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  1. [MOC] Vintage Flatbed

    Thank you! Thanks! I was trying to figure out some way of replicating the wide-set towing mirrors a lot of trucks have, though there are probably way more elegant solutions.
  2. Kel Corona (SHIP)

    Great colors and shaping, especially around the inside of the ring! Major points for parts that move and separate too, like the command module.
  3. [MOC] Vintage Flatbed

    My first mundane not-sci-fi-or-fantasy MOC, an old-fashioned flatbed truck of nonspecific make, year and model. Initial concept for it was somewhat more specific—something along the lines of a 50s Chevy—but the design quickly mutated wherever available parts (and building inexperience) necessitated, into the odd copyright-dodging Frankenstein's Monster you see before you. For instance, trucks of the era didn't typically have such prominent bambi-bashers. Okay, this bit wasn't really necessary, I just felt like it needed a bit of ruggedness. Still managed some decently evocative shaping, I thought. (also the mirrors can of course be adjusted, as per my moving joints rule) It's generally good practice to tie things down, though. Oh well, Garry is usually a careful driver. Now it's actually flat, sans railings and cargo. (but the most important railing remains: the guard that keeps Garry's perilously unsecured cargo from crashing through the rear window and into his head. If you've ever wondered what those were for on real trucks, now you know) Underside, not much to see here. Interior, with an old printed piece for dashboard/instruments. The most LEGO kind, really. Garry's buddies relax after a long day of... hauling crates full of random grey machine-looking parts to the mill, or whatever it is you use flatbed trucks for. I'm not much of a Town person. That's all for now! Full gallery can be found here.
  4. [MOC] Jungle Car "NIVA"

    First time I've ever seen one of those springy suspension parts in a MOC, so points for that. Great looking model overall!
  5. [MOC] Micro-Scale Assault Team

    So here's a trio of assorted kinda-sorta-game-inspired military craft in my first attempt at micro-scale. I didn't normally even like this style of building all that much, but I had an assortment of new pieces and I felt like trying something new. The basis for the whole set, this one started when I was experimenting with this part for the angled wings, plus some brightly colored curved slopes for color-coded cockpits. Like the other two models, this was conceptualized as something you might see in an arcade-y space shooter. Notice anything from a particular franchise? Rear shot, showing more of the construction + glowy green exhaust. The Star Fox inspiration becomes apparent when you turn the wings back to create what could be some sort of alternate flight mode. As I've said before, everything I build must have some sort of moving joint. Next up, the tank. The chibi aesthetic becomes a bit more obvious with this one. The turret, of course, swivels. Much like the others, the basis for this was a single piece, namely this one. And finally, a mech to cap off the collection! Envisioned as a sort of mobile anti-aircraft gun, one initial draft was even an immobile turret. but I felt that was a bit boring and wanted to try some small-scale mech leg designs. Possibly the least studs on anything I've ever built, and I'm fairly pleased with the relatively clean blockiness (which, granted, isn't that hard to do at such a small scale). The back, showing a bit more of the construction. Also built around another one of those 'motor' pieces. Not terribly poseable, but it can manage. Full gallery with a few more pics can be found here!
  6. [MOC] R75 "Weevil" High-Performance Racer

    Thanks! Funny you should mention that, the tumbler Batmobile was another not-so-subtle design inspiration.
  7. [MOC] Classic Space X-Wing Starfighter "LL 918" MK I

    Nice work, especially with such a limited range of parts compared to nowadays! Seems like a fun idea.
  8. [MOC] R75 "Weevil" High-Performance Racer

    Here's the first MOC I've posted here, a futuristic six-wheeled race car totally not inspired by the cars from Blade Runner, at all. I don't know what makes you think that. Okay, it kind of is. With that canopy piece, I had to do it. It was even going to have a hover feature involving the front wheel assemblies rotating around but I couldn't get it to work that well, hence the little pin/liftarm bits. I did decide to keep some of those parts in, though, because it created some neat angling and a sort of semi-functioning suspension. "Hey guys, it's Garry again with another Kirkslist find! Seller said it was a... uh, Model R75 race car. Never seen this kind before." "Awfully cramped inside... but the upholstery doesn't smell like moldy bacon this time. Score!" "Vroom vroom." "Nice, tail lights! I think that means it's street legal, right?" "Woah, it can handle pretty rough terrain too. Neat." (Here's that suspension I was talking about.) "Really low to the ground though... not so much going on in the undercarriage. I wonder where everything is?" "Ah, here's the engine! Waaaiitaminute, I remember this, the seller said not to look directly into this part, something about the accelerated particl-" Finally, here's an exploded view of the rear assembly, showing how it's offset. No real explanation for this one beyond "jointed moving parts are fun and this is why I put them in every moc" Check out the full gallery for more views and build details!
  9. [MOC] Alien in corridor

    Woah, nice! Neat build for the alien, and good use of the different dark grays for detailing too.
  10. Fresh from out of my Dark Age...

    Err, well, I never really had a big 'dark age', only an on-and-off interest. Anyway, hello! I am a twenty-something primarily sci-fi system builder from Texas who had his first experience with LEGO around the mid/late 1990s, and is currently trying to get back into the swing of MOCing. Now, regarding the origins of my addiction hobby, I don't honestly remember what my first set was (although a bit of digging could probably jog my memory), but I do have fond memories of the Freestyle buckets, as well as Adventurers, Mars Mission, early BIONICLE, and Town among others. The themes I collect nowadays include The LEGO Movie, Chima, and Creator, but I'm not terribly picky. Not much more to say beyond that, unfortunately!
  11. Serious Play - What's this

    AFAIK, they're intended for corporate team-building exercises, and they're really not a very good value if you intend on buying them for parts.
  12. [MINI] Dragon

    Really neat idea, and I especially like the wing function. Bonus points for being one of the only Technic animal MOCs I've seen!
  13. MOC: Kitchen (made by my wife)

    Nice work, and really cool detailing! Especially that microwave and the curtains.
  14. Your dream Lego theme

    A more fleshed-out Disney line beyond just the princesses would be nice. One particular idea that comes to mind are Legend Beast-style models of the various monsters and non-human villains, such as Ursula, the Hydra, dragon-form Maleficent, Scar, etc.
  15. MOC - Pasture Disc Drill

    Nice! Farm equipment seems to be pretty rare in MOCs, for such an important part of a town or city.