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  1. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Thanks a lot for the help. I suppose it was the network issue, as it got turned off at that time, but I didn't think that was the cause of the crash. Although would that lead to the .io file being corrupted or is that a separate issue? Oh I see. Wow, I didn't think there could be so many other factors to that. I was always under the assumption that passwords are meant to keep people away.
  2. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Oh nice, wonder why they bother putting the password there in the first place. Totally agree on it being sluggish, and that's not too bad if you get used to using it. But if you try to work fast, Stud.io is bound to explode, killing you in the process.
  3. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Welp, I officially lost all of my progress. Windows did an update, Stud.io crashed, and the file got corrupted. (One .ldr file was missing inside) Not sure what happened. I ain't even mad this time, it's my fault for not backing up even though I know that Stud.io could backstab me at any moment.
  4. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Also why are Stud.io files password protected!? Is there something so "precious" that they're trying to keep from everybody!!?
  5. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Yeah, that's is perhaps the case, my graphics driver always crashes at random times lately. The event viewer showed this message but I don't know what to make of it. Studio [version: Unity 2017.4.30f1 (c6fa43736cae)] KERNELBASE.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module KERNELBASE.dll at 0033:d5887afc. Error occurred at 2020-06-19_115218. C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\Studio.exe, run by Tong Xin Jun. 36% memory in use. 16308 MB physical memory [10344 MB free]. 18740 MB paging file [10031 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134216263 MB free]. (Also Stud.io crashed once more probably because of a Windows update, and might have totally corrupted my file. This could be the end. I foolishly didn't back it up, and the project was so near completion.) mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module mono.dll at 0033:a5bf30f9. Error occurred at 2020-06-22_092624. C:\Program Files\Studio 2.0\Studio.exe, run by Tong Xin Jun. 29% memory in use. 16308 MB physical memory [11442 MB free]. 18740 MB paging file [12219 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134214654 MB free]. Read from location ffffffff caused an access violation.
  6. ExeSandbox

    [RANT] Stud.io

    Oh interesting, it looks not everyone faces the same problem. No wonder why I haven't seen more complaints about the software. I wasn't aware that Stud.io was built with Unity, that would explain why it functions so oddly. (I've also had issues with Unity made softwares in the past.) Yeah, I probably should have included some more info from the start, but here they are. System info: Windows 8.1 16 GB RAM 1TB Disk Space Intel Core i7-4712HQ CPU @ 2.30ghz 64-bit Processor ** I normally tend to work on 2-4k pieces models on Stud.io just to create instructions (which seems to be quite taxing on Stud.io), and on each project I've worked on, Stud.io would crash or hang a few times throughout the process.
  7. I'm gonna get absolutely demolished for this, but I have to vent my frustrations. Stud.io is a pathetic excuse for a LEGO building software. It is so sluggish, unstable, slow, unintuitive and buggy mess that is just an overall pain in the rear to handle. If it weren't for it's instructions maker I wouldn't go anywhere near it. I wouldn't be writing this if Stud.io hasn't crapped on me for the last time. I've spent the entire day now, working on the instructions for a model, making sure to constantly save because I know how asinine this software can be, until just now, it crashed BECAUSE I TRIED TO SAVE. (WTF?) I don't even know how the flipping hell this software works, but it seems to have completely got rid of my original .io file, and replaced it with a garbage backup version that only has half my progress. I don't even know what to say! I wouldn't mind redoing all that, if Stud.io was in the least enjoyable to use!!!!!! I know this post has been incredibly unprofessional, and I'm very sorry to the developers for what I said, but come on, if Stud.io is to meet the proper standards, a lot of things got to be fixed. (Don't even get me started on that.) Building in Stud.io doesn't hold a candle to LDD, and even despite it's constant parts update, I won't switch over to Stud.io for a very very very very long time. Even Mecabricks feels better to build than Stud.io (like seriously, what is wrong with Stud.io camera controls!?) ...okay rant over......sorry you had to read this.... Edit: okay I feel a little dumb now. Stud.io didn't erase my original file, but instead turned it into a .backup file (but why does it even do that?). I'm still salty about Stud.io though, because I still have yet to start on the Page Designer, and it's not going to be fun. But I'm curious, is anyone else facing issues with Stud.io or is it just me?
  8. Wow, I didn't that many Teal colored pieces existed to make something this spectacular! What an impressive model!
  9. ExeSandbox

    Stud.io to Blendr

    I presume you export as collada (.dae). I tried doing that and you're right, some bricks go missing. Maybe the Stud.io exporter is just really buggy so I would recommend using Mecabricks as an exporter. Save your stud.io file as .lxf and import it into Mecabricks then export it as either collada (.dae) or .zmbx then import into Blender. But make sure you have the Mecabricks add-on installed in Blender first.
  10. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Contemporary Living Modular Building

    Nice! Looking forward to it.
  11. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Contemporary Living Modular Building

    Ah, those interior shots looks much better now! Feels more spacious. Nice job with the additions of more little details too. Well, at least now you know what colors work and what doesn't.
  12. ExeSandbox

    [MOD] Downtown Seafood Diner

    How could you say that!! I'm Joking, I'm joking It's a really nice modification, especially with the clever color changes. Looks like it'll fit perfectly with the Detective's Office now!
  13. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Contemporary Living Modular Building

    Oh nice, mind sharing the link to those Ideas projects of yours? I suppose it was luck that got me to 10k, I didn't really promote my project that much (mostly because I didn't know how to), the most that I did was to have a fantastic build and presentation right from the beginning. An attractive thumbnail image is definitely crucial, as it's the only thing that will get people to either scroll past your project or click on it (and hopefully support.) Of course, I also leaned on a very popular franchise. Although I am looking forward to doing a non-licensed Product Idea, I think that's where I'll really get schooled. For the colors scheme, it's kinda tricky. What you got is actually perfectly fine, almost all contemporary houses uses the same color scheme, so using some other colors may throw the look off. Although it just means that the colors wouldn't be a major selling point (unless the generic color scheme is the selling point). I can't really say what colors to add as there are like a hundred different factors, but if you're looking to add more pizazz, I'd recommend experimenting some more with the colors. Make a separate copy of the model and have fun vandalizing it with all kinds of colors, and something really amazing may just turn out.
  14. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Contemporary Living Modular Building

    You're welcome! I haven't used Stud.io for rendering before, so I can't give specific tips, but perhaps you can zoom out the camera much more (might have to remove some walls for that, just like how you would photograph in real life.) For example, in the bedroom, the camera is looking at it vertically which feels pretty cramp, so it's ideal to change the angle so it's looking at the room horizontally, downside is, one of the side walls would have to be sacrificed from the image. (A dilemma which I've had to deal with way too many times ) If there's no other way to adjust the lighting in Stud.io you can use a photo-editing software to increase the brightness, while turning down the contrast (otherwise it would be an eyesore), although the windows are already very bright, so you might want to have them toned down first. Post-processing can surely make a world of difference! (Woah nice!! Thanks so much!)