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  1. jcsum

    Winter Village diorama 2017

    Looks great! Seamless transitions and organic flow through the display.
  2. I've got something interesting to share. This is a magic museum that has a 16 x 16 stud footprint. It was deliberately made smaller than a full modular-sized building but was designed to visually fit with other official modular buildings as well as the smaller creator series buildings such as the Corner Deli and Bike Shop & Cafe. It works as a corner building or a “set-in’ building, in-between two other modular buildings. The goal of this set is to blend two creative arts together for an enriching, entertaining and educational experience. Fans of LEGO brick-building will be introduced to the art of magic as they embark on a journey into the colourful world of conjuring & prestidigitation in the “History of Magic Museum”. The “History of Magic Museum” is a historically accurate magic-themed three-storey building that highlights some of the greatest illusions and magicians in the history of magic. It is highly detailed with numerous LEGO replicas of authentic magic & illusion props used by illusionists from the past to present day. There are more than half a dozen play features and removable brick-built illusion displays. This is a Lego Ideas Project, so if you like it, please vote for it: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/8457f73a-9844-4e51-8161-165a2e6a11ee You can watch the video preview here: History of Magic Museum Video
  3. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Thanks. Yes, I extended the underwater base and made it "water tight". It made no sense to me for it to be have an open back. Will share photos of that build specifically soon.
  4. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Thank you!
  5. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Here is the sea dragon. He does not like clowns.
  6. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Will do! It is the Ninjago Green Ninja Mech Dragon but modded black with little green. I will take pics when I get back in town. Thanks.
  7. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    That is a very valid point! Definitely should be moved around to reflect a more realistic scene. Thank you.
  8. jcsum

    Lego Beach House MOC

    Sure post them!
  9. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Thanks for the comments and feedback. Good point. Yes, that is a LACK coffee table from Ikea with 3 legs removed. So, it was very cost efficient :-). My plan for the near future is to cheat. I am going to glue grey plates to the sides and the remaining leg, then attach the appropriate slope bricks and plant parts to create the rock cliff feel. Will retake photos when I get that done. Hopefully in the next few weeks. Thanks again.
  10. jcsum

    Deep Sea Underwater Display

    Thanks for the kind comments. Glad you enjoyed the photos!
  11. I thought you might like to see a couple of modular buildings and MOCs laid out in a city layout. Each level represents a specific cross section of the town. While they are not physically linked, they are connected in concept, relative position and imagination. So, each cross-section is part of the same city. Seen in its entirety, the multi-level display represents a logical overview of a large town; relative to the small area space it takes up. It consists of approximately 62,000+ pieces with a total of over 50 sets/ MOCs and more than 150 MiniFigs. Most of the sets displayed are official LEGO sets but have been modified in one way or another, some more drastically than others. There are also a significant number of MOCs (my own creation) and custom builds. If you like, you can watch a city overview with commentary:
  12. jcsum

    [MOC] Bricktown Public Library

    Love the density and bustling feel of the library. Also appreciate the combination of books, reading area and computer terminals.
  13. This deep sea underwater display uses many official sets as well as MODs/ MOCs. It was inspired by Jang Brick’s underwater display but I wanted to give it more original layers and textures. I wrote the following backstory for this display: This deep sea area is at least 100km far out from Brick Beach (my main LEGO town), in the middle of the ocean. The deep sea display has three distinct areas that flow organically into each other in a single space. The highest level represents a part of the seabed. This level consists of a double shipwreck scene where two ships have seemingly collided and sunk to the ocean bed. The incident happened recently; in the last year or two. A team of deep sea investigators was sent down to investigate the cause of the accident. However, as they explored the wreckage, they noticed that the sea bed drops down to a deep chasm and an old ship wreck lies at the far bottom. This prompted the investigators to set up an underwater base on the higher level and send a bigger team down to investigate the old wreckage. As the expanded team explored the old ship, they discovered another smaller wreck but more importantly, a deep cavern that hides an ancient city lost for centuries underwater. Little do the explorers know that a sea dragon lives behind the walls of the ancient city. The twist is that all the shipwrecks were not caused by accidents or bad weather; but were in fact attacked by the dragon who has taken down dozens of ships over the last few hundred years. The underwater scene features a deep sea background on 3 sides. It is a custom-sized backdrop meant for aquariums and large fish tanks. There is also a combination of white and blue LED light strips for the lighting. The blue LED lights are on the floor, on three sides. Bricks built as rock formation hide the light from view and it looks like the blue light emits from behind the rocks creating a very cool effect.