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Found 20 results

  1. Prince John Sits inside his lonely castle with everything he could possibly want. Money, Power, Land, Loyal Servants. But he is unsatisfied, craving only the death of the bandit Robin Hood. Meanwhile Robin Hood is enjoying a party with all his friends. He is an outlaw who owns nothing but the clothes on his back and his trusty bow. He gives away all the money he ever gets. And today he is happy, dancing with his one true love Maid Marion while all his friends dance play and sing around him. My goodness this took forever to edit. Stupid Leaves. Built for the "Light & Shadow" Category for the 2023 Summer Joust. Hopefully this is the right forum, it could also belong in licensed themes, but I figured it was a better fit here. I did enter it in the Summer Joust after all.
  2. Everyday life of a dwarf, mine some ore, wash yourself, visit some distant family, converse with the ladies, defend your mine against goblin intruders who try to steal your precious stuff and start to joy ride mine carts... - Believe it or not I even used some sand red, can you spot it? I also used my 12V train lightning again, for some extra character to the build and completely purist of course. :P Also check out the Movie version on youtube: - Build for the Summer Joust 2022 Subterranean setting category. Everyday life of a dwarf by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Gate by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Everyday life of a dwarf - Goblin slaying by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  3. Silvaridis, the forest wizard home was build for the Summer Joust 2022 Gradients category. I only used green colors, teal and black, white and clear for this build as was mentioned in the category for Summer Joust 2022. It was difficult managing to make a minifig with this limited colour but I really like the wizard I came up with. Silvaridis, the forest wizard home by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  4. Many traveler visit the famous bazaar of the north west, bringing and selling all kinds of goods and animals. Inspired by various Moroccan buildings such as: - Ait ben Haddou / Ait Benhaddou - Kasbah Mosque - Ben Salah Mosque Build for the Summer Joust 2022 African setting category. Update: 2022-07-28: Sunset at the bazaar by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Previous pictures: Lost at the bazaar by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Lost at the bazaar - details 1 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr Lost at the bazaar - details 2 by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  5. the Inventor

