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  1. Helms Deep creation

    I love how well you integrated your moc with the environment, looks really good. The posing of figs also gives it a lot of life and movement sensation.
  2. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    Always had enjoyed your builds, this is not an exception. The tree is fantastic.
  3. Some ideas for CMFs

    Man I wont be buying any of the licensed collectible lego minifigs on the future(I found them unappeling), but seeing yours makes me feel with an urge to buy multiples of these fantastic creations. Great job once again, and once again I sigh with relief, knowing I wont have to sell my kidneys to buy tons of minifigs, at least for now
  4. Wohooo fantastic news to extend the deadline, I have finished builds for the 3 categories, unfortunately not able to take any pics and next week we have a Lug event. I was wondering if I could enter both categories on the same challenge? 1 and 2 for A)
  5. Fîn The Farmer

    Always enjoy the wacky angles, and how the whole building looks complete. The use of robot parts for crops is clever. Overall very nice.
  6. [MOC] Sandyman's Watermill

    Really liking the vegetation and rock work on the bridge and on the foundations of the buildings, the water is also nice and clean, and the whole size of the build is great.
  7. [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Great to see projects of this scale, good job. Keep on building.
  8. Barad-dûr [MOC]

    This is gorgeous, those two shots look fantastic, it really tricks the eye as is perceived as bigger, the amount of shapes, textures and forms truly bring it to realism. (Even if based on fantasy)
  9. Gate of Rogatino

    I agree with all previous comments is very nice and want to add this:
  10. Maybe this thread could be frontpaged? I just began voting on the previous round, missed the other before.