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Found 15 results

  1. Welcome to the East Terran Trading Company also known as the ETTC! ETTC Charter East Terran Trading Company Ltd. Shareholders’ Charter, 1st Edition This charter details the partnership terms agreed upon by all shareholders in this company. These terms may be revised at a later date, when required, with the consent of all shareholders. I. Paid-up Capital Starting capital for the ETTC account: 100 DB x shareholders. Should the ETTC account require additional capital in times of emergency, all shareholders shall be required to contribute funds in equal portions. Any shareholder who is unable to meet the full commitment or part thereof may be covered for by another shareholder, whereby his monthly dividend shall be paid to the supporting shareholder, until a point when the commitment repaid in full. II. Executive Appointments a) Chairman of the Board As head of the company the chairman shall direct the investment strategy of the company. He shall represent the ETTC as the face of the company in all transactions and is authorised to transfer funds for any collective purchase. He is appointed by the general assembly. Currently, Don Isaac Montoya is chairman of the ETTC. b) Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the company in the form of a monthly balance sheet and paying of dividends to the shareholders. The balance sheet shall be made available, on demand, to any shareholders. Appointed by the chairman, the current treasurer is Ibn al'Sayeed. III. Dividend Policy Dividends will be paid out after a decision to that effect has been made by the general assembly. IV. Compensation for contractors (builders) Contractors will be compensated based on customary practices negotiated on a case to case basis. For Royal properties, 1.000 DBs are distributed amongst the contractors based on the size of their contribution. V. Future shareholders This being an economic, non-political alliance, all upstanding members of Corrington with the necessary funds shall be permitted to buy a share in ETTC. The price of the share will be calculated so that the ownership shares are equally distributed after the transaction. (I.e a price equal to the book value of current shares) At any given time, the general assembly can decide to levy a premium to this value. VI. Liquidation of shares At any time, a member may choose to sell his share back to the company for its book value, pending the approval of the general assembly and the availability of liquid funds. Shares may only be sold back to the company, not to other members, so as to preserve balance. VII. Voting Rights In matters that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement, a member may motion for a popular vote. All shareholders shall be entitled to 1 vote. A shareholder may choose to abstain. In the event of a tie, the chairman's vote shall count for 1.1 votes. VII. Loyalty to Crown and Company All shareholders are obliged to act in the interests of both the Crown and Company, before all personal interests. Any shareholder found guilty of treason or espionage shall be expelled without compensation. For lesser offences, a fine may be imposed. ETTC Investors: The Crown of Corrington Sir Micah of Wolfhaven ( @SilentWolf) Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock ( @Ayrlego) Governor Aiden Coyle ( @Mike S) Lenny Merryweather ( @CelesAurivern) Puvel ( @Puvel) Major Bertram Rickard Wolf ( @Brickwolf) Don Isaac Montoya ( @Bregir) Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford ( @LM71Blackbird ) Lord Fredrick Spud (@Spud The Viking) Major Sir Jonathan Brickleton (@evancelt) Major Edward Scarver (@Justsomebrix) William Parker (@boeing_787_8_dreamliner) Peter Nash (architect) @Bricksbypidy Julius Palmer II @DeathCap Retired Members: ETTC Monopolies and Bonuses: ETTC properties licensed on the Island of Terraversa receive a 10% bonus yield (as a result of Era II ChIV Cat E). ETTC Properties: The ETTC owns a range of properties across the new world for commercial purposes and a large portion of ETTC income is generated from these assets. A full list of ETTC properties can be found below Cocoa Mills, part of the ETTC Royal Cocoa Factory located in King's Harbour by @Bregir ETTC Ships: The ETTC maintains a merchant fleet with a small number or warships to act as escorts. The primary purpose of the fleet is trade. Active Escort vessels: ETTC Pallace, Class 7 ETTC Endymion, Class 7 Active Merchant vessels: Tuna King, Class 3 ETTC Muharib , Class 5 ETTC Cherub, Class 4 ETTC Sussex, Class 8 ETTC Covenanter, Class 7 ETTC Royal George, Class 8 ETTC Fara, Class5 In dock: (Prizes needing a moc) Black Star, Class 4 Planned vessels: (Shareholder committed mocs) ETTC Minotaur, Class 