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Found 5 results

  1. Ha'ri the potter (yeah, I named him that...) spends every day at the big marketplace in Mophet. His stand is right by the large gate so often times he is one of the first to greet the people visiting. Using clay from the reddish soil that is common in Mophet, his pots have become increasingly popular and business has lately been very good. My third contribution to the Kaliphlin collab. Hope you like it (as more is on the way, haha!).
  2. The increase of maritime commerce in the area and the development of minerary activities on île de Zeus are transforming the once marginal city of Astrapi in a higly populated and lively colony. One of the most evident sign of this change is the growth of the market, held twice a week by arisans, farmers and merchants: where a year ago you would have found only a couple of rough stalls, fresh fruit and some fish, now you can see, all around the main square, a number of well refined stalls, covered with colorful cloths and selling almost any good cultivated, crafted or woven in the archipelago. Here you can see a man selling wines and liquors produced in Breshaun... ...a greengrocer showing a pineapple, a quite expensive delicacy since there is only one large-scale plantation of this tropical fruit in the area... ...a local fisherman... ...a cart with fresh bread and sacks of hardtacks from a near bakery... ...a foreign food seller, with his embers-heated rotating meat (inspired to @Legostone's one), typical of Southern Oleon... ...and a strange man selling strange maps, showing (as he says) "the routes towards the golden kingdoms of the South". An overall view:
  3. Here's my Phase 1 store build for AoM: Numerous vendors set up in the market square to sell their various wares Thanks for looking
  4. Six heroes approached the Marketplace, for once without intent to splurge all their gold. They were all unsure what they were supposed to do there, but they expected to find out soon. Oh, how wrong they were... Party: Avalanche (Dragonfire) 29 years old male yeti Barbarian Level 3 *Natural Respite* Power: 8 (3+5) Health: 10/10 Gold: 0 Equipment: Trollsbane (club, WP:5, earth-elemental) Inventory: Potion, Bottle of Mead, Smoke Bomb, Venom, Phoenix Essence, Pumpkin Bomb, Dirt Bomb, Bone John 'Heckz' Brutenhal,The Ghostbuster (Eric-Su) 32 year old male Sorcerer. Level 15 *Immune to Sealed* Power: 24 (15+9) (Spellpower: 29 (15+9+5)) Defense: 3 Health: 23/23 (5+14+4) Ether: 26/26 (5+14+1+5+1) Gold: 147 Equipment: Rawr (WP:9), Spellbound Gloves (Spellpower +5, handwear) Robe Of The Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether + 5, Immune to Sealed Inventory: Rat Scepter (WP:3, 4x damage to enemies named “rat”; wand), Lovelorn Wand (WP 6, deals Enamored effect), Pitchfork of Abomination (WP:1, pierces all defenses including SP but breaks after one use; suitable to all classes), Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Amethyst (Darkness), Health Core, Tonic, Grand Tonic, Grand Potion, Ether Core, Remedy, Elixir, Smelling Salts, Mead, Phoenix Essence, Bedroll, Shovel. Monk Pretzel (Palathadric) *Party Leader* 463-year-old male "hermit" Paladin Level: 19 Power: 34 19 + 15 (+5, In the Front Row) Defense: 9 (+5, in the Back Row) Health: 43/43 41 + 2* Ether: 31/31 27 + 4 Gold: 536 Equipment: Conspirator (WP; 15; deals "Blinded" effect; Longsword), Fashionable Shield (SP:7), Strategist's Shako (Suitable for anyone, +5 power while in the front row, +5 SP while in the back, headwear), Ethereal Cloak (Backwear; SP:2; Max Ether +4), Soothing Slippers (Footwear, Meditate restores 5 ether) Inventory: