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Found 28 results

  1. Hello i would like too present you my MOC MAN TGS 8X8 Version 2 It has a 4 Speed gearbox shifted via 1M Motor and a Stepper other Motors are: 2XL Driving, 1 Servo Streering, 1M Dumping. Version 2 because the first one failed my extreme test 30 deegres incline fully loaded with bricks, i had knob gears wich transfered the power to the rear axels which started grinding at other parts because of the play in Lego and the forces. So i started building a new Gearbox which needed too be all with Straight gears for best stability. And i fitted it with the new differentials. Tipping is done with a M Motor which is down geared and drives a wormgears that work as a spindle and pull the gray part which starts the tipping. There was no place for an Actuator The model is build for maximum power and offroad capabilities if i hould it and would drive it spinnes all wheels in lowest gear it ways around 5kg Its powerd with a Buwizz but IR receivers and Battery Box could also be installed I hope you have some questions about the model.
  2. In my trailer thread i prommised something new and here it is... In germany there's a scripted reality in tv caled "Truckerbabes" and it's sometimes funny, if you stay there while zapping. One Lady is driving for "acargo Hamburg" and the company's style is complete yellow. Evererything is yellow, including the grill, which is otherwise black and what's usually chrome is now black. This lady is driving a Scania but they also have the TGX and that's my absolute favorite truck. I already had the honor of driving it and fell in love. So my decision was easy. The right color concept and the right truck. I only had to design it studless... At first i thought it was impossible, but somehow it worked. The first try, only the left side: Comparison with the Magnum: And now, a few days later:
  3. I am living in the Ruhr Area and would like to present you my new MOC as homage to my home city , the MAN TGS "Feuerwehr Bochum" That's the real truck Functions of the MOC: Drive: 2 PF-L Steering: 1 PF servo Lift: 1 PF-L on 2 long LA Lock & Arm: 1 PF-M The emergency lights including control is from and the sound module from It is controlled by 2 SBricks and the electricity comes from the LEGO accu box. The chassis and kinematics come from Efferman, it was only converted to the new LA and got a technic robe and the cabin is inspired by TheItalianBrick 's TGS 8x8.
  4. Hello i would like too present you my next truck an MAN TGS 8X8 The model features 8X8 drive via 2XL motors with 4 Speed gearbox which is shiftet via 1 M motor. Steering is done via 1 Servo motor. The model was build for good offroad performance and high power, it weights around 3kg. The maximum slope it can do was 60% which is 30°. It is also able too drive in the garden in the sand. The challenge was building a strong drive train with a 4 speed gearbox in the small space. The front axles are pendular as well as the rear, i testet the front even with springs but pendular worked for me better in the terrain. The model can even be driven with pf ir receveirs and battery box. The tipping is done via 1 L motor and a self build worm gear drive because a linear actuator was too big. This model is powerd by an buwizz which works great but also was challenging because i switcht mid building too it which meant i had too redo the gearbox many times because of the new power. If you got any questions feel free to ask
  5. Navyfriend

    Spider-Man 3 Final Battle

    file:///C:/Users/Cole Kennedy/Pictures/iPhone Pictures/Building Instructions [Spider-Man 3 Final Battle].html# <-- Here is the link to see the build. The reason I joined this site was so I could show off this build. This build was inspired by a build I found on here that was created by CM4Sci. His was a bit smaller, but still looked very good. However, I wanted to try and make one that I thought would fit the set better. This build contains 471 pieces and features 5 minifigures.
  6. Hello, this is a WIP of my latest moc: a MAN TGS 8X8 leafspring suspended fully RC with autovalve compressor pump! Plus many other features and functions. It also features many attachments, like a Fassi F1950 XP crane fully RC using new pneumatic V2 system! It also has a dumping load bed, a front snow plow (this will be shown later on when completed! The idea is to use the cabin and chassis as a starting base to develop more mocs like the XXL version of the same truck, 3 axle, 4 axle, 5 axle. Functions: - 8X8 driver train driven by 1 L motor - Realistic steering system with levers (plus different angles between 1 and 2 axle) steered by an M motor - Pneumatic compressor with autovalve powered by an L motor - 2 IR receivers that controls the drive, steer, 1 pneumatic switches (in this case used for tipping the bed) and 1 more motor for extra function (in this case used to rotate the crane) More pics here: I'll progress I'll take more and better pics. Enjoy what I have so far! And this is the crane, it's also a WIP but so far I'm happy with the result!
  7. Hello, I want to introduce my latest truck. I built it for almost two weeks in LDD. I need to order some parts for the real one It is RC and uses a XL and a servomotor Hope you like it :)
  8. Gilberto_Aguilera

    2015 HulkBuster redesign to be in scale.

    Hello gents, in this topic we would discuss modding options to redesign the avengers age of Ultron Hulkbuster, i would advise all those who have the model and have already modded it to thoroughly describe the process. We advide to only use pieces from the set, but if you do have to use another piece, please do specify the piece number and colour so the rest of us can then purchase it if we wish to follow your steps. Furthermore i advise please not to be greedy, this topic is about sharing, so we can all have a good definitive hulkbuster. So please if you have a good design then don't hog the design.
  9. Hey everyone, Here it is, after about half a year of on and off work, my new MOC, a working model of a MAN TGS Dakar Truck. A video showing all the functions: The chassis is entirely LEGO, and has: -Servo steering -4x4 transmission -2x buggy motor drive -live axles on front and back -opening doors -working lights It also has custom stickers, as well as a box for the rear, made of styrofoam board, acrylic stickers, glue, plastic sheets, and regular stickers, which took a while to perfect, but turned out pretty well in the end. Hope you guys like it!
