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    cars from LEGO (MOC)
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    last bought 42106 for son

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  1. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Fordson E1A Major tractor

    nice tractor :)
  2. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Volkswagen Beetle - Baja

    i like it !!
  3. dimka_ya

    The lack of LEGO Supervans is outrageous

    cool :)
  4. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

  5. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  6. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 5pin trucks

    My new project for Lego Ideas :) https://ideas.lego.com/projects/47762e24-8115-4f67-88ce-a8fe31f0e36f
  7. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

  8. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  9. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    Thank you :)
  10. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Scenes

  11. dimka_ya

    [MOC] Micro city

    yes, sure :)
  12. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  13. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

  14. dimka_ya

    [MOC] 8pin cars

    Thank you! Thank you!