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Found 46 results

  1. Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions) This is alternative model for Lego Technic 42137 Formula E - Porsche 99X Electric. This robust pull back buggy is made for aggressive terrain, as well "aggressive" child play. It has detailed interior with that thing which allows you to control direction of the movement, and that stick which helps you go faster or slower. Also, it has comfortable sits for driver and that man who is holding the map and saying left, right, left. etc. The model has next Technic functions: pull back engine connected with rear wheels Overall, those functions give capability to move these models with enormous speed in lego world WITHOUT YOUR INVOLVMENT! This robust model has passed many children quality tests and proved they great playability. If you interested in building this advanced model by yourself, you can get building instructions download links in description when you click on pictures or video, or below the images (if they will not be deleted by admins :-) ). Images: Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Lego Technic 42137 Alternative Model - Pull Back Buggy (Free Building Instructions in description) Direct Free Download link for Building Instructions:
  2. In memory of Benua Sokal IMG_20220322_164231 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr I wanted to publish this MOC on the day of the release of Stberia: The World Before, but... well, it's better later than never. MOC consists not only of Locomotive itself, but also of rails, train platform with wind-up station and Yukols' Winch which was used by Kate to pull the train into the cave in the second game. IMG_20220321_102639 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr The train itself has three important features. First - it tries to look as close as possible to the one from the game. IMG_20220322_211220 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_103140 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Second - it really IS a clockwork train. It has two pull-back motors in the rear section and an intricate mechanism,which consists of gearing up and flywheel so the spring can unwind slowly and clutch, so you can wind-up spring with no need to drive wheels backwards Trainsmission by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr The lever in the cabin engages the clutch and the lever above the right bumper locks and unlocks pullback motors' driveshaft IMG_20220321_103034 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Third - it has a linear actuator on the inside which pushes out what should be a steam generator exhaust as it was seen in the second game. To drive the actuator you have an axle which can only be driven with a special voralberg's key IMG_20220321_103556 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_102654 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr IMG_20220321_103604 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Stand on the platform has an axle which winds up the train. To push it into the pull-backs' shaft you turn the lever on the left of the stand IMG_20220321_103322 by SkyNet2@1, on Flickr Finally, the winch is just a nice looking winch Here is the video: I hope, you liked this train and I hope you like the game of Syberia
  3. Hello folks, just a minute ago found that TLG started a campain "hack to Pull-Back", with some really non ordinal use cases of Puall-back motors. pullback - US Yeah, they still can't beat amazing clockwork MOCs presneted here, but all these machines are really someting new that comes from TLG these days. As for me, they somehow remind me old multifucntional sets from 90'ths years. So far the ideas are: Paper plane launcher (inclined ramp with wheeled "grabber" which throws the paper planes). Helicopter (actually its main propeller only) launcher. Crazy machines inspired rope lift driven by the rear axle of El Loco Torro set Somehow it reminded me the truck turned into the dynamo machine in the "Predator" movie, when it was running the electric generator via the belt connected to the rear wheel as a pulley.