  10. Need I say more......? If you like classic space please consider voting for my Lego Ideas set: Apparently size does matter by billyburg, on Flickr
  11. Hi, Please check out pictures of my Lego Bat Mobile (original movie) with working Bat Signal on my web site or visit Lego ideas and check out my projects under Legoavatar. The Bat Signal actually throws out the Signal in a dark room!!! Also see my other projects, Lego Avatar Mech, Scorpion, Sampson and Lego Football with Stadium...
  12. legoavatar

    Lego Football/Foosball with Stadium

    Please check out my Lego Football/Foosball with stadium (Legoavatar) on Lego Ideas or go to my web site to see my projects. The Football game can be customised to accept any Lego figurines such as Batman, Villains, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty Hunters, Police, Firemen, Lord of the Rings, Chima etc...
  13. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    Please check out my Lego Avatar ideas; Avatar Mech, Avatar Scorpion, Avatar Sampson and my other projects Lego Football and Lego Bat Mobile with working Bat Signal!!! Check out my web site
  14. Hi all, some of you may have seen this already, it had been added to the bottom of an old thread a few months ago. The truck is very close to being finished now and its huge! the plumbing has taken me an age to sort because its running with two compressors and six switches!! Couple of jobs left to do, need a good fifth wheel design and the rear hitch needs better hook up points for attachments - if anyone has any ideas it would be great if you could let me know. the trailer is a six wheeled monster as well which should be able to carry a load of around 7kg but its still along way off being completed at the moment.
  15. Hey all, I have been working on an MAN SL202 in the Redbus NZ paint scheme: This model has full suspension including an auto-kneeling function where when the front door is opened the front left air suspension is lowered. I have built most of the chassis and the front and rear suspension, but as you will see the front suspension needs a complete overhaul due to steering problems. Time to stop rambling on and give you some images Air hoses are for the kneeling. Rear view. Front view of front suspension, not the left side wheel is over-rotating when steering and causes the wheel to lock at a right angle to the chassis and stopping forward movement. When it is able to drive the steering is at a bad angle when straight and this causes a large amount of resistance. When the steering is turned the geometry is way off and causes major sledging and resistance. The front axle when kneeling. The pump and RC switch for the suspension lowering and raising. Rear suspension design. Rear suspension's range of movement. Chassis view. So as you can see the project is coming along nicely but the front axle suspension needs a complete overhaul so any designs that work well would be greatly appreciated These photos and more can be found in a bigger size on my Bricksafe:
  16. Hello Everybody! My first MOC's 2 functions: -HoG steering -Openable doors. This model made 100% of LEGO parts. The pictures: (This is a HUN blog.) Thnx for reading. Sincerly: Matthew
  17. Hi, I am presenting you my latest MOC – a mega monster, which I would gladly have it parked in my backyard (I would of course need a large backyard first) - MAN M1001! Since this creation was being built during a lot of night shifts since the end of March 2013 until the end of July 2014, me and this beast are almost in a kind of relationship and through that year and a half I have hated it and loved it again, almost left it, but returned to it... Now, as this saga of mine is soon to end (recycling), I'll indulge myself a little and also write something about the real truck and some creative adventures I've had building. I also want to present the MOC with a bit more photos, I hope it is OK, I haven't found any limit regarding number of photos in a post. If there is some violation, I'll gladly make it right. Those of you, who are not so much into reading, I suggest you just skip it and proceed to photos – no hard feelings. MAN M1001 / M1002 / M1013 / M1014 I haven't found extremely much data on the web. There is a lot more on younger M1001 relatives KAT I and KAT II. A summary of the data obtained is as follows: Those trucks' production started in the early eighties in Germany in the factory MAN AG for the needs of American armed forces and have been designed as a tactical 10-ton tractor units for transport and supply of tactical missiles Pershing II (MGM-31C) and Gryphon GLCM (BGM-109G). Through several versions and successors the MAN 100x series proved to be one of the best off-road tactical vehicles around the world. According to some data, it should not have any problems with fording up to 120 cm water, climbing slopes of up to 60%, sideways driving on slopes up to 40%, overcoming the 1.9 meter trench and overcoming step to a height of 0.6 m (depending on tire size and undercarriage configurations). American forces have used four versions of the basic truck that is powered by 400 horse (several data) V10 turbo-diesel. All versions are built on extremely torsion-resistant box section framework 8x8 chassis with steered front two axles. All axles are rigid "live" axle with rubber mounted springs and large shock absorbers. Basic models are the M1001 - a tractor with a crane, winch and even 30 kW power generator and the M1002 - "tow truck" or a wrecker with a crane, a small flatbed and a carrier for a bunch of spare tires. A little younger models are the M1013 which had a crane in addition to an even bigger flatbed, and the M1014 which is plain flatbed truck. All, except the M1002, which is longer due to towing equipment, are 8.57 m long , 2.5 m wide and only 2.75 m high (cab and lift), 2.85 m (spare tire) and 3.1 m (the generator). Sources: http://www.truckspla...odel.php?id=646 http://heavycherry.c..._tarpaulin.html At the beginning of my research and modeling, I came across information somewhere (currently I cannot find the source), that the investors (U.S. armed forces) demanded the trucks to be low enough that they can be transported by rail. It is from this demand the trucks got the recognizable cab with trimmed top edges, so the loaded trains remained in the characteristic profile of the rail. With this same purpose the engine is not mounted under the cab, but behind and partially in the cab between the two seats. MAN M-MajklSpajkl Those of you who dug a little through the source pages of the above given description of the real trucks, have probably quickly noticed, that