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Found 25 results

  1. My entry for the "Your crew" category of this year's Colossal Castle Contest! And more citizens for Historica... Hear ye, hear ye, good people of Historica! Today, only in your town, Janko and his Jolly Jokesters! Come, listen close, and follow the adventures of the legendary King of Kazoo, played by yours truly - Jannnnko! Come, and scream in terror facing Gaston - he's your living nightmare! Come, and fear for Romarich - so good at impersonating fair damsels that many a noble has already asked for his hand! Come, and admire Kes' adroiteness - our little elf, now way taller than you! Come, and applaud Elmer - the bravest, the mightiest, the hottest of us all! Come, good people, and cheer for Janko and his Jolly Jokesters!
  2. jtooker

    Shield Shop of Batuhan

    Shield Shop The shield shop in Batuhan crafts and sells the best shields west of Petraea. Besides crafting shields for the Batuhan Guard, shields are made to order or repaired when needed.
  3. The Undoing of Shriza the Spider Legends tell of many monsters in the depths of the Wither Woods and it is unwise to stray off the path. But when such horrors grow bold enough, or desperate enough, to leave their shadows and venture among civilized dwellings they may not be ignored. Such events led Aarash and the Batuhanian Guard deep into the forest to kill the terror which had plagued the farmsteads to the north. It was only a matter of time when it wouldn’t be a goat or calf that was taken, but a child. Rumors described an eight-legged menace, a shadow that hunted silently in the dark hours of the night. Aarash clung to those rumors as he traversed the ever-darkening woods. Soon webs, the size of a man, could be seen amongst the trees. Torn and ragged they looked, but menacing. As the ground declined beneath their steps the forest became quiet. Only feet treading through the undergrowth made any sound. That is when snap was heard; not of twig, but of a branch up ahead. Shriza Approaches “Shriza, the Spider!” one soldier cried, pointing directly ahead. They had found themselves at the end a slight ravine, with a monster of a spider ahead. “Hold!” Aarash cried out as Shriza approached, and then “Attack!". Attack! Archers Thankfully, Aarash’s archers were flanking on the right and they had many spears at their disposal. But it would not be enough. Her hide was tough and she was nimble. Our blows were either deflected or missed entirely. Just when the situation was looking grim, A group of centaurs rode in from the west. Centaurs Their arrows shot true and pierced the vulnerable parts of the spider menace. Once on the ground, the stabbing spears finished the job. Aarash turned to thank the centaurs, but they had already fled back into the forest. Despite the darkness of the forest, the return journey was merry knowing their people could sleep soundly tonight. My entry into the Medieval Monster Menace category of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII).
  4. jtooker

    A Lumbering Process

    A Lumbering Process Loggers, Sawmiller and Shieldsmiths In this MOC, a trio of scenes showcases the process of transforming trees into shields in medieval times. These workers are from the town of Batuhan, in northern Kaliphlin. Loggers The first vignette shows loggers at work. Two are using their axes to chop down a linden tree. Linden wood (or basswood) is light and easy to work with making it a great for shieldsmithing. A third man guides a horse pull along a felled tree. Sawmiller Logged trees make their way to the sawmill shown in the second scene. The water wheel powers the saw blades reducing the amount of manual effort needed to create lumber from logs. A sawmiller pushed the tree through the machine. At the other end, lumber falls into a cart (not shown) to be taken to the lumberyard or carpenters. Shieldsmiths Shieldsmiths take the linden lumber planks and cut them to the right shape and then plane them. The carpenter (center) uses a cabinet scraper to further smooth the wood surface. The blacksmith (right) hammers out an iron band to reinforce the shield. A painter (left) applies heraldry to a fully constructed shield.
  5. The Colossal Castle Contest 18 (CCC XVIII) has been announced. Check out the categories and prizes. The contest is open from now until January 10, 2020. I am not affiliated with the CCC, just a fan. Mods, let me know if this post violates the "Selling, self promotion and promoting" rule.
  6. Hello, this is is my entry into the Colossal Castle Contest XVIII, for Misecellaneous category. Burg Eltz castle in Germany is one of my favorite castles, and that castle was my main inspiration for this build. More photos in gallery.
  7. Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Centuries before his more famous descendant, Abram Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, stalked the mountains of Transylvania looking for, Neferata, the vampire who killed his younger brother. Weeks of traveling and following rumors have brought him to this small castle in the mountains. Perhaps he will have is revenge tonight. This is the first actual castle I’ve built in quite some time. While not colossal, it is my entry into the Vampire Castle Category of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII). Window Technique The hardest part of makin this MOC was getting the stained glass windows to line up. I needed to use some 3185 Fence 1 x 4 x 2 and some 3633 Fence 1 x 4 x 1 pieces as I didn’t have enough of either. Due to the size restrictions, the windows were 2 studs wide and spaced every two studs. The following images explain how I centered the ‘open’ part of the fense in the gaps. The horizontal transparent pieces are required to hold the center sections together. I am submitting this for The University of Petraeas' Doctorate of Historica program in the following subjects: Architecture → Roofing Style 3 (Sideway, Alternating Cheese Slopes) Architecture → Roof rakes Architecture → Advanced windows and window frames
  8. jtooker