  4. LEGO Technic set 42137 - Formula E Porsche 99x Electric was not received well so I decided to give it the second chance same as I did with set 42106. Formula E is equally priced as Mustang but it has 100 parts less and looks like its chassis. I wanted to build out of it something bigger and higher so I chose truck. This race truck is my first pure alternative model built out of set 42137. Why pure? Because I've already built another model from this set that I supplemented it with few gears to make it more "functional". I'm gonna show you it when video is ready. Back to race truck... It features two pullback motors with ratchet mechanism similar to original model. I had to build it just 13 studs wide (2 studs narrower than Formula E) because I ran out of parts. Building instructions are available for sale at
  5. Hello everyone! I'm very happy to present to you my new MOC - a walking windmill The main idea was to use this motor, as it gives a constant flow of torque, without acceleration. Despite being quite weak, it does a pretty good job with a 12:28 gear ratio. It was fortunate that the axle could go right through the motor, allowing the legs and wings to be driven simultaneously The previous version of the mill was very large and heavy, which, even in combination with an 8:24 gear ratio, did not allow it to move fast or confidently By reducing the mill scale by almost half, I was able to find a balance between weight and speed. Pullback motor can be winded up both with the gear from the bottom and with the round handle on the left under the "door" I used pistons as the feet because when moving, one or the other middle leg turns out to be slightly lower than the other two, which at that moment have contact with the ground, and a "skew" occurs. Due to the fact that the pistons are attached to the legs with hinges, they allow you to always lean on the entire "foot" at once. Bonus - the mill is very funny waddling from side to side when walking It was a very fun and satisfying build, I love adding some steampunk details, even though the mill itself looks quite medieval (and even a little gothic) More photos Hope you like it! Feel free to leave comments below! Update: Free instructions available! Note that this is a slightly different version, using more affordable colors, details, and an added detachable handle for easier charging.
  6. The first licensed pull-back sets ever are here, and here's the more nightmarish one:
  7. Here's the other of the two first licensed pull-back sets. Perhaps not as famous as the Grave Digger, but definitely more authentic-looking:
  8. Few years ago I built dune buggy from set 42075 (First Responder)... I am back with second alternative model - Pullback Helicopter. It features opening windscreen, engine with moving piston and cool spring loaded mechanism for spinning rotors. It works similarly to pullback motor but it uses shock absorber to store energy for spinning. I took inspiration for this mechanism from Isogawa Yoshihito's book "LEGO TECHNIC Tora no Maki". I also built this model for TLCB Lock-Down Competition. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  9. Finally, I decided to join to the contest - though I am still on the fence, because I need to decide if I want to buy those small tires... but damn, those just fit here like a glove. I am more into small builds recently, this one is no exception. I know, this entry will not win the contest, but maybe will be able to steal some hearts. I just wanted to create a FUN build, which has good playability, and always wanted to play around with my pullback motors. This contest seems like the perfect opportunity due to the wheel and size limitation. Let's see the ingredients: Pullback motor Hot rod Dragster Oversized engine (it is fake, I mean fully) murdered out black, killer look realistic overall proportions (except the engine) Light, as possible Put it in the shaker, and here is the first sketch, I hope You like it. Size is: 27x14x10 studs, fairly small, as some of the real ones. So far 204 pcs, I'll try to keep it max 210 pcs with complete exhaust system. And hopefully it will be able to pull some wheelies, like this!
  10. Hi, my son is playing pullback cars for some time and when he's bored I'm trying to rebuild something to get more fun for him and also challenge myself. Here's 42072 B model done using only parts from the box (including extra parts). It's pretty fun to play with this sets due to very limited parts. Here's .io file ( from Bricklink) 12787C01 LEGO Pullback Motor 6 x 5 x 3 - it's made out of bicks because there is no 3d model. And here in real life together with A model:
  11. Hi! That is my entry for the new contest: a tractor mixed with a dragster with a cartoon style! I amplified the shapes of a real tractor: I put huge rear wheels compared to the frond ones, there are 2 big headlights on the front of the hood... The only fonction of this MOC is that it is powered by a pull back motor. (Also, you can move the spoiler because it is fixed with a pin with friction, but that doesn't upgrade the playability) The anti-roll bar has a real utility. Without, the tractor finishes on its roof. The shock absorber is really useful: without, at the acceleration, the drive wheels "jump", they are not in contact with the floor anymore, so the motor is not used at 100%. So actually, the tractor does wheelies smoothly. That's all!