my MOC is actually neither one of the types described - it's a hybrid. At the beginning I fell in love with the M1001, I liked it’s silhouette by far the most and began modeling , but later I found out that because my axle design, the chassis came too high and that it does not look too good as a tractor - so therefore I camouflaged the chassis with a flatbed and of course the obligatory crane. I designed the flatbed and the crane without leaning to the actual models and therefore got a little strange formation of the crane and the outriggers. I tried to replicate the crane as closely as possible though. Modeling process began by obtaining blueprints and photo-material of the M1001 and scaling it to the size of 9398 4x4 Crawler tires. Scaling to these tires produced an approximately 1:14 scale, which already shows the size – but hey, building big was the main idea! In addition to the cross-sectional blueprint of the rear I also used an "en face" photo printed out in scale, so it was much easier to model the characteristic front of the truck. You are to judge, how I pulled it off. I must say that my MAN is not nearly as technically superior as I have described its big brothers above and that it is a beast only if you use a little imagination or see it on photos… I'll soon tell you why. But first,... 1. MOC DATA: Length: 79 studs overall (63.2 cm) – I had to lengthen the chassis for 2 studs due to drive train Width: 23 studs (18.4 cm) + rearview mirrors max. 4.5 studs on each side Height: 25 studs (20 cm - top of the cab without air vents), 31 studs (24.8 cm - top of the folded crane) Weight: 3680 g (truck) + 280 g (crane) + 640 g (4 power generator (cargo) only one with six AA batteries) = 4.6 kg Part count: ALOT! I will provide exact number when I disassemble it, I'm guessing about 3000-4000 pieces - update: after painfull disassembly I counted 4404 parts. Motorized functions: - 8x8 propulsion (reduction from the engine to the wheels 1:21 in 1st gear and 1: 12.6 in 2nd) - Front two axles are steered in first/second ratio 1:0.67 + working steering wheel - Two speed gearbox (1 - 1:1667, 2 - 1:1) - Differentials lock on axles 3 and 4 - Working windshield wipers - Automatic pneumatic valve for lowering / raising the outriggers Other features and details that I would like to highlight: - Rigid full-sprung axles (live axle) - three point hitch - PF LED headlights, on/off via the PF pole reverser - Opening cab door - Adjustable rearview and side view mirrors - Manually pulled out outriggers - Separately opening sides and rear of the flatbed - "Access" to the gearbox via a door in the bottom of the flatbed - Access to the imaginary controls for pneumatic or. "Hydraulic" pump through the side door on the flatbed - Access to power switch for the front light through the side door on the flatbed - Spare tire - Illustration of the engine behind the cab - Manually "driven" crane Atlas 4300 M5 with a double pull-out arm and winch - "Rich" dashboard - Seats and shifting stick in the cab - Protective grids for front and rear - Cargo – power generators (the idea was born out of a major sleet storm in our country past winter) - I must have forgotten something... PF components used: - 2 x XL motor for propulsion (engine coupled with the so-called "adder" differential) - 1 x L motor for steering - 4 x M motors (auto-valve, gearbox, differentials lock, wipers) - 2 x PF switch (on / off lights, pole reverser on one of the XL motors) - 1 x PF led lights in front - 3 x IR receiver (v2 drive and wipers, 2x the ordinary for the rest) - 4 x large BB (one for power, three for lipstick – power generators) - 1 x IR Speed Remote control (drive and wipers) - 2 x IR remote control (the rest of the motorized functions) - 1 x PF extension wire 20 cm - 2 x PF extension wire 50 cm And now some photos to take a breath during such a heavy reading… Looking mean… Ready to unload… The crane stood relatively well to the loads applied, due to much bending I have only tried it with the empty generators. High loads (kids) led to the main two LA snapping of the pins, since they were not transversally braced. Atlas 4300 M5 crane Flatbed with lowered and removed sides… The generators… I find them quite cute, so the lineup was necessary. For those who have yet to read themselves out of breath, I would have a little description of the "guts" of this birdie. Bare naked chassis (more or less) for starters: 2. CHASSIS AND BODY The truck was meant to be modeled as realistically as possible and so I decided for the chassis of two main studfull beams, which were laterally connected in a fairly robust box-section frame by the 5x7 technic frames. The beams were changed countless times, because in the course of construction a need for holes exactly where they were not would came up, or there were certain parts in the way, etc. The cabin is built from a combination of studfull and studless technic bricks, and even some sytem bricks were used for better looks. All other parts of the truck are in "full studless" technique, with some little system bricks add-ons. 3. AXLES and DIFFERENCIALS LOCKS As soon as I had the idea for a 8x8 truck, along came the idea of planetary reduction within wheels. There are very good solutions for this kind of reduction within the "large racing" wheels (ZBLJ), for "medium racing" I found none, well at least not such that would ensure that the technic turntable is as close to the wheel as possible. I thought of a solution shown below, which looks good, but has the disadvantage that it is necessary to attach the wheel to the turntable before attaching the turntable to the axle. The wheel is attached to the freely rotating 4L axle with stop, so it must be pushed next to the turntable well and in such a way that small technic bush and the free end of 2L red axle are caught between two spokes of the wheel. Of course, the wheel must be turned with the spokes inside. It was a little easier to push the wheel into place when I got some new axles 5L with stop... I find this kind of reduction very interesting, but it creates a lot of friction, which is fatal as you'll read further on. The trucks' axles were the first parts designed and they too, like the chassis, have seen many, to many variations. Back then, when I was designing the axles, I only had enough of the "new" bewel differentials. Locking those is a little more volume-consuming, and therefore such a fat boy for the axis, which you can see below. Differential is actually locked by locking a "by-pass" axis. Because I undertook this for the first time and because I spent all 9L links I had on suspension, it was a real hassle to find a solution for remote locking differentials. I figured out some kind of lever solution, where the mechanism mounted on the chassis practically just hugs a small lever on the individual truck axle. In such way both of the non-steered axles' differentials are synchronously locked. Unfortunately, the system worked well for the locking, while the unlocking of the rear axle was very hard or almost never unlocked -I blame the designer! On the photo below, you can see the transmission from the motor to the double "fork" from the bottom side of the truck and the »fork« hugging the lever in the detail in the lower right corner of the photo. 