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Found 11 results

  1. Willow is a 1988 film with story and produced by George Lucas and directed by Ron Howard. With Warwick Davis in the lead role. It will have a Disney TV series in 2022. The project has 513 as of this time on LEGO Ideas: If you like it, please support it's free! Tir Asleen: portcullis (raised by a winch on the battlements) Rolling barrel rolling down the walkway like in the film. On the left: tunnel (on a hinge piece. In the film Madmartigan hid with boxes/hay in the film and surprised attack Queen Bavmorda troops) Battle over the bridge with the troll: Also notice a person frozen in a crystal and the troll poo that Madmartigan unluckily steps in the film Another person trapped in a crystal. And a cage similar to the one Madmartigan was in earlier in the film. Catapult. In the film it's placed on the battlements between the two towers. The Eborsisk dragon that Willow accidentally transformed from a troll. Project Link again:
  2. Prologue This is the tale of the brave Knight Sir Russel, from a young age he always wanted to be a knight! As a young boy he would run round the village in his armour and battle those who dared to opose him. The problem here lied in his background, due to his parents being very wealthy no one would dare to beat Sir Russel in battle, those who did vanished like magic! The thing Sir Russel did not know was that his whole life was leading to this moment. The Story Sir Russel was chosen by the King to be a courier for one of the messages, the major reason for this was due to a large sum donated by his parents. He was prepared a Horse, armour and a travelers bag all given to him by his loving parents, the travlers bag looked just like the message bag. Sir Russel set out in his quest but he only took the tavlers bag what an absolute fool! Meanwhile as Sir Russel was riding his gallant steed back, The trolls had overheard that an item of great value was being transported, so the trolls decided to make a plan! Im only kidding, did you think that the Trolls where smart for a second?! What the Trolls actualy did was a lot more simple, they decided to settle down in a little outpost that they found on one of the major roads. Unfortunatly Sir Russel who did not listen to the advice given to him by the king which was coincidentally "Now Sir Russel when delivering this letter of upmost importance stay away from all the major roads, as you may be met with a grim fate!". As Sir Russel rode back on his horse He noticed a fire coming from a nearby outpost, not being all that aware of the dangers that hang around fires Sir Russel road closer to see if they had any food which was not just Bread! Once at the Outpost he noticed it was inhabited by a lone large Troll (not noticing the other four smaller Trolls hiding), as a young boy he was always told how bad Trolls are so he decided to face off with it. This was a HUGE mistake on his part as the troll was actually a peaceful creature mainly due to its sheer stupidity! Now in a situation Sir Russel even if he defeated the large troll he would still have to kill another 4 smaller ones! *SQUASH* Without Foreground Charecters:
  3. MacK

    [MOC] Dragoon Gunship

    The Dragoon Gunship is an elegant vessel used to patrol the expansive Royal Dominion ruled by His Majesty Gorvenal IV. The ship is armed with a pair of 8-pounder long guns and a pair of repeating rifles. Thank you for looking!
  4. Hello everyone, I'm sharing a little short I did to get back to animating. On this occasion I decided to make one of my favourite scenes from the first Harry Potter movie into LEGO stop motion : the mountain Troll in the girls bathroom! ---CAST---- Eve Karpf as Minerva McGonnagal Harper Marshall as Hermione Granger Geertos13 as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Professor Quirrel Mountain Troll as the Mountain Troll ;) ___________________________________ Be sure to follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook...519954/?fref=ts C&C appreciated as always :)
  5. Hi all, I've not been posting since a while and this is because I was working on a big project. I had all these castle parts laying around and never found the opportunity to work on a real medieval build. So this is my fist castle theme MOC.I made it in peace and in War version. Hope you guys like it. Thanks! In Peace version Album: In War version Album: --------------- In Peace----------- IMG_0443 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0471 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0325 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0342 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr ----------------- In War ------------------ IMG_0561 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0594 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0584 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr IMG_0619 by Bruno Figueira, on Flickr
  6. Especially for the CCCXIII I finished the Troll Bridge. It is now 216 studs long, 32 wide en 90 bricks high, measuring 68 inch long, 34 inch tall. There are 7 separate modules so it is possible to make a shorter bridge. Troll Bridge-2_02 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_29 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_34 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_23 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_22 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_07 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge-2_36 by L-space, on Flickr More on flickr
  7. Mestari

    [MOC] Troll's bridge

    Hi, this build is my way of trying out different tree building techniques as well as doing something with that minifigure (and justifying the purchase :P). Some say it's a gnome, but let's settle for troll for this build. I used water technique I tried out in my previous MOC here: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=111354. I am particularly happy about the foliage right next to the river (and the carrot top usage :) ) I hope you'll enjoy this one. Full gallery is here:
  8. The Phantom Terror

    [MOC] Underbite the Robotroll!

    Hey guys, so it turns out I'm not dead. To prove my worthiness of staying I'm sharing with you my newest thing that I've made: Underbite the Robotroll. Reddit - 4Chan - Flickr - Imgur
  9. L-space

    Troll Bridge

    Troll Bridge Based on a short film by Snowgum films. Starring an updated version of Cohen the Barbarian: Troll Bridge 01 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge 15 by L-space, on Flickr Troll Bridge 13 by L-space, on Flickr There are four separate modules, maybe if I can get enough bricks I will add another tower. more on flickr and brickshelf
  10. Scrat

    MOC: flower III

    Happy Valentine's Day! flickr brickshelf
  11. Hey all. It's me, back with another creation. This is Terrence, the troll. Got your usual shots here The 3/4 angle The Front The Back And the headshot The head's built around that one red cup-pin-pin-ball-pin-pin-ball part that comes in the Nitroblast set. It uses one SP paw for the jaw, some Exo-force fingers for teeth, two of the grey 3-hole Stormer XL parts to hold the black torsos to the face, and other bones to hold the snout in place. Body is pretty basic. One narrow torso, like seen in the new Breez set, plus one grey pin connector, with one XL torso, flipped upside-down, serving as the main torso. Everything else is pretty straightforward. All HF-Action Figure System. My only wish was to change the HF 2.0 armor part and the black SP paw(seen in Nex 3.0) on the back to silver. Couldn't find one part, didn't have the other in that color :/ Bio's straightforward. Basically, Terrence was experimented on at a young age, and given cybernetic implants throughout his body. He was dumped on a lonely asteroid, and left there for years. Hero Factory decided to build a satellite communications base on the asteroid. Terrence was mad, and attacked what he thought were the intruders. They were actually vandals, who had come to wreck the site, and didn't see Terrence coming till too late. Mr. Makuro caught wind of what was going on, and came at once to see Terrence. A villain's blaster went off when the ship Makuro was in made contact with the asteroid, and hit the unfinished control center. It sent a radio wave towards Terrence, which activated his communication-processing implants, and gave him a wealth of knowledge he hadn't had before. It was easier then to come to an agreement with the Troll. Terrence allowed HF to complete their base, but only if they would give him a place to stay in their factory. Since then, Terrence has become an 'honorary' member of the Hero Factory. His brute strength is highly valued, but his organizational skills have come in handy more than once. Terrence currently works the front desk in the lobby at Hero Factory on weekends, and whenever the front-desk bot is unavailable. Terrence keeps a close relationship to Makuro- every other Tuesday they play chess, or go nature-watching for a few hours. Also, Terrence is a troll, who likes high fives and pizza rolls. That is all. Enjoy. I'll put up more images of his torso later. -Cirkit