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Found 7 results

  1. Alexander Hamsterton

    [MOC] Automated side-loading garbage truck

    Hi all, My son and I have been working on a minifig/city scale automated side-loading garbage truck build for the last year or so. We've finally gotten it to the point where we'd like to share it and get feedback. The bin arm is operated by a knob and reaches out and grabs and dumps standard LEGO dust bins with a plate on the bottom. There is also a ram in the hopper that is operated by a second knob. It pushes the trash into the dumper: The inside of the dumper is smooth to allow the trash to dump out: We also made a video that shows the truck and functions in action. The video may show the functions of the truck more clearly than the pictures can: We're interested to get feedback on the build. Getting the bin arm to smoothly and reliably dump trash and integrating that and the ram into a compact build was definitely one of the big challenges. The truck with some "waste" bricks is about 450 pieces. This design was created and refined with bricks on hand over the course of more than a year and at least a dozen different design iterations. We then created a model in LEGO Digital Designer and used digital renders to visualize different colors. The custom printed tiles were created digitally using LDPatternCreator, using Bricklink's Studio tool and Blender with some custom lighting for the final digital renders and some animations. The video is partly digital rendering and partly live filming. For creating actual custom printed bricks, we made color laser prints of the designs, covered them with scotch tape and then gently washed the paper off using water, leaving enough stickiness on the tape to stick to the bricks. This was quick and easy and the tiles were durable enough to play/build with, so that worked very well for our purposes. The cab holds a minifig comfortably, and there is a a hand rail and ladder for another minfig to ride along. There are clips to hold tools for cleaning up as well. There are more photos on our Flickr album: We have also submitted the truck as a LEGO Ideas project. If you like the model we'd be grateful for your support. You can see our Ideas page at Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone, This is going to be (hopefully) my entry for TC10: Front Loader Garbage Truck Functions to be included: Two rear axle with differentials V4 or V6 engine Steering of course with HOG Independent suspension in front Rear axle suspension similar to AROCS Pneumatic pump via M motor or manual pump Pneumatic fork container lift Pneumatic container lift Pneumatic ejector Pneumatic door cover Pneumatic tailgate The picture below shows all the functions. Only the body raise will not be implemented (I'm out of cylinders). It will be a combination of V1 and V2 pneumatics. The scale will be similar to the AROCS, same wheels. And here is a quick prototype to check the feasibility of the front loader. I will post further progress once I get some time to work on it. Any recommendation welcome. Thank you.
  3. Hey Guys,i need some Advice on this one. I`m planning this futuristic Garbage Truck for my imaginative Lego City-Future Theme. The Bodywork is pretty much done and i think it is recognizeale as a Garbage Truck.The two large orange Pieces are already in my Parts Bin and all the little Bits might be in there too.Maybe some Bricks need to be bricklinked or i need to buy them in the little Lego Shop in my Hometown. I`m still not sure how to make this Big Boy hover above the Ground.I would love to use something that fits in the Wheel Wells and only sticks out a little bit, you know,classic sci fi Hovercar Stuff. Maybe some shiftable Dishes or Pods. Feel free to share any Ideas.I also added the lxf File so you can poke around a little bit.Maybe you might have some Ideas to improve the whole Thing.I like it very much,but i still think something is missing.Something a Push Bar or Guard Rails.... Any Idea would be much apprechiated. The rounded Rearend calls for a Nickname...Hunchback maybe?Still not happy with the lower rear End (behind the rear Fenders) Scifi-Garbage Hauler.lxf
  4. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 70805 Trash Chomper

