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  1. lego_guyon02

    Wizarding World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Fairly decent wave, though I am continuing to question how long they want to drag this theme out. I disliked just about everything about the 2021-2023 Hogwarts system so a new system closer to the 2018-2020 one could provide a breath of fresh air but I'm not sold on it yet. The boathouse looks pretty good for what it is but the Owlery looks very <insert that tiresome argument>, unappealing and inaccurate. We'll have to see what this new system brings to the table, jury is still out. Hagrid's Hut feels like a set from the golden days of this reboot (2018-2020), it's really great. I love the new Hagrid variant, Norbert(a) and Fang though I would've much preferred Fang to be dark brown. Price is a bit rough but nothing waiting a few months won't solve. LOVE the idea of portrait prints (Sir Cadogan and Phineas Nigellus Black please!!) but I'm a bit bummed out by their randomized nature. It made sense for the CFC but I don't see why these portraits couldn't just be included in specific sets, much like each Infinity War set in 2018 came with a specific Infinity Stone.
  2. lego_guyon02

    Wizarding World 2023 - Rumors & Discussion

    Gringotts looks pretty good and I'm impressed/surprised they actually managed to put it on a baseplate, though I can't help but also feel a little underwhelmed after 3 years of hype. The model makes a very striking first impression but as a hardcore fan the longer you look at it the more you start noticing a lot of small flaws that are just hard to ignore once you've seen them. It also feels weird to me to sacrifice screen-accuracy to include parts of the Universal park, the hybrid-Menagerie looks a bit wonky and the wall/lockerroom feels incredibly out of place. The underground section looks fairly good for what it is but I can't help but see it as a tacked on addition to a ~$250 Gringotts because they know the fans will buy it anyway. I personally would've much rather seen a separate underground set with the Ironbelly, which despite having some serious flaws still looks incredible. With Avengers Tower on the horizon and Rivendell still on my wanted list I'm not 100% sure if I'll pick it up yet but if I can I'm definitely getting it and going crazy modifying it
  3. lego_guyon02

    Licensed Lego Ideas - Support & Discussion

    My Ideas project based on the amazing Netflix show 'The Dragon Prince' just went live! I would love your support so please go check it out!
  4. lego_guyon02

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Haven't been on the forum in a while, here are my thoughts on the new sets: Thestral Carriage I love the Thestrals, both of them look fantastic. The figures and build, while pretty good, don't do much for me. I want to get 2 sets of these Thestrals but I'm undecided on wether I'll just buy the set twice or wait for them to hit BL and buy the 4 of them separately. 7/10 Sirius' Escape This is without a doubt the worst Hogwarts section they've made since they rebooted the theme, the gaps in the walls and the exposed backs of the panels and arches look really bad. The figures are pretty bland and uninteresting to me, though I do like Sirius' new head. The white recolor for Buckbeak doesn't really work for him but that's totally fine with me as Hagrid had a whole herd of Hippogriffs in the books, I want to get 2 copies of this new Buckbeak to put alongside the 2019 version (which I'll keep using as Buckbeak). 2/10 Dumbledore's Office This is probably one of the better looking sections of the new Hogwarts system but I still dislike it, it doesn't look or feel like Hogwarts to me. The figures are a bit of a mixed bag, Pince looks amazing and Filch looks good but I don't like how they reused the underwhelming Moments Snape figure and I'm getting tired of Dumbledore variants. Ms Norris should've gotten a new mold but I think she looks decent enough, also have to say I absolutely adore the little baby Fawkes. I'll get Pince, Filch, Ms Norris and baby Fawkes from BL. 5/10 Ministry of Magic I still think the Ministry, the Atrium in particular, should've been saved for a $200-250 D2C but for what's presented here at the pricepoint I think the build is good. I don't really have much to say about the minifigures other than that this is an absolute treasuretrove and without a doubt the best Potter set we've ever gotten minifigure-wise! 9/10 Hungarian Horntail This set was never going to satisfy me as it's based on the terrible movie design but I guess it's a decent representation of that version. The Harry figure doesn't do much for me as it's just a slightly better version of the 2019 figure but I do love the new broom piece. 6/10 Shrieking Shack I'm very mixed on this set. The Shrieking Shack itself looks absolutely amazing but the Whomping Willow feels ridiculously tacked on and wasn't at all necessary. I get why they wanted to include the WW but it feels useless considering this new version is only slightly better than the 2018 version, which was already subpar. The minifigures are also a mixed bag, I love the new (human) Lupin and Padfoot but the rest of them either don't do anything for me or just feel like huge downgrades on past figures. They also dropped the ball on Werewolf Lupin. I want to get the set eventually for the Shack, (human) Lupin and Padfoot but definitely won't do so until the set is on sale. 7/10 12 Grimmauld Place Definitely one of the best looking builds we've gotten in this theme and I love that this set comes with 3 of the figures I wanted to get most (OotP Sirius, OotP Tonks and Kreacher). Some of the figures are a bit bland though and I feel like the interior might be a little too colorful, that's easy to change though! 9/10 Hogwarts Express Don't really have much to say about this set. I never cared for trains and while I do want to add the HE to my collection someday a $470 version is an easy skip, this should've been $250 at best. It's also safe to say a huge chunk of the budget will be taken up by the inclusion of motorisation, which is really annoying as it's really expensive and plenty of people don't care for it. Overall this year definitely feels like a much needed improvement on last year, which was just depressing really, but the Hogwarts sets are still crap. The LEGO Harry Potter team has been making some questionable decisions lately so I can only hope they'll be able to keep these improvements up and prevent a shocking drop in quality like last year from happening again.
  5. lego_guyon02

