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  1. Thanks @WhiteFang for another wonderful review. I love the generosity of the small accessories in these minifigures. The abundance of microphones are amusing which makes me wonder -- what they were thinking when deciding what accessory to put extra? Anyway, just want to share the puns and word-play in the names as well. Vest Friend Rex is alluding to Rex being a best friend and while Candy could be a very good rapper, it is also a funny pun about candy wrapper. Scarfield the cat lives up to its name as he/she has a scar print on the face and the name is likely a reference to Garfield which is one of the most famous cat in publication. Overall, this series is very interesting on accessories and the way TLG arranged the row to be 1 full collection. (TLG finally cracked the secret code that people want to buy a whole set of 20 in one go, after dozens of CMF releases!)
  2. makoy

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    A box of 80101 contains 3 sets. A box of 80102 contains 4 sets.
  3. makoy

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    I am surprised, there is no confirmation of stock in the Philippines. I bought one set for my friend and I already sent one to Italy. I don't think there will be more sets coming into Malaysia, where I am based now, because those people who had been in the waiting list that I know, are still in the waiting list. I will ask my friendly retailer to notify me in the interest of knowing if new stocks are coming. So far, no one called yet.
  4. makoy

    Review: 70841 Benny's Space Squad

    This is an opinion of an adult ahaha! Apart from this, I totally agree with your review. This is a must set for any AFOL and kids alike.
  5. I hope to get this set in discount or whenever there is a promotion in my local shop. My kids will go nuts with this remote controlled set.
  6. Glad that the shown storyline is entrusted over to someone the Hageman brothers had chosen. Looking forward to the full potential of the new seasons.
  7. The case with Banana Juice Bar guy is that we got no printing on the yellow banana costume and much more detail on the actual minifigure, which is really awesome. I don't think the same approach will apply to Penguin Girl because it doesn't have a removal costume except the headgear. As suggested earlier, it would have been better if the headgear has a slight variation to give Penguin Girl a girly look apart from the scarf. Spaceman and Intergalactic Girl looks like a couple, but Intergalactic Girl said to Spaceman, "I want space" and so I don't know their status now. Go think about it Fangy. I rarely find something that is instantly available in this side of the world and not available elsewhere. Personally, I think the flippers look great as it is. I rarely swap arms lately because I don't want to loosen up the torso arm holes. However, do mix and match them as you wish if that appeals to you more. Thanks, and I agree -- the skis look sassy!
  8. I was making fun of the scarf because Penguin Girl could have something added on the mask instead of the torso. Maybe longer eyelashes? I guess the girl face print served that purpose.
  9. Thank you. I don't know where else can you find it ... but as more stores get this over the holidays, I do hope that the price will come down if you are going to buy from secondary market place.
  10. Hohoho. Year-end holidays are coming. Everyone is busy with Christmas shopping and whatnot so this will be a very quick review of the recent free gift-with-purchase that I got. Without wasting time, here's my 18th RA review, set # 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut. Overview Name: 5005251 - Penguin Winter Hut Theme: Promotional Year: 2018 (December) Pieces: 6 pcs Minifigures: 1 Price: free with purchase Offers vary per country/region. I'll update this section as I get more information. Singapore: Free with purchase 80 SGD or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Malaysia: Free with purchase 249 MYR or more (Toys R Us exclusive) Note: TRU Asia, which operates TRU MY and TRU SG, is a completely different entity from TRU Canada and other spin-offs. Introduction The packaging for this small set is very similar to the Banana Juice Bar that was released earlier this year. It has a glossy paper sleeve that covers the pentagonal prism box shaped like a hut. Apart from the packaging material that is shaped like a hut and printed with a hut graphics around it, the set should be really called Penguin Girl because the content is really just the female version of Penguin Boy. You can't really play with the hut so I can't fathom what's the thought process on coming up with a misleading name. Will collectors display the set using the winter hut? I know I won't because it doesn't add any value to the minifigure. This is similar to buying a book and then displaying a blurb or its hardcover. You don't buy the minifigure so you can display the box. If anything, it encourages collectors to keep their toys inside the box, "MISB" - which I totally disagree with. Anyway, I digressed. All I am saying is that from