    Trash truck, or trash CHOMPER? You'll have to answer that one if you get… Set Title: Trash Chomper Set #: 70805 Theme: The LEGO Movie Pieces: 389 Minifigures: 3 Year of Release: 2014 Price at Release: USD 30 Just browse the pictures? Flickr set INTRODUCTION This was probably the best-looking zany flying machine from the packaging. The mouth gave it a very fun, distinctive look that had more character than the flying machines in the other 2-in-1s. Plus, the "normal" model is something we already get in City, so not all that interesting to me. So is the flying machine actually the model to want in this set? Well, let's see… BOX The Trash Chomper actually looks great on the box. That's something funky I'd want to buy. The back shows more of the truck mode, this time from the back, and highlights the things that move. Yay for things that actually move on models! Like all the minifigures in this line, these need names! Gordon Zola is a nice funny play on gorgonzola, and somehow the names they gave to the garbage men seem very appropriate to me. They look like a Dan and a Grant. CONTENTS I'm vegetarian, so I guess I'm a sucker for vegetable color schemes. When I opened up the box I thought 'Mmmmm carrots!' Although the green to orange ratio isn't quite right to make carrots. Like all of these 2-in-1 sets, there are three booklets: micromanager, flying machine, and alternate model. Here's a step where you add gears just for decoration. There's something about adding gears that don't do anything that always disappoints me, and it happens in a few of these sets. Plenty of stickers, but I think you'd expect that for a garbage truck anyway. MINIFIGURES These aren't exactly the most exciting minifigures ever, but they are very well done. The garbage men have excellent get-ups that I can see being useful for a variety of things. Dan's head isn't new, but it's a newer one and I like it. He's got the new cap with a hole for attachments. Only Gordon's head is new, and not too exciting to me either. The garbage men have some nice dirty printing on their backs as well. Included are some accessories you'd expect for trash collectors, like a broom, shovel, trash cans, and of course trash! Gordon seems to have run out of his kitchen with a frying pan. SET - MICROMANAGER This time we've got another micromanager that's supposed to fly. Again not quite as cute as have stubbly legs, but trans-red dishes are always great, so I won't complain. Turn it around back and you'll see it's got some folding mechanism! And flick-fires… Ta-da! Wings pop out with the weapons arsenal. I like the use of that piece in the middle, but there's a little green visible that looks weird. It looks appropriately menacing from the front. SET - TRASH CHOMPER The flying mode uses all the pieces besides two plates. The trash chomper looks pretty silly and fun from the front, what with the big mouth. Vehicles with mouths are always whimsical. It looks scary too. I wouldn't want to mess with those teeth. But there's something about this model that feels a little off, and I think it's how tall and stubbly it is. It doesn't really seem like a flying machine at all - it's way too bulky for that. The mouth is nice, but the rest of it is really just a brick. The garbage cans are some sort of engines in the back, and Dan actually has a chair so he hopefully won't fly backwards when he takes off. So I'm not sure what to think. I love the mouth and trash-chomping idea, but the model as a whole feels to stubby. Speaking of the mouth, the chomping function works well and is great fun to play with. SET - GARBAGE TRUCK The truck uses everything up besides for a couple of technic parts. I may not care much for garbage trucks, but this is a very nice one. The color scheme is lovely, and the SNOT detailing on the side looks excellent. There's room for just one figure in the cab, and for some reason LEGO put the steering wheel high up in this one. That kind of makes sense for a big vehicle like this, which would have a big wheel. (My sticker-applying skills were clearly wearing out when I put on that license plate.) The side profile is nice indeed. The truck is pleasantly long, and feels well-proportioned all around. The back has its quite large cover, that can open up to reveal the place for the trash. Good stickers for detail back here. A little knob lets you control the back, which doesn't just go up and down but kind of slides up and then slides back down due to how the technic construction inside is made. But it actually doesn't go up all that high. I'm not sure how minifigures would really even be able to unload trash cans into there, but oh well. The gears are perhaps supposed to represent trash grinders. COMPLETE SET and CONCLUSION What I thought was going to be the best flying machine let me down some, though the mouth is still great. I guess as the flying machines go, the Ice Cream Machine wins out. However, this is a very nice trash truck. I'm not personally excited by trash trucks, since LEGO City has seen its fair share of those, but this one is still great. If you like good trash trucks, I'd think about picking this up. Parts-wise, green is a always a good color, and this set has plenty of it. Not too many new parts, but lots of nice green. The minifigures are basic, but useful nonetheless. The garbage-men torsos are pretty non-specific, making them useful for a lot of things. And their legs are great. That completes the 2-in-1s. Up next… everything else in some order!
  5. PlayerfromTaiwan

    MOC Garbage Truck

    Hello, I want to share my latest MOC with you guys. My creation is the common garbage truck in Taiwan street! Thanks for watching!!!
  6. technic70s

    4432 Garbage Truck Extended

    I present to you my MOD of the 4432 Garbage Truck, we call them Rubbish Trucks in Austrilia. I used two sets to extent the body and added a second set of wheels at the rear for extra heavy duty rubbish collection. More images at my Flicker