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  1. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    Thanks a lot! I still have ideas for improving my old buildings and constructing new ones. I will definitely post it here :)
  2. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    intersection of the street and the avenue. on the avenue there are 4 lanes for traffic and one for parking the same, but with a bump stop in the middle dividing strip with bushes tram / metro on the upper level
  3. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    thanks for the comments! When I made new streets for my micro city, I thought about making them wider and accommodate two lanes in each direction. at that moment I was stopped by the fact that there was little room for a building on the 32x32 pin square. I will definitely try to design wider roads, but most likely this will require increasing the size of the base. There is another option, as I did in the first versions of my city: leave these streets as they are, and for greater resemblance to the real city, add wide central avenues (possibly with trees or tram tracks in the middle).
  4. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    thanks a lot! very pleased to hear
  5. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

  6. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    Thank you :) Thank you :)
  7. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    yes :)
  8. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  9. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

    cool! like real
  10. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    a new base for my microtown. the size of the base increased from 16x16 to 32x32. this makes the building look more realistic when scaled with cars. plus the best crosswalks :)
  11. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  12. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    Something like this :)
  13. dimka_ya

    bridge & waterfront for the city

    Awesome! Very interesting idea!
  14. dimka_ya

    [MOC] KMP's Vehicle MOCS

    Fabulous! Your work is impressive and inspiring.