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Found 4 results

  1. “Harry didn’t have to do his homework by flashlight anymore; now he could sit in the bright sunshine outside Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlour, finishing his essays with the occasional help from Florean Fortescue himself.” This MOC is of Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlour from the wizarding world of Harry Potter! Located in Diagon Alley, London, the parlour keeps witches and wizards satisfied with the coolest, most colourful ice creams and sundaes! Florean Fortescue's by Scarlet Patronus, on Flickr The model is based off the recreation of Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlour in Universal Studios Florida, with inspiration drawn from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book. The large ice cream cone attached to the upper floor gives the parlour its recognisable appearance, whilst a stickered bright light yellow 1x10 brick details the shop name. Light blueish grey masonry bricks have been used to create a “worn” texture, blended with bright light yellow bricks to give the parlour a sense of shabbiness. Florean Fortescue's 2 by Scarlet Patronus, on Flickr Florean Fortescue's 4 by Scarlet Patronus, on Flickr Inside the parlour, the iconic white and black checkboard flooring has been recreated using alternating 2x2 black and white tiles. The ground floor has an area for Mr Fortescue to serve his customers, complete with freezers, stacks of ice cream cones and soft-scoop ice cream machine. Florean Fortescue's 3 by Scarlet Patronus, on Flickr On the upper level, there are small diner-style seating areas for customers to enjoy a sundae whilst looking out onto the cobbled shopping street below. On summer days, an ice cream cart, complete with umbrella, can be used to serve witches and wizards, with a small table and chairs outside. Florean Fortescue's 5 by Scarlet Patronus, on Flickr The journey of getting from “render to real life” began with a build on Bricklink Studio. From there, pieces were picked from our existing collection of LEGO. Any others were sourced on LEGO’s Bricks & Pieces service and Bricklink, or substituted for alternatives we already owned. The model was finally assembled when all pieces had been gathered. Photos of the "real-life" build will be posted soon. Any thoughts or feedback would be welcomed! If you’d like to keep up to date with our other MOCs and creations, please follow us on Instagram – . If you’re interested in trying the build yourself, instructions are now available via the following: The sticker used in the model is also available for purchase from our Bricklink store (with shipping fees). Thanks for taking the time to read this post!
  2. FiliusRucilo

    [MOC] Eiscafé Rialto (Icecream parlor)

    Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Maria and Ernesto Candagio are from Calabria and emerged in 1960 to Snottingen. The italian people helps to make the economic miracle came true and normally all the emigrants works at the LWM-factory in Cross-Axleton. Instead of doing factory work the Candagios take over the old house in Bricksuferstraße for an icecream parlor. The House was cheap and they had no money... Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Unfortunally Candagios have no childern and that's very sad for italian people. So all childern of Snottingen became "their" children. Ernstos Grandfather already was a icecream man in Calabria which made all childrens happy. And so Candagios does in Snottingen today! Every year, end of march, a big icecream test takes place in the parlor and every child is invited. In the winter month's Candagios travelling back to italy and when they're back to Snotting in spring they have the latest ice recipes which have to be tested on their main customers. Only what's liked by the children find the way into the waffle! Over the years Ernesto and Maria have transformed the house into a veritable gem. The great ice-parlor on the ground floor has a glazing which can fully opened when the weather becomes sunny and the big Appleoak in the garden always spend a nice shadow. It's a lovely place for an iced coffee or a Rialto-Special sundae. That's doce vita italiano and grandpa Ludwig or Captain Norbert knows that exactly... the captain is quite impatient waiting for his ice. Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr On second floor is dental office of Dr. med. dent. Rudolph Wurzelbohrer (Rootdriller ;-) The Office is complet with al waitung room, an assitant office and a dentit chair. In this moment Dr. Wurzelbohrer does an extraction. Thanks god the windows are closed so nobody in the garden can hear the screams. On the opposite of the second floor is Susi's photo studio. It's so small that it is more like a photo booth. Susi's studio is open three days a week. On the other days Susi's takes photos for the Snottinger Tageblatt newspaper. Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr In the third floor is the small flat of the candagios with a big kitchen, a couch and TV and a bed. Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr Eiscafé Rialto by Filius Rucilo on Flickr See more pictures at Flickr. For the statistic Parts: 5150. After a few last minute changes I don't know the amount exactly. The parts are from 6 european countrys and it needs 12 orders at bricklink to obtain them. Planning: October 2013 to march 2014 Build: july 2014 Order and build time: 8 weeks. The "Appleoak" is inspired by the beautiful trees of Paul Toxopeus. The Eiscafé Rialto is placed in the Brickufer-Block back to back with Hugos Oldtimer-Klinik and the DPD Pickup shop. I apologize my terrible english. Suggestions are always welcome.
  3. 7 stud wide Icecream Truck. Based upon a 7 stud version of my modified Vampyre Hearse. As you can see I've used the icecream-decoration from the new Lego Movie Flying icecream machine. That is a great set to get some of the icecream decorations I needed for my hotrod icecreamtruck I wanted to build right after I finished my hearse. I took me a while to collect all the parts I needed for the truck. Hope you like it. And yes, it's got enough groundclearance to roll on a flat smooth surface... ^ Lovely Icecream ornamentation comes from the Lego Movie Icecreammachine set. As are the roofspeakers. ^ Thought it would be cool to pimp the truck with a gold capped tooth in the grille... No question about it this icecreamman comes from the wrong side of town... (A ring from a Lord of the Rings set) ^ The before and after-shot... ^ Garage scene. The old hearse getting it's makeover icecreamtruck-camouflage... So... Would you buy an icecreamcone from this guy...?
  4. jaapxaap

    it's time for ICECREAMS!

    I wanted to make a summer creation..., i builded this icecream shop! Hope you enjoy, jaapxaap