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Found 25 results

  1. Here is my review on 40634 Icons of Play: THE GOOD: 4 recognisable footballer in minifigures. Plus lots of cool minifigures included! New dread locks hair piece in black. Mexican Wave action for the spectators stand. While disjointed, individual are nice on its own and the bench is pretty accurate. THE NOT SO GOOD: Only half a pitch. Not as playable compare to the OG LEGO football sets. Definitely over priced. I like it and I had fun building it but I have to admit there are lot more to be desired if I put away my bias as a football fan, since including recognised footballers is the sole reason I bought this. (plus it was on 20% off during the VIP weekend) The most fun part is the spectator stand both in terms of building and the play feature. Having the fans jumping up and down is brilliant, although my one has a flaw as the part doesn't move aground a freely, this may be due to the alignment of the bricks when I was building it rather than actual design flaw. On the side of the pitch, having a VAR monitor is a nice modern update. The bench also great but I wonder if we ever going to get some clear arch pieces to give it an actual cover. Each of the side builds are still great. It feels like a bunch of $10-$20 dollar sets all in one with half a football pitch rather than one coherent build but this is actually the point of the set given its target age range. Which brings to the major down side of this set, being over-priced. You only get half a pitch and while you can place minifigures anywhere and a movable GK, it doesn't really add much play values compared to the OG football set which is a far superior set in terms of play value. To get a full pitch and buy 2 would have even cost you more than the table football. While there are lot of minifigures and they are excellent, it still feel $50 more expensive than it should be. Even I'm a football fan and with the famous players minifigures, I probably wouldn't have buy without discount unless I have lots of disposable income. But I have to say, having Rapinoe and Sam Kerr as minifigure is unbelievable and lego did well on all 4 players for their likeness. One could only wish they do one with the men counter part featuring Messi, Mbappe ... etc. Also there is a missed opportunity to use actual team kit rather than the LEGO football kit but well if they try to get licenses for each FA it would probably be 4 times more expensive. Anyway, no doubt this is a fun set but it's really not for everyone. There are some cool stuff like the spectator stand which memorable but at the current price, I can only recommend if you really have something you want from this set. Just couldn't find much appeal for a casual fan.
  2. Chapter Master Helmut Von Braun of the Knights Treasurer and the Royalist Terraversan City of Nola Mar are proud to welcome all to participate in the 622 edition of the Brethren of the Brick Seas Football Tournament. Leave all hostilities at the door, and come and test your skills against the best. Category A: Get a team together! To compete in the BFT, you will need to have a team. Traditionally these are comprised of 11 individuals, with a unifying theme - dare we say it; a kit. That said, in previous years teams have comprised of such things as; 10 crates of gold and one lone human, animals, skeletons, etc. In real terms, we don't want the criteria to be a barrier to anyone, but a unified team will find it easier to pass to one another. Important: Please include your team name in the title of you Cat A post and state whether you wish to play defensively, offensively, or balanced. This will have an impact on the goal scoreline. Category B: Pitch your camp! Teams, nations and their fans are camping out all over Nola Mar, from the warehouses on the docks, to the earthworks of the interior. On a 16x16 (or greater) footprint, show us where your team have billeted, and how they've redecorated the place to make it their own. The deadline for both categories is September 30. The tournament will then be run as a straight knock-out. The team that wins the BTFT and the most impressive redecoration will win free build licences in Nola Mar. Please post your entries below.
  3. While the WTC has taken a back seat to Brick Seas affairs since 619, they still managed to cobble a coherent team together for the 622 Soccer Football cup. 622 Soccer Tournament by North White, on Flickr A team of WTC marines arrived in Nola Mar with soccer football grade munitions, and a horse named "Second-Breakfast" as a mascot. (The Pile of TNT counts as a player, as does the horse) FIN I wanted to get a team in for this, but I was unable to get my bricks out of storage before the sun went down, so apologies for the poor photo quality. Glad to see BoBS is still going strong, and I can drop in and out as my life demands. Edit: I'm going Offensive of course!
  4. The third time is the charm, right? Or maybe the fourth. Either way, the Weelond Regimentals will enter the BoBS football tournament for the fourth time, hoping to make the championship game for the third time in a row, but with a new outcome. The Regimentals first appearance in the tournament (in 617) was a last-minute affair aided by geography: all the players were currently on military duty on Isla de Victoria at the conclusion of the Eslando-Mardierian conflict when the nearby city of Trador announced the first tournament. That Weelond team was eliminated at the end of group play, but the team bond was formed. When the next year’s tournament was held in Bastion, the Weelond Regimentals were practiced and prepared, advancing to the finals, but fell to the Red Rogues of Mesabi Landing. But at least they put out an interesting charity calendar. In 619 the Regimentals again made the championship game and looked to have it won in overtime, but a goal in injury time tied the game at the last possible moment, and Weelond ultimately lost on penalty kicks to Team E from Eltina. In 620 hostilities finally broke out on Terraversa, and the Weelond Regimentals found themselves with muskets and backpacks in another war zone, shipped to Pamu. But they saw no fighting, and continued to play football when they could to stay in game shape as the negotiations dragged on through 621. Now Weelond is ready to take the championship in 622. Front row (sitting): Fangio, Victor Rey, Mauricio Montoya, Jan Slegers. Back row (standing): Pedro "Pegleg" Piccio, Luis Fernandez, Lorenzo ('Renzo) Miranda, Cuju Tsu-chu, Gijs Reyngout, Robino "Nino" Grijszon, Raul Baracca. On the crossbar: Patch Verlander, Monkey. The team has retooled slightly. Fangio and Victor have switched positions between forward and midfield, and Nino "The Boy Wonder" and Gijs Reyngout have swapped between defense and midfield, giving the Regimentals a very different look in the transition game. Nino is fully recovered from his leg injury and has really upped his game. Meanwhile, Alberto Verde has been replaced on the team by 'Renzo Miranda. But the constant is Patch Verlander, an old-school (loud, foul-mouthed) coach who believes “If you can kick a pineapple, you can kick a ball!” Between his aggressive tendencies and Monkey’s astute game-planning, Weelond believes an offensive style will lead to victory this year. More on the team here: And a few more tidbits: All C&C welcome.
  5. Together with my mother Anne Mette I have built this LEGO layout for the summer exhibition in the BR toy shop on Strøget (the main shopping street in Copenhagen). The UEFA European Football Championship will be held in the summer 2021. Some of the matches will be played in Copenhagen. Therefore, BR wanted a summer exhibition with football as its theme. Neither my mother nor I are interested in football. But we decided to build the four countries in the European Football Championship Group B: Denmark, Belgium, Finland and Russia. From Denmark we have built Rundetårn in Copenhagen. We built it back in 2018: LEGO Rundetårn | Flickr I have built Brussels Town Hall in Belguim: LEGO Brussels Town Hall | Flickr Anne Mette has built a Finnish forest: LEGO Finland | Flickr I have built Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow in Russia: LEGO Saint Basil's Cathedral | Flickr The layout is exhibited in the shop window in BR on Strøget until July 25th.
  6. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 3409 Championship Challenge