  12. TECHNIC PULLBACK CONTEST RESULTS Congratulations to all the winners! 1st The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi Discussion topic 2nd Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 Discussion topic 3rd Top Fuel Tractor by Anto Discussion topic WINNERS1. The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi - 295 Points2. Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 - 205 Points 3. Top Fuel Tractor by Anto - 115 PointsRESULTSCONTEST RESULTS1. The Tiger Pull Bug by MegaRoi - 295 Points (53 votes, entry 10)2. Pentagon Clock by Didumos69 - 205 Points (39 votes, entry 24)3. Top Fuel Tractor by Anto - 115 Points (32 votes, entry 2)4. Steampunk Clock by Ludo Visser - 84 Points (19 votes, entry 15)5. Wind up tracked racer by Marxpek - 79 Points (16 votes, entry 19)6. Mini table clock by Davidz90 - 78 Points (15 votes, entry 8)7. Bridge by nick97 - 73 Points (18 votes, entry 9)8. Volvo Iron Knight by Jurss - 66 Points (18 votes, entry 12)9. The Click Counter by schraubedrin - 66 Points (14 votes, entry 25)10. Powerful Racing Truck by super-jaschka - 49 Points (14 votes, entry 14)11. Twinrotor Helicopter by Rudivdk - 48 Points (14 votes, entry 22)12. Roadster 2 by Zerobricks - 44 Points (17 votes, entry 16)13. Pullback Motorcycle by Offroadcreat1ons - 38 Points (12 votes, entry 13)14. Crossbow by Seasider - 35 Points (12 votes, entry 11)15. Mini Tumbler by bastie77 - 28 Points (8 votes, entry 18)16. Retro-futuristic Racecar by Xewyz2001 - 26 Points (9 votes, entry 5)17. The Thunderer by juGSI16V - 23 Points (6 votes, entry 1)18. Sprite by februar88 - 6 Points (2 votes, entry 21)19. Traxxas Slash by DamonMM2000 - 4 Points (1 votes, entry 6)20. Super Shock Buggy by TechnicRCRacer - 4 Points (1 votes, entry 20)21. Formula One by Cogliostro - 1 Points (1 votes, entry 4)22. Pull Back Race Buggy by Horace T - 0 Points (0 votes, entry 23)CONTEST SUMMARY Scores and stats don't entirely match due to disqualification.
  13. Paperinik77pk

    MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive #3

    Hi all, after the arriival of BBB wheels, I finally completed the third clockwork locomotive. It is based on pre-war Goods Train No.2 made by Hornby Thanks to BBB wheels reduced profiles it manages well large curves. It works also on R40 radius curves, but looks a lot better on longer ones. The clockwork motor is quite the same as my previous version, only a bit lighter and made all in dark-stone grey color. Two pull-back motors are connected by two red 40-tooth gears, which power the rear big wheels. Motion to front big wheels is achieved trough coupling rods. It has no brake lever, since for winding up you need to keep it on one hand and you can stop the wheels with your fingers. So, being an unuseful weight, I did not include it. It is very light, since the boiler is made by empty cilinders and the body is made by panels. Gear ratio is 5:1 to the axle, then large wheels help to furtherly overdrive the gear ratio. I choose 5:1 since this locomotive will be part of a set, and needs to pull three very small and light wagons. The bolt works as flywheel, and it is put over a little piece of flexible Technic tube. No wheelspin at all allows a bit more travelling. Front wheels on bogie are completely independent, so they make less friction. Front bogie is made to follow the track and not to guide the locomotive, as in old Hornby models. On a mixed track made by straight and large curves it can manage 9 meters with a pair of wagons. I plan to replace the full coupling rods with @zephyr1934 ones, since they are much nicer and surely lighter than mine. Hope you like it! Davide
  14. TECHNIC PULLBACK CONTEST It has been suggested quite a few time, so here it is. The Technic Pullback Contest. A simple and short contest to keep you busy during the holidays. DESCRIPTION Build a Technic model with one or more pullback motors. You can't use Pneumatics, PF or other electronics, just the pullback motors. DEADLINE Deadline date is Monday 29th of January, 2018. Contest will be closed on Tuesday 30th of January, OR LATER. Disclaimer: I will close the contest when I see fit and when I have the time to process the results. This can be later than the deadline date. Please don't complain about this not being fair and all. RULES AND REGULATIONS The following section describes the contest specific and general rules and regulations. But before that, please take notice of a simple motto regarding the Eurobricks Contests: CONTESTS ARE FOR FUN! Of course there's competition, but at the end of the day, LEGO is just a hobby and the main goal for each of us is to have fun! CONTEST SPECIFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS Each entry needs to have a NAME (no name, no entry). Only OFFICIAL LEGO PARTS. 