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Found 252 results

  1. Hi all, Two years ago my girlfriend's son challenged me to build a 20cm Goldorak (Grendizer), my TV hero from 1978. I first believed it would be impossible, as I remember vividly trying to build a good-looking one with the parts available in the late 70s - fat chance ! So in 2020, I started browsing the Net for Grendizer and Mazinger MOCs, as well as other mechas for inspiration. I loved the models built by Len_d69, samsky76, Marco de Bon, Andrea Chaipella, Kaho82, Moko, but none was capturing the proportions of my hero to my satisfaction. After many, many hours of prototyping with real- and virtual- bricks (thanks MLCad, I love you), I could offer the boy his own Lego Grendizer for his Birthday. One year later, I've discovered how to make renderings with Blender so I can make clean pics of my creations... (it takes so long making real photos) so here's a selection. The figure stands 20cm tall, with a lot of articulations giving a lot of posing value. Here's a little fight to prove the point : Here are some of the baddies (Golgoths in French) he can fight with : ... and here's an ally in the form of his buddy Mazinger (I'll make a post for this one, who is much more famous than Grendizer ;-). You can see more on my Grendizer album ! Enjoy, Alexandre
  2. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Mazinger Z

    Hi all, After posting pics of my childhood hero Grendizer, I'm sharing some of his cousin Mazinger Z ! He's one of the most famous giant robots of Japan, and I tried to get his proportions right while maintaining great posing value, with joints on all the important places - it's been a challenging build ! I'm very happy with the result - so much that I made some adversaries for him, such as Doublas M2 : When the fight gets very intense, Mazinger can suffer - Here's what he looks like, inspired by the fight he lead in his final episode : And I'like to share a special version I made, inspired by the proposal seen on the Lego Car Blog to build in yellow and blue, which prompted me to make a symbolic gesture to support democracy : The fight is hard. War is ugly. But these cartoons - Mazinger, Grendizer - taught us life is more important than everything. And freedom is paramount. You can see more pics on my Flickr album ! Alexandre
  3. The Mugbearer

    [MOC] Prototype Tank (Generation Zero)

    Codename: Stridsmaskin 90 "Resen" The 2nd most heavily armored and armed of the machines, the Tank towers over houses and players alike, shaking the very ground with each step. Do not engage it without a strategy, plan your encounter in advance, and always be ready to run when the rockets start flying. The reference images are under the spoiler:
  4. Eki1210

    Combat Exo Frames - CO.EX.FR.

    In the near future, conflicts are still the same. Mankind battles over land and resources. But warfare itself has changed. Next to traditional weapon systems like tanks etc, a new weapon begins its reign of the battlefield. Highly advanced exo frames, conciousness-controlled humanoid robots, mark the peak of ground combat units. They are used by military, but also scattered through PMCs. Due to the relativley small size of exo frames, they lend themselves better for modern warfare. Fast, highly costumisable, and becoming less expensive by the day, military experts predict a rapid rise in exo frame numbers. CO.EX.FR. by Henrik S, auf Flickr A Frame undergoing maintenance work CO.EX.FR. - Patrol by Henrik S, auf Flickr Troops patrolling, supported by an Exo Frame This is the first Mecha Design i´m happy with, hope you enjoy!
  5. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Jeeg Robot

    Hi all, I'm still working on my "Lego Nagai Collection" (pun intended) so here's my Jeeg Robot MOC - a poseable figure standing 20cm tall. It was interesting this time having those sexy legs to render, very different from the other Super Robots designed by the Japanese master in the seventies ! The original toy had endless possibilities thanks to magnetic joints, and got many weapon add-ons as well as a horse - so kids would collect them all. Here are the Mech Drill reactors for instance : I still feel compelled to dedicate a version to the Ukrainian people - those cartoons spoke of war and actions but the heroes were always fighting for freedom and peace. You'll find more pics on my Flickr album : Enjoy !
  6. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Great Mazinger

    Hi all, well... Geihlen asked for a Great Mazinger after seeing my Grendizer MOC earlier, so there it is ! and in a less thunderous pose : My Flickr album is here : Enjoy !
  7. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Getter 1

    Hi all, I'm still working on my "Lego Nagai" collection, this time I've prototyped my version of Getter 1, another 70's super robot originally designed by Go Nagai of Mazinger / Grendizer / Cutey Honey / Devilman fame. The cartoon showed three jets that could combine, and according to the combining order, the resulting robot would be more suited to certain tasks. The transformation is practically impossible in real life so I've skipped the possibility with my 20cm figure. But I might still work on Getter 2 and 3 when the mood takes me ! Here are some pics : I tried and built a version with a more rounded face and more "holes", as in the original cartoon (for robot's eyes and pilot's cockpit) but the robot ended up looking like an ugly machine from Matrix, so I came back to my semi-cyclops 4-petal plate ! And a special version to say "enough with war !" - Getter is not carrying his "Getter Tomahawk" club / axe this time : The Flickr album is here : Hope you like it. Enjoy !
  8. the Inventor