    Gingerbread Man

    Gingerbread Man Once upon a time, a grandmother was baking for Christmas. With the leftover dough, she made the shape of a gingerbread man. She placed chocolate for the eyes and a bit of licorice for the mustache. She placed the gingerbread man into the oven and went about her work. When she returned to the oven, she opened the door and to her surprise, the gingerbread man leapt off the pan and ran to the door shouting, “Run, Run! As fast as you can! You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!" Gingerbread Man This MOC is my entry into the Fairy Tale Category of the 2020 Colossal Castle Contest (CCC XVIII). The gingerbread man is at the normal minifigure scale, while the grandmother and oven are at miniland scale. I used a red light brick for the glow of the fire in the oven. Website | Flickr | YouTube
  9. sheo

    [MOC] Windmill

    This build was planned for the Colossal Castle Contest, but I missed the deadline because of a lost Bricklink order.
  10. sheo

    [MOC] Guardian

    This is my second build for the Colossal Castle Contest that I couldn't finish in time because of a lost Bricklink order.
  11. This is the third and the last of my builds for the Colossal Castle Contest. Unfortunately, I could not finish it in time because of a lost Bricklink order. Additional photos are under the spoiler:
  12. Sirius91

    Killing Commendatore

    My entry for CCC XVII - epic duel category. MOC inspired by Don Giovanni opera (by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte). Scene take place at the beggining of the first act, when Don Giovanni attempts to seduce Donna Anna. Then Commendatore enters the garden. He argue and then fight with Don Giovanni. In the final Don Giovanni kills Commendatore and escapes the garden with his servant Leporello. Palace is inspired by Sevilla Real Palace Alcazar.
  13. mrcp6d

    A Bargain of Mead

    Finally the Crusaders had enough of the Forestmen waylaying carriages, high jacking barges, and poaching the king’s deer. The king ordered a wagon loaded with his finest mead and dispatched under white flags to one of the occupied crumbling watchtowers near the edge of the forest as a peace offering in hopes of starting negotiations to end the Forestmen’s harassing activities. This was one of my entries to the CCCXV. For some reason, I never got around to posting it here! Some more pics here. C&C appreciated.
  14. LittleJohn

    CCC XIV: Forestmen Rescue

    My fifth entry to the CCC XIV, for the ‘Pit of Despair’ category. The landscape was largely influenced by Dubbadgrim’s builds. The majority of this build was built in two days, as I wanted to take it to a LUG event. The castle features a working drawbridge, and a full interior in the tower. The doors of the prison carriage can open as well. After some forestmen were captured by crusader knights, their compatriots hatched a clever plan to free them from the dungeon: disguise themselves as crusader knights, bring more ‘captured forestmen’ to the castle, and then break the others free! But will they be successful, and slip through the castle guard un-hindered? Or will their clever plan backfire? Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome!
  15. My 11th entry into the CCC XIV, for the ‘Pit of Dispair’ category. Inspired by Marcel's excellent dungeon scene for last years CCC. The floor design was inspired by LL. The one eyed Wolfpack gang had several members captured recently by the Blue Dragons, so Rolf led a breakout. The dungeon sentries were caught off guard and quickly overpowered. Rolf admired some new loot for a moment, and then set his compatriots free. More picture on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  16. Mark of Falworth

    CCC 14 - The Grand Bazaar

    (CCC14) The Grand Bazaar by Mark E., on Flickr A quick entry to this year's CCC! More photos in this album
  17. Mark of Falworth

