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  1. Making Eurobricks More Active

    Too much lurkers... the silent majority of members who just visit or read. Too much speculation. Not enough attention. What I mean by that is -- with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram grabbing all the attention due to easy accessibility, EB is likely getting less participation because it is also less accessible. How to address this? Drawing attention (to re-direct the spotlight back to forums) and staying relevant in social media is one strategy. I value the community the most Outdated pinned topics EB is so far behind the Youtube game I'm okay that the EB team do not stretch themselves and focus on its strength instead. I can see any social media as channels to draw in more users back to forum. The forum should always be the primary source of information. The rest are secondary. As an ex-blogger, I know from experience it's really hard to balance social media to serve the needs of followers/supporters while ensuring the website still gets the primary attention. I know it's hard but it can be done.
  2. I can see the similarities. It's good to find people who can truly appreciate these uniformed officers. Happy shopping!
  3. Game on! Thank you for revising the voting system. Question on 'best of each series' -- can it be best 2 of each series? Otherwise, the shortlisted 'best of' will be quite short.
  4. what's a why-wing? never heard of it. it sounds dumb

    I like the chunky and compact look! Cheers!~
  5. There were several 2x2 LBG round tiles with Imperial logo... I also don't understand why the 1x1 round tile came out in white. Thanks a bunch! Removing the sideburns shouldn't be a tough job for Brasso if you're into that sort of thing; if you're not... pretend I didn't say this.
  6. Making Eurobricks More Active

    Just to add more info on my previous posts, I don't think I made it clear what it means about internal vs external motivations. So here they are: Internal motivations (intrinsic values) Belongingness Knowledge-Sharing Learning Acknowledgment External motivations (extrinsic rewards) Post counts Badges Leaderboards Prizes Points Money I felt a lot of belongingness from @Itaria No Shintaku's minifigure game because there were a lot of interaction and a lot of friendly banter among each other's vote. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but contests and games doesn't mean you need to win a prize e.g. LEGO set or a badge. Sometimes even the smallest recognition matters. With regards to encouraging more MOCs -- I know someone who quit building MOCs because he does not get the tiny bit of recognition he thinks he deserved. Yes, he posted several big collaboration MOCs in EB before but I won't mention his username. You may not think it is real and I didn't believe this thing happens to MOCers, until a friend of mine quit because of this very reason. It is really sad. I do feel there was an air of elitism in EB that's why it took me several years to actually participate. I was browsing as early as 2010-2011... and see what year I actually registered and became active? Too late. I don't know if it's just me but I feel like I interacted most with folks who joined around the same time as myself - mostly member IDs above 100k, like @Littleworlds. The only time I really had real interaction with the veterans is when I started posting my own reviews here. So imagine if you don't post reviews and you don't really know anyone. It is very challenging to break through and get heard.
  7. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Well, apart from female astronauts with ponytail, they could be used for more colourful variants of Galaxy Squad.
  8. Awwww.. that's quite bad. Worse than I imagined. Thanks for sharing, and hope this is not a widespread issue. Totally understand where you are coming from. I will always prefer the standard Stormtroopers as well. Somehow the animation group in Lucas Arts were able to extend the screentime of the other trooper variants like Death Troopers. I don't think they can pull the same strategy for the other troopers so I am also on the bench regarding collecting a bunch of them. That's why in my recommendation, I would look at the other battle pack first.
  9. The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Now you made me interested on that piece! Youuu!
  10. Thanks. I saw some folks using the legs of these Patrol Troopers to update the Scout Troopers. If you look at the Patrol Trooper that I used with the Panda Suit, you'll notice that the alignment is quite well. The other one, not so perfect, but I didn't complain this because I think it will differ from one batch to another. Anyway, thanks for pointing this out. :) Custom minifigures are produced in fewer quantities compared to official minifigures and they cost so much more than your average minifig. Because of this, I also expect so much more from 3rd parties and a tiny bit of "error" is a big deal breaker. The only 3rd-party printed minifigures I have were gifts so I really can't complain. Having said that, perception of quality differs from person to person. I have expressed several disappointments on official LEGO minifigures in my previous reviews so I do take minifigure quality seriously. The gap between the torso print and leg print is something that I am already used to. As for the misalignment -- personally, a fraction of millimeter of misalignment is not a deal breaker -- there are more annoying and serious problems that could happen in minifig production that bothers me. Anyway, thanks a lot for adding your opinion. Cheers!
  11. This is my version of WhiteFang's infamous "Glued Together" ... I'm going to get more of these brick suits when it goes on sale.

    1. LegoMonorailFan
    2. makoy


      :grin: trooper parents are the best.

  13. Smugmug acquires Flickr

    I immediately read the details on what it means for Flickr after it was purchased by Smugmug since I have too many photos hosted in Flickr. This articled confirmed that the pictures in Flickr will stay there in Flickr and that there will always be a free plan. They also put an FAQ about these concerns here:
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Cool. I wasn't expecting they will be available this soon. If I get them, I will likely get the Golden Dragon Master first too.
  15. I also can't wait to get more of these, but before that I would like to see how the movie first before I commit to buying more of these. Cheers!