    [MOC] Fuchikoma and Section 9 members

    For Marchikoma I build this Fuchikoma which even fits a fig quite nicely, see also for more information about the original. Fuchikoma - フチコマ by Ids, on Flickr When I had build this Fuchikoma based on the Ghost in the Shell manga, I also had to come up with some figs based on section 9, These are my (purist) take on the members of section 9, from left to right: Saito - Tactical Sniper Motoko Kusanagi - Major/Field Commander Togusa - Investigator/2nd Field Commander Daisuke Aramaki - Lieutenant Colonel/Section Chief Batou - Lead Investigator Boma - Spotter, Investigator, and bomb specialist Pazu - Investigator Ishikawa - Covert Intelligence and Technology Executive Officer and a Fuchikoma who does not want to miss the photo session. Public Security Section 9 - 公安9課 by Ids, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  9. Codename: Jaktmaskin 60 "Ulven" Intelligent, swift, and silent, the Hunter attacks with lethal precision, showcasing a diverse range of tactics and weaponry to take down survivors of the uprising. They use LMGs and Rocket Launchers at a distance and their deadly bladed right arm in close combat. — Generation Zero Wiki And here's another Generation Zero build! I am proud of the result! The reference images are under the spoiler:
  10. I've been in love with Generation Zero, Avalanche Studios' first person, co-operative shooter about teens in 1980s Sweden surviving a robot invasion. It has a very distinct art style, not unlike that of the famous Swedish sci-fi artist Simon Stahlenhag. I feel like there were some tensions between him and Generation Zero's Devs, but don't quote me on this. The Runner is - hopefully - the first in a line of GenZ-inspired MOCs, and also my first finished MOC of 2022. Procrastination have been wearing hard on me for the past few years, so I welcome any kind of positive change! The reference images are under Spoiler:
  11. AlexGdD

    [MOC] Gaiking

    Hi all, here's another giant robot I've just finished planning in 3D. It's Gaiking, another great super robot design by Go Nagai. In 70's France we did not get the cartoon, so when the toy appeared, it was usually used a as villain against our beloved Goldorak (Grendizer) ! Gaiking combines three vehicles to form a formidable robot, in a very similar way to Big Dai X - another design by Go Nagai. (Check my earlier post with Big Dai X MOC). Gaiking can be equipped with more powerful arms and legs in "Power Up" mode : And of course my MOC can be displayed in Gattai (combine sequence) mode : You can see other pics in my Flickr Gallery : Enjoy !
  12. Hi all, here's another classic Go Nagai robot I had a lot of fun building (virtually for the moment, I need to order all those red parts now !). Very happy with all the rotating cannons and grilles, and the robot can actually transform / separate into 3 vehicles ! Here's how it's decomposed in 3 sub elements : And the 3 vehicles in flight mode : Here's a link to my MOC Big Dai X gallery ! Hope you like it. Enjoy !
  13. Lord Oblivion


    Severed are the seas. Stridently the Sirens sing, Shattering the earth. Instagram Twitter Gallery Some of the design is inspired by the Zaku mobile suits from Gundam.
  14. This is a commission for a client. Valimar is a mechanical knight from a tactical JRPG series Trials of Cold Steel, his signature weapon is a sword named Tachi. This is Valimar's in-game model that have been provided by the client as a reference: I also tried my hand at rendering the MOC in Blender for this one:
  15. Hey folks, New here and hoping to find someone interested in helping me with my project. I'd like to commission someone to design the 7 Divine Knights from the Trails of cold steel series for me. I got full 3D models available in blender for reference. Each one has a different color scheme and details but a similar framework, so I think this would be a really fun project. If you're interested please feel free to throw me a message. (╹◡╹) Cheers
  16. seejay