4. PROPULSION This is more or less a sad story - maybe mix of bad decisions and inexperience. Yeah, THAT THING WON'T DRIVE! As you will see in the video I’m preparing, it only works in the "air" mode. The reason? This colossus is heavy as ... and my enlightenment has insisted on feeding drive to all four axles from a single source. Imagine now half a meter long technic spindle full of universal joints and to ensure easy win, use two CV joints directly on the power source. Those babies sure can take some torque - NOT! Add another bunch of gear in each axis and in each wheel and you get a CV joint without the »joint« part. Anyway ... noted, written in the black books of things not to do! After many attempts, I decided to leave the matter as it will; it should be as an example for the future. 5. STEERING Again, things could not be much worse here, well I suppose it could fall apart completely. However, I like the concept that I tried to put to work very much, so it was again left to be represented in the "air" variant: Proposed design does not use the usual steering rack, but a system of levers, a bit closer to the real 4 axle truck steering system. One wheel hub is pushed forward and backward and this hub is linked to its own pair to the other side of the axis by a rod. The theory is, of course, one thing, and the reality is another. Please find below a display of described system, first the mechanism on the left side of the chassis where the motor is. The worm screws drive two lateral axles and steering wheel in the cab for which I've succeeded quite an interesting transfer with simultaneous reduction 1:8 of L motor speed (see the detail). Each of the transverse axis has a different reduction of rotation, so as to ensure a smaller turning of axis no.2 against axis no.1. Thus, the reduced rotation drives the levers, which steer the wheels. For this reduction, there is quite a simple calculation using geometry - for my MAN it should be 1:0,73. I spent some time looking for the most ideal relationship between the technic gears, but then again, a compromise, and I installed the ratio of 67% (1 - 12/24; 2 - 12/36), which is not very far off. The system, unfortunately, did not work under the weight of the cab and there was too much backlash in all these levers. In order to alleviate the matter, I connected the levers with technic friction pins, hence the axis are a bit jumpy when "air" steering due to overcoming the friction in pins. I know, I should change back to frictionless pins for »air« steering presentation, but… hmnjah… 6. WINDSHIELD WIPERS Motorized windshield wipers are one of the cutest and reliable functions of this little toddler, especially since they're controlled via the IR Speed remote control and thus can adapt to the amount of rain. It is a simple version of the system that drives wheels on steam locomotives - the rotation transferred to the oscillation. It only bothers me, that I somehow didn't manage to get the motor that drives the wipers somewhere in the bottom of the cabin and therefore there is a driving axle between the seats leading to the motor behind the cab, which is to me quite a fine mockup for the real engine. The reason that there is no room under the cab is in the fact that the main beams of the chassis stretch quite deep into the cab and that the suspension of the front axle is attached just below the seats. 7. AUTOMATIC PNEUMATIC VALVE and CRANE OUTRIGGERS When I was almost finished with the truck, there was only one free PF function left and the crane outriggers were missing. There was practically no space left, except behind the spare tire. Luckily, I managed to squeeze in there a modified version of the automatic pneumatic valve by My version is just geometrical adaptation to the space that was available and I think I succeeded well. For those who may not know (not many here I guess): automatic pneumatic valve (there is quite a handful of different types from several inventive authors on the web btw.) is a pneumatic valve with only one motor powering a pneumatic pump and switching the lever of the pneumatic valve at the same time. I had quite some difficulties and I spent some time looking for the right combination to attach the valve softly enough to work as it should. If it was too stiff, it would not change the valves position when changing the motors direction. From left to right you can see a pneumatic pump, driving PF M motor and worm with a pneumatic valve on the photo below. The solution for the outriggers manual extension is IMHO really a small piece of art. Well, a good idea at least. They’re mounted in 5x7 technic frames, through which two axles slide and are protected from falling out by a connector. Since the pneumatic tubes pushed the outriggers outside, I made a "lock" to hold them in place. Loading capacity of the outriggers is of course purely symbolic. CLOSURE, FINALLY And now to conclusion: I'm tired, and not of writing so much of my bad English. I will not start on such a vast (at least to me) and long lasting project for some time, if ever again. I'm really happy that I can finally fully present this MOC to you and I am pleased also that I insisted until it was finished, even though not completely succeeded, but managed to learn a lot of new in terms of design and construction of such a model. I am pleased with the level of small details, which I think for me is increasingly important for a MOC to have. Thanks to all who survived this long writing, as well as the rest of you who just looked at photos and grimacing at the amount of the text. No hard feelings, eh? For those curious, find at this link a number of additional photos, including some of those during the construction, which I didn’t include in the presentation. Best regards, here is another photo of my third child to conclude. Miha And finally - a video:
  18. Sir Brickalot

    (MOC) Iron Man 3: Harbour Showdown

    Iron Man 3: Harbour Showdown by Sir Brickalot, on Flickr I'm on a MOC roll!