6/7 Galleon ETTC Royal George, a class 8 merchant vessel in ETTC service by @boeing_787_8_dreamliner ETTC Military: ETTC troops mainly consist of mercenaries hired from the southern Nizami satrapies of the Molokoi Empire. These men are mostly drawn from the Nizam ethnic group and sign into the ETTC military for 15 years with the promise of immediate Corlander citizenship and a parcel of land in the colonies on retirement. In addition they are allowed to bring up to 5 family members with them to the new world. ETTC forces are mainly comprised of infantry; known as sepoys, but a small unit of lancers also compliments the force. ETTC Lancers patrolling the Grasslands of south-eastern Cascadia by @Ayrlego Current ETTC Activities: Brick Seas domination! Build an ETTC presence in every Corlander settlement in the Brick Seas! The ETTC wants YOU! Progress: Settlement ETTC Presence Arlinsport Black Beach Brickford Landing Elizabethville Camp Isaac Hussar's Isle Jameston King's Harbour Mesabi Landing Mooreton Bay Myzectlan New Haven  Port Raleigh Port Woodhouse Queenston Quinnsville Spudkirk Stormhaven
  2. ETTC Warehouse, Stormhaven In early 622, Major Brickford landed in Stormhaven after being blown off course in a storm while on his way to Spudkirk from Terraversa. While there he setup a headquarters for the ETTC (East Terran Trade Company) and left behind a few Sepoys that volunteered to set up the ETTC with a presence in the settlement. Warehouse 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Since that first landing, a company of ETTC Marines have been sent in to assist the setup process. Not far from the ETTC office, a warehouse has been procured for storing goods before they head inland. Warehouse 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ----------------------------------- My second entry for GOC task 12: Mangrove Madness. Building to be licensed as a small commerce by the ETTC. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! @Ayrlego @Bregir @evancelt @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  3. The East Terran Trading Company has established a warehouse in the Corlander settlement of Black Beach on Gunpowder Island. The island is distinctive because it has a volcano in the interior, resulting in black sand beaches. Gunpowder Island is rumored to have rich veins of copper and abundant saltpeter, which provide ample reason for the ETTC to express interest. While the settlement is still fledgling, ETTC clearly sees the importance of the future resources to be extracted. The island is also rumored to be inhabited by hostile natives, so a complement of ETTC sepoys secure the facility. A soldier from the nearby Martello Tower brings a bag of outgoing mail to the warehouse, where it will ship out for Port Woodhouse. A friendly monkey helps stand guard.
  4. Two traders for the East Terran Trading Company traverse the great wastelands that cover much of the Molokai Empire.
  5. As the ETTC's footprint grew, the trading company's investors thought it wise to take extra steps to ensure proper labeling on the goods they sold. Located in South Sillitholina on the island of Terraversa, the Imprint House was positioned at the gateway to the Brick Seas. The office operated as a printing, embossing, and branding workshop where goods could be packaged and labeled for optimal brand exposure. If consumers saw the regal 'ETTC' seal everywhere they looked, investor stocks were sure to soar! ------------------ Here's my final micro medium property earned as a prize during Challenge IV: Rebuilding Terraversa. To be licensed as a commercial building in South Sillitholina by ETTC.
  6. ETTC Garrison As one of the ETTCs' newest members, Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford decided to oversee a few building projects for the ETTC that he had drawn up by a local architect in Westface. In an effort to move out of the rented rooms at the local inn, a garrison was constructed in Westface for the ETTC Sepoys to take residence and guard their assets. ETTC Garrison 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the new construction finished, all that was left was to move in all the supplies! ETTC Garrison 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The guard tower was quickly put to good use, being in a position to overlook the dockyards and the surrounding area, helpful if Oleon decides to pay Westface an unannounced visit one day... ETTC Garrison 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------ One of three builds I have planned for the ETTC in Westface. The inspiration for this build comes from @Ayrlego's build from Port Raleigh . C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! This build is offered to the ETTC to be licensed as a small residence.
