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  1. I dont believe TLG would make another medieval-castle theme so early, I would love it but dont see it. I am more inclined to think they would go for the Paraoh or Violin.
  2. Niku

    Future Castle Sets?

    Where are the pics?? Could you give a link, please. Just saw it on instagram. Not bad, but really not impressed. I will get it, I guess.
  3. Niku

    La Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo

    Thank you very much, we both worked giving feedback to each other to try catch the proportions and the atmosphere. Really appreciated. Thanks a lot, we tried to put as many details we think could make the house recognizable and add two other views.
  4. Niku

    La Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo

    It was made alongside with a friend for a latin american competition 32x32 and both enjoyed the process building with interesting techniques and mutual feedback. Thank you very much, glad you like it.
  5. This is awesome, gonna get a full box of these minifigures. Thanks WF. :)
  6. Niku

    Future Castle Sets?

    Wrong too. Galidor fans are the ones that suffer the most.
  7. Casa Azul - Frida Kahlo by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr La Casa Azul is the Intimate Universe of Frida Kahlo. In this beautiful residence, the artist lived most of her life; initially with her family and years later, with Diego Rivera. Likewise, interesting Mexican and foreign visitors stayed in this place, attracted by the captivating couple of artists. Blue House Interior by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr During her artistic career, Kahlo explored her identity by frequently depicting her ancestry as binary opposites: the colonial European side and the indigenous Mexican side. Frida wanted to leave her home as a museum, to be enjoyed by her beloved Mexico. For this reason, after her death, Diego organized here, the Frida Kahlo Museum. Blue House Gardens by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr The museography was the task of the museographer, teacher and great poet Carlos Pellicer, a very close friend of the couple. The Museum’s administration was entrusted to the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Museum Trust at the Bank of Mexico, established by Rivera himself in 1957. Blue House Collage by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Since the Museum’s inauguration in July 1958, the Blue House exhibits the ambience that inspired Frida for her creation, as well as her personal belongings. Along with paintings by both artists, are displayed remarkable popular art pieces, pre-Columbian sculptures, photographs, documents, books and furniture. The beautiful garden is an essential part of the Blue House and it gives you access the exhibition of Frida’s Dresses.
  8. Niku

    The Muddy Wiskah Bog

    This is fantastic such great details, interesting techniques and colours combinations, is very eye pleasing. I only have two points of criticism: would have prefered the arch of the bridge a little less pronounced, and maybe the black roof could use a more thicker columns to support it. In any case a wonderful build that is very good. Thanks for sharing. :)
  9. Niku

    [Moc] Crusaders red Castle

    I love it. Always enjoy your builds. I love the colour choice, the modularity and the clean lines. I would like to see it photographed with a low yellow background as the classic lego were presented, think would make an even greater impact. Thanks for sharing. :)
  10. Niku

    African Savanna

    Thank you caiman0637 Watching the news about the lion pup mold will bring more detail to future african builds people will do.
  11. Niku

    African Savanna

    Thank you very much Vindicare, really appreciate it.
  12. Niku

    African Savanna

    African savanna by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr The African savanna ecosystem is a tropical grassland with warm temperatures year-round and with its highest seasonal rainfall in the summer. The savanna is characterized by grasses and small or dispersed trees that do not form a closed canopy, allowing sunlight to reach the ground. The African savanna contains a diverse community of organisms that interact to form a complex food web. African ecosystem by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Africa has five main kinds of ecosystems: coastal environments, deserts and semideserts, mountain environments, savanna grasslands, and forests. Each ecosystem has its typical environment and climate. African lioness pride by Arfelan Nest, en Flickr Prides are family units that may comprise anywhere from two to 40 lions—including up to to three or four males, a dozen or so females, and their young. All of a pride's lionesses are related, and female cubs typically stay with the group as they age.
  13. Niku

    [MOC] Napoleonic Era

    Thank you Evancelt, I was trying to make a good fire/smoke hope to try other shapes on the future.
  14. Niku

    Ideas for a CMFs

    You are awesome Robert. Just want to say that.