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Found 19 results

  1. Welcome to The Little Post Office. The little post office is my newest MOC it is based on france bouwsteil, I designed the project for the Bricklink Designer Program series 1, if you like the project leave a smillie on bricklink if you want :) Please let me know what you think in the comments. I'm very curious what you all think of my project ground floor You can hand in all your parcels and letters at the post office or pick them up at the counter. The postman can weigh your parcel and then sort it into the post crates. The letters are sorted in a postal sorting rack with house numbers indicated in different colors, you can guess which buildings they are. Electric step charging station At the E-step charging point you can get a fully charged electric step to drive past all your favorite modular buildings. There is also an electrical inverter hidden under the stairs from the solar panels on the roof. In the Tech shop you can buy the latest technical gadgets including smartphones, telephone covers, computer with speakers, or an OLED TV. first floor The pharmacy is the place where you can get all your medication such as vitamins or pain relief. There is also a rack with bandages or plasters, there is also a cosmetics rack. In the office, every working day starts with a nice hot cup of coffee. The office contains an extensive interior including a. Copy machine Coffee machine Cabinet with folders Desk with two computers. second floor There are two apartments on the second floor. The left apartment has a kitchen, a dining table for two, a bed with bedside table and night lamp. In the apartment on the right lives a woman who likes to play games. In her apartment you can find a full bathroom, there is also a kitchen and a bed, but of course you should not miss the game chair and game station. The roof On the roof you can find three pairs of solar panels that can power the building. function All the balcony doors can swing open inwards. This modular building has a unique connection option. Normally you can connect a modular building as a straight street or in a corner of the street, this building has both options so that you can choose where you want it in your street.
  2. MOC-HUNTER + (ALT HEAD BUILD) My third release in the buildable figure series from The Bad Batch. The scale of the figure is the same as my other MOCs of Tech and Crosshair. Both the helmet and alternate head version are done in the same scale as the official buildable Harry Potter buildable figures by LEGO. Creating Hunter's signature mullet was a bit difficult but I'm happy with how it turned out. The helmet version features a similar build style to crosshair with a different layering style to capture his unique helmet style. Echo and Wrecker are in the works with the possibility of a surprise figure. Instructions are available on or follow me on Instagram for more original creations. Specifications for Helmet version + Alt Head Build Pieces: 1,655 Weight: 41.3oz | 2.58lbs Width: 19 cm | 7.5 in Length: 20.5 cm | 8.1 in Height: 27.4 cm | 10.8 in Estimate Part Costs: $170 - $200 Alternate Head build using custom UV printed parts on genuine LEGO pieces. Group Image with Alt Head of Hunter Group Image with Helmet Version of Hunter Upgraded Gear System The upgraded internal gear system allows arms and legs to be posable. If you plan on posing the legs, it may be necessary to attach the feet to a plate as the weight of the backpack and knives can change the center of gravity. The Clone force 99 Shoulder pads can be removed for more additional range of motion. While the helmet version of Hunter does rotate almost 280 degrees, the alternative build of the head has minimal movement due to the thickness of the neck. Custom Printed Clone Force 99 Emblems for Shoulder Pads. Details of Hunter's Signature Bandana (giving off some Rambo vibes). Sample Instructions Professionally produced, high resolution, step-by-step instructions of Hunter from Star Wars The Bad Batch. Custom printed face, Clone Force 99 emblems and skull bandana are included with the alternate build of Hunter. Instructions available at
  3. CROSSHAIR My second release in the buildable figure series from The Bad Batch. The scale of the figure is the same as my other moc of Tech. These are both done in the same scale as the official buildable Harry Potter buildable figures by LEGO. I'm really happy with how the sniper rifle and the helmet came out. I plan on creating the Clone Force 99 version of Crosshair as well. Hunter, Echo and Wrecker are also in the works. Specifications: Pieces: 1178 pieces Height: 11.8 inches / 29.8 cm Width: 7.5 inches 19 cm Length: 7.5 inches 19 cm
  4. This model started out as Vader's castle, a upcoming 2019 Star Wars set (number 75251). But I'm going to retrofit it for my Space stuff, specifically, the home of my techno-mage, Analog and his fellow band of runaway rouges from the corrupt Space Police IV regime. My backstory for the building is as follows: The Black Castle and the planet it sits on were once the epicenter of a ancient mega-empire of aliens from an age long past, known as the First Ones. They were ended nearly three billion years ago in a cataclysmic event simply known as The Great Event. Their Empire was besieged by a entity from beyond time itself, possibly from another dimension altogether, which turned the entire city world the castle sits on into a volcanic wasteland, with the shining ivory tower turned black and scarred, it's water feature turned to lava, in a final battle to destroy the evil entity, in which the empire's defender's succeeded, but only just barely. The empire, which spanned the entire LEGO galaxy, fell completely apart without the capital planet. Local species rose up to take over their own planets in time, but