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  1. legoavatar

    Lego Soccer/Foosball stadium

    Hi All, Please check out my Lego Soccer/Foosball Stadium that can have the teams customised with different mini figures!!! Regards Legoavatar!!!
  2. Hi, Please check out pictures of my Lego Bat Mobile (original movie) with working Bat Signal on my web site or visit Lego ideas and check out my projects under Legoavatar. The Bat Signal actually throws out the Signal in a dark room!!! Also see my other projects, Lego Avatar Mech, Scorpion, Sampson and Lego Football with Stadium...
  3. legoavatar

    Lego Football/Foosball with Stadium

    Please check out my Lego Football/Foosball with stadium (Legoavatar) on Lego Ideas or go to my web site to see my projects. The Football game can be customised to accept any Lego figurines such as Batman, Villains, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty Hunters, Police, Firemen, Lord of the Rings, Chima etc...
  4. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    Please check out my Lego Avatar ideas; Avatar Mech, Avatar Scorpion, Avatar Sampson and my other projects Lego Football and Lego Bat Mobile with working Bat Signal!!! Check out my web site
  5. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    I would dearly like Lego to go down the path of Avatar... three new movies to be released soon! Please check out my recent builds on "". Let me know what you think?
  6. legoavatar

    [MOC] 1966 Ford GT40 MKI

    Good build, it's hard to keep the lines whilst making it small!