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Found 14 results

  1. Anonknee Muss

    V.I.P. Events and More...

    Hi All! My apologies if this new topic is placed incorrectly however I'm not sure where else it could possibly belong? I am aware there are VIP events such as VIP early release and double/triple points. When is the triple points weekend event? Is it yearly? Also what's your opinions on VIP early release?
  2. Hello again! I finished my models for contest. It called Dark side of Power... Firstly, I built The Buggy! The main problem was to create the maximum compact chassis. In the end was implemented next funtions: -independent front suspension with caster angle(about 12-14 digrees) -dependent rear axle -rear drive -the minimum possible distance between the front wheels using these links in steering system Buggy weight - 490g Also interesting things here - it's arrangement of PF Second model - trailer for this black monster I would like to add at this model some functions too, because it will be boring to make trailer without them. So , we have: -hand winch(with lock) -motorized trucks(I'm not sure that it is true name of this things - the chains hold them on photo) Last model - pickup, which will must pull it all But truck can do it very well -Servo motor for steering -XL motor for drive -4x4 drive -In suspension i used dependent axles -differentials in bouth axles Now you can see how does it work Demonstration video: I used PF in all models to make them more playable. And as you can see in video i did it! P.S. This photo made after "fire" driving: And this photo - after washing: Much more photos you can see here:
  3. TECHNIC TRIPLE BUILD CONTEST RESULTS 1ST PRIZE Wind-up Insects - by Lipko 8110 Unimog or 9398 4x4 Crawler 2ND PRIZE Lifestyle Machines - by Doc_Brown 42000 Grand Prix Racer or 42008 Service Truck 3RD PRIZE Lifeguard Vehicles - by Piterx 42004 Mini Backhoe Loader or 42007 Motor Cross Bike CONTEST INFORMATION Name: Technic Triple Build Contest Start Date: 08-10-2013 Entries: 32 Valid voters: 134 Total points: 1340 Members participating (joining or voting): 154 Information Topic (views/replies): 19317 / 331 Entry Topic (views/replies): 6387 / 35 Voting Topic (views/replies): 5024 / 148 CONTEST RESULTS 1. Wind-up Insects - 211 Points (74 votes) Lipko (entry 14) 2. Lifestyle Machines - 177 Points (68 votes) Doc_Brown (entry 23) 3. Lifeguard Vehicles - 167 Points (65 votes) piterx (entry 22) 4. Track Symphony - 132 Points (54 votes) desert752 (entry 4) 5. Let's go Gliding - 88 Points (39 votes) Seasider (entry 11) 6. Deep Sea Exploration - 71 Points (34 votes) Nequmodiva (entry 2) 7. Factory Line - 63 Points (30 votes) Omikron (entry 8) 8. Dark Side of Power - 63 Points (27 votes) gsia17 (entry 13) 9. Tractor, Trailer and Combine Harvester - 43 Points (21 votes) skppo (entry 17) 10. Road Work - 42 Points (27 votes) dr_spock (entry 9) 11. Sod Farm - 37 Points (20 votes) Thirdwigg (entry 10) 12. Arctic Explorer - 37 Points (20 votes) Victor Kojenov (TFOL) (entry 20) 13. Harvest Time - 29 Points (17 votes) gmshades (entry 5) 14. Terminator 5 Workout - 29 Points (15 votes) Milan (entry 27) 15. Snow is Coming - 28 Points (15 votes) _techniclego55_ (entry 18) 16. Truck, Loader and Conveyor-Thingy - 25 Points (15 votes) D3K (entry 31) 17. Old School Triple - 20 Points (13 votes) Nike 2101 (entry 7) 18. Logging Truck Triple - 14 Points (7 votes) Tech-nick (entry 30) 19. Mini Loaders Team - 11 Points (7 votes) DLegoT (entry 29) 20. Tractors - 10 Points (7 votes) That_LEGO_Guy (entry 12) 21. SUV with Trailer and Boat - 9 Points (3 votes) Creators (entry 19) 22. Woodworkers - 7 Points (3 votes) Alasdair Ryan (entry 1) 23. Aircraft Past, Present and Future - 6 Points (3 votes) apemax (entry 16) 24. Wind Turbine Construction Team - 6 Points (2 votes) MrNumbskull13 (entry 21) 25. Steam Engine - 5 Points (4 votes) majorna (entry 3) 26. Cover Up - 4 Points (3 votes) Zblj (entry 6) 27. R.U.D.O.L.F. - 3 Points (3 votes) Merlin (entry 15) 28. Cement Mixer, Crane and Dump Truck - 1 Points (1 votes) SpaceSoccer (entry 25) 29. Railways Snow Plow Rescue - 1 Points (1 votes) DenisG (entry 28) 30. Forage Harvester and Tractor - 1 Points (1 votes) TechnicHead41 (entry 32) 31. Swingwing Trailer and Truck - 0 Points (0 votes) Saberwing40k (entry 24) 32. At the Quarry - 0 Points (0 votes) weavil (entry 26) Total points: 1340 VALID VOTERS 1. _techniclego55_ (Joined: 04-02-2012) 2. Alasdair Ryan (Joined: 22-11-2009) 3. allanp (Joined: 15-09-2006) 4. aol000xw (Joined: 13-08-2013) 5. apemax (Joined: 27-10-2010) 6. arik (Joined: 16-07-2013) 7. AVCampos (Joined: 10-06-2010) 8. BEAVeR (Joined: 13-06-2013) 9. BelosveT (Joined: 12-10-2012) 10. Blakbird (Joined: 09-11-2007) 11. Bonaparte (Joined: 22-06-2006) 12. Boxerlego (Joined: 26-12-2012) 13. brickie (Joined: 18-09-2011) 14. Carrera124 (Joined: 17-06-2012) 15. Carsten Svendsen (Joined: 05-09-2012) 16. chi65 (Joined: 09-01-2011) 17. Chilis (Joined: 30-05-2013) 18. Chilly (Joined: 27-12-2012) 19. clarkdef (Joined: 03-12-2012) 20. conchology (Joined: 17-08-2011) 21. CoolerTD (Joined: 05-03-2009) 22. Covi (Joined: 25-06-2013) 23. D3K (Joined: 07-08-2012) 24. Darth Kram (Joined: 01-09-2013) 25. Debrick (Joined: 16-01-2011) 26. desert752 (Joined: 12-07-2013) 27. desrs6 (Joined: 20-01-2013) 28. dhc6twinotter (Joined: 02-05-2010) 29. Doc_Brown (Joined: 14-02-2013) 30. dr_spock (Joined: 28-12-2009) 31. drdesignz (Joined: 27-08-2012) 32. DrJB (Joined: 11-05-2008) 33. efferman (Joined: 03-05-2010) 34. Emma (Joined: 04-12-2012) 35. eurotrash (Joined: 30-01-2012) 36. freakwave (Joined: 23-01-2010) 37. Freekysch (Joined: 20-08-2011) 38. Front (Joined: 26-03-2008) 39. gazumpty (Joined: 07-11-2012) 40. Good old Lego builder (Joined: 08-07-2011) 41. helloearthling (Joined: 06-11-2012) 42. HerrPierre (Joined: 07-09-2011) 43. Hive (Joined: 19-03-2010) 44. Horace T (Joined: 11-12-2012) 45. imajor (Joined: 23-08-2010) 46. imurvai (Joined: 26-12-2012) 47. inquisitor88 (Joined: 23-01-2010) 48. Interceptor (Joined: 19-11-2012) 49. Jeroen Ottens (Joined: 12-02-2012) 50. JGW3000 (Joined: 17-11-2013) *explicit permission for voting 51. Jim (Joined: 27-07-2011) 52. JM1971 (Joined: 08-08-2013) 53. johnboy (Joined: 14-05-2013) 54. JunkstyleGio (Joined: 04-08-2009) 55. Kepheus (Joined: 14-03-2009) 56. kinggregus (Joined: 16-05-2011) 57. Kristel (Joined: 19-05-2012) 58. Krize (Joined: 25-10-2010) 59. Kumbbl (Joined: 20-01-2013) 60. lazylegoist (Joined: 21-09-2012) 61. LegoJalex (Joined: 30-05-2012) 62. legolijntje (Joined: 06-06-2010) 63. legomuppet9 (Joined: 22-10-2012) 64. LegoPanda (Joined: 15-09-2013) 65. Lighti (Joined: 10-01-2012) 66. Lipko (Joined: 30-10-2011) 67. Louie le Brickvalier (Joined: 05-08-2013) 68. Marckeyh (Joined: 05-06-2010) 69. martinmalmo (Joined: 18-12-2011) 70. marv (Joined: 17-09-2010) 71. marvinblue (Joined: 26-06-2007) 72. Merlin (Joined: 23-07-2013) 73. moctown (Joined: 09-03-2012) 74. mrjensmeister (Joined: 14-03-2011) 75. MrNumbskull13 (Joined: 17-01-2013) 76. msx80 (Joined: 15-05-2013) 77. Nequmodiva (Joined: 12-11-2010) 78. Nike 2101 (Joined: 13-08-2013) 79. Omikron (Joined: 12-01-2012) 80. Only Sinner (Joined: 26-10-2011) 81. OzBen (Joined: 03-06-2012) 82. paul_delahaye (Joined: 12-03-2006) 83. pe668 (Joined: 16-05-2008) 