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  1. dimka_ya

    My car collection

    Hello. The third machine from my shelf is no longer an “expansion” or a “modification”, but a completely independent design :) I wanted to build a big muscle car, something like the early Chevrolet Camaro. I wasn’t trying to achieve an exact resemblance, just something in style :) Single-seat salon + a big balloon with some kind of garbage to drive quickly :) The model turned out to be very small, but very nice (in my opinion :)
  2. dimka_ya

    My car collection

    I will duplicate Citroen in this post and then there will be the next model.
  3. dimka_ya

    My car collection

    Thank you! With the studs on the hood, I can’t say that there were other options :) The only closer solution is the new 3387 parts from the 2024 Mustang, but they are in dark blue and their use would ruin the already not ideal color scheme of the car :)
  4. dimka_ya

    My car collection

    Hello! I’m starting a new topic where I’ll post cars in the SpeedChampion series sizes, including those from this series :) A few years ago I started buying Lego for my child, then I started buying Lego for myself))) ...and among the sets there were wonderful cars - different cool ones, 6stud wide. Then there were several 8wide models and now... This year I decided to organize the “collection” a little, allocated a separate shelf for it and will try to talk a little about the cars :) I've already shown my modified Citroen from the IndianaJones set (I'll have to add a couple of photos to this post), but today we're talking about a different model. I had a Bugatti 75878 :) Over time it was disassembled into parts. Beautiful - isn't it? :) Since it is better to have all cars in the same scale, the Chiron was restored in sizes 8stud. The side brand line was taken almost as in the source code, because I haven’t come up with anything that looks better, and I haven’t seen anything among MOC's. But the front and rear parts have been changed. I didn’t bother much about the back anymore. The main goal was optics, at first I assembled it in full width, but still cut it down to make it more like the original :) With my nose I had to go through several options and settled on this one. This is probably the best part I have :) I still have the part with the radiator grille sticker from the kit, but it is already quite shabby and will look sloppy :) It might be better to use another part of the windsscreen, but this one has side windows that are close to vertical, so it will be like that. We managed to fit a 16-cylinder engine into the base (there is a small camber angle in each half). In general, the result is in front of you :) Thank you all for your attention! Write what you think in the comments :)
  5. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    During the time that I was away, a few pictures accumulated on Eurobricks :)
  6. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    Today I will show you the Range Rover :) And a more off-road version of it :)
  7. dimka_ya

    [MOC/MOD] Mercedes W14 F1 & McLaren Solus GT Mod

    Interesting modifications! Thanks for the instructions!
  8. dimka_ya

    Hoovie's Garage Ferrari F355 Spider

    Cool and stylish model!
  9. Hello :) I bought myself a set 77012, this one with an airplane and a car. In general, the airplane is not bad, but we’re not talking about it now :) The car is really cool. Initially, I thought that it would be smaller and would have to be “sawing” and made wider to replenish the speedchampions collection, but, as it turned out, it itself is 8 cm wide :) As you probably already guessed, I couldn’t resist and instead of expanding the track I decided to subject it to other modifications :) I started with nicer (exclusively in my opinion) wheels, these were from the factory At the same time, instead of a dummy spare tire, I attached a spare tire - this way they will be a little calmer :) Of course, it was possible to attach a full-size one, but it stuck out too much. Next on the list is the roof, although in the desert there is not much precipitation, but in our turbulent times, everything can be expected :) I decided not to touch the locker and the space for the suitcase, because the second row wouldn’t fit there anyway, so let it be. Well, besides some insignificant little things, the finishing touch was a powerful air intake sticking out of the hood (to suck in more dust at full speed) - simply because there are such parts and I want to attach them somewhere :) And also a mirror, otherwise looking over your shoulder is not so productive) I still have thoughts about replacing the wheels (at least the front ones) with ones like those in the “digital” versions below... With modifications to this sample of the French automobile industry that passed through the hands of Lego designers (and this, by the way, was Citroen 11), the ideas have run out for now, but this is not the end :) ... I switched to my favorite studio and started recklessly damaging the car) The "factory model" is taken as a basis. Here the “spacer” has already found its place and the machine began to accommodate a little more figures (albeit without the proper comfort), but at least with easier access to the interior)) There are already two mirrors here, but the chest had to be thrown away) I don’t know where people stuffed the spare tire, but I want to believe that it’s there) Well, further along the beaten path If you seal all the cracks in the body, then the food will not spoil) Probably we still need to make such a mini-truck with an open platform, but later. For now I think these will be enough. Thank you all for your attention :) All the best and lots of details for creativity!
  10. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 76920 Mazda RX-7 FC

    It turned out beautifully!
  11. dimka_ya

    MOC] 76920 Mazda Miata NA

    Cool :)
  12. dimka_ya

    MOC] 76908 Mclaren P1

    Simple but tasteful :)
  13. dimka_ya

    [MOC] The Messenger

    Cool model!