  7. It was a busy day at the Westface Market. Lots of minifigs shopping and walking about. Market 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With the every industrious Corrington in town, business was booming for lots of the local shop keepers and merchants. Market 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Although some chaos is bound to take place in such a crowded area! Market 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Normally its a challelenge enough to not get your toes stepped on, its another to escape stampeding pigs! Overlooking the market is an inn that is being rented out by the ETTC, and the watchful ETTC Sepoys and Royal Marines keep the peace when its busy. Market 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Inside, new ETTC member Major Sir Nathaniel Brickford goes over some plans with a local architect for new infrastructure in Westface on behalf of the ETTC. Market 8 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Market 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------- My entry for Category C in support of the Merchants. To be licensed by the ETTC as a commerce. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking!
  8. Ever since Cascadia was first settled by Corrington, the ETTC have had plans to exploit the vanilla that grows with such abundance on the island dubbed by some 'The Vanilla Isle'. Until now, the company has collected wild vanilla beans, however after months of careful research, the first vanilla plantation is beginning to produce the valuable crop. Located in the hinterland of the settlement of Jameston, a tract of land has been carefully cleared for the project. With the assistance of botanists from the Royal Society, it was found that the vanilla plant, an epiphyte that normally grows in the branches of trees in the Cascadian rainforest, can be carefully transplanted onto stakes for commercial production. Detail of the vanilla plant grafted onto a stake.
  9. Mr. Bartholomew Antonius has set up a table down by the ETTC Arlinsport warehouse and store. He had put out word that today he would be hiring quite a few sailors to fill the quotas needed for the ETTC ships. After a short on site interview, the sailor would make his mark and he would be paid up front for half a months pay. Immediately after being paid the new employee would be sent to the company store to acquire any goods he needed. If he needed to leave to gather some supplies, the money was placed in a lock box until he got back... for obvious reasons. Next! Notes: This is a simple build to increase the ETTC's ship capacity. I found it very fun to build, especially assembling the different sailors.
  10. In Arlinsport, behind a low decorative wall, there is a massive building built in much the same style as the rest of the city. In front of the wall is part of the exquisite landscaping that is known of Corrington's crown jewel in the Sea of Storms. Perfect shrubbery and trees layed out in perfect lines for all those passing by to enjoy. Behind the beautiful wall, the landscaping is equally perfect, including a fountain revealing the business of the owners of the building. In addition, the colors flown on the building reveal this to be the orderly and perfect headquarters of the East Terran Trade Company. Today the manager of the headquarters, Mr. Bartholomew Antonius, is returning from a meeting in town to find out that he has a visitor waiting for him. Mr. Arthur Kellogg of the Wolf's Equine, Trade, and Expedition Company, has arrived at Sir Micah's urging to request a favor for aid with keeping the shipwrights in Arlinsport honest in the order they perform their work. It appears, they have placed various projects ahead of others because of bribes and personal relationships while not informing the others involved that they would have to wait longer. It is a troubling affair that could use the influence of a nationwide group such as the ETTC to help solve. Here are a couple more pictures of the headquarters including the spacious interior with a large meeting room on the second floor.