  19. These are the first two "completed" vehicles of my Copenhagen Fire Depatment project. If I ever get around to it I am going to change the white doors for a solution with grey tiles. I always kind of hated those white doors, but they were all I had. Also I need new stickers on plastic in stead of paper, they look horrible around the edges. The first one is the I3, a Mercedes Econic rescue truck. It has e crew of 4, 2 in the front cab and 2 in the back. I am pretty happy with the cab, I might change the bumper though, at least change the head lights to some trans clear ones. Doors open, and a little view to the crew compartment. I am happy with how the back end turned out. I haven't put the equipment in yet, but here you can get an idea of the interior of the compartments. Here is the I2, a MAN dive rescue vehicle. It too has a crew of 4, a driver and leader in the front cab and 2 divers in the back. I think the cab turned out pretty ok, but needs a little internal work for structural integrity Here is a little view of the crew compartment and the tool compartments. My planned reconstruction will fit about twice as much equipment, and look more realistic. I was never quite happy with the back half of the truck. Some more tool compartments. The reconstruction will move the stuff you see in the compartment furthest to the back and hopefully allow me to use the space for more equipment Here is the stuff you saw in the other picture, a hydraulic cutter and some jacks loaded on hand trucks. Please let me know what you think
  20. Breakthrough Army

    Ironman MK II (armor set)

    Ironman MK II (armor set) by Berakthrough Army With fine detailed armor, finished with silvery paint. Enjoy
  21. I present my entry to the Eurobricks Technic Triple challenge. We are off to the sod farm. Ever wondered how they grew such nice grass on your local golf course or the town square? They probably ordered sod and used machines just like these. The MAN TGS has working doors, steering, and a three part crane. The JCB 150t has working tracks, lifting and tilting forks. The Brouwer 1576 has a working 2 cylinder motor and working steering. The harvesting arm features a high speed cutting blade, and a timed blade that cuts the sod pieces to length, and a conveyor to move the sod up to the back pallet. Finally, the pallet holder can be dropped to let the full sod pallet off the back. Read much more at <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  22. Yes another MOC and more CubeDudes. This time Tony Starks Hall Of Armor. Bottom Row: Mk 1, Mk 2, Mk 3, Mk 4, Mk 5. Middle Row: Mk 6, Mk 25, Mk 42,Mk 39, War Machine Top Row: Iron Patriot, Mk 33, Mk 35, Custom Stealth Armor, Mk 7. LDD file for download when Brickshelf folder is public ( ) Comments and Criticism welcome
  23. Hi guys. I was playing around with some Marvel parts and made this purist Iron Patriot. I'm in NZ so the official one won't be possible for me to get/afford. Hope you guys find some use with it. Head: Rhodey head with Iron Man helmet and War Machine visor/mask. Torso: Captain America Torso. Wais/legst: Dark red waist with dark blue legs. Here are a couple of photos: -KingPixels
  24. After making my 15 Iron Man armors I decided to make a villain to fight them. LDD file available for download when Brickshelffolder public (but if you cant wait just PM me ) Comments and criticism welcome. Check Out My Other MOC's Here, Here and Here.
  25. Review: 76007 Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack By Captain Nemo Name: Iron Man: Malibu Mansion Attack Set Number: 76007 Pieces: 364 Price: US $39.99 Ages: 6-12 Minifigures: 5 Theme: Superheroes Subtheme: Marvel, Iron Man 3 Year of Release: March 2013 Price per Piece: 10.986c Here we go! If you’re reading this then you’re now both looking at my first review on Eurobricks, or well anywhere, and looking at the culmination of two days work to bring you this extensive review on the new Iron Man set, 76007 Malibu Mansion attack! A rigorous voting process cut down the open casting call of 300 photos to these select 8 (Or Something?), photos for your pleasure, and hopefully they’ll give you all the views you need on the flagship set of this small Iron Man wave. Box: Size: 15 x 10.3 x 2.2 in If you’re looking down the isle like I was, it may take just a bit of work to spot this one out of the group. While having a box the same size as the recent “Bat &Tumbler” Batman set (Hulk is there to give a minifigure reference), the general dark image and the dark red boarders blend in the box with both the past waves and the newer sets; which while making it uniform, makes it actually stand out less (That and putting it on the top shelf midway inside the LotR theme for some reason; thanks Toy’s R Us). Featured on the cover is the image of immediate peril. Tony Stark is grasping for his life holding onto his collapsing cliff-side house; with Pepper Potts, donned in Mark 42 amour, flying to his rescue; opposite the Mandarin and an Extremis soldier blasting the building from their dark green helicopter. Overall, the image really depicts what the set is about and the reasoning for the specific play features on the back. The back of the box features a collage of comic like picture actions depicting everything in the set. Both the play features are shown (Top left), as is the…wait for it…Flick Fire missiles from the helicopter (Top right). Included are a few sound effect words, that I think somewhat takeaway from the seriousness of the situation (“Thunng” is not an explosion word, nor should it be used so lightly in reference to a house blowing up!). The sides of the box have all the standard information, and it uses the Mark 42 suit as the actual minifigure size reference. An image of the figure line up is also included, as is the image of the lettering on the box stating the set is for “Iron Man 3”. Contents: Upon opening the box, you’ll find three numbered bags, two instruction manuals of different sizes, one comic book, and one sticker sheet. I don’t know why the instruction booklets are different sizes, since there really does not seem to be a reason for it. Inside the instruction booklets however, are the watermark images of the Mark 42 Iron Man and the Mandarin in robes (Picture Featured further down this review). Also included is a nice comic book which I refuse to open—sorry