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Found 101 results

  1. Darth Fandom

    New LEGO Marvel Film

    I was just scrolling through my YouTube notifications and it turns out that there's a new LEGO Marvel short film, which you can watch here. I've only briefly skipped through to some of the scenes, as I don't have time to watch right now, but here's what I've got (SPOILERS): It seems like the film is only using 2020 sets, which leads me to believe its a sequel to Climate Conundrum. I'll be watching it later today, and post my thoughts as well.
  2. Here is my review on 76200 Bro Thor's New Asgard: THE GOOD: Bro Thor! The printing on legs for the lower belly still not perfect but not as bad as I expected. Very detailed interior with lots of great references to the movie. THE NOT SO GOOD: Miek ... it's a weird design. I really like this set as a fan of Endgame, never thought Lego would make a set based on Bro Thor and so many empty wine bottles. The Bro Thor minifigure is just great, I do with they have the sun glasses look but nevermind. Korg is good but can be better, Miek on the other hand looks really weird. Much prefer a moulded piece. You do get to build lots of interior details which is great. This is really a display set for the fans as it as no action or play features integrated. I also love those easter eggs and references in the stickers designs. I'm pretty sure there will be fans out there going to buy multiple to build the full Bro Thor's man cave. Will totally recommend this set to any Avengers fans.
  3. Here is my review on 76192 Avengers: Endgame Final Battle: THE GOOD: XCON van is great! Great references to the movie across the build. Big three (Iron Man, Cap, thor) are included in one set! New Thanos big fig, not perfect but way better. Surprisingly powerful missile shooter. Very nice Avengers Coffee table build. THE NOT SO GOOD: The actual avengers compound is still intact despite big debris next to it. The cage of Thanos makes no sense =P Wanda's expression a bit too cheerful and Thor missing his vikings beard. $20 too expensive I guess. Overall, this is a great improvement from the previous Endgame sets. Thanos while it's not perfect, it's a game changer. I now look forward to a Hulk with movable head. The compound build is ok, consistent with the previous avengers compound in previous wave, however, there are a lot of great references to the movies. I also like how they design the avengers coffee table. Although the laser confinement for Thanos doesn't really make sense. Also the main build is a bit too clean while you have big chunk of debris next to it. I'm also surprised on how powerful the missile is. To me, the best part of the build is the XCON van, it's a very nice van and I will totally buy a set with XCON van with Antman and Luis. Great they included the big three in the minifigures, I think it's the first time? The minifigs selection is not perfect (Happy Wanda and no viking beard for Thor) but I'm still satisfied. This is definitely a set for MCU fan and I still recommend to everyone despite the slightly high price tag.
  4. If you don't know, there's a new LEGO Marvel's Avengers show coming out called Climate Conundrum. The basic story is the Avengers fighting Hammer and AIM who are trying to steal Stark's new weather machine. Marvel HQ are releasing the episodes in parts online, but only in certain countries, so some people have to wait until November 1 to watch it on Disney XD. So far episodes 1, 2 and the first part of 3 have been uploaded. What are your thoughts on this show? After all, it's the first LEGO Marvel series to have more than one episode.
  5. This Moc follows up on my other Hulkbuster. He’s a lot more posable and playable and fits a whole minifig this time
  6. Here is my review on 76144 Avengers Hulk Helicopter Rescue. Our local retailers have started putting this on shelves. THE GOOD: Rescue minifigure, this is one excellent minifigure. Exclusive hulk although this version only made a very brief appearance in the movie. Stark Gauntlet! Very interesting way to build the helicopter compared to other typical Lego Choppers. THE NOT SO GOOD: Way too overpriced. The other minifigures are not that interesting. I wish they included scarlet witch instead of Black Widow. Leviathan larvae =( The helicopter doesn't look like a helicopter and the propeller doesn't spin smoothly. Not really representing any scenes in the actual movie. Overall, this is a very overpriced set. I bought it purely because I wanted the Rescue minifigure and the stark gauntlet and I was able to get this with 20% off. Having said that, the Resuce minifigure is excellent. The build of the helicopter is surprisingly refreshing even though it doesn't look like a helicopter. Other components in the set to me are just there to justify the price. I will only recommend to collector of MCU version of lego minifigures and only if you can get a discount.
  7. With the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home this week, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has conclusively wrapped-up both its third phase and the collective "Infinity Saga" as a whole. So, looking back, what are your favorite cinematic entries into the MCU for each phase?
  8. Pchan1983