84. peter_m (Joined: 04-03-2011) 85. Philo (Joined: 07-04-2010) 86. phool (Joined: 12-03-2010) 87. pig (Joined: 03-09-2007) 88. piszkosfreddy (Joined: 15-03-2008) 89. piterx (Joined: 15-06-2012) 90. pogie (Joined: 30-01-2013) 91. Povratnik (Joined: 08-06-2010) 92. prateek (Joined: 09-07-2005) 93. quilkin (Joined: 10-01-2010) 94. redoak (Joined: 02-02-2012) 95. rener (Joined: 26-11-2009) 96. Ridge Montante (Joined: 30-12-2012) 97. Rikus (Joined: 24-02-2012) 98. Rishab N (Joined: 27-12-2012) 99. rm8 (Joined: 20-08-2011) 100. robt (Joined: 01-01-2013) 101. Rockbrick (Joined: 21-08-2013) 102. Rognys (Joined: 16-07-2013) 103. rumpletump (Joined: 14-02-2012) 104. Seasider (Joined: 25-04-2013) 105. Sebeus I (Joined: 04-09-2008) 106. selfshot (Joined: 13-09-2013) 107. skppo (Joined: 27-05-2012) 108. skriblez (Joined: 30-06-2013) 109. soccerkid6 (Joined: 03-10-2011) 110. SpaceSoccer (Joined: 12-06-2012) 111. Splat (Joined: 20-08-2010) 112. spotfrog (Joined: 02-01-2005) 113. stfn (Joined: 07-01-2013) 114. tazzy007 (Joined: 01-10-2011) 115. TBS (Joined: 09-01-2011) 116. TechnicHead41 (Joined: 26-09-2013) 117. technicmad (Joined: 03-06-2011) 118. Technyk32231 (Joined: 24-04-2013) 119. Thelonious monk (Joined: 09-01-2012) 120. Thirdwigg (Joined: 18-04-2012) 121. timslegos (Joined: 14-07-2011) 122. TinkerBrick (Joined: 13-08-2011) 123. Tomik (Joined: 02-06-2010) 124. trekman (Joined: 11-03-2010) 125. TwentyLeggedHen (Joined: 26-04-2013) 126. Victor Kojenov (TFOL) (Joined: 05-04-2011) 127. viracocha (Joined: 15-03-2012) 128. vladtheimpaler (Joined: 28-05-2011) 129. WetWired (Joined: 13-02-2008) 130. Wiseman_2 (Joined: 16-07-2011) 131. yanakin (Joined: 29-06-2011) 132. z3_2drive (Joined: 06-07-2012) 133. zg0 (Joined: 30-06-2012) 134. zux (Joined: 28-05-2013) INVALID VOTERS 1. E2nO - Did not allot all 10 points 2. mrlegoman - Did not allot all 10 points 3. ultron32 - Did not allot all 10 points 4. HDHell - Exceeded maximum of 5 points per entry 5. tskyyc - Exceeded maximum of 5 points per entry 6. imvanya - Voted multiple times in different posts 7. Bison - Joined date after contest start date 8. KAKTyC - Joined date after contest start date I would to thank all particpants and voters for making this great contest happen! Congratulations to all prize winners! And compliments for the runners up. I will contact the prize winners tomorrow via PM to arrange the prizes Jim
  4. TRIPLE BUILD It's been a while since the last contest (To Sail A Technic Sea), so we are very happy to announce a new contest. DESCRIPTION Create three small-to-medium sized models which relate to or interact with each other and preferably display them in their operating environment or natural habitat. For example A small airplane, a “Follow Me”-car and a transportable escalator to load and unload passengers. You can photograph these models at an airport....don't try the runway though DEADLINE Entries must be posted before 1:00 PM GMT, December 1st, 2013 so you can build all night on Saturday CONTEST SPECIFIC RULES AND REGULATIONS Maximum of roughly 500 parts per model, with a combined maximum of 1500 parts (*). Chain links and tracks don't count toward the part limit. Electronics (PF, Mindstorms, etc) are allowed. Display environment doesn't have to be brick built, but no Photoshop. Display environment is not mandatory but will be highly appreciated. Each model should be different (so no 3 cars). The models don't need to be vehicles. A trailer counts as a separate model, as long as they can be separated. The three models should serve a different purpose (so no 3 GBC modules). There should be at least some Technic functionality. (*) We know that establishing the part count can be tricky, so we're not expecting an exact number for each model. Just keep it small-to-medium sized. To give you an indication; the 9394 Jet Plane has 499 pieces. 