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  1. Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    This looks very nice, not only in The builds but in the attention to detail to the posing of the figs. Thanks for sharing. 👍😃👍
  2. That belt is cool.
  3. Oh God! Actually I lied before, I have already voted for the elf, just wanted to break the tie and now the scarecrow is winning. In any case I can still sell my vote for the final...
  4. At this moment Im tempted to sell my vote, but at what price... So shall we start on 100 pieces??
  5. This should make frontpage, to combine good looks with usability is unusual. Well done. =)
  6. crown kingdom version 2.0

    Interesting reedition of the moc, I have to say that the river is eye catching. Well done. =)
  7. [MOC] Man Cave Kitchen

    I admit was fooled for a moment, it is such a very well made construction. Congratulations.
  8. [MOC] The New Shogunate

    This is fantastic.
  9. Review: 9473 The Mines of Moria

    Awesome review!! If this set were to be re released would buy it in a heartbeat just for the review.
  10. Petrea Central Mosque

    Nice build, the overall colour selection and techniques used are something it can be apprecciated and learnt from it too. If only I would nitpick this great moc are the trees at the main entrance. imo feel they are out of place, and nothing that they are rotated has to be part of :D, but from the scale and contrast of color with the main building. On the other hand the vegetation that grows parallel to the arcs looks very good.