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Haven't been on here in a while, I don't really feel the need to adress every set individually so here are just some general thoughts: - The builds are overall much better than what we're used to, they feel more realistic and are therefore more useful. - The dinosaurs all look great. Really the only complaints I have are that Blue, though she looks great, should've used the smaller mold and the Dilo should've gotten an updated print. - LEGO dropped the ball hard on a lot of the minifigures, Soyona is literally the only figure with a fitting hairpiece. The grey shirt Owen getting reused so much also really annoys me. - The Jurassic Park set is worth getting for the display and cars but the brickbuilt Rex looks terrible and the figures are sadly a downgrade on their 2018 counterparts. Overall very satisfied with the wave so I've already preordered most of the sets. I'm waiting on a sale for the JP, Trike and Rex sets and the 4+ Rex set is definitely a pass, though I'm getting the figures.
  6. lego_guyon02

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    Redesigned Frank to look more natural and be more accurate:
  7. lego_guyon02

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    The €12 treshold is only to bypass the €6 euro service fee, shipping has been changed to €5,95 on orders below €55.
  8. lego_guyon02

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Looks like B&P will now be using S@H's shipping costs with 5,95 euro for every order under 55 euro. Not amused, looks like I'm gonna have to wait with B&P orders every time to pass that free shipping treshold As for the new filter and sorting features, they are nice on paper but an absolute mess to navigate (why the hell are minifigure neck-attachments in the "machine arms" category?!). Safe to say LEGO changed something for the better screwed it all up again.
  9. lego_guyon02

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    5x? The official Marvel Legends 1:1 scale Mjolnir replica, with built-in lights/sound and voice recognition, is merely 10 euro more expensive than LEGO's grey block on a stick.
  10. lego_guyon02

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yikes, that's bad. The hammer is completely lacking of all of the finer details Mjolnir has, the strap is way too small, the rockwork looks unnatural and feels like an afterthought, the Fake Gauntlet uses the wrong mold and the Thor figure reuses a head that doesn't fit this version at all. The only good thing about this set is the new Thor 2011 torso, making this grey block on a stick a very hard and easy pass.
  11. lego_guyon02

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's a new piece made for this set.
  12. lego_guyon02

    Marvel Superheroes 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    More Shang-Chi sets are unlikely to happen anytime soon. The only real possibilities would be if the sequel is shrouded in as much mystery as No Way Home or if Disney decides to do a marketing push for whatever name the Phase 4/5 Saga will get, though that may be years from now.
  13. lego_guyon02

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I thought B&P didn't count towards GWP tresholds? At least not until they've merged B&P and PAB.
  14. lego_guyon02

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Direct quote from the article: "it is expected to lead into more traditional film adverts during the NFLs ‘Big Game’ on February 13th." So nothing is confirmed, this is just a matter of people reading what they want to read instead of what the text actually says and probably some influence from that moronic idiot Brycen Roberts.
  15. lego_guyon02

    Jurassic World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    The Olympics spots, 4 of them, were officially announced by NBC/Universal and one has already been released. The Superbowl trailer is still nothing more than speculation.