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  1. @bobasdad That's a good variety. Hope you get all these eventually. @Peppermint_M Thanks for adding your list! Surely you can get the smaller sets cheaper from your local resellers or Tesco. It's also good to know that you are distributing the sets to your love ones. Apparently, you can't do that with a single UCS set. It's fun reading through people's list and their thoughts behind it. @DeanLearner welcome to Eurobricks! Yes, I agree with you and you can also buy some minifigures with the remaining change. :) @Agent Kallus you also get lots of exclusive minifigures. All the Star Wars sets you listed are likely on discount/clearance already so in reality you will get these for less now. @jhuyser that's a good balance between playset and vehicles. @BlueberryWaffles more than half of those sets are licensed sets and yet you get more than 9500 pcs. Great choice. @mocbuild101 not bad at all. With almost 13 kg of Technic parts, and 2 of them are licensed, I'm really surprised how much you can get from Technic sets. @badgerboy you're one of the lucky souls who got it early! I am still not sure whether I will get it. If one can actually take a picture of an equivalent collection value to UCS MF side by side, that will be a great way to visually represent this topic. @rodiziorobs I know the feeling. Hunting deals is part of the fun for me as well. That list though, a combo of Ninjago and Elves is interesting how well they mix together. I have not bought any Elves set yet but will likely get one just the for parts. @x105Black playsets / location based sets are always interesting. @Knight of Ren 80 Gungan Patrols? Impressive. Most impressive!
  2. I get your point but I won't say it's losing any meaning. You just demonstrated that buying 25 Galaxy Explorers equates to around 8500 pieces. That's actually quite low piece count because some of the lists here sums up to more than 10k pieces. By using today's standards and if LEGO will reproduce the same set, do you think that old set will cost 3 times? I don't think so. What you see in the aftermarket is the perceived value of those people who are inflating the set, not the cost of the set. I agree that you can't ignore inflation if you're investing -- but this is not about investing so hear me out -- let's use the price per piece of that set which is 9.5c. If you take into consideration that the cost of production is cheaper today, I think that we can see a 'new' Galaxy Explorer close to RRP. Well, maybe I am dreaming -- but hey, there are Creator sets priced at $35 with over 350 pieces. Why can't a classic Galaxy Explorer worth $35 can't be a reality? Again, I put those conditions to ignore inflation so that it's easier to list down sets so you could just add up the value and that I don't have to explain myself... but too late, you already made me do it! That's a great way to start. So what will be on that list? :) @Orange Leader you're over budget. I think you can let go one of the smaller sets. That list is packed with vehicles. Is that from your actual wishlist? @samurai-turtle if you would buy the old army builders with 4 or 5 minifigures, that's lovely.
  3. I guess it counts since you can MOC what bought. What's more important is to equate that US $800 value to 8 ships.
  4. @MAB bummer... I don't like that I missed all the LOTR sets but if I can go back to that period, I might use your list for shopping. You can make a great diorama with those sets! I also know a guy who is going to like your list, right @kaelthas? @Hart New Bob you have a serious liking in that set to buy 8 copies. @ColletArrow You can buy multiple copies but you can only buy anything in LEGO's list of products with set numbers. So selling is not allowed. Just want to make it fun and simple to see what else can you buy for US $800.
  5. True. I really want to compare it to a collection of things that you can buy instead of getting 1 single set. So far, I am enjoying looking at other people's buy list. Oh, I didn't know that. S@H don't cater in Asia except Korea. I voiced this concern to one of the LCE managers who visited RLUGs in Asia recently and it seems that we are not getting S@H soon. It made me realise that building armies in CMFs is getting more expensive! If you'll buy the old series in the old price at $1.99, you'll get twice the quantity. I see what you did there! :P
  6. @BrickbyBrickTechnic yours is over 9000 Technic pieces and about 14.4 kg in weight. I didn't know Technic offers that much value... not to mention, 3 of what you listed are quite big. @xboxtravis7992 you have a little bit of everything there. I chuckled when you mention how expensive LEGO is. @Oniro nostalgia overload! 5 castle sets, THE Imperial Flagship, 2 vikings sets, 2 winter village sets and a Haunted house. If you can actually get the old sets in retail prices that's a lot of sets. @AFOLguy1970 you also get 45 minifigures all-in-all from those sets! @Vindicare that's an action/superhero-packed list. @dr_spock and @Gnac, while I mentioned you should buy sets from your dream list-- I think PAB & B&P is okay since you can get it from LEGO S@H. I average around 450 grams each big PAB cups, so if you're getting 40 -- that's about 18kg of parts, or even more!