3rd party STRINGS, HOSES and RUBBER BANDS are permitted. NO 3rd party tires. There is NO size limit. Model Team style building IS allowed. GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS The contest is open to all EB members (also new members). Members who joined EB after the start of the contest can be banned from voting (when vote rigging is suspected). Voting rules will be explained later in the voting topic. One entry per member. Entries need to be new (never posted anywhere previously or shown at an event/LUG meeting). Only physical builds, so no LDD or other virtual entry. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your entry contact me, or Milan. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed. Custom stickers are allowed. No cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Entries are to be placed in the entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the entry topic are not eligible for voting. The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. The contest might be closed later than the deadline. Don't complain about this not being fair. You have enough time to build. Don't ask for more time. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest. Jury members are not eligible to participate. WHAT DO I NEED TO ENTER? All participant need to create a discussion topic and create a post in the entry topic. DISCUSSION TOPIC A discussion topic starting with [TC13]. A discussion topic needs to show some actual progress (i.e. pictures of the build in progress) and should NOT be used to "reserve an idea". ENTRY POST The entry post in the entry topic should contain: Entry name. One or more pictures (max 3 of max 1024x1024). Embedded video (mandatory). Link to the discussion topic. VOTING Voting scheme will be 50-50, so member votes count for 50% and jury votes count for 50%. Voting criteria are (in no particular order): Originality. Looks (shape, color scheme etc). Quality of the build. Functionality. PRIZES Top 3 winner will get a medal tag, frontpage and entry in the HoF. No actual LEGO prizes are offered in this contest.
  15. So when I read about TC13, I first had something huge in mind... But actually I think the pullback series are cute because of what they are: small, simple and quite fast. So I decided to keep in the spirit of official pullbacks, and keep it small. However, I did not go for the obvious racer or offroader car, I want to do something not done before (at least not by TLG). So I went for a helicopter. The type was not a difficult decision: after watching barmans incredible avatar helicopter numerous times, I wanted to do one myself. So how to make a pullback work without any wheels... Here is the proof of concept result of tinkering an evening with two pullback motors and some rotors: And a video of it in action. I'm actually quite happy with the way it works, although it does not use the full extend of the windup mechanism. So I'll stay with this concept and try to refine the looks in the coming period.
  16. Pentagon Clock This is a wind-up pendulum clock powered by two pullback motors. This clock is not true to real time but rather focuses on features such as a wind-up mechanism, pin wheel escapement and three concentric hands. It has been built completely in-system and can be reproduced without any fine-tuning, except for making all gears run smoothly of course (LXF-file here). The clock has a very consistent autonomy of 18 minutes. It features: A wind-up mechanism - A differential is used to prevent the hands from running counterclockwise when winding-up the clock. One of it's outputs is locked by default and slips during wind-up. Pin wheel escapement - Instead of using teeth, the escape wheel has three round pins that are stopped and released by a scissors-like anchor, which has been integrated in the pendulum. Three concentric hands - Planetary gears and a differential house make for a fictitious LEGO time system with 2 hours in a clock revolution, 5 minutes in an hour and 30 seconds in a minute. The pentagon-shaped clock face refers to the 5 minute hour. All features have been originally developed for this contest.
