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Found 20 results

  1. Previously: L'assassinio di Brabantio Moccenigo Capitolo due di La Tigre di Illaryian The sun was beginning to set over the town of Porto Caglaveri, outside of Illyrian, shadows fading over the edifices standing around the quaint piazza, one of which was the aged Tempio della Signora del Secchio e dello Scudo, a once proud temple for the revered Sana Argenta. Approaching the piazza head-on was a lone figure, the only one there on that eve. The steps of the figure echoed around the cobbled piazza with the only other noises being the gentle flow of water from the small fountain and quiet breaths from the figure’s snakelike nose. Everything seemed normal about this figure except for the dark tan piece of cloth around the mouth and the mean crossbow at the figure’s side. “È una bella serata,” remarked the hooded figure, looking upwards. Upon looking down, the figure’s gaze fixated on the faded doors, slightly ajar. “Ma non per lui,” the figure finished, advancing on the ajar door. On the inside of the temple, Brabantio was clearing up for the night. He’d gotten the scaffold cleaned free to be used on the morrow for whitewashing the decrypt exterior. But then, the door hinges creaked as the large, black door was opened letting in a bit of the late-evening breeze. “Who is it?” Brabantio called down, expecting another accursed lackey to come in to tell him he was too old to be working this late in the eve. “Ah, Signore Moccenigo. Have you not heard enough of our pleasant conversations to recognize la mia voce?” A cold tremble went down his spine as he heard the voice. He then stood up and dropped the bucket, swearing “Accidenti!” “There’s no time to fool around,” said the figure, drawing the loaded crossbow and pulling out a spare bolt. “I need you to swear – here we are in a cattedrale, che fortuna! You must never, I swear never reveal what you know. Swear it, Moccenigo, by Sana Argenta herself swear it! Look here, the Rego dares to trust you. Bene! Are you worth it, feccia!" Brabantio spun around slowly on top of the scaffolding, looked down and spat at the hooded figure leaning in through the ajar door. “What does it matter to anyone what I am worth?” said Brabantio his voice quivering but now louder and more defiant, “But appestare! I know those letters that I wish to be paid for are worth a fortune. And you, assassina, know it too! There are famiglie that’d pay a million piastres to know this, but your Rego must pay more.” “My Rego?” the figure said, sounding hurt, “he is your Rego too!” The figure then shifted his stance and moved more into the ingress, saying “You see I would give you a chance, you wretch, will you take it or not? “And you would give me a chance, you audacious villana?” Brabantio scoffed, “Am I in your power, or is it not the other way around?” Before Moccenigo could answer, a crossbow bolt sped towards his beating heart. He threw himself down upon the wooden boards, but not in time. He tumbled off the scaffolding, the bolt piercing his side before he could crumble onto the hard, cold flagstones. “There … is another person who will possess the letter, if I die,” groaned Brabantio through his teeth, winded from the fall. Don’t be a fool, assassina!Think through it first! This is but vendetta, not prevention. It’ll be far worse .. for you if you kill me. Someone else will get the ricatto,” he paused coughing,” someone who will do you much more harm than me!” The figure laughed a high, cold laugh. “Oh, Signore Moccenigo, you are tame! “Oh, and I ... have something of yours,” the figure said coolly while pulling out two wrapped pieces of parchment. They were the two letters that Signore Moccenigo had written inculpating the Rego, Luca di Carlo. “Someone else will have the ricatto, you say? Bene Me,” the figure said, raising the crossbow to the shoulder again. “No!” Brabantio cried, feebly getting to his knees, “someone else already read that!” “What? Who? I’m losing my patience, Moccenigo!” “Edmondo Ziccardi,” he croaked. “You’re lying,” the figure retorted shrewdly. “You haven’t given a letter to anyone yet. Would you like for your last words to be a falsehood? If not condannato, then speak up quickly,” the figure said impatiently, the crossbow fully loaded. “Dead or alive, I will fool you yet. You think you know it all! Stolto, you don’t know the future!” Brabantio said defiantly, accepting the inevitable and asking Sana Argenta for forgiveness. “I know your future, Moccenigo,” replied the assassin coldly. The deed was done, the paw of the tiger had struck. The figure then whistled and the sounds of hooves clattering on the uneven cobbles could be heard in the piazza. The figure then left the Tempio, closing the ajar door, never to be seen in Porto Caglaveri again. Il giorno successivo Besides mine Papà, my family was safe. I had seen to that before going with the servant to Il Tempio della Signora del Secchio e dello Scudo in my home of Porto Caglaveri. Papà had gotten the contract to reinvigorate the spirit of that ancient cathedral from the Rego himself. I’d always been suspicious of that mercante and that now led me to suspect Rego of this treacherous act. Sì, he must have set my father up! However, I had other evidence to consider. Mia nipote, Aurelia, had attended a ball the previous eve at the Ziccardi’s palazzo and seen similar documents to what mine Papà had on his desk. Edmondo Ziccardi could be in league with the dastardly Rego, he is my father’s rival after all! “Mio Signore,” the servant questioned. “Are … you alright?” I looked at the servant, my concentration now broken. His face was wrought with concern for me, he seemed genuine. “No,” I replied. We then arrived at the temple, which still had a façade worn from the ages, he had been renovating the interior after all. “I will leave you here,” said the servant, his eyes downcast. “I will wait at this door until you are done, Mio Signore.” I then walked up the steps and pushed open the large, black door, and then saw it. Mio padre dead, slain, with crossbow bolts protruding from his wretched, bloodied corpse. One bolt stuck out from his frail side and the other, his lifeless heart. I knelt besides the physical remains of my father, now only existing in memory. Tears sprung from my eyes as I collapsed onto my knees. “Papà, I know you cannot hear me, tuo figlio Ilazio, but I swear. I swear to Sana Argenta herself that I will make whatever bastardo maledetto did this pay. I will make them pay with their own life! Even If I have to condemn my soul to the depths of Nocturnus, I will make that miscredente pay!” Continua
  2. socalbricks

