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  1. Niku

    [MOC] Greek Temple

    Very good construction. I like the floor and roof. Thanks for sharing. :)
  2. Niku

    Winter Retreat 1812

    Thank you I based this moc in some paints that caught my eye for that theme, I can only imagine the circumstances and those persons must have suffered deeply. I feel honored to have made you imagine that song, it must mean the moc transmits some of what I intended it to. I am planning on building more from this theme and era, so there might be other pics in the future.
  3. Niku

    Winter Retreat 1812

    One month after Napoleon massive invading force entered a burning and deserted Moscow, the starving French army is forced to begin a hasty retreat out of Russia.
  4. That set is gorgeous. Nice build. Sorting by colour is daring, my friend.
  5. Niku

    Eastfold Rohan Stables

    Thank you Sarophas, I put a lot of effort on the terrain and vegetation, so I am glad you prefered that part.
  6. Niku

    Future Castle Sets?

    Aw man I really was hoping this new series to be good I still hold to that hope, but if they go the way we have been looking in destroying franchises then there it goes, dead on arrival.
  7. Niku

    [Moc] Modular Castle

    This is perfect, one of the most beatiful all gray castles I have seen(such care for details, scales, proportions and space use). You should put it on Ideas. I dont know how much it could cost, but I am sure is worth every penny. Thanks for sharing. :)
  8. Niku

    Mortal Wombat!

    My goodness, writing this with a smile on my face , this is one of the joyful mocs seen recently, thanks for sharing. Thanks Kahir now I have the song in my head.
  9. Niku

    Eastfold Rohan Stables

    Thank you very much Jintai, I put effort on it. :) Muchas gracias tooker! :) The stables are a solid construction it is heavy for the roof. The trees and terrain were something new I saw and liked to try it. Thank you very much zoth. I like the figs also, not very familiar with fleshies and liking them :) Thanks a lot Steam. :) Yes, lets hope with the new Amazon series there could be a chance. Thank you very much, you are right MAB, lets hope it doesnt rain for the poor horses. :)
  10. The Eastfold was a region of Rohan which bordered with the Westfold via the Snowbourn River on the west and bordered with Anórien in Gondor to the east. The areas of the Eastfold that were not within the White Mountains were tall grasslands and had a modest climate.[1] The main parts of this land was the historic region of the Folde which hosted the Rohan's originally capital of Aldburg was part of this land, as with the Irensaga, Dwinorberg, and Dunharrow. The Great West Road that ran from Isengard through Gondor and then into Harad passed through the Eastfold.[2][3] Hirgon, an Errand-rider of Gondor, braved his way through the Eastfold to bring the Red Arrow to Théoden at his camp. These are some of its stables.
  11. Niku

    The Blood Fountain

    It looks evil. I love it. :)
  12. Niku

    Medieval town and market

    Really liking your town with all the activity and nice details. On the last years I have become to appreciatte more the civilian aspects and minifigures of the medieval period. :)
  13. Is this legit? I saw it on Facebook. Not sure where does this piece appears other than the Harry Potter Patronus set.
  14. Niku

    What did you buy today?

    Tower of Orthanc.
  15. Niku

    Duel at the Bamboo Shrine

    Holy smokes this scene looks really cool, the shrine build is also top. Man this could be really as a poster or something. Very nice. :)