  17. I have one of the old pull-back motors, which, as @Aventador2004 noticed, unwind really, really fast. I quickly realised that if I wanted to build anything but a car, I needed something to let it unwind in a controlled manner. For example, an escapement, like in a clock. Unfortunately, @Didumos69 posted his topic while I was working on my proof-of-concept. I guess there's no rule against having the same idea, but I'll think about if I want to build a clock or something else from it Anyway: here's a proof-of-concept to show that the idea works. I shamelessly borrowed one of Ben van de Waals escapements (W40,, which works great. Now to figure out a ratchet mechanism to wind it. To be continued PS: sorry for the filming-through-a-vertical-mailbox-opening, but my phone was the quickest way to get a quick video and I still don't know how to use it properly If anyone can tell me how to change the aspect ratio on the iPhone, let me know.
  18. Hello everyone! I watch a good party out here. I could not resist and also decided to take part in a race Truck. The model only took 419 parts + pullback engine. For better visibility with a racing truck, v-12 is being installed by Paul Boratko (aka Crowkillers). Heavy-duty front bumper, large rear spoiler and huge chunky tires. Activate the powerful pull-back motor...
  19. Here's my entry model for the TC13 competition: It was inspired by the real life Tesla roadster 2 both aesthetically and mechanically. The model uses 3 pullback motors in the following configuration: As you can see the rear two pullback motors power the wheel directly for best possible acceleration. BUT the front pullback motor is geared up. This additonal gearing gives the model a higher top speed and a greater range, which is a technique I have yet to see on any other pullback cars. Around 30 panels were used to give the car it's very smooth, organic shape. Notice the small yellow rubber band used to keep the front part tightly together: There is enough room in the back of the cabin to fit two or three small human beings: The rear boasts a difusor and a small spoiler in the back, just like the real thing: While this is one of my smalles models to date, I am very pleased with how it turned out. The shapes are very smooth and organic and the fact the car drives mere milimeters above ground, give it a very sporty feeling. Video coming as soon as I find enough space to run it
  20. Hey everyone! Today I'm presenting my TC13 entry, which is a pullback motorcycle. I actually built it before Christmas but I was never in the mood to show it, except for the holiday version on my YT channel. I don't think it qualifies as a café racer or a dirt bike, so I'm just calling it a motorcycle. It was based off of this: I'm not a big motorcycle person, so I don't really know what type this is. Here are some pictures. As you can see, the motor is connected to the back wheel by gears. The front wheel steers, and both wheels have suspension. Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think!
  21. My Lego Traxxas Slash is a short course truck based on my Lego Technic Pullback Truck with suspension. The chassis is nearly identical - but I redesigned the suspension setup, incorporating a smaller shock absorber with a custom linkage enabling extremely long travel of the rear suspension. I modeled the styling of this truck to the popular Traxxas Slash R/C car. The traversely-mounted V6 engine is non-functional - HOWEVER, you can adjust the pistons into 36 different positions to your liking by turning the 36z gear. YouTube Video: IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIDEO: Please consider subscribing to my channel and sharing this video. According to the new YouTube Partner Program policy, my channel must reach 1000 subs & 4000 hrs watch time in the last 12 months by February 20, 2018 - or I will be kicked off the YPP. So I really appreciate ANY support you can offer! More Pictures:
  22. Good day. This wasn't really supposed to be a retro car, but while playing with different shapes out of flex-axles, the folllowing car was made. Statistics: -power by 3 pull-back motors on rear and 1 on front -max speed of 1'77 m/s (~6'37 km/h) Video & photos: More photos in my Flickr album here
  23. Yesterday i had an insomnia, and i decided to make something for TC13. Actually i finished with my "Sprite" at all. But now i want to show my progress throught the night. Core idea - to make some funny jdm-style car with stance. Now it looks little bit different I have to make a video and make an entry post.
  24. First I wanted to build some windup mouse, but, when I started to put something bigger, it became more like rat, or even some capibarra by the size. So abondoned this idea. Now I will try to build something like Tyrell Not shure about rear axle rigidity, but looks good :) . Front axle is "floating", so that front wheels are in contact with ground. two times tyrell because
  25. Hi there, Please see my Formula One equiped with a PullBack motor. The full sized pictures on the following page : Presentation movie : Enjoy !