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  1. So if you knew that the 3L driving ring fits, why did you believe the 2L one would, too? Both do need different recepticles.
  2. Ah, sorry for telling you things you already know, but how should I know... I had it in my hands w/o any supporting frames or beams.
  3. Ok, thanks for the links, I'll have a look.
  4. Nice place and the work table with changeable height is a really good idea. I find these self-printed boxes very cool and useful and the vapor-/synthwave pictures are really cool - where can one get these designs from?
  5. The 3L driving ring works, so 1L plus in width, but still very compact. Though the connection between diff and driving ring side feels very wobbly, as the 2L axle between 12z bevel gear and 3L axle connector only hasl a half stud of guiding in the diff case. But it's not more wobbly than the axle on the other side of the diff.
  6. Indeed, didn't notice that. Really? Maybe the box art is pre-production, too. It's not, this is the picture on the bottom right on the backside of the box, isn't it?
  7. Nice one! I also have a total of four of the pontoons and they are still waiting to be used in a boat MOC, though with underwater propellers. Yours looks even more effective than underwater propellers, so I might change my plans for my own MOC. The steering is a little slow for the speed of the vessel, me thinks. How about using a servo motor?
  8. There's an interesting photo over at that seems to show a pre-production model. If you compare the surface quality of the new parts to the parts existing before, it seems like all of the new parts were 3d printed. Even the fender has a sticker on.
  9. But they don't necessarily work if the axles stick out of the wheel's volume, like they do at the front axle of the Bolide. We'd need something that has a through-hole. Other example where TLG - or better we - missed a chance for a futuristic car wheel: the wheel from the Avengers Speeder Bike Attack set (at least that's where I first saw it), it doesn't have a through hole, which limits its use in RC cars in my eyes.
  10. Really? I think it looks totally different, i.e. too round for the boxy style of the Quattro, though the body style matches. Actually I never thought about the Quattro when developing it - but yeah, that's just how I see this model . I mean I have one in my portfolio that comes close to the Quattro - though I like the Sport quattro more - it's the F A H R super R: ...but that's a totally different league: selectable RWD/AWD, RC Buggy motor for drive powered by a BuWizz 2.0 unit, more info here. Just had another thought: You know, it would be really cool to have such cars - i.e. cars from the 80ies - again!
  11. I have two new models for this series - one already available since a while on Rebrickable for purchase - both are again alternate models of 42123 and 42093 respectively and feature swappable engines: AMX 5 experimental The AMX 5 experimental is a concept car that should develop the AMX 4's design into the future. It's extra low but still roomy enough to have some additonal passenger seating making it a 2+2 instead of a two-seater like the AMX 4. It features three openable doors: two gullwing doors and the engine cover with big "glass window" plus third break light like the AMX 4. The fenders are put on a half-stud offset to be closer to the wheels (like 42123 does), the quarter panels expose the rear wheels nicely. It features a Biturbo I3 engine in a symmetric design. Unfortunately I wasn't able to fit any of the existing engines in this car thanks to its low silhouette and cramped engine room, so I created two additional engines: symmetric I4 symmetric V6 ...that fit into this car and all the other ones: You can view and move these around in 3D using the 3D Instruction Viewer on Rebrickable (i4, V6). MM B-Runner This one should be a no-nonsense car by MM (Mars Motors) famed by its buyers and aftermarket for its tunability. It also has three openable doors: two conventional ones that incline to the rear giving the car some hips and the engine cover. The fenders are also put at a half-stud offset closer to the wheels, the quarter panel has the standard 1 stud offset. Together with the door construction this makes it visually look like the rear is lifted a little giving it a nice look in my eyes. It uses a standard turbocharged I4 as engine. Front and rear corners are not perfectly secured - I mainly ran out of parts and space - so excessive force will move them (a little). The chassis is derived from the attaccabrighe's chassis. For the pictures I removed the steering knob and also installed wider wheels at the rear for the looks, some parts are in the wrong color still but everything should be buildable from the inventory of 42093 - hopefully, as I haven't yet digitized it:
  12. @kbalage: Thanks for sharing your information. Geez, I hoped I could get it before Christmas. Hey, maybe it will be available before Christmas anyhow as TLG ships it to shops so soon.
  13. @kbalage: I wonder why these sets arrive "so early" at retailers. Is that usual, to get new sets, that are to be released - when exactly for this one? Before Christmas 2022 or after? - more than a month into the future, so early?
  14. Well, now we at least have a very good view inside of the wheel hub.
  15. @Void_S, @Zerobricks: BTW your guess was quite close to the original. Absolutely impressive given the quality of the engine photo - which is even mentioned in the video.