readers, but want to be surprised when I see the film, and so I’m going to try and keep spoilers to a minimum. I’m sure the comic is really bad anyways…Anyways, also shown here is the infamous sticker sheet. Now I don’t hate stickers, and for the most part I think they’re ok, but later on in the build, those stickers on trans clear pieces really become a pain—at the start though, they’re ok. The back of the comic includes the standard minifigure line up, although this time it only includes Marvel sets. Images of the previous 2012 line figures are present, as are the Ultimate Spider-man figures, and the rest of the Iron Man 3 line up. Build (1-3): Bag 1: Ten Rings Helicopter, Mandarin, Extremis Solider The first bag creates and completes the villain’s helicopter, as well as includes the minifigures for the two villains of the set, the Mandarin and an Extremis Soldier (See Minifigures). You’ll first notice how the bag feels almost empty, and the pieces that are there are used up rather quickly—this is slightly disappointing as the helicopter could use some extra bulk when it’s completed. It’s a fast build on this helicopter section, and soon you’ll see a dark green chopper sitting on your table. The build is simple, and it offers little surprises, though I was interested in the build of the front section, which features a 1x2 external headlight brick which is new to me (See Interesting parts). The stickers on this early build are good, but generally unnecessary. I don’t know why Lego believes it’s best to put the symbol of the villain on their vehicle—do they want to be spotted and caught?! The Ten Rings sticker on this vehicle however blends far better than some other villains counter parts (Cough: Bane’s Tumbler), though they could be left off with out any major loss. In terms of the helicopter when it’s complete, you’ll immediately notice that it’s small and slim. Of the superhero helicopters we’ve seen so far, this is defiantly the sleekest one, though not in a good way. I’ve included a comparison to the Joker’s new helicopter, and intend to soon include a picture of it next to Deadpool’s helicopter, which is unfortunately out of my reach right now. This chopper is actually more similar to the Deadpool one., but I digress. A front view of the helicopter makes the vehicle appear somewhat bulky and stronger than it actually is; however any angle on the sides immediately shows you how low down and empty it is. To me, it actually almost looks like some force pushed down on the top of the vehicle and squished it. I think this is mostly because of the sleek low windshield, which gives the whole feeling of being low down. Again, like in the Deadpool helicopter (Which this one seems to almost copy), this chopper too includes an open section for storage (?), though this chopper’s storage space is far smaller and really seems like wasted space (Question to self: where are Lego Engines on Lego helicopters?). The missile hookups on the chopper are pretty standard, much like the Joker’s chopper. There is a small 2x3 stand for minifigures/Mandarin to stand/sit on, which is nice, but it’s almost too extreme to think of it actually being used. Because of the low helicopter height, there’s also little clearance for passengers who risk standing on the edge of the chopper with no constraints whatsoever. There’s also a small clip on each side of the chopper to hold the Mandarin’s ADU gun, which is nice since he’ll need both hands to hold on. Sadly the only function of this chopper is the Flick Fire missiles. Personally I don’t have a problem with Flick Fire missiles—as long as they make sense when being used. The missiles on this chopper make sense being there, but I wish there was perhaps a function that allowed them to appear or hide inside the chopper, much like the more civilian looking chopper which blows up the Malibu Mansion on the Iron Man 3 trailer. One last note on the chopper; while I can forgive the missiles, I cannot however forgive the lack of controls! There’s nothing inside the chopper for the pilot of use! There’s even a 2x2 slope in red which could have easily and effortlessly been replaced by as sloped control brick! Well I guess I now know why the Extremis Solider is so angry… Bag 2: Starting Malibu Mansion, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Mark 42, Mark 5 suitcase, Extinguisher Robot Bag 2 begins what will be the bulk of the set, the Mansion itself. It also surprisingly includes all the remaining minifigures, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, the Mark 42 armor, and the Extinguisher Robot. Also included is a little nod to the second Iron Man film, is the suitcase (With the aid of builder applied stickers unfortunately) which contains the Mark 5 armor that was used to fight against Whiplash at the car race in Monte Carlo. Its a sweet nod, and a smart one too since it’s really only one piece and two stickers—though if there was one piece that should be printed in this set, it should be that. The Mark 42 helmet like all Iron Man ones, comes separately bagged. It’s also important to note that Bag 2 begins the use of the second slightly larger sized Instruction Booklet; an image of this is included above. The build of Bag 2 starts off quickly, and gets the functions placed down from the start. Beneath the “Hall of Armor” is a function built that allows the hall to explode, but more on that later. Once the floor is placed down, you build what perhaps maybe one of the best parts of the set, the small kitchenette. Next to the Hall of Armor is a small lime green and tan kitchen, which could be the gem of this set. It really makes the whole mansion feel more like a home than just a warehouse of Iron Men, which the rest of the set gives impressions of. Included is a very nicely built smoothie machine; and if I have any complaint it may just be that perhaps the shelves are a bit too high—though that’s more comical than anything. After building the kitchen, we move to the most dangerous part of the set (For builders that is!), the large trans-clear stickers! Dun, dun, dunnn! The Hall of Armor is mostly shown through two large blue windows which the builder must apply stickers to. Take note, it will be easier to apply the sticker with the glass panel not attached to the frame. When carefully applied, the end result is gorgeous! It makes the Hall look