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  1. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Holy moly, reviews are already up!? I really like it! The Hotel Boutique feels very refreshing for a Modular design. I'm not very big on Cuban style buildings, but this set sold me on the style. I've been waiting for LEGO to use Light Nougat for buildings or tackle a building with an acute angle and this building has done both! Hats off to the designer(s)!
  2. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Bruh, tomorrow is today: https://jaysbrickblog.com/news/lego-10297-boutique-hotel-modular-building-2022-reveal/
  3. Incredible and beautiful build! I've been looking at a lot of Japanese houses lately and this is the most realistic representation I've seen made out of LEGO bricks! Kudos!!
  4. Hi there, it is great new indeed that the folks have been adding new parts to LDD! For your question: 1) Yes, you only need the latest update when adding the new parts. I think the LXF files are provided to showcase the new stuff added, not the actual files to add the parts. 2) I don't know about that unfortunately. I try to avoid using the decal selection in LDD altogether....
  5. Cool mod! Lowering the truck does make a ton of difference. If LEGO can find the solution to making whitewall tires one day, it's going to be so rad!
  6. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Theo's Trabuchet fishing hut

    So cool, the build looks so dynamic! Love the colors used for the cabin too.
  7. ExeSandbox

    10298 Vespa Scooter

    Boy I sure hope it's actual mint green and not the aqua color. Though an aqua colored Vespa would still be a very nice treat, but I can imagine mint green opening the doors for "fresher" LEGO designs, especially for buildings. Either ways, can't wait for official pics!
  8. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] The Hills iPod House

    Wow, all the curvy parts LEGO has introduced in recent years sure is paying off! Aside from the brilliant use of those pods, I really like the subtle tile pattern all across the exterior of the house!
  9. Yes it's possible, in "Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Background Color". Although I don't see a way to change the window color unfortunately.
  10. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] The Hills Patchworks Gallery

    Wow, the effect of those half round bricks is brilliant! The subtle curves look very organic and does not have the stepping issue that you get from using tiles instead.
  11. ExeSandbox

    MOC: Village Grocers

    Very charming!! The architecture style and color palette reminds me of those cozy looking LEMAX miniature buildings, which I don't see captured this well in LEGO form that often!
  12. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    Thank you! Thank you very much! The build for the chairs and stacked plates seems to be what I always fall back to when I can't think of anything new. They just work pretty well. Thank you! Really glad to hear you felt that way when looking at the model. Here's the reference image I relied on when building the house, which I believe is from New England, which I suppose explains that vibe. Thanks as well, even after doing it for a long time, rendering is especially challenging because every model is unique and different approaches are needed to bring out the best parts of the model. I still stumble a lot when it comes to that. (Oh no, did not realize all the tree roots were oriented the same way! Hehe, my bad, I got caught up in all the other details and missed such an obvious detail. But thanks for pointing it out.) Thanks!! Oh, I didn't know grapes are harvested for wine during fall. That was pretty lucky, I just thought it looked good in those colors. Gosh, I gotta do more research next time... Thank you, I appreciate it! Thank a lot! Really glad you liked it! Thank you! Nice to know the roof is well liked as I almost went with using regular sloped bricks instead, which I'm glad I didn't. I'm not really good at roofs and angles but lots of trial and error made it work in the end. For the trees, in Brother Steven's version, the leaves are hanging loosely on the 3-stalk element, which creates a very organic look, but it was incredibly difficult to recreate digitally, so what I did was to sandwich a flower element in between some leaves and attach them to the 3-stalk element. A simple solution, but it does look a bit less natural as the angles are now fixed in place. Yeah, the search drop down is in a weird position. Well I guess it's a good thing I use simple names for my models.
  13. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    Thank you! I used a few reference images of Napa Valley vineyards, so I guess there were a few semblances. Thank you so much! I wasn't sure how the colors would turn out as I just had the model be colored in gray when designing, so I was glad it worked. I was originally just going to copy this technique for the roof, but then decided I should have something more sophisticated instead, but kept the stairs. Your right, we should hang out in the cellar just to step on grapes and totally not to c o n s u m e what's inside of those barrels. Thank you very much! I was thinking that I may not have included enough of details, but I guess I can be eased from that thought. I actually got inspiration for the ice cream part from 41379 LEGO Friends Heartlake Restaurant (which I personally think is one of the best LEGO Friends set!) I suppose the cramped upper floor interior might just be me then. Thanks a lot! Really glad you thought so about the colors! Thank you, it means a lot! Nice, it's always great to find out more winery spots I haven't heard of. Those at Finger Lakes looks really beautiful! It would be cool to actually be inside one of those photographs one day. Thank you! LEGO's selection of warm colors feels a lot more versatile than their green ones, which is why I picked an autumn setting for this one. Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it!
  14. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    It's been a while since I've done these kind of semi-diorama models, and thankfully I haven't lost all my touch. Despite "Winery" being in the name, I designed it to look more like a house and it functions as one for the most part as well, but I can assure you that this model is positively alcoholic!! ....just like myself ......(I'm kidding, alcohol tastes weird...) This model is designed to look like a sort of diorama built and glued on top of a round piece of light wood. But to be honest, I can't really tell if it's giving off that look. The build for the trees were inspired from Brother Steven's trees, but I altered some things to make the construction legal. Aside from the trees, there aren't much details on the back, other than some dried leaves and stone paths on the ground. Just wanted to keep things simple. (or maybe that's just an excuse for being lazy to add more stuff.) The only alcoholic part of the model. Which probably puts the alcohol content at 10%. (Mmmmmm... LEGO would not approve..) The increased base height allowed for a cellar to be implemented, but the walls still had to jut a couple of bricks above the ground and even then the wine racks still stick out by a plate high, which posed a challenge when building the floor above as it could have made the house too tall (which would look really weird) I always have the habit of just focusing on the exterior part and then shoehorning the interior at the last part, and that's exactly what I did here. It's probably dumb luck that the interior managed to turn out pretty nice, because I wasn't trying that hard (like going through 10 iterations, I only did 1). The raised kitchen floor was also another accidental idea which happens to work really well. The effects of shoehorning an interior to accommodate the exterior design can really be seen in this floor. The interior turned out alright, but the look of "there isn't enough of space, and I'm just trying to cramp furniture inside" is clearly evident. Although I do think the exposed wooden beams look kinda cool even if it feels a little stuffier. Welp that's about it. As a bit of an additional note, the model contains about 5,949 pieces and measures 60x60 studs. Only bricks in available colors were used, so it's buildable in real life if you have the parts (and instructions...) Even if it takes a bit more effort, it does feel sort of refreshing to have only used existing part colors when designing digitally. Link to Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/exesandbox/albums/72157718139635096
  15. ExeSandbox

    Allanar Mine

    Wow, building this monstrosity in 2 months is mind-blowing! It looks really really good. Dark brown and lime is a great combo for the landscape.