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  1. Check out mine from few years ago if you need some inspirations...
  2. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    No need to have any cable/wires going through it. The lower chassis has a battery and an Sbrick with 4 functions. The upper structure has 2 battery and 2 Sbrick for 8 functions. Everything is separated.
  3. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    I do agree don't get me wrong. I'll try this first and see. Why cables? All the cables for lifting and extending the main boom are in the upper structure. Or you mean PF motors cables? Sorry....
  4. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Not really. The new turntable can only be rotate from the outside and that's not an option for me. Also my upper structure will have wheels to help rotate so it's not actually unsupported. But time will tell....there is always room for improvements.
  5. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Hi guys, I've added a couple of more images to my bricksafe folder to show some progress. I've also phisically built the drivetrain with all the 7 axles and started building the chassis. No photos yet as I'm waiting for an order of parts to arrive first. Here the link as usual: The 2 main boom pistons are fantastic and I was able to make them relatively slim using a technique I believe never used before. Will reveal more details next post. Cheers
  6. I've added the files to my bricksafe folder. Here is the lnk: Cheers
  7. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    You mean more work in progress images of the crane? The Forklift is a 2016 MOC that I've completed and all the images are in my bricksafe folder Igor. Thanks a lot.
  8. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Thanks Igor. Feel free to have a look at my other MOCs on my bricksafe page (link in my signature) Front lights will be added as stickers to be honest. And yes 62.4 wheels. Thanks Jeroen!!!
  9. In the past 2 months I've been working on a mobile crane. I initially started with the Liebherr 1350-6.1 but then decided to add another axle and go for the 1400-7.1 For reference I'm attaching an image of the Felbermayr livery I'm going for. I think blue is a nice alternative to the usual "yellow" technics mocs/cranes! image share Some of the features: integrated pneumatic suspensions (currently this crane can run both on pneumatics or normal shock absorbers) 7 solid axles of which 6 are steered and 5 are driven studded design (although the axles themselves are built in studless technique) as many details as possible (I haven't completed this MOC yet so at this stage there is room for adding more) decals/stickers where needed 2 or 3 Sbricks (1 in the carrier and 1or 2 in the upper structure) 2 L motor for driving 1 L motor for steering 1 M motor to extend the outriggers 1 M motor with autovalve to lower/raise the outriggers pneumatics. At the moment only the carrier has been completed digitally, upper structure to follow The chassis itself it's a 5 studs tall/thick and should provide enough rigidity. As you can see the outriggers take quite a lot of space, both driving and steering shafts had to go either below or above them! upload pictures Here a view of all the axles: currently showing pneumatic pumps but given how much they cost I've decided to use standard shock absorbers More renders. hosting images online image sharing sites free Hope you've enjoyed this. Will start building it soon hoping everything goes smooth! Then will develop the upper structure and share more images. Cheers, TheItalianBrick!
  10. I've decided to contribute adding my leaf springs axles used on the MAN TGS. They are all driven and steered. 19 studs wide (same scale as the Arocs for reference) This is true leaf springs set up, requires no shock absorbers and works amazingly. On the rear tandem I was able to put a load of 1.8 KG and compression was around 90%. So perfect for heavy duty trucks. The front axles don't have an ackerman geometry but they do steer at different angles! If anyone can help on how to attach the Studio and LDD files I'd be happy to provide them.
  11. Great M_longer, thanks a lot!
  12. You are a star, thanks again! it doesn't show distinct parts unfortunately :(
  13. No worries! Thanks again. Also my understanding is you can only add pneumatic hoses using a different software, right?
  14. Perfect, thanks a lot! And regarding the extension of the inner section of the pneumatic cylinder, can it be done? or is the part seen as just one object and can't be modified?
  15. Hi everyone, while working on my next MOC I've decided to start using Studio instead of LDD. I'm not a Studio expert yet and so far I've imported part of my MOC but I'm having problem at snapping a pneumatic small cylinder. On the left side you can see the interference between the peg connector and pneumatic part. While on the right side I can easily snap a pneumatic pump! Does anyone know or could please help me understand how to sort this out please? Also is there a way to extend/slide out the inner section of the pneumatic cylinder? TheItalianBrick http://