really high tech, and classy—the whole mansion in fact has that modern age looking “clean” and bright vibe. The Hall, while much smaller than many Eurobricks members wished for (Though I think they should be happy we get it!), is designed to hold the previously released Iron Man suits; as it has name places for Mark 6 and 7. While neither of those suits are included, it nonetheless is a great feature and encourages people to collect the suits (In contrast to Batman, where I guess he just leaves his excess suits lying around like I do). Granted these old suits then get blown up, but…you know… Anyways, it’s time to put in some of the scenic windows. You apply one of the three windows in Bag 2, which requires you to apply two stickers on two bricks. The first sticker goes simply on a white 1x6 brick for looks, which is nice, but the second sticker goes on the large trans-clear window. This is perhaps the most annoying sticker (Along with it’s window counterpart in Bag 3) because not only is the sticker clear—and prone to fingerprints—but it’s also small and not sized to perfectly fit straight on the window. This makes the sticker both hard to get straight and at the right height in regards to the other window which you’ll apply later (Which I badly applied as slightly higher than this one). The sticker on the window depicts Starks super-cool computer thing that can be viewed on various surfaces, this time being on a window, and is showing that an alert is going on off the cliff towards the air (Ergo the Ten Rings helicopter is coming). This sticker ends Bag 2! Bag 3: Finishing the Mansion The third and final bag is all about finishing the mansion, which happens faster then you might thing. The start of Bag 3 begins where the former ended, with you having to place a sticker on another large window panel. Surprise, it’s still challenging to do. This sticker depicts a screen that’s analyzing the helicopter that is coming. In my opinion however, from what we’ve seen in the easiest trailers, it seems like the helicopter is a surprise attack, so these stickers definatly go against that notion. Much like the stickers on the helicopter, these window ones are also not necessarily required, and so they can be left off without loss if the builder chooses to. Having constructed the small floor plate and attached the second window, the build moves to constructing the second main function, which will blow out the third window (See Functions). Also included in this area is the required doorway to nowhere. The roof is then built being composed mostly of two large curved slope pieces in white, as well as a few tiles. There is a small roof/balcony section which would allow someone to stand on the roof. The last section of the mansion is a control center/repair section. This is attached at the back of the main floor section, and helps fill out the mansion, if making it seem a bit cramped in the process. The final two stickers are used on trans-blue screens to depict a high-tech computer, and the large computer itself is on a rotating stand (Like the chopper, this too could use a control plate or two). The repair section is modest to say the least, and is really more like a wrench rack than anything. Attaching this section completes the build of Bag 3, as well as finishes off the build section of the set! But oh, there’s far more then that! Minifigures: Ah the minifigures, the main thing most people first look at reviews for! Notice I placed them further to the end of the review to force people to at least look at the rest of it—hahaha! I win! Anyways let’s get going. For each figures I’ve included multiple pictures, a small bio, their purpose in the set, and a critique of them, so let’s check out the figures! 76007 Characters: Extinguisher Robot, Pepper Potts, Tony Stark, Mark 42, the Mandarin, Extremis Soldier. Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist; superhero. The title character, owner of the Mansion, and the Iron Man armors; who needs to be saved himself in this set! This is the first time we get a minifigure of Tony Stark not in his Iron Man armor; and it’s a great addition. This “civilian” Stark is great, and a big draw for the set. He’s wearing his standard movie shirt in a very nice torso print, and it lightly depicts the arch-reactor in his chest (With a triangle symbol from the second film). His back printing is also very nice and simple, and this Stark includes the new Tony face print with a cocky/determined look and an “Oh s**t!” face. The short hair on his head is in dark brown, though I think black would have been better. Either way, a solid figure and a great draw for the set. Pepper Potts: Tony Stark’s girlfriend, associate, and assistant. In this set, she saves Tony from imminent doom by donning the Mark 42 armor. This is the first time we’ve seen Pepper in minifigure form, and the (Short) wait did not disappoint! She’s in a clean cut white suit, looking all classy, and is a great addition to the set. Pepper sports a long burnt orange ponytail hair, as well as duel faces of a sweet smile and mid-level shock; both of which have cute freckles. Her torso print is simple, but features a thin gold necklace and uses grey triangles to slim her figure. Overall, she’s perfect, and is an important awaited character. Mark 42 Armor: The latest armor constructed by Tony Stark, which features far more gold than the previous versions. Currently information on it is mostly unknown, but both Tony and Pepper don the suit in the set/movie. It’s first interesting to note that the suit in this set comes with a plain white head, and as indicated on pictures, other sets, and in the instruction booklet, both Tony Stark and Pepper Potts wear the suit at different times. Coincidentally, this means that there are many faces underneath the suit, as much as 5. Now to the outside of the suit, which most people are concerned with anyways. Immediately you’ll notice that there is far more gold on this suit then any other Iron Man suit. He has extensive glossy (Kinda like chrome but not that shiny) gold from his torso to his toes, and features the classic circle arch-reactor. The back print includes more gold along with higher levels of silver. The Mark 42 also has gold hands as opposed to dark red. The helmet mold is the same as the previous 2012 Iron Men; and the four pieces required to give him