9394 Jet Plane with 499 pieces GENERAL RULES AND RESTRICTIONS The contest is open to all EB members (also new members). Voting is only allowed for existing members (which means member date before start date of contest) If there's a tie my vote and Blakbird's will count twice. If there's still a tie, Staff members will decide who wins. One entry per member. Entries should be new (never posted anywhere previously). If you have any doubts about the suitability of your entry contact me. All entries are to include only real LEGO. No clone brands, 3rd party parts, or digital entries allowed. Ropes/Strings, rubber bands and pneumatic tubing are allowed exceptions. Decals will be allowed if you've made them yourself, but no cutting, sculpting or modifying parts. Chromed parts are allowed, as long as they are based on original Lego parts. Model Team is allowed, but function prevails over aesthetics. Entries are to be placed in the entry topic in this forum. Entries not in the entry topic are not eligible for voting. Every entry should have a name. Creating a WIP topic is allowed. The title of this topic should begin with "[TRIPLE]". The entry post may be edited at any time up to the end of the contest, so feel free to make improvements if you wish. Entries are to consist of no more than 10 posted pictures of 800x600 or smaller resolution. Entries may include 3 videos. Entries may be linked to a folder with additional images (of any size) and videos. Minor Photoshop actions are allowed, like removing background distractions. We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that does not follow these rules. These rules can be changed whenever we see fit to ensure that people follow the intent of the contest. Staff members are not eligible for winning prizes. PRIZES The prize winners may choose between two selected prizes. 1st Prize 8110 Unimog or 9398 4x4 Crawler 2nd Prize 42000 Grand Prix Racer or 42008 Service Truck 3rd Prize 42004 Mini Backhoe Loader or 42007 Motor Cross Bike Special thanks to TLG's Community Support Team for providing these awesome prizes! QUESTIONS REGARDING THE RULES Part count is max 500 parts per model? Yes, it is. Total count is max 1500 parts? Yes, but no 50, 50 and 1400 parts. Max 500 per model. Can I make 3 GBC modules? No, you can't. Can I use chromed parts? Yes, as long as they are based on official Lego parts. Can I use third party Mindstorms parts or sensors? No, you can't. Does a trailer count as a model? Yes, as long as it can be separated. Can I MOD an existing model or MOC? No, new MOCs only. Any restrictions when I brickbuild the background? No, they don't count for the part limit. Can I use Photoshop to create a background? No digital background. Can I use Photoshop to do some minor improvements on my presentation? Yes, some minor improvements are allowed. Can I add sounds or music to my video? Yes, you can. Do chain links and tracks count toward the part limit? No, they don't. Can I use non Lego ropes/strings? Yes, you can.
  5. NOTE: This is not an official entry. This is a WIP thread for one of my possible entries into the Triple Build Challenge. I'm going to be brave (or possibly stupid) and start a WIP for my first entry. I have a really unique idea planned, but sadly, it has a very predictable start: a car. For now, it features steering, folding seats, and a spinning fan that's barely visible in the above picture. The fan serves a purpose, don't you worry.
