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Found 25 results

  1. Hello there in 2021! :) It is finally a nice white winter outside and to kick-off the New Year, please let me share with you something from the "vaults" - a LEGO mini-scale MOC of Luke's snowspeeder that I made some time ago, but newer shared properly here. Snowspeeder is one of my favorite Star Wars vehicles of all time and I have a very fond memories of receiving the first snowspeeder LEGO set for my birthday back in I guess 1999... I have seen so many great MOCs of this ship in different scales, including the mini-scale, so I hope the form and shape of this mini-scale rendition that I have done will resonate with you! http://Snowspeeder_MOC_microscale by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr
  2. Hi! This is my first proper LEGO military scale model MOC of a real vehicle - the famous M1126 Stryker ICV! The MOC is a true display model, very close to the true mini figure scale. I tried to stay true to the scale and detailing of the real vehicle as much as possible using many reference pictures, and I am especially proud on the Protector RWS turret :). As a display model, the Stryker has limited play-ability - the two roof hatches can open for posing the crew inside, the Protector turret can be "turned" and moved, front wheels also can be turned. No interior detailing though. I am very much looking forward to build a nice small diorama around this beast in the future! Here you can see the pictures of the M1126 from my Flickr account: M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr And some "artsy" pictures :) M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr M1126 STRYKER ICV by Kristaps Ročāns, on Flickr I hope you like this one! :)
  3. Alternate MOC model from official LEGO City sets. Let's start with a few LEGO City 60182 set alternate remake models. 60182 Truck and trailer 60182 Hot Rod Duel 60182 Minivan and pickup 60182 Dragrace cars Thanks for watching!
  4. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Speed Champions 75877 alternate models

    I have been very pleasantly surprised that it's possible to build creative alternates from the Speed Champions line. I thought that the SC models are highly puspose build but obviously bricks are just bricks and it's always possible to have creative fun :) Here are some 75877 Mercedes AMG set alternates: 1. Drift car 2. pick up 3. SUV Thanks for watching!
  5. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] 60117 alternate mocs

    Hi, I've made several alternates using just the pieces from Lego city 60117 set. 1.Dump truck. Euro style dump truck with balanced color scheme. 2. Convertible. Some neat SNOT windscreen positioning and other stylish details. 3. SUV and trailer. Sleek looking SUV with a functional trailer. 4. Explorer VAN. Same like in the original design a VAN but this time it has higher clearance is more suitable for off road exploration 5. Cabrio. Dialing in some wild snot segments in the construction so that the lady has herself a cool and fast cabrio car. Thanks for watching!
  6. Hi, All! Here are alternate models I have made using the LEGO Creator 10252 VW Beetle set. No. 1 Buggy No. 2 Pick up Truck Thanks for watching!
  7. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Lego city 60121 alternate models

    Hi, All! Here are some alternate models I've made with pieces of lego city 60121 Vulcano explorer set. At first I thought that it's going to be really hard to make any alternate from this city set but after some playing with bricks I came up with several designs. 1. Off road racer 2. TT truck 3. SUV Thanks for watching!
  8. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] LEGO City sk8park moc

    This is my LEGO City skatepark moc. I happened to have a ton of inverted round arches so I decided that it would be great use for them in skatepark ramps. Luckily PAB walls some time ago used to have 2x2 tan tiles so I had another essential piece to fill the surface of this moc. The rest was just about building and finalising the moc. Here's the video of the moc Thanks for watching!
  9. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] MX transporter

    MX bike transporter vehicle moc. A dark green SUV towing trailer with MX bike. Thanks for watching!
  10. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] My display at BRICK 2016

    I had the honor to be amongst 80 selected afols to display at this year's BRICK 2016 event at NEC Birmingham. I was traveling to UK by airplane so I had to pack all my stuff in a single 20kg luggage. My display consisted of city/ speedchampions scale vehicles put on a road terrain decorated with palm trees and few modular buildings. Have fun watching the pictures :) Thanks for watching!
  11. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Ferrari ENZO

