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  1. Gyrdher had traveled with a merchant to Faeril. The boat was docked at the waterside a short distance outside the city gate, at an unofficial market where no duty was required to buy or sell goods. Something that an economical merchant appreciates. Gyrdher therefore had to walk the last short distance into the city. Which he didn't mind. It was with some trepidation he looked at Faeril. Actually, he did not know what he had expected but it didn't look as impressive as he had imagined when he was sitting in the bow of the boat half asleep. Faeril's city wall was nothing more than a plank that marks the economic boundary of the city. Gyrdher was a little disappointed. He had dreamed of a noble city with high walls and watchtowers. The merchant saw the disappointment in Gyrdher's face. “It doesn't look like much to the world. Right?" He nodded at the plank that didn't look well built. “The city has not spent money on walls. When you enter the center of the city, you will not be disappointed.” The merchant scratched his jaw while looking at the plank. “And by the way, I don't think a carpenter will be unemployed for long in this town. At least if he is willing to work.” Gyrdher was instantly in a better mood. He helped the merchant unload his goods and then headed for the customs house. In front of the customs house a tired customs officer was sitting at a desk. It had been a long day. The sun was going down and soon the city gate would close so that he could go home to his wife. He licked his lips as he was thinking about the soup waiting for him at home. The customs officer waked up from his daydreaming when Gyrdher approached him. "And what are you going to pay duty for?” he says a little sourly, while the thought of the soup disappear. “My name is Gyrdher.” says Gyrdher little shyly. He had not expected these sharp words from the customs officer. "I am a carpenter who wants to find work in the city." The word carpenter made the customs officer stop mourning the soup that had disappeared. A smile spread across his face. “Then you have come to the right place, my son. If you can fix the stairs to my house, you can have a roof over your head for the night and some warm soup as compensation.” Gyrdher's stomach rumbles, which the customs officer laughingly interprets as a yes. “Good, I'll close the gates. Then we can go to my house and have supper.” Gyrdher thinks to himself that this day seems to be ending really well. A roof over his head and bowl of food. Gyrdher needs nothing more from life. Gyrdher works quickly. Fixing the stairs was easy for someone who had to fix all that was broken on the farm at home. While Gyrdher works, the customs officer stands by and tells him about his wife's soup that was waiting for them. “… and she only cooks it on Thursdays. It’s the richest soup you can taste in Faeril.” Gyrdher realised that he had probably missed half of what the customs officer talked about as he was concentrating on the work. But it seemed that the customs officer did not expect Gyrdher to answer. Gyrdher gathers his tools and turns to the customs officer. "Then I’m done and your stairs is whole again". The customer officer shook his head as he woke up from his daydreaming. "Good, good" He says a little tired and almost sour. The soup had disappeared from his thoughts again. Then he shined upp. “Do you know what awaits us?” He says expectantly. Gyrdher can't hold back a smile. “Could it be Faeril's best soup?” The customs officer smiled back even wider. “Right, my son.” Gyrdher satt on the edge of the bed after supper with a smile. “What a fantastic first day of my adventure. This morning I woke up at mother and father's farm house.” Gyrdher told himself. “Packed my few belongings and set out on a journey in Avalonia. How lucky I have been to travel with a merchant to Faeril. And then got both food and shelter over my head just by helping the customs officer with his broken stairs.” Gyrdher laid down on the bed. “I wonder what surprises tomorrow can offer.” he thought as his head touched the pillow and he was asleep immediately. Dreaming of soup.
  2. Thanks LoardDan for the tips to remove unneeded links at all images. The images are more clear without them. I agree that the limbs are too straight out of the trunk. I will act as an alborist and with my axe cut down limbs which grows unnaturally. As you write, tree is not easy to build. Time to rebrick.
  3. Thanks @Grover for your detailed review of the build. It is this type of elaborate reviews that makes me evolve as a builder. And feel at home within the Eurobricks community. Building trees was a new experience. To create an organic, natural form, was hard. The tips to add more green leafs shall I definitely do next time. I was also struggling with branches. They are all branching out from the same level of the main trunk. A variation of the branching point may also improve the build. Also something to work with in the next build.
  4. Thanks for all the positive comments. I am thrilled you love the boat. The angle slopes are very nice to work with and are well suited for the bow. The boat is inspired by a boat found in northern Germany. It is from around year 320 and it was a rowing boat for the Baltic Sea with 30 oars! The Nydam Boat My original MOC has 10 oars, to give the right proportion. But to fit into a baseplate (32 studs), I reduced it to 4 oars.
  5. Builds by MrLind The River Journey to Faeril | Avalonia
  6. Gyrdher has left his parents and the family farm to seek adventure in Avalonia. At a market place near the river, he met a merchant who was getting ready to travel with his goods to Faeril. Gyrdher asked to come along and offered to row as he has no money to pay with. The merchant, who did not want Gyrdher to row, let him come along without payment. The journey went through the landscape of Avalonia. The river wound its way through a beautiful landscape of green fields and huge oak forests. Gyrdher stood in the stern and took in everything he saw and enjoyed the journey. He has never before been this far away from home. His stomach tingled with excitement and curiosity. During the whole afternoon they were rowing quietly down the river. At one point, the river narrows and the water starts rushing. A ruin from an older fortification was located on the river bank. Gyrdher was fascinated by the ancient ruin. The crew on the other hand did not have time to take in the view. They had total focus on the river. This was the most difficult passage of the entire journey. The narrow river and the ruin that has partially fallen into the river creating an underwater reef, makes this part extremely difficult to pass. I The crew has made this trip many times before. But their concentration were on the edge. They know of countless of other boats that have sunk due to inattention at this location. After a few intense minutes, they passed the narrow rushing part of the river. They leave the ruin behind and the boat floats ones again on the quiet and calm river. The forest thinned out. Further away beyond green fields, the outlines of a town was seen. The merchant turns to Gyrdher. “There Gyrdher, you have your city, Faeril.“
  7. MrLind