  7. @Lyichir that's a great list. If a kid is going to play with those sets, I'm sure that will be hours and hours of fun. Looking forward to other people's lists.
  8. Yes. I did mention "any LEGO sets ever produced", so that includes old sets.
  9. Let's play a little game. You have been given US $800 to spend on any LEGO sets ever produced. Here's the condition: You cannot buy any version of UCS Millennium Falcon but you have to spend US $800 or it will be forfeited. What will you buy? You cannot go beyond USD 800. No discounts. The closer to 800 USD the better. Please use retail price as reference. Don't talk about inflation. I'm interested what people will buy in their dream list. Personally, I see myself buying these sets since I don't collect modulars and it's a great way to bootstrap a collection. Something like this: 10243: Parisian Restaurant - $159.99 10232: Palace Cinema - $149.99 10224: Town Hall - $199.99 10185: Green Grocer - $149.99 10182:Cafe Corner - $139.99 Total: US $799.95 Now, your turn!
  10. Thanks @J4ck well, for the lazy ones... the Brickset article mentioned he has 12 under his belt :)
  11. Can you provide the link? What's the consensus of counting the voice actors? Didn't Dee Bradley do all the voices of the clone troopers in Clone Wars? If it's just the voice, he can't be representing 6 or 7 minifigures only.
  12. Thanks! We're basically on the same page. If you own the set 70747 Boulder Blaster, you know what I am talking about it being similar to this set. The old launcher seems to be an odd choice also because it's a one-time missile that is out of character for Jay. I think he should be more like a gattling gun user.
  13. Jay is the ninja of lightning and he's one of my favourite characters in Ninjago. I really hope the movie will keep the spark of genius in his character. Without further delay, I present to you my 11th RA review, set # 70614 - Lightning Jet. Overview Name: 70614 - Lightning Jet Theme: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Year: 2017 (2H) Pieces: 876 Minifigures: 6 Price: USD 59.99 / EUR 59.99 / GBP 59.99 / SGD 119.99 / MYR 299.90 Resources: Brickset Official set description Introduction Out of the 6 ninjas in The LEGO NINJAGO Movie, there are only 2 of them who operates flying robots/vehicles. Of course, there's Lloyd and then Jay. In the TV series, Jay is the one with the flying contraption when Sensei Wu recruited him to join the ninja team as the new elemental master of lightning. He is also the first one who ever had a flying jet fighter as featured in set 9442 Jay's Storm Fighter. So, needless to say, I am very pleased that Jay has a flying jet in this movie. The front panel showcases the lightning abilities of Jay and his Lightning Jet fighter -- but none of these are real. The Lightning Jet cannot electrocute you. Not even the minifigures. If it could, then it will likely get banned for being a health hazard. Thankfully, it does not generate static electricity even if the front panel makes you believe it does. False *cough* advertising *cough*. No, this is just all make-belief. Also, while Jay is shown here zapping one of the bad guys, it also shows how bad his aiming abilities are. At point-blank range, he can't even hit Crusty who operates the cute and tiny crab mech. He might even hit Edna who is being held captive. Just look at the trajectory of that missile. Joking aside, the box art grabs your attention because this is probably the best angle of the Lightning Jet. With all those pointy things protruding from its wings - it looks weird and fun at the same time. The back panel shows several play features including the stud shooters of the small crab build, the missile trigger of the Lightning Jet, the spinning mechanism on top, as well as the option to move the wings to change the shape and form of the jet by turning or twisting the wings outwards. Frankly, it looks weird when you make it like an "H" or "A" shape. Therefore, for the whole review, I am sticking with the "V" form. The side panel shows the names of the listed minifigures that come in the set. Unboxing the contents Inside the box, we get 7 numbered bags, 1 plastic bag with the instruction manual and sticker sheet inside, as well 3 big loose pieces. Instruction manual and sticker sheet The instruction manual is quite big - about the size of A4 paper. Like what I have mentioned in my Ice Tank review, the instructions are likely printed this big to make it easier for kids to follow the instructions. Then, there is the dreaded sticker sheet that I need to apply because I am using this set on exhibits organised by my local LUG... otherwise, I really won't