  11. ETTC Cocoa Factory Collaboration Stage One: Fermentation - Ayrlego Stage Two: Drying - Puvel (TBA) Stage Three: Roasting - SilentWolf Stage Four: Grinding and Pressing - Bregir Colonial Governor Jonathan Cooke and Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya estate and local representative for the ETTC, return to the site of the ETTC Cocoa Processing plant. The plant is one step closer to opening, with a warehouse for the fermentation stage ready to begin operations. The warehouse is situated on one of King's Harbours distinctive canals. This allows for raw cocoa pods to be transported to the plant by both road and waterway. The pods are smashed open in the field next to the warehouse and the pulp which contains the beans is then transported inside in barrels. It is common for smaller plantations to complete the fermentation and drying processes before transporting the beans for processing - however most of the pods harvested on Cocovia still come from wild trees, and fermentation and drying facilities are required at the ETTC Cocoa Plant. The warehouse has been designed specifically for the process of cocoa fermentation. Large wooden boxes are suspended over pits. The boxes are slated to ensure that liquefied pulp can drain into the pit below and to allow maximum aeration. The pulp is spread into the wooden boxes in a shallow layer, again to ensure maximum aeration. The beans can be covered with banana leaves or sacking to conserve the heat generated during fermentation. Beans can be transferred from one box to another each day to ensure uniform fermentation and increase aeration. Fermentation time is usually around 6-7 days. The boxes can be removed from the pits and workers can enter to clean away the residue from the process. Channels under the building allow for the pit to be flooded with water from the canal to assist in this process. ----- Footprint: 3,072 Well, basically it's a building for rotting beans! It's nothing very fancy, and I tried to make it as interesting as I could, but it really comes down to a building for rotting cocoa beans! :) I've tried to work some of the styles in Silenwolf and Bregir's builds into the warehouse, and I have taken the liberty of including Bregir's characters for the tour.
  12. Stage One: Fermentation - Ayrlego Stage Two: Drying - Puvel Stage Three: Roasting - SilentWolf Stage Four: Grinding and Pressing - Bregir There is much going on in King's Harbour these days. First it opens its majestic new garden, then the department of time began ringing its perfect bells. Now a cocoa factory is starting up. Today, the Colonial Governor Jonathan Cooke is receiving a tour of the third phase of the factory where all the roasting of the cocoa beans takes place. He is just now meeting the foreman, a Mr. Edward Roberts. "Glad to meet you Captain Cooke! I was looking forward to your visit. This building's sole purpose is to roast the cocoa beans that have already been fermented and dried. I dare say this factory will propel our export of cocoa to great heights and make Cocovia the envy of all the brickworld." "Here you see a wagon that is just recently loaded with roasted beans. It is on its way over to the grinding and pressing plant that I heard you have already toured. This driver is one of the spryest old men you have ever seen. He gets his wagon loaded and unloaded faster than any of our other drivers." "When you came over the bridge, you may have noticed the barge that is delivering a supply of wood for the furnaces. We receive deliveries several times a week just so we can keep our ovens running. A family business is what I hear and they deliver anywhere there barge can reach. I believe in the future we will even ship our beans between factories using the canal." Cooke replied, "I did indeed see the barge. That is a large quantity of wood that is being delivered. Is it all for the factory?" Roberts answered, "Yes, that is indeed all for our operations. This week we should need only one more delivery toward the end of the week, but we are having a slower week with a couple of the ovens . Would you care to come inside and see the process? Our first batch of the day should be coming out of the oven soon." "The stone ovens have the fire in a separate compartment beneath the roasting area. The two compartments are accessed via different doors which allows us to add wood or remove the beans without affecting the heating process. We can thus maintain the proper temperatures between batches of roasted beans lowering the downtime. Cocoa roasting unlike coffee roasting is at a low temperature and maintaining the temperature is key." "The beans are taken out of the barrels that they arrived in from the drying division, and placed on trays preferably in a single layer. They are then placed in a properly heated oven until they are almost done." "They are then removed from the oven and set out to cool during which time they finish roasting as the trays cool. At this time, they have acquired there unique cocoa flavor and aroma that we have come to love. They are then placed in barrels and loaded on wagons like the one you saw to send to the grinding and pressing division" "You may notice that it is warm in here. In order to keep it tolerable for the employees, we built in special vents above the ovens that we can raise and lower with a bar. This enables some of the heat to escape without allowing a strong draft which would cool the ovens and ruin the roast." "You can see the barrels of dried beans waiting to be roasted. We shall complete all of those today which in reality is a slow day. We like to roast all the beans delivered yesterday which enables us to know exactly how much work is going to be needed tomorrow. We also have to keep a supply of empty crates and barrels so that we do not run out. Efficiency is key to a successful business such as this." "My office is up above the door which enables me to oversee the whole process even when I have paperwork to do. It also enables me to get a quick overview of our inventory at any time that I need it. The only downside is it can get hot up there, but that doesn't matter excessively as my work also involves being on the floor checking temperatures and end products." "We take pride in taking care of our employees. We have a nice area set aside for them to enjoy a cooler break or mealtime. Though they have to rotate when the breaks occur as the process must be kept moving. It is the most efficient way. I hope you enjoyed your tour, Captain Cooke, and I am sure you will find the other divisions equally as satisfying and efficient. Feel free to walk around the place before you leave." Edit: The footprint of this build is 58x58 with a little overhang from the shutters. Credit goes to Bregir for the idea of the brick pillars on the façade of the building.