    I can't believe this set released 20+ years ago. Here is my review on 3409 Championship Challenge. THE GOOD: Fun set for everyone and football fans. The shooting mechanism works really well. Great utilisation of pieces to create the goal and using net for goal net. Added as much variations of face as they can at the time of production to give characters to each team. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't really find any fault given the set is really selling the unlimited possibilities of the play feature. Overall, this is a great play set. It's definitely not a set for you if you are into building experience. I like how the shooting mechanism works. It's also great to see how easily they can make a goal with the limited piece variations back then. I definitely look at this set differently compared to how I would see it 20 years ago. It's great they included 2 teams for obvious reasons and I'm surprised how long those stickers last! All I say is I still like this set and would recommend to all football fans or if you looking for something that you can have fun with friends and family.
  7. wallyjarek

    Square Heads Project

    Let me start by saying that the idea for this project came quite by accident, I looked through my drawer with printed bricks and noticed a brick 1x1 with printed eyelets. I have a handful of them and I started to put my hair, caps, etc. on them. I found them very funny and made me play with them positively. I've been working on them for the past few weeks. Superman Surfer Geisha Lone Island Football game Airplain Kill Bill On the road Wedding More pictures
  8. Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the world watched by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. To celebrate the love for this sport, I built this kinetic sculpture of a football player running the ball near the sideline. LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr LEGO Football - Kinetic Sculpture by Aldar Beedo, auf Flickr
  9. BrickDesignerNL

    [IDEAS] [MOC] multi sports set

    This is my first LEGO Ideas contest submission. Concept: one set to create multiple sports (more than shown here) so you can always build any sport you and your friends like with just one set, and start playing. The field is modular so you can I hope you'll love it, and will vote for it if you like it. Thanks!
  10. LEGO England Premier Team of the year (List from PFA). How are you going to pick the team of the year?
  11. A quick opening and review of a 1998 LEGO Town polybag with one minifigure called either "Dutch National Player" or "Dutch Footballer" (set # 3304). This was a Shell promotional polybag set released around the 1998 World Cup soccer tournament.
  12. Hello everyone... per an article I read a few weeks ago, the German National Football Team minifigures are going to be released on May 14th... that is just a few days away from today... for those AFOLs who have no access to buying directly in stores that are across the pond or next to the border of Germany, how would you go about acquiring a complete set?... I want to avoid eBay if at all possible, so any AFOLs out there willing to help those of us who are stuck?... (not sure if there has been a discussion devoted to this - my apologies if there is already)
  13. Hello everybody After seeing that fantastic Iron Builder MOC from Legopard ( ), I decided to make something similar. Due to the fact I love playing Tabletop Football, I tried to make an Lego Lord of the Rings themed version. Lord of the Rings Tabletop Football by Balbo ., auf Flickr It works quite ok (so it´s possible to play with it), but the bar construction with the 1x1 bricks and the Lego 4L bars (they are inside the 1x1 bricks) isn´t perfect, especially when playing a real game because sometimes the bar construction can break. But I´m planing on updating the MOC with a new and more stable construction for the bars in the future Thanks for watching
  14. Am I the first person to catch this and post it here? I just saw this on /r/lego, and had to share it. They already have build videos and instructions for a mini model, but it's still odd it isn't linked to from the Products page yet.
  15. alexandertam

