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  1. Unexpected boat on its scale, but perfectly built execution, seems practical to use. The figs expresions and posing are also a great match to the complete scene.
  2. Niku

    Safe Heaven Cat A. Coghallow

    Some interesting building ideas, my favorite is the engineering school. I liked you went on an era more advanced to the expected medieval life. As a whole the moc looks nice. The figs also help bring it to life. Well done.
  3. Thanks Kevin! Well there is a "lore" reason as it was the places in the past they used to place the dead bodies of enemies hanging. Thank you Titus, glad you liked it. The bridge passed on some built iterations phases. I agree with the color, orange trees have an eye appealing effect despite the moc they are find. Thank you Garmadon I feel better knowing the three builds have an armony on their own. I am adding some pics that maybe show it a little bit nearer, sorry is not well aligned. Thanks SK! coming from you means a lot!! Thank you Puvel! great to read the grey pattern was somewhat broken. Thank you Henjin, would take notice on the advice on the trees, here in Guatemala we dont have autumn at all (is known as country of eternal spring ) on the next ones built will be different Thank you Mike!! I tried some variations on the styles.
  4. Niku

    The Streets of Daydelon

    Looks as usual fantastic it even feels a little cold in my room. The trees are great! Really liking the stone work on the chimenies and the bridge, also the windows give an autenticity feeling as they are different but match well on the overall of the town.
  5. Very colorful and bright, overall I like the whole moc, altought I would prefer a little more inclination on the main roof. Well done.
  6. Niku

    Safe Haven Cat A1 - Airalondë

    Thanks a lot the trees where built out of necesity because I transported some other tree designs to a display on another location of the country and when they arrived lets say the trip didnt made them well. You are correct about the gap, did not notice that when photos were taken had to went out and my friend also didnt noticed it apparently. Thank you SK, glad you noticed the sneaky forestman. Thank you Henjin I would take notice on using more little pieces so the effect difuminates on a better way. Honestly about the vegetation would appreciate more advices if you can on private or here.
  7. Looks really good, everything is eye catchy, I love the ship.
  8. It is said that the Arfelans not only dwell on the plains but also in unknown locations of Historica. These last havens, a secrecy, from wich very few enter and exit. It is in these places that the hopes of its people will endure or fall.
  9. Niku

    Safe Haven Cat A1 - Airalondë

    To be honest the tan was the only colour for the cilinder 1x1 I had available, also thinking about the proximity with Kaliphlin hopefully it wont matter that much.
  10. Niku

    Challenge: "A safe haven"- ENTRIES!

    Safe Haven Cat A1 - Airalondë Safe Haven Cat A2 - Ardholen Athrad
  11. Near the forests borders in the Arfelan Plains, there is an old elven haven, currently occupied by Lord Agleon. It serves as the last homely house before entering the harsh voyage trough the dire sands of Kaliphlin. I finally could take pictures of this one, with the help of a friend, really appreciate any criticism and comments on it. =)
  12. Niku

    The Gateway

    Wow this is massive! I lenjoy the scale, it looks imposing and really love it that way, I hate to be that guy but have some questions, how many pieces you think there are for the castle construction? number estimated of pieces of the whole moc? how much studs occupies? what its length? Thanks in advance and also thank you for sharing your construction.
  13. Niku

    [MOC] Fantasy medieval house front

    Beatiful moc, great usage of parts and techniques and also good combination of colors. A construction overall very very well done.
  14. Wow it looks fantastic and the scale is impressive.