The Muckraker (WP: 13; Earth, Water, Wood; deals "Weakened" effect; Greatsword), Heavy Flail (WP: 5; deals "Fragile" effect; Mace), Dual staff (WP:8; Ice, Lightning; Dual Strike), Flying Cross (WP:6; Darkness, Fire, Wind; Broomstick), Steak (WP:1, instantly kills vampires on successful hits, suitable for all), Impervious Shield (SP: 5) (Grants immunity to Fire), Shackles of War, Diamond, Scroll of Sealing, Potion (2), Grand Potion (4), Ether Core (2), Remedy (5), Soma, Smelling Salts (2), Phoenix Essence (2), Phoenix Incense, Neutralizer, Grand Elixir (Restores full health and ether to target and remedies all negative effects), Venom (4), Deadly Venom (5), Paralyzing Venom (2), Smoke Bomb (2), Holy Bomb, Bone (3), Rito Feather (consumable, grants the hastened- and blessed-effects upon use for one battle), Bedroll, Pickaxe, Magic Shovel (will always find something when used, limited to three uses per quest), Magnificent Magniscope (Magnifying Glass/Telescope) Sorrow (Endgame) 428 years old undead Assassin Level 24 1/3 *Immune to Light and Blinded* Power: 52 (24+27+1) Defense: 6 Health: 32/35 (7+21+5) Gold: 274 Equipment: Mockthril Longbow (WP: 27 Ice and Darkness Elemental), Sticky Gloves (Increases the amount of gold stolen by 50% (rounded up), suitable for rogues and beast warriors; handwear), Night’s Helmet (SP:6, immunity to light and blinded; headwear) Inventory: Longsword (WP: 5), Armor of the Croise (SP: 1, +2 power; bodywear), Dark Cloak (Backwear, SP:1, Max Health +1, Power +1, suitable for rogues and barbarians), Archer's Hat (Artifact, headwear, Power +1, suitable for Rangers and their Advanced Classes), Grand Potion x5, Health Core x2, Tonic, Ether Core, Remedy x5, Phoenix Essence x3, Venom x2, Deadly Venom, Mead x15, Smelling Salts x15, Nostrum x15, Dragon Scale x1, Chaotic Bomb (Causes 100 random elemental damage to all opponents), Bedroll, Neutralizer, Disguise Kit (Accessory. Usable by anyone. Allows the user to disguise them self as the opposite gender.), Root beer(Restores 10 health, or can be used as a bomb against undead enemies for 20 damage. The Root Beer does not affect non-undead enemies.), Tonic x1, Exterium (Can be used on an enemy to make them Confused and Plagued (15 damage, -1 SP) for 3 rounds), Ambrosia, Shark Jaw Scythe (WP 15/30 vs. Aquatic Monsters) Stigveladi "Amma" Kötturin, the Ghost Buster, the Krakenwhacker and the Titan Smiter (played by PsyKater) 247 years old dwarven Battle Mage Level 21 1/3*Immune to Sealed* Power: 41 (21+20) Defense: 5 (2+3) Health: 31/31 (5+5+20+1) Ether: 31/31 (5+1+20+5) Gold: 38 Equipment: Ġeofon (WP:20, 4x damage to enemies weak to Water, axe), Winged Helmet (+2 SP; headwear), Robe of the Archmagi (+3 SP; +5 Ether; bodywear), Medal of Glory (Mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles; accessory) Inventory: Wishing Wand (WP:12; each successful hit has ½ chance of inflicting either asleep-, blinded-, sealed- or confused-effect, according to what the user wishes; wand), Stealth Dagger (WP: 12;dagger), Wand of Poking (WP: 10; double WP for physical attacks; wand), Dwarven Broomstick (WP: 3; broomstick), Enchanted Bracelet (Protects from Sealed effect), Crown of the Sea Kings (gives the wearer +20 SP, +20 max. health and +20 max. ether when fighting at a sea, lake or river; headwear), Cat Statuette ("Grettir", +1 HP, accessory), Pointy Hat (Suitable for mages and clerics, +2 max ether, headwear), Lover's Ring (+2 HP; accessory), Spiked Collar (+1 P; accessory), Opal (Ice), Topaz (Lightning), Aquamarine (Water), Amethyst (Darkness), Garnet (Earth), Scroll of Inspiration, 2x Titan Heart (Grants encouraged- and inspired-effects when consumed), 