by that point any traces of the old empire were only a widespread myth.... except for the legend of the Black Castle. You many know it as the legend of Atlantis, as that was the name of the home planet / city before it fell apart into the volcanic wasteland. (The eons of time and many translation errors may have gotten the name of the method of it's destruction wrong, but it still sank into a sea of liquid, right?) More recently, rouge Blacktron III scientists stumbled across the castle, and set up shop there, performing experiments using equipment from the castle's ancient, - yet still very highly advanced - medical bay on unlucky captives, creating techno-mages, changelings, and many more things that would make even Dr. Frankenstein weep. In a desperate move, these captives rose up from their shackles and destroyed the all the Blacktron that knew of the Castle, thus keeping it's location secret. This ramshackle group still keeps the castle for their own, with group leader Analog and his car Shatter-point running supplies, new recruits, and news back and forth across enemy lines to and from safe houses and the castle. This space base is not complete, as it is lacking set 75251, (Darth Vader's castle) which is supposed to go in the bottom left corner. But until that set is recreated in LEGO Digital Designer, this will have to do. The base model you see here is an amalgamation of several sets, including 75098 (Assault on Hoth) for the blast doors, 75203 (Hoth Medical Chamber) for the medical bay, 7879 (Hoth Echo Base) for the sensor array and gun rack, and 8089 (Hoth Wampa Cave) for the secret exit. Also, the control booth is a custom made design that was pulled from my imagination. As you may have guessed, this base was originally set on Hoth or a similar ice planet, and was mostly colored white instead of dark tan and dark gray volcanic one it sits on now. (This model has been seriously gone through to be 100% build-able in the chosen colors as shown.) This medical bay has three recharge ports for techno-mages to sleep / recharge and connect to the base computer at, if they wish. The healing tube is for those too seriously injured for the wearable healing suits, such as those missing entire limbs or over 60% 3rd degree fire burns. The mailbox is also in this section, though as this is a secret base, it is unused. The base's brain and nervous center is the control booth, which control everything in the base, from the blast doors to the hallway lights. The huge windows overlook the base's hanger, where the hover-car known as Shatter-point usually is parked. The sensor array is highly tuned to be nearly undetectable to enemies sweeping the star system looking for civilized worlds. It is also able alert the base to long range threats, so they can shut down and go silent, just in case something picks up the scouts interest and they land a probe team on the planets surface. (usually when such a thing happens, they officially "lose contact" with the orbiting ship due to "radio interference" of "volcanic clouds" and are never seen again. In reality, they are physically eliminated by ground forces after radio contact is lost due to the sensor array imitating the clouds. The orbiting ship then assumes the lava has swallowed the team up and moves on to another planet.) The hover car is a mashup of set 5973 (Hyperspeed Pursuit) and a fantastic MOD of set 70907 (Killer Croc Tail-Gator) by user @hachiroku24 as seen here. Fictional background info: This craft (named Shatter-point) was originally owned by the criminal aliens known as the Skull Twin, and was sold at auction to a man known as "The Collector", back before the dark times began. Eventually, the heavily remodeled hover sedan was given to The Collector's young techno-mage friend just before the Collector disappeared into the bowels of the capital city planet to escape the Space Police IV and it's corrupt ways. The techno-mage (known as "Analog" for his love of pre-computer revolution machinery, like record players and radio tubes), then discovered the truth about his friend The Collector. The Collector ran an underground railroad-like system of resistance groups to the SP IV regime and the OCTAN Super Secret Police program, which was headquartered in the volcanic remains of the long-lost city of Atlantis at the Black Castle and had subsequently given Analog the job of keeping the secret railroad running in his absence. Together with unlikely allies, menacing foes and possible double agents, Analog will work to restore freedom for his friends, expose great tyrannies in the OCTAN Corp and in his rag-tag group, and all the while running from the law for the reason of just existing! The car was synced up to Analog's tech implants and made to be an extension of his mind, up to the point of having it's own artificial intelligence by itself, calling itself "Shatter-point" after it's supreme hacking abilities and it's ability to fly better than even cyborg pilots, leading to shattering blockades(and pursuing ships) into a thousand pieces. The vehicle can seat one figure comfortably in the drivers seat. The vehicle also features clean nuclear energy provided by a Mister Fusion (patent-pending!) reactor run by scrap metal. The car's roof opens up to place a figure at the controls. (the canopy doesn't actually stay up like shown, but is being held up by my finger just out of frame.) As usual, Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome! EDIT 1/31/18: added new car pictures, working on updating the building's screenshots. EDIT 2/7/18: I just finished revising the building to be like set 4996 but in red... real pictures of the building coming soon! EDIT 10/9/18: add castle and backstory to the main post. more pictures coming eventually (hopefully soon!) EDIT 10/10/18: added full base to first post
  5. DavideSacra