    8wide Ferrari ENZO moc Building tutorial video is at my Youtube channel ( link in profile bio) Thanks for watching!
  12. Peteris_Sprogis

    [moc] Creator 31046 SUV alternate

    SUV alternate made from Lego Creator #31036 set. Thanks for watching!
  13. Just finished creating my 10th alternate model from #31046 Fast car set. Let's look at all alternate models 1. Classic cabrio 2. buggy 3. muscle car 4. Truck 5. Dump truck 6. Tumbler 7. Tricycle 8. SUV 9. Offroader 10. Angry Shark car More pictures at my instagram and review&tutorial videos of some models at my Youtube channel. Thanks for watching !!!
  14. Hey, Eurobricks. #31046 seems to be very fun set and I've created a new alternate from it. This time it's a dump truck. in the building process had to come up with some clever brick connections to get the shape and size of model from the limited brick palette. Here are some pictures >> There is also an introduction & how to build video at my Youtube channel ( link in my profile ) Thanks for watching and #KEEPONBRCIKING !
  15. Hello, Everyone! Here's another alternate made from the Creator #31046 set- a muscle car. It has a few functional feature like motile front and rear hood, easy to take off cabin roof. Youtube review video >> Thanks for watching!
  16. Alternate moc made with pieces from Lego Creator 31046 set Review video >>> Thanks for watching!
  17. In the past weekend Latvian Lego users group hosted event. We had some great LEGO displays and many activity tables for children. Entrance was free of charge and there was a city festival going on in the town so we had great crowds coming during the whole day. Video from the event full house with LEGO fans LEGO city display with several areas: airport, construction ground, city center, beach, moving trains free build table Mindstorms workshop LEGO Technic Crawler track and VOLVO loading activity Build the tallest tower activity. lots of stress and lots of fun :) More pictures at Thanks for watching!
  18. Unicon 2016 went down on 6th & 7th in Riga, Latvia. Latlug joined in on this cosplay oriented event and brought a LEGO area with moc & set displays as well as some activity tables. Latlug has joined this event for the 2nd year in a row and it's a nice come-together opportunity for the AFOLs from Baltic countries. In case if You consider to spend Your vacation time in Latvia next summer then keep in mind there is such a great event in Riga at the beginning of August and every afol is welcomed to join in !!! Video from event: And more pictures are available at: Cheers! Peteris
  19. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] rally raid truck

    Hi Everyone! Just made a new #legocity moc- a rally raid truck. Here are some pics and how_to_build video of it >> and how to build TUTORIAL video >> Thanks for Watching!!!
  20. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] City Octan delivery VAN

    Octan delivery VAN with smooth body lines and good cargo capacity >> How to build video >> Thanks for watching!
  21. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] City electric car

    4wide nimble City electric car. Just mentioning some of the most interesting design features: at front got 1x2 brackets in SNOT and added 2 plates and overall filling nicely 4wide gap. For cabin have been using nice windsreen piece from some sort of Star Wars set, putting NexoKnights shields on side and getting beautiful edgy shapes there. Enough talk, some pictures >> and step by step video instruction how to make one >>
  22. Peteris_Sprogis


    Speed build tutorial on how to make one >>>
  23. I will let the pictures do the talking >>> + a video tutorial how to build one Yourself Thanks for watching! #keeponbricking !!!
  24. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] NCS Express

    NCS Express stands for NeoClassicSpace Express which describes the style I made this locomotive. Back in the days Lego used to make monorail and train sets with those large windscreens making them look like little spaceships on railway. That is where I got my inspiration for making this model. It has an all neon bright orange windscreen and cubical lines reminiscent of classic Lego style. From technical side it can be powered by the AA or AAA battery boxes, both fit within the body. alongside my other currently assembled train creations Thanks for watching!
  25. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] Solar Panel Driver

    Solar Panel Driver- an electrical concept car which can generate power through it's solar panels. Thanks for watching!