here onwards, I'll call this set Penguin Girl. Front (sleeve removed) The front panel of the box has perforated line traced at the edge of the door. Once pushed, this serves as the door to open the package to get the minifigure out of the box. But before getting into the minifigure, let's explore what's printed on the packaging because there are some interesting items printed on it. Back view (sleeve removed) At the back, there are medium azure skis, trees and a bench in front of a fire bon and a warm coffee . Bottom Below, that's where we can find the 7-digit code for the set. Noticed that just like any ordinary box, the box has a flap that you can open if you don't want to use the 'front door'. You can find the other pictures such as the side panels in my Flickr album. Minifigures This is how it looks like when you unbox the minifigure without using the front perforated door. Inside, you get a pair of skis and Penguin Girl minifigure. If you read my previous review about the Vestas Wind Turbine, the entire set is a pitch about sustainability. Then here we are, looking at the same black plastic material used in previous advent calendars. It should have been the same white recycled paper material used in the newer advent calendars to be consistent with the aspirations for sustainability. Maybe TLG is reading this so please take note. Anyway, let's focus on the minifigures, shall we? Front view Penguin Girl is using the same black flippers used in Penguin Boy minifigure. The printing of the short black legs are also identical. The torso is based on similar white penguin belly but with the scarf printing on top. Perhaps in the penguin world, scarf sets apart the girls from the boys? 🤷 Back view The scarf printing continues at the back. It is simple but I have no complaints about it. Unfortunately, there is no side printing so we're not getting more printed parts apart from the back of the minifigure torso. Front view the penguin headgear removed I am not sure if the face print is new as it looks like an opened mouth version of this face. Sadly there is no dual face print in this minifigure. Skis Of course we need to talk a little bit about the skis as it is the only accessory that comes with Penguin Girl. It is magenta in colour & comes with white snowflakes print. It is not necessary to add the additional print on the skis but the designers decided to go for the extra mile add the lovely snowflake patterns. Conclusion I like couples in CMF. We've got Forestman & Forest Maiden, Caveman & Cave Woman, Weightlifter & Fitness Instructor, Disco Dude & Disco Diva, Lifeguard & Lifeguard (S12), Skier & Downhill Skier, Surfer & Surfer Girl, Tennis Player & Tennis Ace, Tribal Hunter & Tomahawk, Punk Rocker & Rocker Girl, Clockwork Robot & Lady Robot, Cowboy & Cowgirl, Computer Programmer & Librarian, Cyclops & Lady Cyclops, Grandpa & Grandma, Lederhosen Guy & Pretzel Girl, Spooky Girl & Spooky Boy, Spider Lady, LEGO Brick Suit Girl & LEGO Brick Suit Boy. I know there are more and if I miss, do let me know below what's your favourite pair or couple. As for the animal costumed CMF, there is Unicorn Girl and Unicorn Guy. Then now, there is Penguin Boy and Penguin Girl. Isn't that cute? So, having said that, here's the verdict. Drum roll please: Review summary Playability: 6/10 - Having only accessories limit the playability but this is definitely aimed at CMF collectors so the omission of any build is not an issue. Design / Building Experience: N/A - Not applicable / not scored. Minifigures: 8/10 - Makes the Penguin Boy happier now that he has a partner. It's also a good addition to animal costume collectors. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - You should get this free of charge but if you can't, the price should be quite fair for a limited release minifigure. Overall: 8/10 - Cute and satisfactory. Don't buy this for the winter hut, ok? Buy it for the Penguin Girl. Once again, thank you and enjoy the year-end holidays. Until next time!
  11. Maybe you would need a conversion cable if you replace a part of the Power Function to Powered Up version. I am not aware if there's any conversion cable yet. If you replace entirely of Powered Up version, then no issue. Well, it's possible but -- it will be so top heavy, you risk the tower to topple easier. I think it should be out in most regions now. Yes, space is definitely a big factor to consider. Right now my copy is in the highest place my kids can't reach. Not the best place, but it's in the safest place at the moment.
  12. makoy

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    With the existence of Overwatch and new LEGO Movie 2 sets. I think space and sci-fi is very alive even without the banner theme "Classic Space". I'm very excited for 2019. :)
  13. Everyone is awesome when you Michael Bay the sets. As for the parachute, I did this to my action figures and LEGO minifigures when I was a child... and I can't believe TLG took more than a decade to catch up.
  14. I will surely buy several of those Benny, Jenny, Kenny and Lenny.
  15. makoy

    EB Members Title Archive

    No, I think you forgot. Look at my user rank colour.