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  1. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous!!
  2. Niku

    GoH Book III

    WOW!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME!!! Thank you very much Titus.
  3. And this was the reason many fell in love with castle.
  4. This is very nice, the sketches are funny to look and you wonder what else might be for the future, thanks for sharing WF
  5. I am really enjoying all your recent builds, they construct a mental image of your family business, also liking how on many of them you incorporate a decorative theme to them that stands out. Well done.
  6. Niku

    AoM Stables Phase 1: Hard Landings

    Nice vignette there is a lot of dynamic feeling to the moc, and the color usage is eye pleasant.
  7. Thank you Titus, glad you like them. Currently I found the uniforms good as they are, they really pop up, and given our tree heritage it seems proper to have various shades of green in our uniforms. Oh yes the masked archer, sometimes people of other lands get confused that Avalonians are just tree huggers and tight users, a little reminder to those that easily forget it. Thank you Henjin, these men serve Arfelan and Avalonia with devotion.
  8. FIRST TASK Arfelan Spearmen: these troops fight with a spear and shield, they are the front line for an assault or serve as defense screen for the entire army , there are different formations they can adapt on battle and among their ranks there are also the Solitari, spearmen that fight out of the formation creating havoc among the enemy lines. These are dependable and well trained soldiers, that will hold their ground no matter what. Agleon Archers: excellent marksmen and women that are renown for their accuracy and precision with the arrow and bow, they serve as explorers, garrison guards, scouts. Their usage on the battlefield is always located on the third rank, behind swords, axes and pikes. If the fight comes close they can use a small sword or dual knives but preferable to disengage and find a more suitable terrain where the arrow and bow take advantage again. They are deadly in an ambush. Ardethain Infantry: composed of swordmen, axemen and wizards this is a force that charges on the battlefield with devotion to the Lady of Light, although they form as a unit on the second rank of the army they usually fight on the field on small groups, seizing the correct time when to charge, faint, hold or retreat. Among their ranks can be found a few elves and fauns of the forests. Alantie Cavalry: The finest horsemen on the land, there is no other cavalry force that can be compared to these riders of the plains, their endurance, valor and skill are recognized even on the halls of Cedrica, the warhorses they ride are from a rich legacy that remounts to the Age of Strife, and they are direct descendants from the Flight of Dragons mounts. The backbone force is composed from the three principals branches of the families in the plains: Arfelan, Agleon, Ardethain. They serve Lord and Land from their capital Alantie. Integrum Cavalry: If the Alantie cavalry is the elite of the plains, then the Integrum are the elite of the elite, these shock troop horses, are the last sight they enemies behold before been trampled by the huge force of the dark guard in the plains, although their appearance may seem as dark and somber, these men are devoted to Justice. They serve as magistrates bringing law to the land and serving the people. SECOND TASK From left to right: Atair Agleon, cavalry forces commander. Julian Arfelan, count of Arfelan, ruler of the Arfelan plains. Antar Ardethain, first minister, advisor. Lucia Ark, explorer, head of the Agleon archers, priest. Grante von Reunthal, statesman, duelist, first advisor, historian. Marengo, chief of security, first bodyguard, trainer of guards.
  9. Great character and introduction, welcome to the guilds and enjoy it!!
  10. Niku

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    This is going to be great!!
  11. Niku

    Prelude: An Avalonian Council

    Lovely light trough the glasses, and also nice to see where the future of the guild is directing. And as the saying goes if you want peace prepare for war...
  12. Niku

    Tradesmeet - Varlyrian Port

    So many things to see on this massive moc, wow very full of activity and details, I really like your approach on every aspect of commerce for each guild and also many cameos could be spotted on. I must admit I laughed on the Avalonian secondary export product (first one are trees, of course.)
  13. Welcome Zilmrud and Dalle!! You have chosen wisely. Avalonia for the Win!! Julian Arfelan, count of Arfelan, is a 30 year old noble that has lived interesting times in Avalonia, although Arfelan territory is mostly composed of plains, it also has some mountain fortress south of Benoic and an access to the forests on the West through the elven pass. Its capital is Alantie, center of everything that occurs on the plains. Arfelan has recovered from the late conflicts and aims to be a power to be reckoned on the region, they have good relations with mostly all their Avalonian neighbors and trades agreements with Kaliphlin, Nocturnus and Varlyrio, yet Mitgardians are not that well received due to past mischief. Their cavalry is second to none, and their Integrum serve as magistrates bringing justice to the people. Count Julian Arfelan. Alantie, capital of Arfelan. Working already on tasks 1-4 and very excited for this book.
  14. I like a lot your hut seems well balanced in color and uses of pieces. Your figs posing is top also. Nicely done.
  15. Niku

    Grevling Manor

    Liking the overall layout, the orange rock formations are gorgeous, and the contrast on the color for walls on the manor and build are eye catchy. However not all convinced by the brown soil, I find it a bit lacking of ... I don't know precisely what. In general an attractive idea executed successfully.