs, in particular the way they connect to the body involving these parts. I feel like I got lucky with how sturdy this turned out to be, as unsupported single-stud connections can be incredibly delicate and fiddly, especially as far as moving parts are concerned. ...though the stability of the rear wheel connection seems to depend entirely on the individual tolerances of those stud/half-pin parts and how well they hold a bar through the pin end; I went through a few before finding some that held well enough. There's almost certainly a better way to do this. Everything I build needs some kind of flexible joint, now in the form of moving legs/suspension for tough terrain. When the terrain is too tough, the VEC-3 can take to the air! During the build, I thought the legs looked kind of like a quadcopter when they were spread out like this, so I worked in a simple transformation feature. Finally the underside, for a better view of how it's built. Full gallery with some more pics can be found here!
  12. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] Cargo starships

    Nice! Digging the colors on the second one in particular.
  13. GarryTheMinifig

    [MOC] Vintage Flatbed

    Thank you! Thanks! I was trying to figure out some way of replicating the wide-set towing mirrors a lot of trucks have, though there are probably way more elegant solutions.
  14. GarryTheMinifig

    Kel Corona (SHIP)

    Great colors and shaping, especially around the inside of the ring! Major points for parts that move and separate too, like the command module.