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Found 13 results

  1. A new article in the Chicago Tribune about a museum exhibit by Adam Reed Tucker at the Chicago MSI. His Golden Gate Bridge is 60 feet long.
  2. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Ghostbusters

    Ghostbusters gets a LEGO movie makeover! Lots of brickbuilt effects. enjoy!
  3. Hey y'all I bought the lego imperial star destroyer a couple of months ago to display because I love to glaze at an Imperial star destroyer. After a while I realised that the set 6211 really lacks in detail. So I thought I would mod it to make it look better. So I started browsing some pictures of the imperial star destroyer to get some ideas. I then came across the UCS Imperial star destroyer and remembered it existed. I then realised that my 6211 SD would never look as epic as this one. So I went to rebrickable to see how many pieces I already had. I have 69% . But I didn't want to destroy my at-at 4483 so now I still have 67% I printed the parts list and started collecting the pieces I need and circled the ones I still have to buy from bricklink. I then realised I only have 1356 pieces. thats about 33%. So I have to buy a lot more. I made a wanted list from the pieces I need and started looking for the stores to buy the pieces from. The total cost is about 450€ which I will gladly pay for an epic star destroyer. I won't buy pieces that are 30€ per piece, so I just bought them in a different color and I will just paint them. That saved me a lot of money. I didn't buy the tan magnet holders because they are 20€ per piece and I need 14 of them, so I'll just buy a different kind of holder. I won't buy the pieces for the tantive IV, I'll just make it with the pieces I have. I now only have to pay some stores and then the waiting game can begin. Thanks for reading. (can somebody tell me how to upload a picture? )
  4. Welcome yet again to the land of Balfe Nui! After the Toa of the Farside Village escaped from the protosteel worm, they were recruited by the Patriots, a group of Elite Toa. The threat of Nuva and his infected warriors is still there, and the new team must do everything in their power to stop him... This comic was made in 2013. This is the direct sequel to Uprising, so make sure to read that story first! Here are the links to each page: Prolog: Assault Chapter 1: Gathering Chapter 2: Swampland Chapter 3: Heights Chapter 4: Solitude Chapter 5: Renegade Chapter 6: Resurrection Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Epilog Edit: Cancelled due to the limited amount of interest. I hope you enjoy! Made using: Sanyo Xacti S4 and iPhone 5 (camera), Comic Life 2, Gimp 2.8 and Picasa
  5. GEF

    The Survivor

    Being an evil minion is only bad most of the time. Animation/some Editing: Gideon Feldick (GEF) VFX/Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW) Sound FX: Music: Incompetech
  6. A Man of Steel parody, Superman must battle his way through Krypton Invaders, a Sharknado and...twerking!? Even the Justice League can't stop all the craziness in this action packed epic brick film. Tell us what you think, please share it if you like it.
  7. pucelabricks

    The executions of the 2nd Chima

    Sorry for my english Twenty-ninth year of the war of Ragnarök , after the victory in the Battle of Sirius B6 and death of the caudillo Gorfan Roftgut at the hands of the commissioner Lothbrok and 8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment of La Vera , when she finally believed that the war had completed, the master assassins of Gorfan Roftgut , nicknamed " the rat " , took refuge in the deep galleries of numerous karst formations on the planet offered . To get out the rats from their nests It was necessary heavy drilling machinery and the nearest was in a distant system. Meanwhile in Chima system where animals evolved to intelligent forms coexisted with humans in peace in a difficult balance after a war of liberation against their former oppressors and tyrannical rulers. The arrival of a self-proclaimed messiah prodded all the tribes of animals against humans, and a fierce persecution against them was initiated . The human empire decided to lift several armies to begin the reconquest of the system, and falls within the 2nd Army Chima was newly promoted to Division level , the, 8th Mechanized Infantry Division Commissioner Lothbrok , in which numerous regiments from La Vera system were included. The planet system main capital was Chimagrado, and after a fierce battle, house by house and building by building was taken . The scene appears here immortalized is given after making full of the capital (except isolated pockets of resistance) , in the main square , where they are, in the center, the Governor's Palace to the left the ruins of the cathedral and right what remains Administrorum building . In the center, the statue of victory, brought specially for the occasion and placed as the area was secured by the 96th Regiment of Engineers from Pucela , represents the victory of humanity over the different tribes of animals. Once victory was a fact, the newly appointed governor of the planet Sebastian de Eslava wanted to make an example of , and thought to use it in old ways as Decimatio , or Carniciquina , but the commissioner refused Lothbrok saying " back these practices we would do better than the animals that have beem defeated, the 8th of La Vera not tolerate that thier prisoners are treated as this, and tan this victory was from the 8th of Vera , we will be those who choose the punishment , when your excellence win anything by itself he can choose the best way he understand " And the punishment chosen was the execution of the main leaders . Complete Flickr gallery: The commissioner directed the firing squad Leaders of all races will be executed. Contemplate the executions of the 3 armys members, crew vehicles, marines and pilots. Prisoners awaiting their turn Androids are those carrying the corpses to the pyre of purifying fire The corpses are cremated A guard of honor before the statue of the victory of humanity over animal tribes and rendered these weapons. Snapshot of a war correspondent who went down in history as the symbol of victory. The flag is the 8th Mechanized Infantry Division of the Vera. The correspondent taking photo A platoon down a Chinook helicopter Members of the three armys, trying to enter the ruins of Administrorum looking documents. PRD-14 anti-aircraft vehicle Hydra An injured is taken to the advanced medical post A patrol behind a tank PB-43 Puma No will be peace for the wickeds
  8. Reekardoo