put the stickers on this set. Anyway, let's build! Build I like to start with the preview of the each numbered plastic bag so that you know upfront how each of them contributes to the build. Do take note, that there are 3 big loose parts that are not originally part of the bags but I included them in the picture as needed in the instructions for each bags. Bag #1 content There are several elements here in sand blue colour. It's always good to parts in that colour for variety. Bag #1 build This is the small crab mech without the stickers. It looks decent enough to be sold as a stand-alone build (e.g. polybag). Somehow, this reminds me of Mixels because the build itself evokes a playful and cheeky character. It comes with 6 articulated legs, articulated pincher claw, 6-studs shooter, as well as a yellow banner/flag that is connected to a ball joint piece. Bag #2 contents There are lots of good blue parts in this set and bag #2 will just whet your appetite. Bag #2 build This is how the frame looks like so far. Bag #3 contents The best thing about bag #3 is that we finally get Ed and Edna. More about them in the minifigure section. Bag #3 build The circular structure on top is referred to as "electro-disc" in the set description so I will use that term moving forward. I think the red round bricks are meant to be imaginary missile warheads. Otherwise, what those things would rather be? Confetti canisters? Bag #4 contents Hmmm... nothing much to comment on the parts. Just look at the build progress below. Bag #4 build For a moment I had to recheck if I was still building a LEGO system set because over 80% of bag #4 are Technic parts. Just take a moment to appreciate that funky frame above. It can stand on its own! The technic frame connects with the build from bag #3 to form a blue headless, wingless bird build below. That's really what I can imagine from the build so far. Bag #5 contents Bag #5 build Now it is starting to look more like an aircraft, less of a headless blue bird. Bag #6 contents We get 4 LBG space positioning rockets in this set. There are 4 blue tail shuttle as well, which is surprisingly not common. Bag #6 build After putting all the bricks from bag #6, the Lightning Jet gets a more threatening look with turbojet engine on each wing. Bag #7 contents There are 24 LBG antennae whip in this set. Isn't that a record for the most number of antennae in a playset? Bag #7 build Here is the final build of Lightning Jet without the stickers. It looks just fine without the stickers and if I could have it my way, I would not have applied them. There is almost 100% symmetry in this build but the right tip in front of the cockpit area is a bit longer. I suppose these are imaginary turret guns for short range targets. You can see from this picture that it takes a "V" shape and it's the most camera-friendly form. As the wings are held by ratcheted joints, you can also move the wings so that it could form an "H" shape or even an "A". You can scroll up and review the back panel of the box for reference if you missed it. It looks awesome when viewed from this angle but the picture does not give justice to the actual thing. I like the trans-light blue pieces for imaginary jet propulsion engine as well as the guard flaps around it. You can sense speed and agile when you the Lightning Jet at any angle. Parts Below are the parts that are either rare because they are new colour or new print. Let's go through one by one. 85861: Plate Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud - appeared in this set in trans-light blue. The other set where it appears in this colour is just the Ninjago Dragon Forge set 88517: Wheel 75 x 17 Motorcycle - Black - the only other set that has this part in black is the BMW motorbike. There are three blue wedge parts in this set that are surprisingly rare - to think that blue is a primary colour. These parts are design # 43713, 43712, and 64225 which appears in blue colour for first time. 41751: Opaque windscreen in blue - also its first time to appear in blue! 11477: Slope Curved 2 x 1 No Studs - again, first time to appear in sand blue! 44676: Flag 2 x 2 Trapezoid - first time to appear in yellow? 