    [MOC] History of Apple

    Hi guys, check out my History of Apple. I reproduced the most iconic computers and devices and the most important moments for Apple. I hope you will like it. Cover2 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr descr1 by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr H by Davide Sacramati, on Flickr You can see the full project on Lego Ideas:
  6. goatman461

    [O - TECH] Awesomnium Plating

    Sinden's Run Awesomnium Plating Facility
  7. Octan has started the art of Transmutation great things...but needs to start small.. O-TECH 1 by Meyerj, on Flickr O-TECH 2 by Meyerj, on Flickr Please note...nothing to be judged just to be be stated by the higher up's... Cheers Jody
  8. Umbra-Manis

    [M-Tech] Spoils of War

    Torresta M.A.N.T.I.S. CEO Spacer Steve was visiting one of the new M.A.N.T.I.S. secure storage facilities on Torresta Inside: SpacerSteve: So what can you show me here? Facility Manager: This here is a room where we store over-size crystals of awesomium until a use for them is found. Manager: We're currently still transferring mithril and copper to storage here, so I can't show you any of that. And I was going to show you the gold room, but I can't for..... reasons. SpacerSteve: Specifically? Manager: Let's just say an anthropomorphic duck is swimming around in it like a porpoise, and he won't leave. Yay, Tech build done! C&C Welcome! And you can check out the model in 3D on Mecabricks!
  9. LucasLaughing

    [O - TECH] Metallurgy

    " the hot rolling mill, metal is stretched and compressed into different shapes and sizes. A train carries molten slag from the blast furnace to the slag pit. Once it cools, it will be repurposed into everything from construction filler to diet pills. Workers in heat resistant suits help to oversee the process." "Next week on How It's Made: apples, earthquakes and babies!"
  10. mediumsnowman

    [O - TECH] Awesomnium Foundry

    Dr. Harris takes Jebediah O'Reilly on a tour of the recently completed Awesomenium Foundry on Farmolis. Not the greatest physical build, but I'm a bit pressed for time. It gets the job done. EDIT: There's an extra 'E' in 'Awesomenium.' If a mod could fix that that would be awesome.
  11. Big Sal