    Double Axe

    I've shown it before but now it is a completely independent project in cuusoo please help by clicking the support button in this link - http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/57992 Thanks!
  9. Mark of Falworth

    (LCC) The End...

    Mark of Falworth trudged through the plains of Dreadmoor. His friends had been caught and brutally killed by his cruel enemies. Mark had barely escaped alive, and these traumatic last few days had left him very shaken. But still, he pressed on! He would reach the mysterious destination... Mark scanned the skies with a wary gaze. The dragon might still be after him, and a large open plain is not the best place to fight a huge aerial beast... Mark's well-trained ears soon picked up a distant sound... It roared like thunder, yet it never stopped. Curious as to what could be causing the noises, Mark clambered up the next hill... Mark gasped in horror at the terrible sight! A gargantuan horde of loathsome, despicable OUTLAWS! But what was worse was that the colors and emblems of the evil tyrant Galainir were distributed widely among them! This enormous pack of rogues was in the employ of the false Queen! They were heading North as Mark was heading South! They must be on a destructive route to Loreos and the rest of Roawia! Mark then realized they weren't heading due North, they were heading straight towards HIM! Yes, Mark had been spotted as soon as he had espied them... Quite adverse to fighting alone what must be upwards of ten thousand men, Mark looked round for some advantage or means of escape. But there was no tree or rock or anything whatsoever to hide in or among. He could run, but the lighter equipped brigands could outdistance him by paces... In short, Mark was Doooomed! Mark resolved then and there to fight to the bitter end. He had nothing to lose! He would give his contemptible adversaries a battle to remember forever! With a broad smile on his face and his trusty sword raised high, he burst forth with his nation's famous war-cry- FOR THE GLORY OF LOREOS!!! (LCC) The End... by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr (LCC) The End... by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr (LCC) The End... by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART 2 2When we last left Mark of Falworth, he was facing off against a horde of loathsome Outlaws! The first warriors who came within reach of Mark's sword were speedily cut down. Mark charged furiously into the great mass of men! Mark slashed and chopped and parried and stabbed in an uncontrollable surge of adrenaline and rage! After a dozen had fallen before his sword, the Outlaws paused in sheer disbelief. Fighting 12 opponents at a time, he still drove them back and held his own! The respite was momentary, as the Outlaws were burning for vengeance against years of disastrous crusades (Some instigated by Mark). More and more fell, and Mark was thought to have fallen dead more then once, but then he would erupt from a pile of struggling bandits and rain down his deadly blows faster then ever! For 7 long hours the carnage raged, and nigh a hundred Outlaws had died trying to bring down the knight of the everlasting smile and perfect hair (which still remained perfect despite the intense action). But even the bravest cannot fight beyond his own strength, and each wave of opponents was getting harder and harder for Mark to drive back... The Outlaws gathered together shoulder to shoulder for a final rush towards their target. Their war-cries grew stronger as Mark's strength faded. But just before they could deliver the death blows, a tremendous, eardrum-bursting roar shook the entire battlefield! Every warrior stopped and looked to the heavens from whence the rumble came. Lo and behold, a colossal black creature descended on the mass of men. Fangs glistening, enormous wings spreading forth in terrible glory. It was none other then the fearsome dragon Cyricus the Mighty! The great host of Outlaws fled like mice before a lion. The Dragon landed with immense impact, feet away from the exhausted Mark. He had no energy left to run, or even to raise his weapon. His voice had long since dissipated. He looked straight into the jaws of death, and smiled. At last his time had come. The massive claws and teeth shrieked towards him as he fell senseless to the ground... (LCC)The End... (Part 2) by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr (LCC)The End... (Part 2) by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr (LCC)The End... (Part 2) by Mark of Falworth, on Flickr To be Continued... Next year! So this was a fun MOC to make. I really wanted to try out a cliffhanger in a story MOC. For those who don't know what's going on, This is part of a continuing series featuring my LCC character "Mark of Falworth" Oh, and the brown leaves are from Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  10. We love the Avengers, and took about 2 months to make this animation. Would love to hear what you all think.
  11. Mark of Falworth

