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  1. I know there will be next season... but the season is over.
  2. I did not even notice that episode 94 is the final episode. Not sure what I was expecting to happen tbh... but when it ended, I said to myself... "What? That's it?!?"
  3. makoy

    [MOC] Puch / Fiat 500

    Impressive detail for such a small scale. I find the use of minifigure hand the most interesting.
  4. makoy

    WhiteFang's LEGO Studio

    Lovely display. You won't believe it but the way you display your minifigures and sets are very similar to mine. We both use steel and glass shelves. This setup is very prone to dust but I think it's not that hard to clean. The biggest advantage with this display, especially with glass, is that it's easy to find the minifigure I am looking for.
  5. LOL. Not intentional... but I wish it will get better. Few more episodes left!
  6. It's an okay season so far. Now it feels like Mad Max meets How to Train Your Dragon.
  7. Amazing review @WhiteFang I am glad that all the minifigures with animals are 'common' since I am only interested to get those. And if I buy only those with animals I also get 5 out of 6 wand colours. Of all the medium short legs, Luna and Cho's plain medium legs should be the most useful since they have no prints.
  8. I've watched the first episode and it has the vibe that a lot of chasing and hunting will happen. Well, the season is called Hunted after all. Anyway, season 8 and season 9 transition is seamless because it picks up immediately after season 8.
  9. makoy

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    I am very excited for this set.
  10. makoy

    21311 - LEGO Voltron

    Official announcement is out!
  11. This is amazing. I can feel the adventure! I miss Johnny Thunder too.
  12. makoy

    Final Fantasy XV - Leviathan Summon

    I like the dragon's sea serpent's nose job. LOL. If you add more splash that would make this MOC perfect.
  13. Technically there is -- but not from the post body. You can find the difference from the aside element with class cAuthorPane_info. Inside the post author info you parse the element with this image or a variation of it (silver/bronze/gold): By right, those with these badges are reviewers who are part of Reviewers Academy team. As for the integer problem, I cannot find the one that I saw yesterday and I was not able to capture a screenshot of the set. If I see something unusual on the score tally, I will inform you. One unfamiliar feature in the forum is the existence of RSS up until now. Each sub-theme has its own RSS feed. So in a way, you can trigger a workflow that will fetch the latest version of the topic if that helps. However, I checked the RSS feed structure and it's only the publish date that is available there. I know there are more higher priority items in your list but having the "report errors in this review" will be a great way to crowdsource the data error correction. Cheers!
  14. makoy

    REVIEW: 40308 Lester

    Because the first one didn't have one. :P
  15. Hi @linusbohman thank you providing the statistics. I have been discussing with @WhiteFang how good the statistics are. There are some quirks, and I'll get into that in a little while. I just want to congratulate you for the effort as it clearly show the love of your work. The presentation looks awesome. The progress circle / donut chart + the breakdown of each rating makes the aggregator site helpful for the average joe. I do think you can improve on the how the score from S&H and Amazon are represented because it seems to round up the value to the nearest integer. You seem to not distinguish the difference of RA reviews and like what was already pointed out, it would be great to distinguish the difference like how you segregated Brickset news review from Brickset user reviews. As part of Reviewers Academy, I really like how easily I can show all my completed reviews in the link below: Question: if we add a score to the unscored reviews retroactively, will it get updated as scored reviews too?