    [M-TECH] - Spying School

    Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Espionage 101. My name is Bond. Professor Bond. I’ll be your lecturer for this class. Now, are there any questions before we begin? Yeah- Your name please? Uh, Darjak. Chet Darjak. I think there’s been some sort of mistake. I’m here for the larvae? The… larvae? Yeah, Sal said there’d be larvae if we came to this room, and- SAL! What?? You told me to get everyone here and I did! Some of these clowns haven’t shown up to work in months – I don’t think I’ve seen Darjak since last Junali. You know as well as I do that they’d never have come if I told them they were getting a lecture by Professor Bland here. Professor Bond. That’s what I said. Sigh. Right, any other quick questions, or shall we get started? Yes, over there, Mr? Daring. Dave Daring. Uh, so I’ve been on dozens of special forces missions already – I’m like M.A.N.T.I.S’s top agent. Do I really need to take an introductory spying class? I’ll take that one Professor. Yes, Daring, you do need to take this class. The Council of Five wants everyone to have had the same training, so that everyone’s on the same page during missions. Also, it was significantly cheaper to enrol everyone on the same programme rather than trying to customise it for individuals. Uh, right. Thank you Chief Accountant Long. I’ll begin then. The Octan English Dictionary defines espionage as… --- Thanks for reading! You can see the whole class below - apologies to the M.A.N.T.I.S. members whose sigfigs I couldn't quite get right. And a thousand apologies to SYSTEM who I left until the end to build then completely forgot about! We'll just say he already downloaded the entire course... The Class of 3816: Verdi, Vedauwoo, Hawk, Scooter, Simon Mephistopheles, Pombie, Cassandra, Neko-chan, Engineer Max. Dr. Arvan Yrich Arkov, Big Sal, Scorpio Starstriker, Ensign Stevens, Agent ?, Henry Moose, Katya Thorne. Ivan Wolfe, Donnie Bricko, Arariel, Mathijs, MysticModulus, Mark of Orion, Dave Daring, Ace Jagjit. Private Gnarl Graves, Agent G, Paul Bricktron, Engineer Dan, SpacerSteve, Little John, Isaac Redsyn, Mass Editoro. Master Data, Chet Darjak, Ninja Nin, Lady Kianna, Pangolinus, Myra Dynarski, Sci-X. Note that while M.A.N.T.I.S. doesn't officially have the resources to research this yet, it will do when the Challenge 3 resources are processed, and I had to post this now due to an extreme lack of free time for the next week or so. Hope that's ok with everyone!
  12. Isundir

    [K-Tech] Ground Tactics

    Kawashita forces simulate a battle to improve their ground tactics. Here is one featuring the new Mk-III 'Boxhead' Drone against Octan Corp Marines. Close-up of the Mk-III Boxhead:
  13. goatman461

    [O - TECH] Ore Processing

    Bob, please purchase Ore Processing technology for Octan. Thanks. Quantus III Ore Processing Facility
  14. Kawashita is researching the tech “Naturalist's training” Kawashita Group Botany & Wildlife Academy Our botany laboratory on Vollfort have made significant breakthroughs and are now opening a new building where they will be training Kawashita's explorers and other personal in the field to better handle the various wildlife in Andromeda. The greenhouses, designed by engineer Alexander Vandangant, is a key element for both the laboratory and the academy and can emulate the various conditions on all the planets in Andromeda. (This is only one of many greenhouses in the area and more are being built as planets are explored) For example Traig IV with its lavender plants. The academy was made to increase Kawashitas efficiency in the field but is also open to anyone (with the right approvals) wishing to learn more about the natural life in Andromeda.
  15. David FNJ

    [M - TECH] Ground Tactics

    Location: C04 Tags: MANTIS, tech, ground tactics Double D's Log 11: I managed to get an arial view of our new ground tactics strategy in action. These tactics were originally tested out by Isaac Redsyn that included MANTIS-style trucking through, some versatile technology, and confusion by encircling the target(s). I'm sure the Council of Five will be pleased with the results from this larger test run - we should be able to begin using these strategies immediately! ~ DD out ------------------------------------------------------ I got the idea for the large Kawashita trucks from this post.
  16. David FNJ

