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  1. makoy

    VIDIYO - Universal Music 2021

    These are really great haul. Also, I found the transparent main case piece (65128) from your IG account. I have been looking for more information about. Great work for reporting these!
  2. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    In my region, these BAM does not come pre-packed. However, here's my findings. Looking at these 2 photos... one from Italy, and the other one from Australia, there's a good chance the the blue head is indeed the appropriate head for the bear suit guy, along with the umbrella accessory.
  3. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    As one friend told me, it didn't matter because it is covered. However, some shops would package the BAM minifigures as intended. We just have to see trust that it is meant to be pre-pack that way. On the other hand, the intent of those BAM station is to mix and match the parts anyway, so one could argue easily it could be any head combined with any torso and so on.
  4. makoy

    [REVIEW] #75298 AT-AT vs Tauntaun

    I really want the Taun-taun mould, not a brick-built Taun-taun, as I am not entirely sold on these brick-built Star Wars animals/creatures. The previous one with the Bantha looks horrendous, but I guess this one is better. IMHO, find the AT-AT cuter also. Sadly, as others had mentioned, the repeated minifigures is unfortunate but I can see that it is also a great way to build some army of these guys using this small set.
  5. makoy

    MOC: Gotham City Museum Heist

    This is mesmerising to look at... hypnotising.... You did amazing on the lighting and the excessive but excellent use of transparent parts.
  6. This is huge. The minifigure is so small next to it. I also like the colour scheme. Great job on getting that shape. I guess at this scale, imagination is only the limit.
  7. I really thought it's a portable building, more than a hovercraft... but great efforts into making an alternate build. I have this set but I haven't opened it. Always fun to mess with some of the smaller NINJAGO sets
  8. makoy

    [Review] 75302 Imperial Shuttle

    My group of AFOL friends were joking around that with the big UCS budget allocated for us adults, the family budget for kids toys are greatly reduced, and so it makes sense for these kids toys to be reduced not only in parts count, but also price, so that us parents could still afford them... even as an afterthought.
  9. makoy

    Medieval street

    Amazing work. The cobblestone works and the colour scheme is just wicked.
  10. I think that we should move pass our differences and move on. On one hand, my direct reply below yours @Toastie does not mean my reply is directed at you. EB is a "flat" forum, so all replies goes to the main topic (first post), unless there are quotes or tags. Both yours and @koalayummies points are valid, from different points of view and I don't see anything wrong from either side, really. From what I can tell, regardless of where you're coming from, whether you are macho man or someone very delicate, there are merits to reporting to TLG for further investigation. Let's keep it on topic. Thanks :)
  11. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I can't see clearly the one in the middle. What I can confirm is that the black torso with red guitar is not exclusive. It's part # 973pb3542c01 On the other hand, I have the pink afro piece as well but I forgot to include it in the exclusive index... I think it is exclusive because there are no minifigures that has that piece, and it is easy to confuse that with the minidoll afro with hole (used on Melody from TLM2)
  12. It is loading for me. As for the actual photo, I can't even fathom how the wire got there in the first place. This is must be rare occasion, but the fact that it is there, is something the TLG should know more about.
  13. makoy

    BAM Exclusive Parts Index

    I have updated the index with the latest until the pink holiday elf. I am sure I am missing a few parts so feel free to call it out. Also introduced a section where I demote some parts as 'used to be' exclusives as they are now found in other official LEGO sets.
  14. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Please do. I am sure many people here will appreciate that. The BAM stocks are either hit or miss in other shops. The ones meant for Christmas in my region just came in towards the end of January 2021. The BAM index is also overdue for an update, and since I found out BL is catching up on updating the BL part no, I updated the parts no for those that I already listed in BAM exclusives. I got most exclusives in 2020 so I will update the index soon.
  15. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    There are no part numbers officially published unless you stumble upon them in B&P. This is true for anything without an instruction booklet, which makes these BAM exclusives incredibly difficult to confirm whether they are exclusive or not. It is kind of a discovery process. Use the keyword "BAM" and you'll find most of them