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Found 10 results

  1. This will be the tread where i will share all my mils mocs. MILS is a standart where you have modules that follow a certain standart. For further info about MILS read here: lets start with three mocs that have been converted to mils: hope you like these! more coming soon!
  2. Hi guys I present you the Kässbohrer PistenBully 600, top of the range of the well known alpine ski slope preparation machines. The model reproduced in LEGO Technic is true to scale 1:16 and contains 2044 parts (excluding pneumatic tubes). I submitted it in LEGO Ideas: (For more pictures, see LEGO Ideas site.) The model has many functions, some of which can be controlled remotely: Drive: both tracks are motorised individually and can be controlled remotely Pusher blade up/down and swivel are pneumatic, controlled from within the cabin The pusher blade side panels are motorised and can be controlled remotely In-cabin selector to switch between compressor and pusher blade side panels operation Tiller rotation is motorised and can be controlled remotely Tiller up/down is pneumatic, controlled on the tiller arm Side finisher are deployed pneumatically, controlled on the tiller arm Tiller swivel is a free movement so it follows the vehicle's path Cabin can be tilted forward and locked in normal position by levers under the engine cover The model uses stickers on a couple of panels and tiles: Doors left and right Tiller cover left and right Front logo Rear view mirrors Centre console monitor Centre console selector and two parts in a new colour: 3x5 liftarm in black (4x) 2x2 round plate in trans-orange (2x) LEGO Ideas rules did not allow this image: Please note that not all new pneumatic and PoweredUp parts are available in BrickLink Studio, that is why it has the wrong battery box, the old L-motors, the old pneumatic switches and no pneumatic tubes. The real version I made works fine though. Let's hope for some snow this winter so I can test it in real life ;) This model can be transformed in the PistenBully 600E+ by replacing the red parts with bright green. I tried adding the winch, but it didn't look good. I guess it's shape is too difficult (for me) to reproduce in LEGO Technic. So no winch for now... To do: - Make an animation showing the functions - Give the winch another try - Add penumatic tubes in drawing (I could try this by exporting the model to LDraw) - Replace L motors and battery unit with PoweredUp version when they become available in BrickLink Studio. Suggestions are most welcome. I hope you like it. If you do, I would be very gratefull for your support on
  3. RazerTDI

    [MOC] Winter Ski Rent Shop

    Hi all, this is my 2022 MOC for my Winter Village. It's a ski rental shop where the minifigures of my winter village could buy or rent ski, snowboards, ice skates, helmets and all things you need or ou can use when you're in mountains. Photos are a little bit old but now I've add lights and other details. I hope you enjoy it Best Wishes and Merry Christmas to all _DSC3677 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC3679 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC3680 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr _DSC3681 by Alessio Stebel, su Flickr
  4. I am building a large ski resort with multiple fixed grip chairlifts and one detachable I am having problems with the fixed grip and I haven't done more than the frame on the detachable. the problems I am having with the fixed grip are simple, but I cannot figure out how to fix them. the chairs jam up a lot and the rope derails easily, both of which can damage the entire lift. on the detachable I need a small grip that can detach and reattach at the terminal, but flow easily over support and hold down sheaves. I am trying not to spent too much, but I want all of the lifts to work right. I am using power functions XL motors to power them.
  5. BrickCaddy

    MOC Ski Jump

    Hi, Check out my MOC images called Ski Jump. I came up with this idea to support the jumper using his sticks, as it would prove too difficult to get the curve required at the bottom of the slope to allow him to take off! Let me know your thoughts.... Hope you like these images . Thanks BrickCaddy
  6. mouseketeer

    [MOC] Winter Village Ski Slope

    I've been eager to keep expanding my Winter Village for this Christmas, and this is my latest model - a Winter Village Ski Slope! As with all my Winter Village models, I try to make them as accurate to what could be a genuine Lego Winter Village set as possible (both in terms of design style, and with a reasonable piece count - hence the use of 16x16 plates for the slope and BURPs to build up the mass of the mountain). It comprises a mountainside with working ski lift, a mountaintop cafe, a cliff-face for mountain climbing, a ski slope (with moguls, slalom flags, rail, and ski jump) and an equipment chalet and locker room at the foot of the slope with a ski rack and fire pit for marshmallows. The ski lift can be powered either by hand with a rear handle or connected up to Lego Power Functions to automate it. To see a video of the the ski lift in action please click And to see the full album please go to Ski Slope 2 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 5 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr Ski Slope 6 by mouseketeer 111, on Flickr
  7. Amager Resource Center is an incinerator placed in Amager near Copenhagen centrum. The roof of the building is an artificial ski slope, where it will be possible to ski all year round. Amager Resource Center is also known as: ARC, CopenHill and Amager Bakke. The building is designed by the Danish group of architects: Bjarke Ingels Group, often referred to as BIG. The LEGO model is built in scale 1:200. The walls of the building have a very characteristic net structure. I have used around 4000 LEGO Technic liftarms to build this net structure. I’m a part of a group of LEGO fans from different parts of the world who have been building LEGO models of buildings designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). Some of the buildings (including my model of Amager Resource Center) will be exhibited in LEGO House in Billund from April 20 – May 13, 2018.
  8. My latest modular is a Surf & Ski Shop with a Travel Agency upstairs. Detail of the shop windows: First floor interior: Travel Agency on the 2nd Floor: (First time making my own decals.) Finally, next to my Kitchen Store for size comparison. Thanks for looking!
  9. legopiratelord

    MOC - Motorcycle with Arctic Sidecar

    I was recently drawn out of my dark age with the wonderful new Arctic sets and this is one of the first MOCs I've done since I was in high school. I would have liked to make a few different color/part choices, but you gotta work with what you have, and right now I don't have much. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out overall. C&C welcome. The initial inspiration to do an Arctic motorcycle came from this picture from Popular Science: After I put this together, I Googled Lego sidecars and discovered that TLG did a motorcycle and sidecar set in the Indiana Jones line (7620). They use a much sturdier link to keep the motorcycle and sidecar together and I might try to make another model using their conection method as this one is pretty weak. But for now I don't have the pieces. It can survive a little bit of pushing, but certainly won't hold up to much play involving kids. Edit: figured out how to post pics from Flickr
  10. MichalPL

    [MOC] Winter Christmas

    Hi Everyone! This is my first MOC here. Winter Christmas This in MOC Christmas with Power Functions. Technical: -Dimensions: Length: 112s Width: 48s -Extract 2x M motor 1x IR Receiver 1x Battery Box -Lamps 1x M motor 5x PF lights 1x IR Receiver 1x Battery Box Flickr Brickshelf Unusual situation Here I had some unpleasant situation, the transfer of work (unfortunately before the photo shoot). Movie: I invite you to comment :)