  13. In the outskirts of King's Harbour, construction work had been going on for some time. So far, its exact nature had been unknown, but a few days ago the ETTC announced the imminent opening of a cocoa grinding and pressing plant. With this announcement came an invitation to the Colonial Governor to visit the plant on its opening day. Thus, Captain Jonathan Cooke had now made his way to the site in the company of Ibn al'Sayeed, manager of the Montoya estate and local representative for the ETTC. "The plant applies the newest Corlander innovations all around to achieve high output levels without overworking the employees." "First, follow me around the side here, where you will find something quite interesting..." "Allow me to introduce Mr. Thomas Brickcomen, a young engineer recently arrived from the Royal Polytechnic University of Belson. He is the man behind the contraption you see behind him. Mr. Brickcomen, this is Captain Jonathan Cooke, colonial governor of these isles." "Honoured to make your acquaintance, sir... " said the young man shyly. "Likewise, young man." Cooke said absentmindedly, his attention entirely taken up with the strange and noise contraption before him. "Please, tell me of this machine!" he added with an enthusiasm quite remarkable for him. Stunned for a moment that any official would show anything but contempt for his machine, he stuttered a few words before himself bring caught up with enthusiasm. "Certainly, sir. It is what I call an atmospheric steam pump. You see, the factory needed a steady watersupply in the height of 12 bricks, and as rainfall is unpredictable in these lands (as you can see, the tank also collects rainfall from the roof) a different, more reliable source was needed. As it happened, I was looking for investors and bumped in to al'Sayeed while I was wandering the docks looking for work.. Erhm... Investors, I mean... " "Yes?" "Well, not to put too fine a point on it, the ETTC hired me, and I built this. Shall I tell you how it operates or will that be too technical?" "I studied the invention of the flying balloon, and attended Alberto de Pontelli's presentation on the subject. I shall venture to follow your description." "Oh sir, would it be imprudent to discuss that matter with you? I have some thoughts on the matter... But another time... You see, in the boiler, we create steam, which is let into the main power cylinder of the pump as it is raised by the rocker arm's return to its initial position. You see, there are weights on the other side, in the pump cylinder, there. As the power cylinder reaches its maximum elevation, a valve opens, and lets in a small jet of cold water from the ancillary tank, resulting in... " "Resulting in the steam condensing, lowering the pressure behind the piston, and the atmospheric pressure pushing down the piston, operating the pump!" Cooke interrupted, his eyebrows rising as it dawned upon him. "Most ingenious, young man. I shall ask you to join me to further discuss the principles of operation at a later time. For now, I must continue my tour, I believe." Cooke followed al'Sayeed inside through the large gates. "Through a set of gears, the waterwheel outside drives these millstones, into which the fermented, dried and roasted beans are poured to be grinded. During milling, the temperature rises and the beans are ground into a thick cocoa mass, which flows out through slots in the bottom of the grinder. Here it cools and solidifies to be retrieved through the grates you see in the floor." "Please follow me... This cocoa mass contains neigh on 60 % cocoa butter, which is extracted through pressure in this press. We load the cocoa mass into the main pressure chamber here..." "...and pivot the pressure plate around in its mounting. As you will know, typical presses are screw-operated, but we have went with a more innovative and efficient process. At this stage, the pressure plate is perfectly balanced with these iron weights and can be turned by a single man, while a typical press would require many more people for handling. " "If you will look up there... To apply pressure, we lower the contraption and open the valve, which pours water into the four big barrels on the press. This water is supplied by the steam pump outside. As the water level rises, the pressure follows..." "...and the finest cocoa butter can be tapped by our two expert chocalatiers by this tap and three others like it. The butter is then barrelled and shipped off to market, just like the residual product, the cocoa solids, which we extract from the press and ship off separately. We expect a great interest for this in both the old and the new world, as the taste is quite extraordinary!" ______________________ The first part of the ETTC Royal Cocoa factory is hereby opened. (And the last part of the process, unfortunately.) The production process is largely correct. It has been standing on my shelf for a long time, and now I finally managed to finish it. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the process from my ETTC collaborators, and as always, C&C is more than welcome.