    REVIEW: 40334 Avengers Tower

    Finally built this and here is my review: THE GOOD: Great abstract design and almost look like the real thing if you stand some distance from the build. Exclusive Tony Stark minifig. Micro Quinjet build. THE NOT SO GOOD: Limited availability. This is definitely one of those great promotional gift. It's a must-have if you are a Tony Stark fan. It looks nice from a far and I do believe the quinjet is really an extra mile which gives this small set some additional accent. The only down side is this being limited. If you got this during the promotion, that's great. However, I would recommend you get one only if the re-sell price is not more than 20%.
  9. InvisibleTimmy

    (MOC) Iron Man Repulsor Hand

    I am... Iron Man by InvisibleTimmy, on Flickr I like this one. I think that the colors look pretty good, and the shaping works. There are only four fingers because adding another upset the proportions. The transition from blocky to round is a bit awkward, but the base needed to be round so that the model could stand. I like the look of the trans.-blue, especially the CHI crystal. The fingers are individually articulated, but can't angle up any more than is shown. The texture at the base of the model is done with a 2x2 seat element.
  10. Here is my latest review on Avengers Endgame set 70126 Avengers Ultimate Quinjet. THE GOOD: Space to fit minifugres inside the quinjet. Some new design with interesting build. (e.g. the engine) Villain minifigures other than Outriders. THE NOT SO GOOD: Underside is very bland. Some parts of the quinjet feel incomplete. Inaccurate hair piece for Blackwidow and Hawkeye. I think it's lazy to have the exact same torso for Black Widow, I wish they designed a female version with the avengers uniform torso rather than everyone uses the same. It's one of the better set in this wave but I still only recommend to buy this only if you don't have a quinjet before or you desperately need the minifigures. And try get it when there is a discount.
  11. Here is my latest review on Avengers Endgame set: THE GOOD: Iron Man Mk.85 A few interesting ways to build things Orange effect parts Extra Ant-Man micro figure THE NOT SO GOOD: Over priced It feels like a LEGO CITY police station rehashed to be Avengers HQ There is a MAJOR SPOILER in the set. (Which I have skip it in my vid review) Lazy attempt in Thanos BigFig A couple of places feel incomplete Overall, another half baked attempt from Lego in my opinion. Infinity War wave was so much better. Only get this set if you really need it and still I advise you wait for discount or clearance.
  12. Here is my latest video review on Endgame sets, 76125 Iron Man Hall of Armour. THE GOOD: Iron Man suit variants. (Mk.1 is my favourite, very nicely done.) Nice look hall of armour. (Really captures the look as in the movie) Great concept to make it modular. THE NOT SO GOOD: Igor is just bad .... While the hall of armour looks nice and great idea making it modular, the build is very very repetitive. (like 70% of the time is building the same thing) Outriders again ... Price is a bit high. Overall, it's a mixed set in my opinion. Good if you are into collecting all iron man variants but the Igor is really really disappointing. Would prefer they include Pepper in Rescue suit instead of more outriders. The Hall of Armour looks nice and good concept but it's very very repetitive build experience. Given the price, recommend only if you can get a 20% off from RRP or you are Iron Man suits collector. Having said that, it's one of the better ones in this Endgame wave.
  13. Here is my latest review, this time on Captain America: Outriders Attack THE GOOD: The new Helmet Printed Avengers logo 2x2 round piece If you are into Outriders Army Building THE BAD: Way over priced Poor printing on cap's face Motorcycle scale is a bit off and the look is dull Overall, only buy this set if you really have to. Just for cap may be but you might able to just get the helmet piece from brick link. The printing is very disappointing but it is not the first time LEGO did this and the price.... (I wish they did something similar to the iron man vs ultron if they decided to not include more variations of minifigures.) All I can say is, LEGO will do WHAT EVER IT TAKES to get us into it. Some people ignore the temptation... BUT NOT US lol
  14. This is my MOC of the scene from Avengers Infinity War where Thanos meet Gamora as a child and kills half the population of her homeworld of Zen Whoberi. It was built for a competition on VaderFan2187’s Blog that was run in December last year. All of the entries were great and you can check them all out here. My entry was inspired by a specific image from the movie which you can see here. The capes for the Chitauri were custom made by me from red paper and based on Thor’s cape from the Ragnarok sets but the lengths and shapes were individually adjusted to closer reflect the photo. Gamora was changed to short legs to reflect her youth and I made a custom coat for her from the same red paper. Anyway here are the photos and please let me know your thoughts. The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi The Decimation of Zen-Whoberi
  15. Robert8