    Heart Melter Mk 2

    After building version one of this mech a couple of months ago, I realized that I needed stronger joints. It would hold a pose, but just felt to fiddly and prone to flopping over at the hips. This new version feels much sturdier, and I've made instructions for it and shared them on Rebrickable. See more on flickr
  17. I need help with making lego mecha joints, and a good technic frame.
  18. Heartmelter Mark I by CJ Hendrix, on Flickr See more on flickr Build in real bricks and instructions coming soon.
  19. Hello everyone! This time I decided to come without trucks, supercars, and other wheeled vehicles. No, even without tanks or cranes In Russia, the traditions of celebrating Halloween are not well developed, but this does not interfere with the fun at all! This year I was unable to grow a beautiful orange pumpkin, so Lego came to my rescue! The pumpkin-mecha turned out to be a good decoration for the house, the guests were amused by its spider-like legs, and the absence of obvious signs of eyes and mouth made the imagination work hard while looking at the patterns from the panels that make up the body. This strange robot consists of 80 orange panels, weighs 378 grams, is 22 centimeters tall, and 15 centimeters in diameter. In general, the body of the "pumpkin" itself consists of 8 segments, exactly the same except for the inner part (8 ball-joint sockets for the feet did not fit inside one ring). It can be assembled quite simply from 4 parts (although the final connection may turn out to be somewhat tricky). The internal structure, consisting of three rings (one large and two identical smaller ones), allows all panels to be rigidly fixed and not to fall apart even when dropped from a low height. I am very happy that I managed to do without System parts, as well as without Bionicle elements. As a result, I can say that this is 100% Technic pumpkin I hope you enjoyed it, just in case I will leave the file if anyone wants to experiment with such cone-shaped structures. See you next time!
  20. Hello everyone, I'm working on a 40cm tall Gundam, and I need advice on the waist. I would LOVE to have a rotating waist, but given the size and weight, I'm worried it would be a point of failure. Given the dimensions, I'd be relying on a 4x4 turntable plate and that axel to hold the 2 halves of a giant robot together. The idea being that the hips will be built around a gearbox that is re-enforced such that it can be pulled apart vertically so that the axel and 4x4 turntable plate will attach it to the torso. The end of the axel inside the upper torso is flared and can't be pulled out from this end, so as long as the tension on the hip side holds up, the build should stay together. The alternative is very appealing because if I go with one solid torso, I can really reenforce it with pegs, but the downside is that i will lose functionality and the torso will just kinda be a big ol' brick. Is there an approach that I don't know about that might help? I know Lego generally shies away from any kind of hip articulation and i assume it's for structural integrity. The alternative-alternative might be using super glue to glue those gears onto the axel, thus ensuring it can't come apart, but i feel kind of dirty using glue on legos, even if they can be dissolved later if need be. Thanks for all of your help. EDIT: so apparently i don't know how to attach images? I tried to attach two images to assist but they won't display?
  21. Hello everyone! After a long absence I'm finally back. Today I present to you my new creation, a military mecha, I hope you like it! Special thanks to Instagram user m1ndxbend3r for the inspiration. The Mechanized Mobile Combat System Mk. III, abbreviated MeMoCS, is a state-of-the-art multi-role military platform designed to operate in any modern battlefield and conditions, from open spaces to urban combat. It's an anthropomorphic mecha with 6 limbs, 4 upper and 2 lower. Has an armor in composite materials and new ultra-resistant alloys was made to protect against a wide range of threats (mines, RPGs, IEDs, heavy calibers, and some types of cannon shells), also has active contermeasures. New and more powerful miniaturized servomotors and servomechanisms have been used to guarantee unprecedented smoothness of movement. Power is guaranteed by a hydrogen fuel cell battery. The cockpit can accommodate a single pilot who maneuvers the MeMoCS safely. The MeMoCS Mk. III is equipped with numerous sensors: high definition optical viewer, high sensitivity thermal viewer, laser warning system, radar, jammer, and is equipped with an advanced radio, satellite and GPS communication system, plus a modern situational awareness system that, together with its powerful computer, makes it a fearsome weapon, versatile and adaptable. Given its multirole nature, it can be equipped with a wide range of weapons: rifles, CROW systems, missile pods (both ATGM and surface-to-air), sidearms and shields.
  22. alantsao

    [MOC] Orca

    The render images are generated by Studio, I didn't take pictures because I was too tired after finished the instruction.... The tail is movable.
  23. il brovia

    [MOC] my WH40K Warlord Titan

    I'm quite new to Eurobricks Community, so I'd like to start presenting my MOCs with my biggest one so far: it's a Warlord Titan from Warhammer 40000. IMG_20190407_171303-01 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr FB_IMG_1565485466005 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr warlord titan 2 definitivo_2 by Lorenzo Brovia, su Flickr 4966 pieces, about 56 cm tall, designed entirely with LDD (then rendered in Stud.IO) and then built in real pieces. It was a real challenge to design it, in order to make it sturdy enough to let it stand by its own (a must for me),even tough it is still poseable, can rotate the waist, the legs, the arms, the head (a little) and the shoulders cannon. I think that there is no need to describe from which LEGO theme inspired me the color scheme and Heraldry ;-)
  24. I present to you, the first gundam of Allelujah Haptism in the series : Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Type: Lego Gundam Name: Gundam Kyrios Code: GN-003 Size: 1/60 Pilot: Allelujah Haptism Team: Celestial Being Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 ( 機動戦士ガンダム00 Kidō Senshi Gandamu Daburu Ō? ) Reference: _Non-Grade 1/100 _High Grade 1/144 _Anime This is my Facebook page: Flickr album: DevianArt album: You can also check this video for full gimmick and articulation :) These are more image LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With weapon LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr Since this is a transformable Gundam , I also implement the Flight mode for this Kyrios LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr LEGO Gundam Kyrios GN-003 by Demon1408, trên Flickr With a team: Gundam of Celestial Being by Demon1408, trên Flickr Thumbnail by Demon1408, trên Flickr
  25. Hey everyone, This is my first real Monkie Kid MOC Our heroes receive help from the Great Master Korin Mech, to stop Scream, the Evil Warlock Mech Rat from poisoning the land! Check out the Flickr album for more pictures: Monkie Kid and the Legend of Korin