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  1. jelletv

    Happy Christmas everyone

    Merry christmas to you. Thank you Willejm.
  2. I want to wish everyone in the LEGO community a happy and healthy Christmas. I hope there might be a rattling present under the Christmas tree :) In my case there is a Pick a Brick package and a book called the secret life of the LEGO brick under the tree. I am very curious about under your Christmas tree?
  3. This is a fun and interesting competition, I'm very curious to see what great ideas come up.
  4. jelletv

    The home of Ole kirk MOC

    hello LEGO fans around the world today 10th August 2022 lego celebrates their 90th anniversary and to celebrate I made a LEGO ideas MOC called THE BEGINNING OF THE LEGO HISTORY (90TH ANNIVERSARY Based on Ole kirk's house the place where the LEGO Group began their journeyIf you would like to see this one day become a real LEGO set and reach 10,000 support, please share and support it than at lego ideas:) also wish every LEGO fan and AFOL a happy 90 years of play and let's hope for many more great years to come. In the middle of the roof is a handle where you can easily lift the roof and view the details underneath. The office is the place where Ole Kirk came up with his ideas. In the office there are construction drawings of the house and of the wooden toys like the duck and a bus. The room contains several details such as an old-fashioned phone on the wall and a typewriter on the desk and many more small details to discover. the living room is the please where Ole Kirk can quietly drink a cup of tea while his grandson Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen builds a LEGO rocket with the new prototype parts in the year 1958. There is also a seating area in the living room. the store was the place where Ole Kirk sold his wooden toys like a number of iconic like the fire truck a blue car - truck - locomotive - plane and the wooden duck naturally. I also added an easter egg that refers to the Wooden Minifigure from 2019.
  5. Hello LEGO fans! I have designed a project called THE BEGINNING OF THE LEGO HISTORY (90TH ANNIVERSARY) , a detailed model inspired by the home of Ole kirk the place where the LEGO Group began their journey 90 years ago. If you would like to see this one day become a real LEGO set and reach 10,000 support, please share and support it at lego ideas:) If you know of any improvements for my MOC please let me know. As you remove the roof you'll discover a filled interior underned i have included several rooms with a lot of details to discover like the office, a shop and a living room I've also made a minifigure stand for Ole Kirk and his son and grandson. There is also a small pick up truck to discover.
  6. jelletv

    Greetings from a Dutch Lego car enthusiast!

    Hello Pieter Welcome to eurobricks. I think you have a lot of beautiful Lego cars I think they are very nice streamlined.
  7. jelletv

    Micro Assembly Square 10255

    I am very glad that you like my MOC and that you like the details.
  8. This is Assembly Square 10255 but slightly reduced to the scale of micro figur. Micro Assembly Square is my newest MOC but my first micro scale construction. I added as much detail as I could into the build. I think this is the most cheerful set of all high street sets. Nice shops with many play options. Not only did I make the building in micro format, but I also reduced the interior and street details to micro format so that you can really play with it again on a small scala.
  9. About 90 years ago, in a small town called Billund, an experienced carpenter named Ole Kirk started working with his little LEGO friends in his workshop making wooden toys together including the famous wooden duck. in the model I have depicted several well-known highlights from the past 90 years of LEGO history. can you find them all. The moc is based on the workshop of Ole kirk Christiansen the founder of LEGO if you want to see even more go to LEGO ideas
  10. jelletv

    [MOC] Corner Bakery

    It's a really great creator expert building I love the parts use in it. A question do all parts exist in real life so that I can probably put it in the modulation street.
  11. jelletv

    [MOD] TIE-Vidiyo

    I like the way you made the engine at the back of the ship a good color choice.
  12. jelletv

    [MOC] Ferrari F40

    I think it's fantastic how you have translated ferrari f40 to an 8 wide LEGO model. You have found an excellent part for car mirrors in my opinion :)
  13. This project I came up with is based on the house of Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the founder of the LEGO group that celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. I made several rooms in the house. The workroom contains various details such as his typewriter and various blueprints.  Ole Kirk Christiansen's living room. Ole's woodworking shop. Several well-known wooden toy models. If you want you can support this project
  14. jelletv


    I made a minifigure stand for the LEGO project. On the stand are 3 mini figures including from left to right the founder of LEGO, the son of Ole Kirk and his grandson I also created a decorated element for the 90th anniversary of LEGO that features the wooden duck and the three logo highlights from the past 90 years. On the back of the stand I have depicted three highlights from LEGO history The first LEGO system brick (1958) The LEGO Police Officer Minifigure (1978) The Technic Gear (1977) If you like it you can support it on LEGO ideas
  15. jelletv


    Soon there will be an update on my lego ideas project can you guess what it is?