the look of flying are also included. Below are images of the Mark 42 standing next to the previously released Mark 6 and 7; which are not included in this set. The Mandarin: Arch-nemesis of Iron Man and self proclaimed “teacher”, the Mandarin is the leader of the international terrorist organization known as The Ten Rings. What is the Ten Rings? The Ten Rings in the Iron Man films is a terrorist organization led by Mandarin, and is the same organization who kidnapped Tony Stark at the start of the first film which led to the creation of Iron Man. Ah the Mandarin. I was so excited when waiting to see pictures of him…and then this…but then, once I acquired the figure in the set, he’s actually not too bad! I’ve been noticing a trend lately that I usually hate the superhero minifigures when I first see them, but once they’re in my hand they turn to gold—and appear much better in person. Mandarin is no exception, and while the initial pictures of him were mostly negative on account of the hair choices, in person he is so cool. The beard is still a bit off, and it’s a bit of a negative that it covers his nice torso print, but he’s a very nice figure. He has two face prints, one stern and the other angry, which both look great with or without the beard on. This version of Mandarin includes a dark green cape and leg printing, both of which are nice. His torso has the symbol of the Ten Rings, and he has minor/forgettable back printing. The more I look at this figure, the more I like it, and really that’s just an amazing bonus. However the more I look at ADU guns the more I hate it. I wish Lego would stop using the ADU gun—it’s everywhere all the time now. At least change the color to black which looks far better. I do understand that Lego is making this line more “kid friendly”, hence the lack of actual guns, but come on! Extremis Soldier: Unnamed henchmen whose been infected by the Extremis virus. What is Extremis? Extremis is a virus that basically works like a super-serum (Think Captain America). While it gives superhuman strength, it also greatly increases the infected person’s rage; and is so dangerous there’s only a small portion of the population who can take it without it killing them. The Extremis storyline is the main setting for Iron Man 3. In terms of henchmen (Whom I should know about!), the Extremis Soldier is top notch! First off, yes his head does glow in the dark, as the pictures indicate, but that’s not all! While his standard face shows a stern look, his alternative face is a rage fueled, red vein filled, horror show. His face prints are very, very, nice and he’s defiantly a great figure. While the head is a bit limited in use (Sick Superman anyone?), his torso could be used in many themes; it’s a dark bley muscular powerhouse with more red veins popping out. The Extremis Solider includes a nice back print and has dark brown hair with black hands and pants. I definitely want to pick up multiples of him. Functions: All of the functions of this set all revolve around destroying the Mansion…which you know is the first thing you want to do after spending so long building it. Hall of Armor Explosion: The first and most heart reaching function is the ability to destroy the Hall of Armor. This is done by pushing down with not much effort on a red lever at the back right wall of the mansion. Below is a picture of the process, which is rather quick. For the most part this is successful, though I’ve found that sometimes the Iron Men get stuck with their helmets hitting the roof when launched out, which is disappointing. I think that perhaps it would have been best to use a similar function that is next described. Scenic Glass Explosion The next function is the explosion of one of the three large glass panels, to which Tony then falls out of (According to logic or something). The panel flies out very well with almost no effort, and there’s a clip just below the frame that allows Tony to hang for dear life. The only disappointment being that unless the Mansion is hanging over like a table edge, he’ll just be laying there. And finally of course there’s those Flick Fire missiles on the chopper, though surprisingly there’s nothing for them to hit and nock down—bit of a disappointment there. Extras, Interesting pieces, and Extra Pictures : Here’s a picture of some of the more interesting parts of the set, as well as the extra pieces. An extra black lightsaber handle is included, which is the best of the leftovers. Conclusion: Hello? Still awake? I am…so let’s wrap this up! Minifigures: 9/10 The minifigures in this set are great, and really they’re a major draw for this set. No doubt people will buy this set just for Tony and Pepper or the unique variant Mandarin. Designs: 6/10 Overall this set is an ok design. The helicopter is easily the worst and most forgettable part of the set, with the cramped and small interior in close second. However, great choices like including a kitchen and the Extinguisher Robot with the Mark 5 greatly bring up this score. Parts: 10/10 All the parts are good and useful; I especially like the roof and the Hall of Armor stickers. The only parts that are a downer are some of the stickers and the ADU gun, but I don’t see them as a huge deal. Price: 9/10 For being a $40 set, this is very nice. Its price per piece is just over the golden range (10c < 10.986c) and what you get for that is nice. The minifigures themselves will be valuable, and overall it’s a great deal. Playability: 8/10 This has some good play features, especially in terms of functions such as explosions. I do think though that the Mansion is actually set up for play very well with the Kitchen and all for expanded play that’s not just related to the helicopter attack. Overall: 42/50 = B+ Overall, I have to say I like this set. It’s a nice build, if somewhat quick and short, and includes a list of characters I’m very happy to have. The helicopter is a disappointment, as is the somewhat cramped nature of the Mansion, but overall it’s good. I do feel however that if given a large price point, this set could he huge—if expanded, it could be a large selling set, something in the line of the Unexpected Gathering. Really this is a good flagship set for a small Iron Man wave, and it is the best of the three. So if you’re even the slightest fan of Iron Man, don’t let this set slip past you! Enjoy ~Nemo