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  1. johnnym

    Subaru Impreza WRX

    You (personally) can do that, but it's not a must for everyone IMO - I mean these are just toys (as @MinusAndy already pointed out) although sophisticated ones. I personally also like to simplify things, but usually not at the cost of loosing details. And I think it sometimes also depends on the mood of the creator if a simple or complex solution is chosen for a specific part of a creation, so I usually don't think much about that.
  2. johnnym

    Subaru Impreza WRX

    What do you mean?
  3. johnnym

    Subaru Impreza WRX

    @kazak-fr: Wow, totally missed that post. I like that car a lot, especially the use of old Technic bricks and old style panels - something not seen very often here! Also pictures are really well done. Looking forward to other posts about your models. That's because I actually found this post from watching a few of your videos about your excellent models on YouTube. And not seeing them here makes me a little sad, as I find them too good to just be on YT. So again, looking forward to other posts about your models.
  4. johnnym

    [MOC] Dodge Charger Daytona

    Holy Moly! That thing goes like hell. I haven't yet checked the Studio file, because I'd need to use another machine for that (running GNU/Linux here), but do you drive the rear axle directly from the fast output of the RC buggy motor or is there some (up/down)gearing involved? That thing looks considerably faster than my KT Kenji or my PG Mantyger though both are using bigger wheels AFAICS. It would be cool if you could make it lift the front when taking off. Maybe a weight that can move from the center to the rear end could do the trick?
  5. johnnym

    Pendulum Wave Music Machine 2

  6. @Zerobricks: Sometime ago I asked about power curves in the BuWizz app. My question was if it'd be possilble to copy them from one output to another output - e.g. when you have two motors driving the same axle but on different outputs - but that is not supported right now. What do you think about saving a current power curve as preset and allow to either select a preset (e.g. the default linear one) or to take the default preset as basis and change it for each output? That would basically provide the asked feature and power curves are already saved in (or with) and tied to a profile right now.
  7. Nice video and nice alternative to the original model! I also like the music that is playing, what is that?
  8. Nice Video! Thanks for giving an in-depth view on the new Lambo. BTW, the following parts were already available in lime: Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #1 Technic Axle and Pin Connector Angled #5 - 112.5° the 8649 Nitro Menace set from 2005. The other new lime parts - especially the new panels - are very welcome!
  9. Here are my two latest cars (or four if you include the variations) for this series. I've been working on them the last two weeks and they are not yet published on Rebrickable, but I'd like to present them here. PG Mantyger - Muscle car from Scotland, RWD. Inspired by Dodge Challenger PG Mantyger H/R - Hill climber / Rallye edition; final model will have AWD, maybe some 50mm non-LEGO rallye tyres would be cooler PG Mantyger [...] - special edition Mantyger, but no label for the trim yet, maybe it will also get AWD; I thought DBG and red wouldn't look too bad, so ordered a few of those DBG old-style panels KT [...] - no name for the car actually and manufacturer's name is not yet final, but it's definitely gonna be a Japanese car; AWD and offered both with turbine or Wankel engine. Inspired by older Ferraris, older Lambos (and also Asterion) and Mitsubishi 2000GT
  10. johnnym

    [TC18] Dodge Challenger 1970 (WIP)

    Great looks, that car came out really well. Will you provide a digital model? I'd love to see that in lime with some small changes making a 'Cuda out of it.
  11. johnnym

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    Much obliged! Fantastic car and nice video, and the used color scheme is also great. BTW the other MOCs in the video look cool, too. I hope this will jump onto the hottest MOCs page(s) soon.
  12. Ok, no hurry, I am still waiting for my 42111 to ship. Thanks a lot! I didn't recognize that one can also select a custom list for comparison. That should do it.