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Found 11 results

  1. GerardVanBezij

    [MOC] Gerard's LEGO Stadium

    Hi everyone! My name is Gerard and I am new here at I am a AFOL of the Netherlands and since last year I have been building with LEGO again, after a small dark age. As a football/soccer referee I’ve always been interested in football grounds and stadiums, so eight years ago a started to build my own out of LEGO. DSC01654 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr One of the older versions of the Red Stadium (2010) DSC01947 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr Another old version (2011) Every two or three months I expanded the stadiums, so they became bigger and bigger. Four years ago I stopped building because I did not had the space to build these things. Last year I’ve made some space in my livingroom, so from time to time I have the ability to work on my stadiums. As of this moment I have two stadiums: a red one and a blue one. The red one is the ‘oldest’ one, the blue one is the most recent one. I hope that I can expand them in the couple of months (the last time a build with LEGO was last April…) LEGO Stadium: Update #5 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Red Stadium (2016) DSC_1430 by Gerard van Bezij, on Flickr The Blue Stadium (2017) In this topic I’ll keep you guys and girls posted about my stadiums! Gerard
  2. Delbaerov

    (MOC) Outdoor Hockey Stadium

    Hello Eurobricks world, Having followed the site for a long time, I figured it was time to put up some of my own work to get some feedback (good or bad). First thing I want to share is a project I've been working on here and there for a couple years. I present Delbaere Stadium. This is being designed as an outdoor stadium (nothing like this here in Canada) Current Diemensions Length: 52.5" 133.5cm Width: 58" 147cm Height(Top of the scoreboard): 13" 33cm The Stadium has over 800 seats, a zamboni, dressing rooms, private suites, broadcast booth Under construction: Finishing touches on structure, 2 flood lights, concession stands, ticket booth, other side of private suites. I'll update it as construction continues. Stadium Scoreboard View facing east: View facing West:
  3. RoxYourBlox

    MOC: Green Gables Stadium

    flickr Dome: Baseball: Football: Gymnastics: Modular units: Until next time!
  4. Snugboat

    LDD Court Lane Stadium WIP

    This my own custom creation I've built in LDD. Called Court Lane, its based off of a typical European football stadium. It holds ~300 proud fans, and includes a scoreboard, a tunnel, and a small locker room. Additional pieces are being shipped currently, so this should be built by early 2017. -Snugboat
  5. lookl

    [MOC] Stadium

    Hello This is the Lego version of Cracovia Stadium: more pictures
  6. legoavatar

    Lego Soccer/Foosball stadium

    Hi All, Please check out my Lego Soccer/Foosball Stadium that can have the teams customised with different mini figures!!! Regards Legoavatar!!!
  7. legoavatar

    Lego Football/Foosball with Stadium

    Please check out my Lego Football/Foosball with stadium (Legoavatar) on Lego Ideas or go to my web site to see my projects. The Football game can be customised to accept any Lego figurines such as Batman, Villains, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty Hunters, Police, Firemen, Lord of the Rings, Chima etc...
  8. So we finally finished the baseball stadium! I think it turned out nice and will be placing it in the city soon. It is called Lego Field which is home to the Lego City Stackers. The visiting team is the Brickville Clutchers. Luckily we have a few lego stores in the DC area and they have had the players jerseys and hats in the bins. The stadium has ticket booths, concessions etc. The footprint of the stadium is much larger than it looks in the photos, so I think it will be a great addition to our lego city. Thoughts?
  9. francisg81

    Tennis Stadium (Court)

    Many people want to see more Lego Sports sets such as tennis courts, baseball fields, football stadiums, swimming pools and so on. For all sport and tennis fans, I want to introduce my first Lego Ideas Project, called "Greenbrick Tennis Stadium"
  10. RoxYourBlox

    Aerial Arena

    Aerial Arena To appease minifigs upset about the current revenue sharing agreement at Green Gables Stadium, the mayor of Lego City approved construction of a new multi-purpose arena for gymnastics and basketball. (Is there ever enough money to go around!?) Designed by me from June 1 to July 22, 2014 with inspiration from Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid, Spain and Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, Maincy, France, Aerial Arena was constructed from approximately 33,000 bricks and 400 lots by 8 friends & family with me from December 12-20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Aerial Arena by RedCoKid, on Flickr
  11. As part of the Eurobricks 10th event I entered as my Architecture style entry my attempt at recreating the Aviva Stadium. It came a not too bad joint third. The stadium, which is based in Dublin hosts rugby and soccer internationals. It officially opened in 2010 and has hosted the Europa League Final. It is Ireland's only UEFA Elite Stadium and has a capacity of 51,700. The stadium has 4 tiers. On the north side the roof drops significantly due to the stadium's proximity to local residents. The stadium has its own railway station nearby. The LEGO version encountered several compromises, in particular the roof does not continue all around the north side. This allows a peek into the stadium itself. In other respects the model uses lots of transclear1x2 and 1x1 plates, 1x1 transclear headlight bricks aswell as my entire stock of 1x4 transclear tiles on the roof. Curves are generated using hoses while the seating is recreated using 1x2 dbley slopes. The model incorporates the railway track which bisects the site an angle so wedge bricks had to be used. The pitch itself uses SNOT techniques to recreate the markings of the 6 yard, half way line and penalty boxes while two incredibly rare 1x4 green arches are used to house the centre circle. The roof supports are made of three fireman ladders. Athy Show 2014 002 by Dfenz, on Flickr The real thing can be seen here http://en.wikipedia....i/Aviva_Stadium