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  1. makoy

    REVIEW | 10294 Titanic

    I've gone back and forth to compare the model from the photo of Titanic and I think it's a very good representation of this model at that scale. I won't be too critical on its accuracy and I dare not compare it to the tiniest detail. It looks good on display. This set won't fit my photo studio as well, as expected from the dimensions of this set. As mentioned on the review, playability is not its highest score but you'll be interested how kids will play this set -- if you will! Great review as well. Now my heart will go on.
  2. makoy

    [REVIEW] 10293 - Santa's Visit

    This set feels cozy. I like the interior more than the exterior. It's just a shame we get only half the house. As others pointed out, that 1-2 people logo where it indicates a mom/dad and a child can build together is a nice touch. Overall great review, and great set!
  3. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    True. I get where you're coming from. Besides, I can't even get the set locally. I'm not going to import this set, pay scalper or anything like that.
  4. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    Got confirmation that it won't be sold here locally... and I think this could be a regional thing. I am upset because as I have mentioned, the set should be seen as a toy first and foremost, but I think retailers here won't even dare carry the set. Don't @ me ... as I don't make the rules in retail. That's what I meant "it's difficult" as there are more complex things out of my immediate control. Subject like this is obviously a bit touchy to some people. Open discussions like this bring light to the topic. I am also for equality and all. Don't worry guys, I am working towards it :) LOL. I know this is oversimplification, but in the end it is likely what this set is going to be for me and my kids anyway. As I am not a monochrome collector as well, but this set will be a great parts donour.
  5. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40516 - Everyone is Awesome

    Regardless on how you see this set, let toys be toys. I won't comment about the messaging here. As a parent, it is also very hard to explain what this set is about because I am raised in a conservative culture and family. However, I appreciate this as a toy first and foremost, and I think that at face value one should critique it as a toy. Maybe it means more to other people and I respect that. Personally, I like the different colours and it is such a great way to start monochrome minifigure collection. Overall a great set with a very fair price tag.
  6. makoy

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    I'm glad for those people who really do enjoy this theme... You see, Singapore and Malaysia (and large majority of neighbouring countries here) don't even have this theme officially.... which is very odd. Now, we need to rely on grey market resellers and importers. TLG not sharing any information about it, and just forgetting about an entire market really annoys me. Not too excited about.... just because it's not available locally
  7. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40451 Tatooine Homestead

    Ooof! That's a mod anyone can easily do. Paints a different picture on this rather 'a day in life' vignette. This vignette is really a good way to learn uncommon slope techniques and for its size, it has assortment of parts that you can repurpose for MOC. If you can't get one now, later on you can easily get the instruction online and rebrick it, less the printed parts. Thanks for sharing. You're welcome. Glad that this review is useful and helped someone like you.
  8. makoy

    [LEGO Ideas] Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Congratulations @Itaria No Shintaku All the best for the selection period, whenever that may be.
  9. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40451 Tatooine Homestead

    It's because I thought I praised this cute Sandcrawler enough that people will look more into it... And glad that you noticed them from my photos. It means you're paying close attention. Thanks for sharing here, and welcome too! 🍻
  10. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40451 Tatooine Homestead

    :) you put it so eloquently... and I agree! One thing to note about the landspeeder is that you can't lift and play like that, as there is no connection between the two piece. On the otherhand, you can totally remove the Sandcrawler and swoosh it around. Ooops... not my watermark's fault. The tile got in the way. Thanks and bless you for getting a copy soon! The design has been pretty consistent since the one released in 2019. Indeed, a good micro scale diorama to collect and display.
  11. makoy

