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  1. Well, at first I hesitated a long time to buy one, but after buying one and using it I was totally overwhelmed by its performance with PF motors. Before that I've bought multiple train battery boxes and a V2 PF IR receiver which about summed up to the price of a single BuWizz, not to speak of the amount of batteries I went through. Well, I'd say it was worth it to check out what PF offered in this regard, but a second BuWizz maybe would have been the better choice. The only drawback at first was that I could only use it via a tablet (now phone), but I quickly got familiar with the virtual controls and there are also other means like BrickController2 and a physical controller - I just didn't have one that worked out of the box. From how I see it now, I should have bought two BuWizz 2.0 at the same time to benefit from the reduced price - which I'd also recommend if you plan for multiple/bigger MOCs, or four of them, if money is not an issue for you. I'm thinking about racing with your friends, your kids, your siblings kids, etc.. It's cool to watch and control by turns, but racing together should be even more fun. That depends on what MOCs you want to build. If you want to start with cars in the 42093 Corvette scale, a single PF L and PF Servo motor is already enough to have some serious fun. See for example my Palomino or my mod of the blue car of 42098 which both can get pretty fast without a hitch - sorry I don't have a video of it, but trust me . Or see @kbalage's 42093 A (2 x PF L) and B (2 x PF M) model motorizations. A single PF L is also enough to propel bigger scale models like my RC Buggy. Or look at @Didumos69's Greyhound with only three more - i.e. 4 x PF L (though 2 x BuWizz 2.0). IMHO these relatively small PF L motors have more than enough power for even bigger models. I'd also recommend to buy a second PF Servo motor, because you might want to keep an existing model built and create another one at the same time.
  2. johnnym

    Technic General Discussion

    Not sure if that's the right thread for this, but I didn't find a thread specifically about LEGO (Technic) tyres/tires: Replacement parts are now available for the 1989 Batmobile (76139), unfortunately the new tyres (69 x 28, element ID: 6262361, design ID: 52985) are marked "sold out" ATM. Did anybody get four of them yet as replacment parts?
  3. johnnym

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Look closely at 0:41: On the left side (rear) between the red 28z gear and the thin red liftarm(s) there's a black part/liftarm, at the right side the red part (= thin liftarm(s)) is right from the black part and left from the black part there's nothing to see. If there was a 28z gear as on the left side, it would have to be clearly visible. I think there's also no room at this side, as the motor casing would be in the way. **** Doh, sorry, I didn't notice that I wasn't at the end of the thread when answering, as I entered this thread from my mail digest. Sorry for the noise.
  4. @Jurss: Thank you very much, glad you like them. And I might repeating myself, but I really like these old panels - I think the ones with the large holes have even more appeal - they seem to be just made for futuristic cars. And they're dirt cheap on BrickLink.
  5. I made some shots to show off some tyre variations. I also made a colorful red version of the 8081 in light of @Madoca 1977's recent vintage monster truck with that cool color gradient. So here we have Fischer Technik tyres on LEGO rims on the red 8081 and the same tyres as before but on different rims on my mod of @Thirdwigg's 4x4 mod of the 8081 (the idea is from @HorcikDesigns and the look from the side is great IMO): The Fischer Technik tyres on LEGO rims also look cool on this one, they have good size and proportions:
  6. johnnym