18654: Technic Pin Connector Round 1L is aslo rare. Of course, there goes the minifigure parts such as 93217: Minifig Hair with Top Knot Bun which appears in dark brown for the first time. The other exclusive components of Ed and Edna minifigures are the minifigure heads, torso and legs. Minifigures Of all The LEGO Ninjago Movie sets, this has the highest number of exclusive minifigures. You get Ed, Edna and Crusty -- and you cannot get these 3 minifigures elsewhere, at least in the first wave of TLNM sets. I love oldie minifigures so getting Ed and Edna is the icing on top of the cake, so to speak. They look quite similar to the TV version and I like that. Ed has the tools on his utility vest while Edna seems to be wearing a cross between yukata and restaurant uniform. Overall, the prints for these minifigures are excellent. Crusty (the one with the crab headgear) might be a reference to Krusty Krab -- the infamous and most popular restaurant in Bikini Bottom in the world of Sponge Bob. But that's just a theory... a makoy theory. Front view with head pieces, head gears and accessories Back view with head pieces, head gears and accessories Back view without head pieces, head gears and accessories Don't get confused with the minifigure images below as they are meant for comparison only. Comparing the movie version of Jay with some TV version minifigures You can check in my Flickr album the back view of these minifigures with hairpieces and headgears, front view of these minifigures without hairpieces and headgears, and back view of these minifigures without hairpieces and headgears. Messing around with different combinations of hair pieces and head gears The picture above is just a quick take on how the classic Jay head piece looks like with the new hair piece. I like that punk rocker look (3rd from left). If nautical nonsense be something you wish! Conclusion Let me revisit the bubble graph that I used in my previous Ice Tank review. Again, different regions have different pricing strategy so if you like to see the other charts and data you can click these links: GBP chart/data, EUR chart/data, MYR chart/data. For the USD chart below, you can check out the tabulated data also. The key take away from this chart that I want to emphasise is that this set has an outstanding value. Just look at the blue bubble hiding behind the lime green and dark orange bubble. It's one of the best value set you can get from TLNM theme. For its play features, the grip of the jet reminds me of set # 70747 Boulder Blaster. I'm very glad the designers added this grip so that you can easily swoosh the jet around. It's not as posable as the Green Ninja Mech Dragon but it's definitely more playable when you hold the grip. While I like the grip, it slightly disappoints because unlike the Boulder Blaster, you cannot trigger the missile of Lightning Jet easily. When you squeeze the trigger, it turns the "electro-disc". It looks cool after a few spin but once you've spun it around several times, the replay value quickly diminishes. I wish the trigger just fire the missile. The build also has a great mass and volume that when you put it next to the more expensive Ice Tank, you would think that this set ought to be more expensive because it looks bigger and wider. It is a great looking jet which strikes a resemblance to some superhero spacecraft named after a famous actress. It's hard to think of anything negative apart from fun factor that wears off easily. With all these positive things about the set, like the great value and excellent minifigure line-up, I will be shocked if it does not sell as much as the Fire Mech. The Ninja Games: Mockingjay Review summary Playability: 8.5/10 - It is very swooshable but I don't buy the spinning 'electro-disc' on top. I wish the trigger just fires the missile. It's great to have a small Crab build for the bad guys to balance the role-playing elements. Design / Building Experience: 8.5/10 - It's challenging not to get 'pricked' by those antennae but it's part of the design that makes it unique and likable. I do have a concern losing one of those pieces while playing. Minifigures: 10/10 - Greatest selection of minifigures at this price point. I love that we finally got Ed and Edna. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - Outstanding value that blows away both Fire Mech & Green Ninja Mech Dragon. There are also great selection of parts in new colour. Overall: 9/10 - If you like spaceships, then you're going to love Jay's Lightning Jet. The Crab build is also surprisingly great for such a small build. I highly recommended this set.
  14. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    This is a very subjective 'score' if you will. I think the first LEGO Movie will be hard to top... but I don't find TLBM that good so I will put more than a grain of salt on your comment.
  15. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    Yeah, like did you see he dabbed in one of the behind the bricks featurette. :D He's as normal as he can be -- like a few youtube-gen kids that I know. I'm not going to click the spoiler tag!! ... I clicked anyway.