    [REVIEW] 40451 Tatooine Homestead

    For the small amount of parts used, I agree. You can build one now, from your collection of 1x1 round plates and make an army of Aunt Beru Hahaha.. I knew I am going to get something wrong somewhere.
  12. George Lucas founded Lucasfirms in 1971 and it had created one of the most beloved franchise in the history of entertainment and toys. Fast-forward, and it is the year 2021 -- the year Lucasfilms celebrates its 50th anniversary. So naturally, there has to be a 50th anniversary Star Wars products. This is a nice little gift that would come along with it... Thanks for TLG and Jim to making this review possible. Now let's jump into my 34th RA review, 40451 Tatooine Homestead. Overview Name: 40451 - Tatooine Homestead Theme: Star Wars / Promotional Year: 2021 (1H) Pieces: 234 pieces Minifigures: 0 Price: FREE Gift with Purchase (GWP) -- Qualifying purchase: $85 / €85 / £85 threshold for all Star Wars purchases The promotion would run from 1st May to 5th May 2021. Do check with your local shops for details. Introduction So right off the bat, this is not a set for sale. It is a gift with purchase which you can get from qualifying amount of Star Wars sets purchase as written in the overview section above. Its packaging looks about the same as the other vignette promotional sets released so far. Let's check the details. Front view Front side of the box pretty much over everything it has to show, including the sand of Tatooine, which is coarse and rough, and irritating ...and we all know how the line goes on as Anakin complains. This is the first time that we actually see Luke's childhood home in microscale. If you revisit what was released back in 1999, most of the Tatooine references are just vehicles. There's Landspeeder, Podracers, Desert Skiff, Droid Escape Pod, Watto's Junkyard and so on. There is nothing about Owen and Beru until the Sandcrawler came out in 2014 (actually 2005 as pointed in later in the comments) -- but only with special appearance of Owen Lars trading with the Jawas. Unfortunately, aunt Beru is still missing in action. Back view At the back of the box, we can see how the memorable scene is depicted as it is in the set, with stills from the movie as reference. Those round studs are representing the characters present in that scene. Let's see if you can figure out who is who later Side view Pretty standard side view with that single piece for 1:1 ratio picture. Perhaps that done is chosen to remind us that it represent the actual homestead in Tatooine. Now let's slowly see what's inside. I really like the way this opens like IDEAS set even if it is only a promotional set. Don't you wish all sets open this way? What's inside the box? We get 4 clear plastics bags without any number and an instruction booklet. Build I enjoyed arranging the parts this way... simply because I have nothing else better to do. Right? Right. Just want to appreciate the tan colour this way... there are really great parts included here. Slopes, slopes.... SLOPES! Putting them together.. So, when you build this set, it appears that you are building it sideways. Then, as I complete sections of the build, indeed, I am building sideways. You can see how the SNOT techniques are used to squeeze the centre piece in between the left and right side of the vignette. And as you put the sub-assemblies together, they fit nicely together. And so, it looks like this at the end -- So from this view, let me try discerning who is who. From left to right. The single piece brown studs are obviously the Jawas, so... white stud on top and dark tan bottom - Luke. two-layer gold studs - C-3PO (obviously) silver stud - R2-D2 tan top and dark brown bottom - Lars Then, at the centre of the build you'll see a medium azure stud on top of a dark orange stud. Guess who is it... That is aunt Beru! Aunt Beru appeared in this microbuild set... but only as 2 studs.... Next to them is the cute build of Sandcrawler which is very "playable" on its own because it sports 4 black roller skates as continuous track wheels. Apart from the skates, one of the notable part usage in this microscale is the use of white lipstick as one of the towering moisture vapourators. Also, not forgetting that this set includes a 2x4 black tile with "Star Wars 2021" printed on it. This side is the not so camera-friendly side of the build. Here is another angle to appreciate the smoothness of this build. Now for the extra pieces, this is what you are left with after completing the entire build... and it's pretty generous for the amount of small pieces here. Conclusion Pros: Very iconic scene preserved in a vignette display set. Tan parts! Printed 2x4 tile "Star Wars 2021" Cons: Generally not for sale, unless you get this "ala carte" somewhere else. Aunt Beru only appeared as 2 studs! So as I ponder on who this set is for, it is hard not to think who this set is NOT for. You see, this is the first scene where Luke, C-3PO and R2-D2 actually bumped into each other, and they stuck to each other for a really long time. Not only it is an iconic scene, it is also very nostalgic. So, for what it is -- every Star Wars fan should be able to appreciate this in one way or another. I can't think of anything negative for this set except the silly reasons I have written as "cons". But then again, we do not have Aunt Beru minifigure yet, so we may have to wait for quite sometime before we finally get a system scale Lars homestead with those "missing minifigures". For now, enjoy this microbuild. Review summary Playability: 5/10 - This little vignette isn't meant to be played but the Sandcrawler is so cute to play with! Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - Very satisfactory build for what it is supposed to be. Slopes are everywhere and it's tan so it's insta-like for me. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - If you get this as a gift with purchase, this is naturally a perfect 10. Overall: 7/10 - It is a cute small vignette that all Star Wars fans should be able to appreciate.
  13. makoy

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    Yes. I have the blue pug minifigure already. I will just need to take some photos and add it here.
  14. Just a thought... with the size of Tweety's head and the special mould used on his head, I am sure it would be cheaper to make a smaller mould to make his size proportional. You know, make it about baby minifigure proportion even without articulation. I think that would work. Personally, I don't mind the size difference but I understand why some people are upset about it ...
  15. makoy

    Random people keep following me?

    Hahaha! This is so funny, I was thinking the same thing, but obviously who are we kidding.... the bots?