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  1. Moon_Knight

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    No worries. I've learned to never hold my breath when it comes to Lego lol
  2. Moon_Knight

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Looking at @IRISHCLOWN's profile pic I'd love a Doctor Fate minifigure. It doesn't seem too crazy with us getting a Mr. Miracle minifigure. Etrigan would be awesome too.
  3. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. I personally don't feel like we've gotten all of the characters from the MCU and there are variants I'd love to see: 1. M'Baku 2. Shuri (In Wakandan armor) 3. Janet Van Dyne (Quantum Realm armor) 4. Abomination 5. Heimdall (Ragnarok version) 6. Korath the Pursuer 7. Korg 8. Whiplash 9. Ego 10. Skurge 11. Kurse 12. War Marchine: Mark VII 13. Captain America (SHIELD Strike Stealth suit) 14. Thor (Endgame) 15. Spider-Man (Far From Home suit) Yeah, there's a few variants but I'd love to see these minifigures. I mean to each their own, of course. We all have our own wants and desires, I'd just love to see some more MCU minifigures. I don't mind getting comic versions either. I'd love to see a Daredevil minifigure in any form and a Moon Knight minifigure as well.
  4. Why aren't we getting Marvel CMFs? Could this be related to Disney? We've got Disney CMFs so probably not. As a DC and Marvel fan, I'd much rather have MCU CMFs over DC CMFs.
  5. Moon_Knight

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I hope we get a classic Superman to complete the classic trinity.
  6. Moon_Knight

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Is this official? The cape seems too bulky to be a CMF and it's makes sense for it to be included with the D2C. But is this legit news or just speculation? Really liking the look for Peter David's Aquaman and Mr. Miracle. This will be the first CMF series that I'll be collecting.
  7. I wish we'd get some more Guardians of the Galaxy sets but that won't happen until Vol. 3 comes out. I missed out on Vol. 2 Drax and it costs almost $30 alone on Bricklink.
  8. Well there are some minifigures more wanted than others and I was just curious. Thought it'd be fun to see what people want rather than continue on with this Obi-Wan head talk lol Great choices! We'll probably get Bosco suit Spidey in one of the new Spider-Man set. It'd be hard to imagine not getting it. I wasn't too fond of the short legs and cartoonish faces in the mighty micro sets so I hope they stray away from that with the mechs.
  9. So because this is a "speculation" thread, if any of these sets are MCU sets what minifigures are you guys hoping we get? Just like many of us, I'd love to get a Ronin, scaled Cap or long-haired "the dude" Thor minifigure. Even getting a Mark 85 Iron Man in a cheaper set would excite me.
  10. I hope you’re right about the possibility of an unworthy Thor minifigure but I’m still leaning towards the head being an Obi-wan head because there’s no doubt that one of the other leaked heads is an Anakin head.
  11. Yeah, a Daredevil set with Kingpin would be rad. I think he means all Marvel movies, in general. Ebony Maw didn't have a significant role in Endgame be he definitely did in Infinity War, as did Proxima Midnight.
  12. Agreed. I would love that Lego Ideas set that was mentioned above. I know it’s probably not going to happen because of the leaked minifigures we’ve already seen but I’m hopeful we get the Explorer someday. As for what I do not want, I do not want a Visitor’s Center with micro minifigs and the minifigs we’ve seen as a display (like the Hogwarts Castle set - 71043). That’s just my personal preference.
  13. I’d be crazy excited if we got a set similar to this one. All right, I’ll wait it out a little longer. You guys have convinced me. :)
  14. So let me ask you guys this: Do you think we’ll ever get the Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park as a set? It’s really the only Jurassic Park set I’d care about. Part of me thinks it’s a huge possibility because of the interest shown in the Lego Ideas. Part of me thinks no because we haven’t gotten it yet. I ask because has a pretty good design of the Ford Explorer but I don’t want to put a large amount down on it if we’re going to get an official set someday. What do you guys think?
  15. @Guyon2002 What’s the price and piece count?