    [MOC] The Sacred Bridge

    The Sacred Bridge, leading to the Inari shrine. The Kitsune ( is drinking by the river. And many animals are observing the traveling monk, while he walks on the sacred bridge leading to the shrine. The blue birds are supposed to be Red-flanked bluetails, and the other bird is a Japanese Crane (Red-crowned Crane). Inspiration for this build, is the various red Japanese bridges leading to a shrine or other sacred place, this one was based on the Shinkyo Bridge leading to the Futarasan Shrine in Nikko, which I visited in 2020. Build for the Summer Joust 2022 'Bridging the Gap' category. The Sacred Bridge by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  6. Outwitted Ogre ‘Tell us a bedtime story, papa,’ said Aida. ‘What would you like to hear?’ I asked as we sat down near the hearth. ‘Tell us about Hassan and Mehdi, papa!’ Abbas said. ‘You’ll have nightmares,’ I responded. ‘Pleeaase’ my children said in unison. ‘We know how it ends,’ Aida protested. ‘Alright,’ I said, ‘the story begins many years ago, when your grandfather was still alive…’ “I’m beginning to have second thoughts about this undertaking,” Hassan said after two hours walking in silence with the desert on the horizon. “Aye,” Mehdi responded, “fame and glory isn’t as alluring once that task is at hand. But we volunteered and could not show our heads around the Wither Woods if we retreated now. And think of the poor Modiri family." “Yeah, they had no warning. It must have gotten their dog first. Most times people run away and just lose some livestock,” Hassan said as they walked on. “How far into the desert do you think it makes its home?" “Can’t be too deep. But no one has ever ventured this far,” Mehdi answered. “The trail is clear and I think even the sand won’t cover these tracks too quick." ‘They followed the tracks into the desert as night fell and the air cooled,’ I said continuing the story. ‘They walked on past midnight, carrying their long weapons.’ “What do I see in the distance?” Mehdi asked as a crescent moon shown overhead and lit the otherwise flat landscape with a faint light. “Must be a large rock formation the Westersands haven’t worn away,” Hassan replied. “Do you hear that noise?" ‘A reticent but hash sound fell on our heroes’ ears as they stopped and looked at each other with hesitant glances.’ “I think we’ve found the beast’s haunt,” Mehdi suggested. After a pause, “We can use those rocks to our advantage.” “But it’ll surely see, or smell, us coming - there is no other cover around." “Not if one of us cycles around and approaches from the back side. He could sneak up those rocks and get the jump while-" “While the other is bait?!” Hassan protested. “Well, if the timing were right, the danger would be low - and less than both of us facing it head on,” Mehdi explained. “Are you offering to be the bait?" “Draw straws?" ‘So Mehdi grabbed two straws and Hassan picked.’ “I’ll wait here until the sunrise,” Hassan said with the short straw in hand. “And I’ll walk around a mile and start climbing just before,” Mehdi said before departing into the desert night. ‘At the first sign of daylight, Hassan stood up and prepared himself for a fight. Just before sunrise, he saw the beast behemoth awake - something had caught its attention behind the rock it was laying against. Just as it was standing up, Hassan rushed forward and shouted, “HEY!” ‘Upon heading the sound the creature turned around right as the sun broke over the horizon. Standing in front of Hassan was the huge ogre that was responsible for so much loss of life and livestock. In its hand a humongous, spiked club. Just as Hassan was preparing to defend himself against a fatal blow, Mehdi leapt from the rock bringing his halberd down hard on the back of the ogre’s head. “You were early,” Mehdi said. “You were just in time,” Hassan replied. ‘And now it is time for bed,’ I said. About the Build I created this MOC for the Summer Joust’s Going Big category. I chose miniland as the scale. Building the ogre definitely took me out of my comfort zone, as I do not have much experience with ‘constraction’ builds, and using sand green added to the challenge piece-wise. I also used the MOC in LOLUG’s June meeting competition, which featured the white fang/horn (88513) as the seed piece. Background Image The background is Green Grasses on Sahara Desert by Greg Gulik used under the CC license. Source of Inspiration I had the general desert rock concept in my head but after seeing Grant Davis’s Desert the idea was solidified. I was unable to come up with a helmet design I liked, so I borrowed one from Letranger Absurde. I found these other brick-built ogres interesting:
  7. At Majisto's academy of advanced magic, the students learn about portal magic for the first time. Apparently they forgot the rule about making one in the ceiling directly above them and then one on the floor where they were standing... - Inspiration for this build, if not clear is the Portal game of course, where you create portals to solve the levels in the game. - Build for the Summer Joust 2022 12x12 vignette category. Majisto's advanced portal magic class by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  8. Majisto's Magical Micro Workshop Set #6048 Majisto’s Magical Workshop was one of my favorite sets as a kid. So when LEGO announced their 90th Anniversary Micro-Scale contest, this set was at the top of my list. Click here for the link to my entry. I included as many features of the original set as I could at this scale. The building opens on a hinge. Both figures, Majisto and a Dragon Knight, are present. There is a table (unpictured), treasure chest, skillet on the fire and a ladder upstairs. I used the original 53° 3x1x3 1/3 slope to get the angle right on the roof. I also submitted this to the Summer Joust’s 12x12 Vignette category. If you enjoyed this creation, check out TomSkippy’s Dragon Masters Micro layout featuring all the Dragon Master sets in micro scale. Dragon Masters Background I created a simplified version of the Dragon Masters background to use for this. You are free to use them in your creations too. .png 5200 x 3250 (6MB) .svg source
  9. My entry for Summer Joust 2022 - Bridging the Gap category. Inspired by the assaults on Lothlorien during the war of the ring. The build is not depicting any particular scene from the books, but just trying to capture a mixture of Peter Jacksons darker style, mixed with the classic 1978 cartoon. Link to album:
  10. Petraean Alley Some say black oil is the most precious resource in Kaliphlin, but if you look at where people live, you’ll see it is water. Tall buildings line the the narrow streets and alleyways of Petraea. Crowded cities arise around the scarce sources of water in this desert land.
  11. This is my entry for this year's Summer Joust, in the "Every Set Could be a Castle Set" category. It's a castle-ification of Friends set 41391 Heart Lake City Hair Salon - and a freebulid for Mitgardia as well as an Age of Mitgardia House II entry here in GoH! _______________________________ As a Dwarven barber, Per Wilkinsson had always considered that facial hair was a matter of utmost importance. A silky, impeccably plaited moustache showed off high social status in a tasteful, distinguished way. A disheveled, bushy beard indicated more than just a lack of elegance. He had been apprentice to the best barbers in Omurtag, had obtained the repected title of Master, and had learned all the arcane secrets of his art. He was at the very peak of his career when his wife unexpectedly inherited a significant mining concession in some remote, backwater corner of the Heavenly Mountains. And she decided they would move there. A simple life and the jolly atmosphere of a familial mine, away from the vicissitudes of the bustling city - that's what she suddenly wanted for their children. Undaunted, Per decided he would open his own barber shop there, civilize the local savages and bring them the light and benefits of proper beard grooming. _______________________________ As usual, a few more information of plants and animals is included in the hidden section below! And, also, a comparison with the source set.
  12. jtooker