    CCC 14 - Moravian Warknarr

    (CCC14) Moravian Warknarr by Mark E., on Flickr (CCC14) Moravian Warknarr by Mark E., on Flickr My third entry to the CCC! More pictures in this album.
  18. CCC XIII Princess Evadia on Swivt the Hippogriff No one understands how this partnership ever came to pass. Sublime, untamed, even tremendous – maybe it was these attributes that unified beast and mistress. Today, everyone who sets foot on Elven land should remember that it is not only a place for a princess to conquer the skies, but also a hippogriff's territory. And be warned, she might just a harbinger of greater things to come... CCC XIII Evadia on Swivt 1 by MWardancer, auf Flickr CCC XIII Evadia on Swivt 2 by MWardancer, auf Flickr CCC XIII Evadia on Swivt 3 by MWardancer, auf Flickr List of customization techniques 1. The Yellowification of Boobs: Chimas Eris torso has blue skin, this needed to be painted yellow. 2. The fake'o'leg'o'mount: legs sawn of, glued to hippogriff, new sides of legs printed, painted and glued on to create the illusion of legs protruding into the beast. 3. Shine bright like a diamond: Instead of the blue gem I cut off a transparent green tip of some plant and glued it to the torso. 4. The forging of the lance: It consists of a Brickwarriors torch and two spears. 5. Painting the beast: Otherwise it is just plain gray. I only painted a few areas to keep the basic color scheme. Also I used pegasus wings. 6. Breastplate sigil: The hippogriff's breastplate is cut from a Brickwarriors armor. The stag is a nailart fingernail stencil painted gold. 7. Gras into antlers: The antlers on the helmet are Brickwarriors plumes painted gray. 8. Mouting the mount: I had to cheat a little to make a round 1x1 transparent plate to stabilize the whole thing. 9. Capeow: The wonderful dark green glittery cape is custom made by "Jeddy and Daddy" productions (available on Bricklink). C&C welcome!
  19. Hey all! Here's my latest build to share with you! It's a battleship from the Kyrrath army, that defends Kyrrath from dangers from the swamp... Here are the Pics: I hope you enjoy my build! C&C Welcome! Jaapxaap
  20. LittleJohn

    Middle Eastern Farm

    This was my entry to the Medieval Husbandry category, of the CCC XII, over on Classic-Castle: Link to more pictures: Link All C&C appreciated
  21. mrcp6d

    Chopping Wood

    A quick build to get something else in before CCCXI ends for the "A Child's Life" category. A young boy works with his father and grandfather in a pine grove. While the adults cut down the trees and trim the trunks to length, the boy loads the cart for transport to the local village. I was hoping to get a full 6 builds in for CCC (and have most/all be GoH related! ), but working full time plus starting a masters plus the holidays conspired against me. This is also my first attempt at "fixing" not-so-good pictures with post processing. I'm fairly pleased with the results, but it took lots of help/teasing from one of my younger brothers who's a Photoshop genius. I'd like UoP credits for: Agriculture & Zoology - logging Anthropology - countryside scene Anthropology - life in Mitgardia Flickr C&C appreciated - now on to Book II Challenge 1!
  22. mrcp6d

    Clowns & Vikings

    I built this mainly for CCC, but it fits here too for a free build! Jesters aren't as appreciated in the far north as they are in the warmer Guilds. In fact, Erik the Angry appreciates jesters so little that he typically runs them right out of his clan's village--an event that is usually incredibly entertaining for the bystanders; but, not so much for the jester. PoD Claims: Architecture - wooden walls General Building - minifig posing General Building - interior design Anthropology - village life Flickr C&C appreciated!
  23. Legonardo

    Learning a Trade

    it seams historicans are lazy and just use the same building plans for every single forge Taking a short break from OP angles after the rhosgobel MOC :) Everyone should know what this is based off.many people have made reduxes of this but no one had ever changed alot, infact for the most part all ive really done is borrow the shape, trying to cram in a bunch of things from older mocs, as well as a few new ones aswell. I'm not entirely sure how much I like it all. This build was started finished and photographed on the 23rd of December. thanks to Zcerry for giving me ~80 more dk tan tiles than i'd asked for :) Also an entry to CCC, childs life, depicting a child learning the trade of his father. enjoy
  24. mrcp6d

    Winter Hunter

    This little scene is my last CCCX entry; it's for the "Winter Scene" category. From the hunting lodge journal of Andor: “Snow is usually a hindrance to much of life in the Mitgardian winters; however, hunters like me often find it a blessing. The beautiful white landscape makes tracking blood trails from wounded game animals far easier to track. Today I let an arrow loose into a nice buck, it was a well placed shot, but the deer was a strong beast and he staggered for about a half mile before expiring. I might never have found him had it not been for the red blood on the white snow.” I've been trying to work in some icicles, but have been unable to until now. This is also my first foray into trees with no leaves. Flickr link:
  25. soccerkid6

    CCCX-Gothic Cathedral

    I made this for the CCCX architectural detail category, it's a section of a Gothic cathedral. More pics here: Any C&C welcome