    The Siege of Troy

    Achilles chased the Trojans to their city. The gods, seeing that he had killed too many of their children, decided that it was his time to die. He was killed after Paris shot a poisoned arrow that was guided by Apollo. --------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, never anger the gods kids... This scene is loosely based on the actual Siege of Troy. I don't really know much about the story, and I haven't read the whole thing yet so if it's not 100% accurate just enjoy the build. More pictures on Flickr! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  12. Legonardo

    MOC: Bad Luck Brian

    MOCathlon 2013 - Category 4 - Fail like a Boss "We have all seen it, people trying to do crazy things that would look totally awesome - and then CRASH, BANG, SMASH! What a failure! Build us a 16x16 vignette showing an epic fail. YouTube is great inspiration for this! To cater for viewers' sensitivity, minifigures are not allowed to be shown as dead in this category." Clutch builders. yes this does fit in the 16x16 limit, on a diagonal. this was fun too build, although challenging, mosiacy sort of thing is not one of my strengths, and having the size limit made it harder. anyway hope you like it! enjoy!
  13. Built for the Heroes Guild of LCC, Level: Journeyman(2) "Your hero slaying a monster." Mark of Falworth won a major victory in the Siege of Lost Souls, The Outlaws were thrown from the massive walls and the fierce Dragon was finally forced to flee before the swarms of knights. The casualties were numerous on both sides. And the Castle was soon abandoned by the crusaders as they didn't want to leave a garrison behind in enemy territory. A fortnight later, Mark of Falworth and his companions Vaasco Suariz and Gonsaluus Petri (both valiant knights of the realm) were on a simple reconnaissance mission, when they spotted a huge object in the sky. They quickly realized it must be a Dragon, indeed it was the very one they had faced only a little while ago. It was careening right towards them! Vaasco shouted, "Forsooth, my liege! Let us with due expedience make our way towards yonder thicket that we mayest avoid the fierce Dragon, which would seek to do us grievous ill!" "Nay," replied Mark, "For yonder dragon did accept battle on my terms, so will I accept battle on his terms..." Gonsaluus interrupted, "But sir, verily even the bravest of knights would not dare to battle a dragon single-handedly, especially considering every knight's life is needed for the cause." “Thou speakest wisely Gonsaluus, but this dragon, surnamed ‘the cunning’ for his shrewdness of brain, can still be defeated by clever stratagem.” Mark winked at his companions, then dismounted from his horse in one fluid motion and marched alone towards the beast. The dragon, with a great flurry of its wings, landed a few yards away and breathed a blast of flame at the knight. But Mindarus the dragon was too far away for the fire to have any effect. Especially since Mark of Falworth was clad head-to-foot in steel plate armor... Mark jeeringly called out to the monster, "I bid thee good day, fine fellow. But, sink me, I cannot feel the heat of your fire! are thou still out of breath from the beating I gave you two weeks ago?" Hearing this rebuff, The Dragon lunged forward with a furious snarl, And inhaled deeply so as to scorch Mark to a crisp! Mark leaned back as if about to be struck... And at that instant, just before the Dragon breathed forth the flame, he hurled his sword straight into the throat of the vile creature! The monster reared back in shock and pain. Then, turning its head to the heavens, let loose a roar which shook the earth for miles around as blood and fire shot towards the sky. With a low moan and a deep shudder, the beast slammed into the earth, its head at the feet of the triumphant knight. As the brightness faded from the dragon's eyes, Mark said "Take no offence, sir dragon, But thine head will make a most worthy present to the King." And so the evil dragon, Mindarus the Cunning, was defeated by the equally cunning Mark of Falworth For the Glory of Loreos! Thanks for viewing and have a great day!