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  1. Great work as always @WhiteFang -- surprised that we didn't get this review earlier like the rest of your CMF reviews. Well, no need to answer that (wink wink) Looking forward to get my complete set tomorrow. I really like the Fox Costumed Girl and the Dog Sitter.
  2. I thought about that too... but let's see :)
  3. Interesting that the temp names include "low" ... hope it means that they are low priced sets.
  4. makoy

    [REVIEW] Four SDCC minifigures

    What's weird is seeing these minifigures outside the packaging. Like you mentioned, these minifigures cost ridiculous amount of money and none of them should be worth that much, but they are. Lucky that our friend loaned you these. As for the review itself -- you did a great job on comparing them with the regular minifigures. Frankly, I want to see LEGO release a variant of these SDCC widely to the public so that it won't alienate the rest of the people who actually want these minifigures.
  5. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75810 - The Upside Down

    I did a lot of research for the toy lines for season 3 and @Digger of Bricks is correct about the Funko Pop S3 toy line (I mentioned it in my review lol) It's true. There is until now. It was supposed to be a pre-order and I thought it was part of a bigger cosplay stuff going on... but I won't spoil anything here. The purple wizard scene is not even shown long enough. I felt it's really a throw-away reference but at least they have put a reference to Season 3. LEGO has broken those tropes lately and they don't seem to mind having exceptions. I think they have finally figured out a way to use the age recommendation (16+) to target the right audience without questioning "age-appropriate" materials
  6. makoy

    Stranger Things

    I binged this season yesterday but I have never re-watched it so I don't know if I like it better than the other seasons. Personally, I like the ending of this season particularly the last scene outside Byers' house.
  7. makoy

    Ninjago Polybag Contest Winners

    I'll get this tag: Thanks!
  8. makoy

    Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I will likely get the Wrecking Ball set because of the adorable Hammond and those sand green parts. Really neat little set.
  9. Well played TLG. Now I want that Rescue minifigure.
  10. I don't need the prize. If that makes it easier for you. I am just after the tag.
  11. makoy

    Ninjago Legacy Contest Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Really awesome to see the talents brewing here in forums. Cheers!
  12. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Glad to be abel to help you :) This is my favourite set from the new Harry Potter theme so far. That's why I bought it. Oh, is it? I think it's new for this wave. I am also not aware it's not yet available in US. If it wasn't transparent, the set would have not been called "Patronus" haha. Just wait for LEGO to repurpose this mould for something else. They will be crazy not to! Thanks. Build is not fantastic, but the parts and technique used are excellent. So-so. Surely, the minifigures are the centre of my attention as well as the stag when I bought it. Cheers! Thanks WhiteFang! Always welcome. As mentioned about, I wasn't aware this is not yet available in the US. July 1 is just around the corner! Coming soon.
  13. makoy

    [REVIEW] 75945 - Expecto Patronum

    Yes, that was introduced with the Harry Potter CMF series Yeah. I think the priority of the sets are bit messed up. How can you blame the designers? There are so many great sets to be referenced in the movies. Not that I am biased to the new Dementors. I can see the advantage of the old vs new ones. What I really like about the old ones are just the cape. Everything else, I like about the new ones more. I guess we can mix and match to get the best Dementors we prefer. I am also looking forward to more Patronus. Luna's bunny is easy as we already have a bunny mould. Ginny is also easy as there is a standard horse mould, too.
  14. your radar is so quick to pick these up... I am likely getting 70847 because of the 2 babies in that set.
  15. makoy

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    They chose the the waitress Rachel.... errrr... It's Joey's outfit in Season 4 episode 13 when Joey first uttered the pick-up line "Hey, how you doin'?"