    GoH 10 A : Exploring Cedrica

    Great build with beautiful colors.
  8. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Sorry. the sigfig post is now updated.
  9. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks for all positive welcoming. I will enjoy building within this community. I reused a build in the introduction of sigfig Gyrdher for his background story. The build is a recreation of a large farm from the Iron Age. A 5th century settlement that has been excavated by archaeologists near Norrkoping, Sweden. I will post the build in a separate topic with some information of the excavation findings. For GoH, I plan to build with focus on the medieval society around Faeril. This to challenge myself to build a theme I newer has built before and to include storytelling. Time to build…
  10. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi, time to introduce my sigfig. Gyrdher, pledge my allegiance to Avalonia! Gyrdher grew up on a farm. He was the youngest of seven boys. To live as a farmer was a hard life, toiling to each year get food on the table for all family members. It was especially hard after the war when the houses and fields had burnt down. Gyrdhers father did not talk about what happened during that hard time. Each day, father and the oldest sons worked hard in the fields. Mother and the youngest son, Gyrdher, had the responsibility of taking care of the farm animals, the cows, the sheep and the pigs. During the hours of work, while feeding and taking care of the animals, his mother would tell stories of the elves that had lived in the forest. In the evenings, Gyrdher dreamed about the elves and of adventures together with them. As time passes, Gyrdher had to take on more responsibly at the farm. He was practical and soon he repaired the house and built furniture when needed. Working with wood became his great joy in life. His dreams about the elves makes Gyrdher want to go on adventures and to find out what lies beyond the farmhouse fence, beyond the hills. One day he packed a small bag with his few belongings. While he was packing, his mother came up to him and placed a jewelry in his hand. The jewelry was made of a dark black metal, attached to a simple leather strap. Gyrdher was surprised because he had never seen the jewelry before. He opened his mouth to ask but mother put her hand gently on his shoulder and looked into his eyes. "Keep it hidden, close to your heart. One day it will help you understand who your ancestors were.” With his mother's words ringing in his ears, he said goodbye to his mother, father and brothers and began walking from his home and out into the big world. IMG_0363.jpg by Mattias Lind, on Flickr After half a day's walk he arrived at a market place near a river. There he stopped and sat down to eat the food he had brought with him while he looked around at all the market stalls. After eating, he walked around and found a market stall where tools for carpentry and cabinet making were for sale. Gyrdher bought tools with his savings as well as a tool chest to store the tools in. IMG_0383.jpg by Mattias Lind, on Flickr Very pleased with himself, Gyrdher went down to the wharf. There lay a boat belonging to a fat merchant headed to Faeril. Gyrdher asked to come along and if he could pay for the trip by helping to row as he had no money left. The merchant looked skeptical at Gyrdher. As a farm boy, he looked strong but to have a boy at the oars who had never rowed in his life did not appeal to the merchant. He muttered to himself that he wanted to get home before his beard grew a meter long. The boy could however fit on the boat anyway and Gyrdher was allowed to come along. IMG_0376.jpg by Mattias Lind, on Flickr When all the goods were loaded, the boat set off down the river. Gyrdher felt light at heart. He stood in the bow and gazed along the river. A new life had begun, an adventure. B2EA6D45-DB4A-4CF5-B7C6-A7E25F885A40 by Mattias Lind, on Flickr
  11. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hi, I'm new on the forum and working on my sigfig introduction story. My sigfig will pledge his allegiance to Avalonia. Is it a good ide to include the location/city where I will start to build? Or shall I avoid any location in the introduction? If I have understad the game engine correct, shall I start building at new location from the scratch. I will be greatfull if any brave citicent of Avalonia can take his or her time to guild a beginner.
  12. MrLind

    Albion Bookstore

    Fantastic bookstore. This inspires me to start contributing to Avalonia.
  13. You have an amazing story. I read it from chapter one to here in one go. Exciting and enjoyable to read. And along the way you deliver amazing MOCs. I am inspired to create my own sigfig and start a build journey after reading your posts.
  14. MrLind

    [Freebuild] Valendiell

    What a beautiful micro build. Love all details to build up the model.
  15. MrLind

    [CaTC] Medieval Village Life

    Cute buildings. A peaceful village to live in.