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  1. Matthewslegotechnics

    Help buggy

    I have a simple buggy with instructions! See that: See in action:
  2. Matthewslegotechnics

    [MOD/MOC] 42037 RC

    nice model! Do you have instruction? Now I put the XL motor in the rear! I follow your pictures!
  3. Matthewslegotechnics

    [TC6] Dump Bed Pickup Truck

    Do you have instructions?
  4. Matthewslegotechnics

    [MOC] Yellow Truck

  5. Matthewslegotechnics

    [MOC] Nissan Skyline R34

    Do you have instruction?
  6. Matthewslegotechnics

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    hi efferman! which pogram made this parts?
  7. Matthewslegotechnics

    Medium Scale Trial Truck

    do yo have instruction?
  8. Matthewslegotechnics

    Ferrari 360 Modena

    do you have building instructions?
  9. Matthewslegotechnics

    Lego Technic WRX

    Nice model. Do you have building instruction?
  10. Matthewslegotechnics

    Fiat Panda 4x4

    do you have building instruction?
  11. Matthewslegotechnics

    [MOC] 4x4 Lift Touring car

    Do you have building instruction?
  12. Matthewslegotechnics

    LEGO TECHNIC Small Truck

    Thank you, and I'll make the trailer.
  13. Matthewslegotechnics

    LEGO TECHNIC Small Truck

    Hello Everybody! My first MOC's 2 functions: -HoG steering -Openable doors. This model made 100% of LEGO parts. The pictures: (This is a HUN blog.) Thnx for reading. Sincerly: Matthew
  14. Matthewslegotechnics

    [WIP] Lancia Beta Monte Carlo

    nice model!
  15. Matthewslegotechnics

    [MOC] Land Rover Defender

    OK. Thank you.