    Football shirts

    Hi, I've been a Villa fan for nearly a decade, been through glory times and really tough times. I've always wanted to do this, so recently, I've combined my love for Aston Villa with Lego, and made some new designs for other teams too. Hey? Any Villa fan in here? To start off with, of course: I've done, in total 4 designs, an Aston Villa 13/14 home shirt, England 2014 world cup home shirt (men and women), and Arsenal 15/16 home shirt. I haven't figured out how to make the 15/16 Villa shirt, so it's still in experimental process, as for why I chose the 13/14 one, but not 14/15 one or earlier. It's because this is the design I like most in recent years. One other thing I did was the Acrons logo, I prefer not to help the betting company to advertise, and I've always wanted to help promote the local hospice. Ever since I did a year of volunteering in a hospice, I've always had many respect with the place, and wanted to help promote this practice. And of course, Acrons is the main charity sponsored and promoted by Aston Villa, as all fans know. So move on to the 3 Lions (England) shirts. It's a hard design, as all things are white. But I've managed to make one for my gf and one each for Gerrard and Rooney. And as all who follow English football knows what Gerrard is famous for.... XD Rooney: You do not flipping slip!!! You do not Flipping SLIP!!!!! Gerrard and Rooney discussing how to take the free kick. He is also famous for being a very efficient person, and can get done by 38 seconds :grin: I meant to do Arsenal players, as I was going to make one for Sanchez, but I ran out of white legs, so they became the top-4 glory hunters (Arsenal fans).... with selfie sticks!! I really think they should be banned in the stadium... don't you agree? The guy can't resist to take a selfie while being chased by a maniac (me) OMG Rooney got into the act! Thanks for reading, tell me what you think :)
  16. Just for the fun of it =) The Reference: Das Dynamische Duo by bricks @ raminator, on Flickr The Figures: Purist Marco Reus and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang by bricks @ raminator, on Flickr
  17. legoavatar

    Lego Football/Foosball with Stadium

    Please check out my Lego Football/Foosball with stadium (Legoavatar) on Lego Ideas or go to my web site to see my projects. The Football game can be customised to accept any Lego figurines such as Batman, Villains, Jedi, Sith, Clones, Bounty Hunters, Police, Firemen, Lord of the Rings, Chima etc...
  18. legoavatar

    Lego Avatar

    I would dearly like Lego to go down the path of Avatar... three new movies to be released soon! Please check out my recent builds on "". Let me know what you think?
  19. STAR WARS FORCE(d) ENCOUNTERS What if Ronaldo and Messi belonged to the STAR WARS universe? Would they be jedi or sith lords? Click the link, register and vote. By 10000 votes this might become an official lego set.Thanks!
  20. Here is the original topic for the Green Gables Stadium. Edit: instructions no longer available.
  21. kinggregus

    Belgium - Argentina

    Hi all! Tomorrow is the big game for us. I am of Belgian nationality and my wife is Argentinean. This needed to be celebrated by creating a small vignette. GO BELGIUM!
  22. Celebrate the FIFA World Cup with your favourite The LEGO Movie characters! Who are you cheering for? Here's an overall pic of the build: Enjoy!
  23. MichalPL

    Training Centre

    Training Centre Training centre for footballers. Training centre has Cloakroom (home & away), Gym, Pool. Flickr Main Street TV Canal+ Cloakroom For home and away. Gym Cups Pool Players have a little relaxation. Coach Football players Funs Spectator capacity - 110 seat The video for volunteers: I invite you to comment :)
  24. Only a minute ago reading a huge full page ad in the morning paper..........AFL Microfigures.....they look a bit Mega-blok-ish with faces on them so Clone Wars looking it's not funny. It appears the AFL is joining a global trend......the NFL in the USA also has a similar series......but hey in both they include their respected footballs....very handy for our normal minifigs to play with right ? In the AFL series it also includes two puzzle pieces which once all collected forms a footy ground (oval shape) complete with goal squares, centre circle and 50m lines. I might just have to buy at least one to see how bad they score a ball......then I need to custom some minifigs......I can then have my own tigers team ! The only thing is they are only available at Coles supermarkets or Coles Express Shell service stations......though two bucks is a good buy. Even though I have a review in the RA to go......I might have to review at least one microfigure........I hope I can find a Crows or Tigers player......oh, to tell them apart in the blind bags.....they all have different hair styles.
  25. Gallery: "Floridian is the best RoboBall player around and the muscle of the Upsilon Team. With his tough armored cladding and gruff, eager-to-win disposition, villains should think twice before tangling with him!" $10 suggested retail. I'm writing a story about my own Hero Team that'll be out by the summer, so stay tuned! Please use constructive criticism, keeping in mind that this is a request MOC (Orange, Blue, White; Football Player), as well as the fact that I build things like a set and do not use that much innovation... Comment away, have fun, and thank you. : )