2x Kraken Fang (grants hastened- and reinforced-effects when consumed), 5x Potion, 4x Tonic, 3x Grand Potion, 2x Grand Tonic, 3x Remedy, 4x Phoenix Incense, 4x Mead, 4x Nostrum, 6x Venom, 3x Dirt Bomb, 8x Water Bomb, Fire Bomb,Skeleton Decoy, 2x Bone, Bedroll, Shovel, 1x Silver Ore (worth 60 gold),Gold Bar (worth 50 gold) Thalion Dwinlas (-obelix-) 213 years old male elf Sorcerer Level: 20 2/3 *Immune to Fragile, Sealed, Poisoned and Badly Poisoned* Power: 33 (20 + 13) Defense: 7 (3 + 4) Health: 28/28 (5 + 19 + 4) Ether: 30/30 (5 + 19 + 1 + 5) Gold: 2 Equipment: Alpha and Omega (WP:13, dual healing/spellcasting at the cost of 2 ether, staves), Robe of the Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether +5, Immunity to Sealed, bodywear), Emerald Hood (SP:4, Immunity to Fragile, headwear), Sterile Gloves (Immunity to Poisoned andBadly Poisoned, handwear) Inventory: Gems: Zirconia (Gem containing all elements; cannot be merged into equipment), Amethyst (Darkness), Diamond (Light), Garnet (Earth), Ruby (Fire), Opal (Ice), Emerald (Wood), Sapphire (Wind), Aquamarine (Water), Topaz (Lightning) Scrolls: Scroll of Sealing (2), Scroll of Blindness (2), Scroll of Frailty (2), Scroll of Weakening (2), Scroll of Confusion (2), Scroll of Sleep (2), Weapons: Sleeper (WP:5, deals Asleep to enemies it hits, Hollow Upgrade [Grand Potion stored], melee/throwing weapon), Ratsbane (WP:10, absorbs 2 health on successful hits, dagger), Batarang (WP:13, darkness-elemental, throwing weapon), Artifacts: Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing, headwear), Cloak of Espionage (Allows the wearer to examine enemy stats before a battle, backwear), Snake Eye Charm (Protects from Petrified-effect, accessory) Tools: Magic Compass, Shovel, Bedroll Consumables: Copy of The Eubric Herald (Gives the target the transcended- and inspired- effects for the duration of one battle), Nostrum (3), Smelling Salts (3), Phoenix Essence, Elixir, Health Core, Potion, Grand Potion (3), Grand Tonic, Tonic, Ether Core, Remedy (2), Smoke Bomb, Bone It was the crack of dawn, and the shops at the Marketplace were just opening their doors and setting up their wares before the day's surge of customers. Two figures and a strange contraption were waiting for the heroes in the middle of the square. "Phew! You look like a capable bunch! Thank you so much for coming to my aid. And thank you, dear Watsap, for picking them for me." "No prob, Warlock! Nothing beats closing your eyes and randomly pointing your finger at the list. Works wonders every time, I tell ya!" "Oh, no you did not... Well, let us hope luck is on our side on this first case, dear Watsap. Oh, I'm so nervous that I haven't even introduced myself! Detective Warlock Hoples of the Town Watch, and it's a pleasure to meet you all! This is my kobold assistant Watsap." "What's up?" "Oh, are everyone accounted for? Shall I delve into the details now?" The young detective starts to pat his uniform. "Uh, if only I could find my notebook..." "Here ya go, Warlock" The kobold winks as he hands the detective a small book. "Oh, thank you, dear Watsap. Now, may I have your names, please?"
  5. I wanted to give you an opportunity to discuss on this topic. as written a letter to the owners of where they accuse them of copyright infringements. While this is not surprising, I think it is worth discussing this topic. For more information please read this first: I look forward to hear your opinions. Do you think BL serves its customers by this? Do you think BO did copyright infringements? Do you think BO can replace BL yet? If this belongs to another forum, I apology. Please move this topic in that case.