  14. Rumours throughout Corrish New Terra and beyond of a mysterious organisation consisting of some of the richest and most powerful notabilities of Corrington are spreading fast. Not much is known of its purposes and and plans, but hear-say suggests that it is growing more and more influental. Fueling such rumours is the opening of yet another warehouse, this time in King's Harbour on Cocovia. This island is home to some very exotic goods and demand for these in the old world is growing rapidly. Further, the new colonies need manufactured goods and supplies to support their growth and to handle these flows of goods, organisations and infrastructure is rapidly building up. One such is the newly established warehouse in King's Harbour, licensed by the mysterious ETTC. Located on a line of new stone quays inside the cove, it is already bustling with activity, and the store rooms swiftly filling up, creating the need for an extra outhouse for further goods. Barrels of cocoa for the old world, salted pork for the Royal Navy, and gunpowder for its guns are stored and ready for loading onto the next vessel in need. The presence of Ibn al'Sayeed in the upstairs office and store room might suggest Montoyesque involvement in the ETTC. It sure seems like al'Sayeed is the one in charge of this branch, as he conducts all dealings regarding the goods of the warehouse. Further, his crew appears to be handling much of the logistics of the warehouse. Rumours aside, this warehouse is one of the first to open on the harbourfront of King's Harbour, and its imposing facade sets the bar for buildings in this new settlement. The activity is bound to grow over time, and this is surely not the last warehouse to open its doors in New Terra. _________________________ A warehouse for the ETTC, which will be licensed as a medium commerce. C&C welcome.
  15. The largest building constructed so far in the fledgling colony of Mooreton Bay is the newly completed ETTC Warehouse and Offices. Constructed on a large plot of ground with future expansion in mind, the imposing looking brick structure serves as both a warehouse on the ground floor, and offices on the top floor. What is the ETTC you ask? A very good question. Well, we can't tell you too much, but the East Terran Trading Company is a secretive consortium of prominent Corlanders operating in the new world. Unlike certain other faction's trade companies, the primary goal of the ETTC is not profit, although it is of course desirable! Indeed rumour has it a large dividend was just paid out to the companies shareholders! Rather the primary goal of the ETTC is to work to advance the national aims and goals of the crown of Corrington in the New World. And that my friends is enough said regarding the ETTC. Here in the yard, ETTC Foreman Noel Paterson supervisors some sailors loading recently arrived maritime cannon carriages onto a cart for transport to a waiting ship. You may recognise Noel and the cart from his recent work collecting bananas from a local plantation. A hired guard stands at the entrance and a native warrior waits patiently for his chief who is inside the building. On the first floor Colin Jenkins, the principle agent for the company on Alicentia, negotiates with one of the native chiefs. The natives have been supplying raw materials in exchange for goods such as iron cookware and utensils. Jenkins, together with Paterson are the companies only paid employees on Alicentia. Together they look after the companies interests in Mooreton Bay and Corrish Alicentia. ______________________________ A warehouse trying out some techniques with the 'brick' bricks. I would have liked to make the interior bigger (it was originally planned to be 16 studs wide) but I ran out of the 'brick' bricks for the walls. That won't happen again as I have 399 dark tan arriving this week bringing my dark tan total to over 500! I have some plans for those bricks and wanted to play with some different styles with this build. Any hints or tips into this style of 'clean' building with these bricks is very welcome. Licensed as a medium commercial property for the ETTC.