    Pizza to Go

    Hungry upon entering Batuhan, Rhaylf began looking for a tavern and a warm meal. Before he could get to the center of town, his nose lead him off the main road. “Traveler! Try some pizza.” Noè the proprietor shouted from a counter window. “Pizza?” Rhalyf replied, “I have not heard of such pastry, but its smell is agreeable." “Ay, it is recipe from my homeland, Varlyrio,” Noè explained. “My wife, Melitina, makes the dough and bakes it in the oven, fresh. My son, Federico, even makes deliveries - mostly to the on-duty guards who cannot leave their post over the noon hour. We have made a good life in the three years since we left Illaryian; as Batuhan as grown, so has our business." Rhalyf laid down some coin and enjoyed some pizza before heading on his way. I built this MOC for the Summer Joust 2020’s Every Set Could be a Castle Set category. It is based off of set 6350 Pizza To Go. For a write up of techniques including tutorials and inspiration, see this post. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category: Architecture → walls #1 (Tudor) Website | Flickr | YouTube
  13. After spending the better part of the season up north in Mitgardia, Rhalyf heads south looking forward to warmer Kaliphlinian temperatures. The beauty of the frozen lake and snow covered trees unnoticed as the cold wind whirls past. This MOC is my entry into the Frozen North category of the Summer Joust 2020 competition. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category Landscape Design → Snow and Ice Website | Flickr | YouTube
  14. jtooker

    Buğra Quarry

    Mining in Buğra Quarry has been busy since filling the collapsed tunnel. The dwarves are behind in filling quotas for the villages and settlements to the south, especially the wall at Batuhan. The pay is incomparable and has brought workers from across the continent. The Buğra Quarry is my third entry into the Summer Joust 2020 contest as well as LOLUG’s July contest. The theme for both was “tri-color”. The MOC came out a bit larger than I had anticipated. It has at between 8,000 and 10,000 pieces. It felt a bit like I was just spraying down parts at some points while trying to keep the rockwork varied and interesting. I had been planning a quarry MOC for a few months as a source for all the stone used in an ongoing MOC. You can see a preview of it here and here; I am working on expanding it and will post pictures on my website when I get it done. I’m also submitting this MOC for review in the University of Petraeas Doctorate of Historica Program under the following category: Landscape Design → Studs up rocks and cliffs Website | Flickr | YouTube
  15. jtooker

    Eallesborough Keep

    Eallesborough Keep has guarded the forest at the base of the mountain since time immemorial. This micro MOC is my fourth entry into the Summer Joust into the "Puristic Parts" category uses only basic bricks and plates. Website | Flickr | YouTube
  16. adde51

    Kiruna watchtower

    A few years ago, on one of his travels, Tabib D'Odo found himself in the frozen land of Mitgardia. He had made the journey to try and establish some relationships with the northern people as he knew it might come in handy in the future. This was before Mophet had grown to the city it is today, but Tabib had already started to prepare for what he hoped would come. He knew the resources from the northern forrests and mines were instrumental to what he hoped Mophet would one day become. Accustomed to the warmer weather in the glorious sand pit that was Kaliphlin though, he did not enjoy the rugged climate...nor was he too fond of the short-in-stature, and grumpy dwarfs that inhabited the land...But sometimes one must do what is required. He found himself in the southern parts of Mitgardia, west of the Winterlakes, before deciding that he had travelled far enough. On his way to Mitgardia he had passed through some very pleasant villages and made some good aquaintances which he hoped would be beneficial in the future. Had had also heard wispers of a magnificent city in the sky but failed to really grasp where this place was located. As he walked through the forrest carrying a bag of Kaliphlian spices and herbs intended to ease any negotiations, he came across a watchtower near a place called Kiruna. He was greeted by a short and very sturdy man that called himself Sten Håård. He was the captain of the watchtower and along with two of his camrades it was his responsibility to watch over the region. A small, nearly frozen river ran alongside the watchtower and around it, a few chickens slowly walked about. Tabib and Sten got along surprisingly well and after a few pints of ale, Tabib was informed that trade with the northern tribes in the area would not be a problem. He left the frozen land with a smile on his face, and started the long journey back to his beloved sand pit, of which he was very proud to be a part of. So this is another one of my entries to the summer joust, this time in the frozen north category. Hope you guys like it!
  17. TitusV