  6. Ok, here is my entry, got it finished this morning after all night build. My triple consist of truck, removable log crane and trailer. The truck and the crane work with remote PF. (except outriggers on crane are handled manually) The truck: The truck features forward/reverse (L-motor) and return to center steering by PF servo. In the truck are also located the cranes turntable and main boom motors (M&L). It uses maximum 500 parts, it was quite a challenge to do such large model with relativelly small part count. I used LDD trough all the build, so it shouldn't exceed the max part count. I learned a LOT on optimizing and utilizing special technic parts. I'm quite happy with appearance of it, and I like the cabin very much. All tho I had to tape few panels black cause I hadn't anough of them :( But I think you hardly notice :) The crane: The crane features main boom, second boom, and fully operational claw. They work remotely. (one channel not used) Motors are M. It has also manual outriggers. Crane also uses all 500 parts. The claw rotates using small turntable and claw closing action is fed trough it. The claw is synchronized so turning the claw won't affect much to closing action. The synchronization is done in the superstructure with system of gears and differential. In short, when the turning motor is driven, it also turns the the claw gears trough the stationary differential in opposite direction so the claw is almost unaffected (It was not possible to exactly match the gear ratios with small turntable). When claw motor is driven, is the differential turning and closing/opening the claw. Claw turning is not affected at all. I'm quite pleased with this brainchild. It could be used with any other application when turntable is causing undesired action. Below is the crane with out battery case, so the system is visible: (It's a poor picture, I don't know can you make any sense of it) The trailer: Nothing special there, other than it uses only 453 parts :) oh, and I'm also short of double angular beams in same color. All my Black and dark grey ones are in this triple. Finally, all working together: Short video clip: I think I will just copy this to entry topic. (Did it) Feel free to comment.
  7. So, here is the beginning for my entry... This is the first model more or less finished, althoug it might not look like it :P I am wanting a more "rough" "industrial" look on this one, with a kick of humour... Anyway, I'm not telling you what it is supposed to be, or what the overall theme is. As it is kinda special looking, I thought it might be fun for you all to guess :) I haven't counted the peices yet, but I am very confident that I am withinthe 500part limit. Peices include: 2 power functions m motors 1 power function lights 1 power functions IR receiver and the red light is from a RCX light sensor via fiberoptics.
  8. I bring you a day at the Quarry. Using what I have, I present: The Jaw Crusher: This was the hard one. Could only find a hand full of LEGO creations for an accual rock crusher. Anything else was Bionicle related some way. So this one took most of the time to bring to life. The tracked loader: I wanted to do a swing loader, but that has been done. So something completely different. Because you got to load the crusher some how. (opperator is a factory option) The OFF-Road Truck: Or as the reffance pictures called it. A way to haul the material to the crusher. Right? I got a little work to do yet. The rest of the pictures are HERE. After the contest I am going to rework all 3 to look/work more real. Hope you like my effort.
  9. I present my entry to the Eurobricks Technic Triple challenge. We are off to the sod farm. Ever wondered how they grew such nice grass on your local golf course or the town square? They probably ordered sod and used machines just like these. The MAN TGS has working doors, steering, and a three part crane. The JCB 150t has working tracks, lifting and tilting forks. The Brouwer 1576 has a working 2 cylinder motor and working steering. The harvesting arm features a high speed cutting blade, and a timed blade that cuts the sod pieces to length, and a conveyor to move the sod up to the back pallet. Finally, the pallet holder can be dropped to let the full sod pallet off the back. Read much more at <iframe width="640" height="390" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  10. For my Triple, I started with a cold planer or asphalt milling machine. It has manually operated conveyor belt, rotating madrel, and 6 cylinder engine. The other 2 parts are still to be built.
  11. Finally my build is complete, I will post pictures and video soon. I wonder why there is no Mindstorms contest entries?
  12. Hello! Due to recent developements I'm forced to post this thread about my plans for the Triple contest. This was the first thing that popped to my mind and I was aware that someone else will propably come up with it aswell. Oh well. The trio is a combine harvester, a tractor and a trailer for the grains. First one of which is not presentable yet. Trailer and tractor look fine currently but their functions need some fine tuning yet. Pictures with terrible cellphone quality for that authentic mystery wip feeling. I call dibs!
  13. I am looking for an idea for a small trailing caster wheel for my Triple project. Something like this. I hope to have the wheel have a total height of about three studs and mounted to a plate. I have a solution, but it does not pivot. A pivot would be much better. I hope to use this wheel. I would be grateful for any solutions.
  14. It's been a while since the last contest, so we are very happy to announce our Technic Triple Build Contest. For more information, visit the Technic Triple Build Contest Topic. Good luck to you all