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  1. Ok, I think I have something to show: Here's the finished "Mustang" modification of the muscle car. As it doesn't resemble a 1970 Ford Mustang in all aspects, I'll go fictional and continue to use the Phaedra Palomino moniker - Phaedra Palomino Mach 2 to be exact - not to be confused with the Ford Mustang Mach 2 concept car. What do you think? I think I should maybe start a new thread...
  2. johnnym

    [MOC] Bugeye RC racer

    Man, you keep pushing your MOCs out at insane speeds! I like that. Nice futuristic styling (I had my eyes on these tyres and rims for some time now, but now they're a must have I think) and nice track selection. I'd recommend something from Lazerhawk's Redline album for one of your next race car MOCs.
  3. johnnym

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    No this wasn't useless at all - it's enormously helpful compared to those automatic translations - though these are sometimes funny, too . The only problem that remains is that I can't read most of the comments. I was impressed about what the 42099 can actually do - especially from your second video on that topic where you shooed it through all that mud I watch(ed) a lot of your videos about your cool vehicles and also like your coverages of those trial events. Would be cool, if you could do (more) reviews of the vehicles that are driven there. A lot of them look really sophisticated. Don't worry, I am really grateful for this service.
  4. johnnym

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Great! I had a look and like them as they are, good work. Though I am afraid, I'm already missing parts for the first part. Need to recheck...
  5. johnnym

    RC Buggy Motor

    Wow, those tyres and rims look fantastic, though I'd prefer those balloon or Unimog tyres on @rm8's great truck. But they have an appeal. Are these from CaDA? I'd really like to see it perform on video!
  6. I now updated the red version to only use really existing parts. So now two versions can be build without modifying existing parts. Also added LDraw exports in addition to the already existing Studio files. If someone has a cool new color scheme with existing parts in mind, I'd like to see a picture.
  7. johnnym

    42099 Mods and Improvements

    Awesome! Exactly what I was asking for a while ago, but maybe in the wrong thread. Please create instructions when you're finished! I'd love to see how it performs, too. They're available as replacement parts from LEGO if you can't find them on bricklink - ATM for 0,42 EUR per piece in Germany, don't know the price in Canada.
  8. johnnym