    Oscars 2019

    The Avengers cast hosting the Oscars might be the most outrageous thing to ever happen in the ceremony since the Snow White/Rob Lowe number
  16. I have made a short stop motion movie. I hope you enjoy it :D "Avengers: Vulture Battle with Iron Man and Spider-man" - LEGO Stop Motion Movie My other LEGO animation: "Avengers: Vulture Battle with Iron Man and Spider-man" - LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Grand Theft Auto" - LEGO Stop Motion Animation LEGO Stop Motion Movie "Spider-Man: Trunk Man's Challenge" LEGO Stop Motion Film-"I Will Get You..r......Hot Dog" LEGO Short Film--"The Bad Day Not Too Bad"
  17. PriorMarcus

    My Hulkbuster UCS MOD

    Here's my MOD of the Hulkbuster UCS set. Hope you all like.
  18. Schwa

    [MOC] Chitauri Leviathan

    This is my MOC for the Chitauri Leviathan from The Avengers. I plan on buying the parts and building it in real life. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to leave them on my Flickr page. If anyone wants the LXF file for the Leviathan, let me know and I'll add it. The 1x2 empty space above the gold on the side of the head will have a stud shooter, which isn't in the standard LDD yet.
  19. After deciding I didn't want to buy all 6 Infinity War sets to have the complete Gauntlet, I decided to build my own. I had to sacrifice some accuracy in stone placement for size because I didn't want it to be too big but I think it turned out looking alright and recognizable. The finger hinge is in tan because I couldn't find a yellow one. I can build the Gauntlet in LDD and post the file if anyone wants it but you can probably figure out how it's built from the pictures. Enjoy! ~Schwa
  20. Thanos gets soul stone in Planet Vormir of Avengers Infinity War Movie. I love the production man who made Thanos looks much human nature!!! That's a great scene! So I try to make it in LEGO :D
  21. SanDiLego

    My Avengers tower moc

    I'm new to this forum so I really have no idea how to appropriately post a picture. Won't work through upload or link... I use a dslr so I guess my pictures are too big a file :X More pictures on my instagram and my imgur:) and The avengers tower is SEMI-complete :) Just waiting on a shipment of el wire and some parts but for the most part, it's finished. #lego 1st floor is the lounge. It's got a security metal detector entrance so no crazies come by and blow the dang thing up. It's got a water fountain, waterfall, 8 chairs to represent some of the Avengers. 2nd floor is the restaurant. What better way to celebrate your anniversary next to one of Tony Stark's very own suits! 3rd floor is the kitchen for Tony Stark's personal chefs and the restaurant below. You want to eat something and anything? The chefs will make it for you :) 4th floor is the R&D floor where Tony Stark and SHIELD... well they research and develop stuff. 5th floor is the Iron Legion. 6th/7th floor is the Avengers bar. I call it the A-BAR. There we'll see #StanLee drunk from drinking asgardian wine. 8th floor is the Quinjet Hangar. and 9th floor is SHIELD HQ