    [M - TECH] Training Facility

    Location: Unknown....haha! Tags: MANTIS, Tech, Training Facility Double D's log 6: MANTIS Corp. decided that it was necessary to construct a formal training for new and less experienced Special Forces operatives. I was sent to give instructions to some of the new recruits before heading off to my next mission. The color-scheme seemed odd to me until it was explained that it was to give the recruits a more realistic feel because most of them would face battle outside of the corporation's walls. AG: MANTIS Training Facility by David FNJ, on Flickr Alright, let's give this one a go - and focus on your target while being aware of other enemies. I'll watch from the sides. Good work, much better than last time - most of you did not get hit, but you took a long time to hit your targets. "Maybe that's because we don't have nice weapons..." I don't think that's... "The problem. Weapons are not your most valuable tool." Darvage? Is that...I didn't expect you to be here! "That's the way I like it." "Here, hold these for a minute and reset the training hall, but this time add that robot into the mix to be on the enemy's side." "Use your surroundings, and take control of the situation - don't let the situation control you. Firepower and weapons aren't everything. Get good with the junky gear and weapons now, and you'll be a real threat on the battlefield with professional gear. Fail now, and you'll get out of control later. And Double D, the offer to join the Sardonyx Federation is still open - we could really use some men like you." I've got too many things on my plate, especially here with MANTIS. Perhaps another time. "Alright...but if you change your mind, let me know. Farewell, and keep those men in shape. Good luck with your corporate efforts." Thanks. ~ DD out ---------------------------------------------------------------- After building one of the modules, I got pieces to build exactly four more modules and then had a short contest with some family members. The contestants had had to build the module that I had built with the pieces that I provided. It was quite fun! Note: The tie-in with the Sardonyx Federation story is not meant to promote that story or that MOC that the link went to, but it is just a way for us to link our stories because prior to joining Andromeda's Gates, Andrew and I were developing a story with the Sardonyx Federation.
  17. Dannylonglegs

    [O-Tech] Ground Tactics

    //"Log date 355, This is Dr. Danielle Long. I reviewed drone-feed from one of my S01 Surveillance Drones on F10 that displayed a surprising lack of discipline and tactical intelligence from some of our Field competitive intelligence operatives. This is not the first such report I have reviewed. I have issued a Memo to my fellow branch executives and the higher ups. Octan will not stand for lack-luster ground performance any longer. While our space combat tactics are top notch, we will not be able to enforce our planetary acquisitions with space combat alone. I have sent for our highest ranking Espionage agent to personally oversee the training of the Axle's "Peace Enforcement" squad. With the Executive's approval, we will institute Ground Tactics lessons Corporation-wide. Dr. Long out.//" --to be concluded-- With MANTIS forces focusing on overtaking Octan on E02, it only seemed logical to dispatch the Axle's "Peace Enforcement" Troops there to test out their new Ground Tactics. Tactical Retreat Reinforcements Ground Tactics Will Jebediah ever get his day off? I dunno, ask him. He's not my character. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  18. We did it! First two interplanetary Octan Defense Force ships were commissioned on our new homeland on Farmolis this week. They have proceeded to the nearby asteroid belt with the first training assignment being currently prepared. As soon as the CEO officially announces completion of the research on new spacefleet tactics, we'll initiate the "Space combat" training exercises. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- On the day after... The research is officially finalized and announced. The Octan Defense Force ships are now to proceed towards the training zone where they have to find and destroy decoy drones.
  19. Octan Training Facility: Yetornius, southern pole Carved out of the super-heated rock of Yetornius, Octan's new training facility houses two contained habitats and access to flora and fauna of I06's own inhabitants. Each enclosure provides new hires with limitless dangers and trials at the hands of the galaxies most feared inhabitants. While nobody is quite sure what interim CEO John Hannibal deposited inside of the damp, jungle bioshere of Containment 1, the student's can't help but see the hungry sand worm slithering beneath the surface of Containment 3. The campus is powered by an adjacent river of lava, houses thousands of new applicants (graduates few), has personal quarters and landing platform for the company CEO, and room for the comings and goings of the companies starship fleet, their pilots, scientists, explorers, drivers, and military personnel.