    [TMC1] 8081 Concept

    @HorcikDesigns: Now that's a cool SUV with lots of details worth mentioning: I didn't notice the third door in your preliminary version from some time ago, that's an interesting solution with the links and the third pillar. And you also made sure the rear lights are still usable with the third door opened. That's something I missed completely in my face lift mod. Just noticed: the upper axle connector of the third pillar is trans-red, right? So a third rear light. It would be cool, if more parts were available in trans- colors, e.g. those small upper panels. What did you use to connect the window edges on the front doors, are these pneumatic hoses? BTW the inclined shape of the doors and the upper part of the cabin is a nice touch. I like how you made the front fenders pointing down again at the front to visually connect to the white bumper parts. Say, why didn't you use the inverted slope at the rear fenders? Or did you want to have the visible studs as continuation of the arch shape? The shape of the center part of the front bumper with the grill looks really good. And the modular bumper is a nice idea. Any chance for a digital model? I'd really like to see more details of the front and rear axles.
  7. The T u r b o R a c e r Since I own a Buggy motor I always wanted to create a fast car with it, but couldn't came up with a useful chassis. I thought about a standard RWD setup but then remembered @rm8's AWD prototype and knew it's gonna be this one. I started to build it from the shots available in the video and after some fiddling and a lot of forward/reverse in the video I got a working chassis. The first drive in my bedroom was just hilarious! Man, I didn't thought a Buggy motor would make such a difference. Using one genuinely feels like cheating. But what's a chassis without a body? I wanted to have a race car, so didn't want to recreate what @rm8 did. I thought, why not do something futuristic and through 8386 and an 8272 I had a lot of old-style - but looking more futuristic than the newer ones - red panels and thought that this could be the first application for them. It is a little tricky to use them as they only have pin holes on one side but it also wasn't that important for me to create something sturdy. The resulting body is actually V2 already, as the first version was too low at the front and kept scratching the floor during drive. So what's in it? A PF Servo motor for steering, a Buggy motor for propulsion and a BuWizz for power and RC. I use the old 49.6 x 28 VR tyres with matching rims as wheels. I really like their looks and especially that also the tyres have two "faces", not only the rims as in modern LEGO wheels. I have two complete sets of these rims and spray-painted four of them in black. ATM I am still undecided which rims to use, the white ones or the black ones. I'd like to add some bigger rear lights and maybe some illumination for front and rear lights and maybe an illuminated power core in the future. @syclone: Hey, would you mind to create an opponent for this one? I instantly thought about your futuristic racers mentioned in: Finally two shots from above and below: On the last shot you can see the steering mechanism, which is also the weak point of that design. When cornering a lot, the connection of the wheel hubs and the steering rack can get loose over time (5 mins of driving or more). I haven't yet find a solution for that. @rm8: Say, how did you fix them, because when looking at the hard driving in: ...your connections seem to be more sturdier as what I experienced when driving my Turbo Racer. The P o l i c e I n t e r c e p t o r A super fast car like the Turbo Racer needs a worthy opponent on the road. And this one is the latest in highway patrol and interception. This car is using the same setup as the Turbo Racer, i.e.: A PF Servo motor for steering, a Buggy motor for propulsion and a BuWizz for power and RC. The chassis is also nearly identical, except for the front axle, which I modified a little where wheels and steering are attached. So far I didn't have the problems as with the Turbo Racer's front axle: even after excessive driving the steering rack stays connected. So I'll most likely change the front axle for the Turbo Racer, too (when I rebuild it - as its chassis was used to build the Police Interceptor's body on it).
  8. johnnym

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Definitely not strictly Technic but see for yourself: What is the impact of that move? I'm a little shocked to say the least. UPDATE: Ah, sorry, didn't saw that: I usually enter Eurobricks via "LEGO Technic and Model Team" only.
  9. Bigger diameter => more speed? But I think the old tyres and rims would look better, but even if still available from LEGO, they most likely won't fit with the new XL and 36z gear between.
  10. @Arioh: Sorry, didn't saw that update until now. I'll see if that can be done from Studio. @Thirdwigg: Cool mod! Suspension in such a small car is nice to have . But the opening doors really made me smile .
  11. johnnym

    42093 Corvette ZR-1

    @kbalage: Nice video as usual! I like the front modification most. The overall shape now seems to remind me more of a tuned corvette model, though I don't remember the tuner. IIRC it was a Corvette with a longer than usual front and lots of power, maybe from Hennessey or Callaway, can't say? Say, what gearing do you use? I see 24z at the PF L motors and a differential with 28 teeth, what's between? I don't use a differential in my motorized mods/MOCs (42098 blue car mod and Palomino) in that scale and that gives a nice speed-up. As I haven't used them with differential I can't say if the drive characteristics would change much. Would be interesting to see a comparison between with and w/o differential.
  12. @Madoca 1977: Your models are always so amazing and this one is no exception. One PF XL on each wheel was exactly what I had in mind some weeks ago, but I couldn't put together a rigid steered axle so gave up on that. Now I think I'll reconsider it and just build yours. BTW, I like the black version best - mostly because of that cool looking color gradient. I think I haven't seen that anywhere else before, so 80ies, so cool! Not to forget: nice ride over those smaller cars . Thanks for filming @rm8!
  13. Thanks! You made this an easy mod for me as I only had to change a few things. Indeed, especially when the car turns over. Maybe they should be removed for safety reasons.
  14. johnnym

    Car with Parking Assistant

    Funny idea! Would you please also post a picture of the underside?
  15. @sirslayer: Sorry, but I don't know what you are talking about - also partly in your post before. I merely gave you an advice, how to easily find out and show the scale of your mod(s) compared to the original 8081. And I wrote about what I assumed might be the reason for the (at least for me) confusion about the scale - the small wheels on your car as presented here and here. For reference, here once again what I wrote exactly: ...still wondering what you read out of this.