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  1. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    Lucio I'm sure you can! Put things this way: with a 5X5 section I was able to create a 3 stage boom! Yours is a 7X5? There is lot of room for a 3rd stage boom plus a JIB with 1-2 stages! The problem is the weight! It will be very heavy and that's when you'll probably need LA instead of Pneumatics. I've started working on mine again so hopefully soon will be able to show my crane
  2. TheItalianBrick

    [REPORT] Porsche Contest Trip to Stuttgart

    Wonderful! I'm a Porsche owner/racer and lover myself so really loved this post! Thanks for sharing with us!
  3. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] Crane Truck

    My crane is in a smaller scale indeed. Lucio knows what he is doing, although I would say he can easily improve his crane by adding one more extension and the JIB t it. Nonetheless great model Lucio. Here some ref:
  4. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    suspensions are clearly visible in some pics. But won't be sharing the LDD at the moment. given the hidden functions (pneumatic compressor, autovalve, motorized pneumatic switch) there is no space for 2 XL motors. There could be only if the other functions weren't there. this trucks are not meant to go fast anyway. And it climbs well with the 8X8 drive anyway... Thanks, no I don't agree unfortunately. It seems in the pictures probably but in reality it's very accurate. I could say the cabin is 1 stud too high but it's needed anyway to allocate the battery and all the things going on inside of it.
  5. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] [WIP] Man GTS 6x6

    well to have independent suspensions at the front (not real at all) and "the rear I'm still thinking" doesn't sound like "solved".... but is your truck so I'm ok with it!
  6. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] [WIP] Man GTS 6x6

    what I mean is a lot of asking for tips and suggestuion on how to make things...but probably would make more sense if you first build then show pics and ask suggestions on how to improve it?! Anyway looking at the pics I don't like the suspensions set up at all...with suck a big scale it's so easy to make what's going on in real why not? I do have leafspring suspensions and all axle driven in a smaller scale....
  7. TheItalianBrick

    [MOC] [WIP] Man GTS 6x6

    so many words not even a single sad!
  8. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] Massive Dump Truck

    My friend this was funny! And yes you are right, on a dump truck you'll never find independent suspensions, only on "long distance" truck, but still quite rare nowadays. Anyway, as everybody is saying you'll need to reinforce (I would redesign everything from scratch) the chassis, the suspensions and add more power. when the truck is finished the weight will kill the XL motor, now is fine but later it won't be anymore. P.S. you said you want the glory, well you'll get the glory only if you succeed, regardless how big your project is! Sometime a well finished small model it's better than a big wonky unfinished model! good luck
  9. TheItalianBrick

    [HELP] Dump Truck

    definitely not, more likely to have only the rear axles to be driven. As most of the dump trucks...whether american or european ones.
  10. TheItalianBrick

    [WIP] MAN TGS 44.480 8X8

    I've started working on it again, when will be completed I'll share all the photos and maybe the LDD file, not yet sorry.
  11. TheItalianBrick

    [HELP] Which Technic Set Should I Buy?

    the Porsche is not that badly engineered, by being more complicated than 8070 obviously there are more flaws! But trust'll love the porsche once built! even if you put it on a shelf it simply does the job 10 times better than a 8070! go for it
  12. TheItalianBrick

    [TC10] Front Loader Garbage Truck

    ok I understand! Somehow makes far as everyone can have this option!
  13. TheItalianBrick

    [TC10] Wheel Loader

    well then why don't you cheat a bit? just use the big volvo bucket and make the width bigger, we will still vote for you!! I think one of the option is to use the new thin cylinders instead of the fatter ones...
  14. TheItalianBrick

    [TC10] Wheel Loader

    I think you need unimog tyres and 8043 bucket if you want to create something like the picture....I did try it myself as well with LETURNEAU...