    Grohl's Creations

    Thank you! Glad you liked it. I now also have a digital version of it, if you wanna give a build a try. But don't expect too much technique, I started all this technic building just around spring of this year. Much obliged! Looks, like there is plenty of room available for motors - I like that! I now only need to wait for a 42093 available for modding.
  9. I see, I thought it could be some abbreviation that a newcomer like me doesn't know yet. I actually started to mod the muscle car to look more like a Mustang. Now that I have a digital model of it, I don't need to remember it's original shape, which allows for more freedom in the mod process. But I went for a later Mustang version than the 10265 - I have something like this in mind. To allow for more visual inconsistencies with the real Mustang - i.e. me being unable to come up with a good match - I might still label it the Phaedra Palomino (a fictional car from the Interstate '76 game based on the Mustang) instead. Pictures will follow. I'd love to see that! But maybe not from me, but from a more experienced builder. Though I managed to squeeze two PF L motors over the rear axle in a modification of @grohl's Race Pickup, I'm not sure this is possible with the muscle car. The race pickup has just more space available there, even when removing the differential. Maybe a configuration like in this RC mod of the 42093 Corvette (check the instructions for details) could work. Or do you already have an idea for a speedy RC mod of the muscle car?
  10. Thank you both. The last days I worked on a digital model (using Studio) of the muscle car and I think it is ready now. I took the liberty to change a few things here and there (e.g. I changed the interior coloring to black and dark bluish gray and did some building improvements - at least I hope so ), so it won't exactly resemble the last "real life" shots in all details. I made three versions so far: black and orange version (Studio, LDraw) (with all parts available) black version (Studio, LDraw) (black mudguards are unavailable so far, but could be created using (spray) paint I assume) red version (Studio, LDraw) EDIT: (red roof panel is unavailable as I just found out during checking the inventory for any non-existing color versions - bummer, that was really unexpected ) (with all parts available) There are two uncommon - at least I assume they are uncommon nowadays - part types: 4 x black bushes to fix the wheels and 4 x black pins w/friction ridges and w/o center slots to fix the sideskirts to the mudguards. I assume the remainder of the parts should be common, though some of the transparent parts I used are from the 1990ies or even older. Again sorry, still no "real" instructions yet, though I separated most of the build into steps and used a lot of sub-models, so you should be able to build it using (1) the automatically created instructions from Studio or using (2) the step view or using (3) the design mode. I "built" the digital version from the underside to the top and then rotated it - that's why the following rendering of the chassis is so dark (it was below the surface and rotated 180 degrees). I hope this doesn't create trouble during building. Let me know if something doesn't work as expected or the models still contain errors. @ScaleCarModels: I definitely want to see your engine in this car!
  11. EDIT: Ah geez, wrong button. will re-edit soon. => Done. Hi all, although not a functional mod but a visual one, here's my WIP (re)interpretation of the sports car of the 42098 set. It's in black and orange, mainly because I don't yet have the fenders in dark azure and actually also because I like the color scheme of the 42093 Corvette just better. But still, I'm waiting for the dark azure fenders to arrive to just see what can be done with the color - maybe not much. My main issue with the sports car was its rear section, which IMO wasn't up to what the front section promised. I mean the stock front looks like a modern sports car (Camaro or Charger for example) and really has an appeal, but the rear looks like the rear of a Citro├źn C6 which just doesn't fit in my eyes. So I went for something different: I tend to think that the rear is still 1L too low because of how the roof ends there, but the added spoiler makes up for it pretty good me thinks. I use 49.53 x 20 tyres with wheel 30.4 x 20 on the rear axle and also modified it to allow to fit 43.2 x 22 ZR tyres with the spoked side of the wheels facing inwards and not protruding the body (not sure if I'll ever make use of it though). The rear axle is derived from the 42093 Corvette's rear axle but narrower - I assume somebody already made this design in the past, it's pretty simple. The bigger rear wheels increase the already existing tilt of the car but I like the look very much. Coming to the front section, I needed a power dome on the hood, of course. As the front is shorter than the one of my muscle car it unfortunately ends in the passenger compartment. But together with the stock side mirrors it does a good job to divert from the front window basically starting in "mid-air" IMO. Don't mind the unfinished sides, I am just missing the parts for now. And also imagine the lower black panels (EDIT: to clarify, I meant the parts Technic Panel Fairing # 1 and Technic Panel Fairing # 2 ) at front and rear in orange, I don't yet have them in orange so went for black ones instead for now. I'm not yet settled with the upper soft axle at the front: orange instead of flat silver also fits. And I think the parts between the front lights would really go well in chrome silver. Maybe I'll invest in such parts. The remainder is pretty final at the moment. I think it makes a good addition to the 42093 Corvette, unfortunately I had to take my only currently built one apart for this one here. Well, I wanted to order another one for @grohl's new E model anyhow.
  12. Hi! A while ago I redesigned the front grill and lights section and the rear of the muscle car. I think the lights now have a more realistic size - except maybe for the "huge" indicator lights at the front, but hey, safety first. I now also went for the 43.2 x 22 ZR with wheel 30.4 x 20 standard on the rear axle and the spoked side of all wheels facing the inside of the car also standard. The wheels on the rear axle protrude a little - maybe a little too much - on each side, but it doesn't look too bad in my opinion. I'm still using the stock rear axle of the 42093 Corvette, so this can't be changed until I change the axle (like I did for my (re)interpretation of the sports car of the 42098 set). I also tried the wheels in gray, but black just fits the color scheme better. Maybe gray wheels would better fit an all black or a red version (red fenders already ordered! ). Nearly forgot: I did invest in black bushes for the wheels and it really looks better than with gray ones. Enough for the description, here are fresh shots from today, hope you like it: Sorry, no progress with the instructions, but I did another MOC of mine (bigger but with less parts) for a start in bricklink's Studio and gained enough experience with this tool to consider a digital model of this MOC/mod absolutely doable. But still, it'll cost me a lot of time I'm afraid, so bear with me a little longer.
  13. Have a look at (description and video). It's in German, so I'll try to make a short translation: What the guys says/writes is basically, that he'll collect complaints from buyers whose CaDA battery box doesn't work and send the collected demand to CaDA, who will then send a number of replacements to this guy, who will then forward them to the affected buyers for postage. He wrotes "throughout Germany", but Hungary isn't that far away. Maybe you contact him for further details. This "campaign" runs until 2019-08-05, so better be quick. I seem to remember from the video, though I don't remember the time code where he speaks of this, as I watched it already some time ago: As proof affected people should make a short video (e.g. on YouTube) of the battery box not working when trying to charge it.
  14. johnnym

    42099 - 4x4 X-treme Off-Roader

    Apropos (though not sure if this was asked already): has anyone built/modded the 42099 with Power Functions yet?
  15. johnnym

    Grohl's Creations

    Same here. Your Pickup Truck was actually the main reason for me to order my first 42093 set, I since then heavily modified and motorized it, though I still haven't found an ideal solution for the gearing. I also created a mod/MOC based on the 42093, but couldn't do it w/o some extra parts. Hence I really admire that you could create all these 42093 mods with the parts available in the set. And the Le Mans Racer is indeed awesome. I think I now have another reason to order my 4th 42093!