    Tíre Village

    Tíre Keep is one of the most valuable strongholds of Avalonia. Though it has never been occupied, it's real advantage is the lighthouse: Avalonian ships are ensured they will not get lost the Great Western Ocean. ---------- ---------- My entry to the SJ '17, I'm glad I finally got around to posting it here. Category is the Castle Collab, and my amazing team mates are @Henjin_Quilones and @The Maestro (who's builds will follow). I would like to thank them, and of course the organisation, since I had great fun and I think so had everyone else. Note that it would theoretically be possible to combine all four builds into one big build withouth any (easily noticeable) seams by putting them next to eacht other. The only thing I'm not very happy about are the fleshies figures, but well... My team insisted! And I have to concede it works well with the (somewhat darker) atmosphere we tried to create. Thanks for looking, CC very welcome! Tíre Courtyard Tíre Gatehouse
  18. TitusV

    Tíre Courtyard

    Tíre Keep is one of the most valuable strongholds of Avalonia. Though it has never been occupied, it's real advantage is the lighthouse: Avalonian ships are ensured they will not get lost the Great Western Ocean. ------------ ------------ My second entry to the SJ '17, again for the Castle Collab, and my amazing team mates are @Henjin_Quilones and @The Maestro (who's builds will follow). I would like to thank them, and of course the organisation, since I had great fun and I think so had everyone else. Note that it would theoretically be possible to combine all four builds into one big build withouth any (easily noticeable) seams by putting them next to eacht other (and of course removing the border ). The build was heavily inspired by DC's builds, which I think is easily noticeable. The shutters were borrowed from ZC's "Ye Slightly Newer Forge". Still, I'm very fond of this one (especially of the completely-timbered tudor sections) Thanks for looking, CC very welcome! Tíre Gatehouse Tíre Village
  19. TitusV

    Good Old Days

    I dreamed tonight. Of the times when our good King Artorious still sat on the throne. Of the times when Avalonia still was the strongest guild. Of the time I was part of the Dragonflight, and stationed on the Mystic Isles. Of the time our biggest problems were still hiding in the vast woods. Of the time life was simple. Of the time life was good. I dreamed tonight. So, my part of the Avalonian entry for the Guild Creation category in the Summer Joust, over on Flickr. A nostalgic build, using DC's Guide to Building a Medieval Village. Thanks to him for the lovely techniques, to my fellow team-members for the support and to InnovaLUG for hosting the contest!
  20. Built for the Summer Joust, Guild category, Team Kaliphlin. And also a free build! After the civil war in Kaliphlin ended in stalemate, the main concerns of it's leaders turned to how to rebuild their shattered economy. Marauding armies had raided and decimated farms throughout the land, leading to widespead hunger and deprivation. Peregrinus had fared somewhat better than it's neighbouring provinces, as most of it's battles had been fought against Ulandis on the sea. Although not blessed with much arable land, the locals have made do by cutting into the hillsides, creating terraces where produce can be grown. Soldiers from both sides of the conflict have found ready work on the land, finding a new common purpose after the exhaustion of war. Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 1 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 2 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 4 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] Many Ulandian personnel were washed ashore on Peregrinus during the fierce naval battles fought off the coast. Here a stranded Ulandian veteran is reduced to begging for alms on the street. A Peregrinian soldier on patrol is moved by his plight and helps him with money so he can buy his passage home. Terraced Villa in Peregrinus - 5 by Gabriel Thomson, on Flickr] I feel like a bit of a fraud cause i didn't actually take part in the Kaliphlin civil war... (work was bonkers during that time), but at least i can play a role in showing the recovery afterwards! Anyway, i hope you have enjoyed looking at my build. C&c welcome as always.