    [MOC] RCSN Gunzerker

    A heavily armed minifigure I made as my sole contribution to the "Dispute on LV-4273" collab, which was displayed at Bricks Cascade 2020. I just got a lightbox, so now I'm finally able to photograph it! More info on the collab: Dispute on LV-4273 by Douglas Hughes, on Flickr
  3. Jan_the_Creator

    Viking Village Collaboration

    I'm glad to present you the newest project by LUG, the Viking Village! 8 members and friends of our Polish community teamed up for a huge early medieval display in the far north, where the Vikings rule unquestionably! Our model had its premiere on Hobby Fair in Poznań on 5th and 6th of september. Yes, we still have conventions here, even during the worldwide pandemic. ;) The whole collab stands on 7x8 standard 32x32 baseplates. We want to expand this project next year, as more builders enter with their parts. This is definitely a long-term project. ;) Big thanks to JaskiertheBard, because he was the one to start the project and he's built a huge chunk of it baseplates of it, including basically everything on the left side. I've just built a tiny 2x2 slice with the pathway uptop the cliff. :P Please excuse my terrible editing skills, but I guess it looks fine for a photo that was primarily taken on a convention last week with a light striking into the camera lens. It was tough, but I guess it looks quite nice. :) More closeup pics: [ Here's a whole Flickr album with even more pics. Thanks for viewing! ~Jan, the Creator
  4. awesomenessborn

    Creeps from the Deep: Kalmah

    “We shared our victories, and our punishment… so we will share the power of this mask as well.” ~Kalmah This was a collab made with several other builder’s. Check out their creations here: Takadox Carapar Nocturn Pridak If you guys enjoy what I make, visit my flickr and instagram pages! Flickr Page: awesomenessborn Instagram: awesomenessborn
  5. soccerkid6

    Sabishi Monastery

    A collab between John and I for the miscellaneous category of the CCC XVII. The build was inspired by this stunning concept art. It weighs in at 41.2 pounds, making it our second largest build to date, behind only Life In Nordheim. Credit for the deer design goes to Grantmasters. We hope you enjoy our last build of 2019! Sabishi Monastery is located high in the Heavenly Mountains of Mitgardia, leading to a very secluded life for the monks who reside there. Still there is plenty to do, and the scenery is beyond beautiful. See more images on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year
  6. Let me present the first iteration of the Swebrick post-apocalyptic landscape! (I assume this belongs in this forum...?) More modules and exhibitions to come.
  7. I've already posted these builds separately on AG and SoNE, but I wanted to show them together and as we displayed them at BrickUniverse. These four sections are my attempt to make Star Wars modular buildings a thing. Join our Flickr group if you have modular builds you'd like to share, too - Modular Sci-Fi Jedha Dark Red 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Dark Flesh 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Azure 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Market 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The rest of the build (temple, tank, carts, and eastern buildings) was done by Dwight Neal, a fellow DFWLUG member. Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr We've been working on this collab since some of the first trailers came out last September, starting with Dwight's tank and street, Dwight's Jedha by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr displaying the first version of it in December for BrickUniverse Dallas. Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr My sections changed quite a bit between Dallas and OKC to make it a 360 build and our layout changed to accommodate Dwight's new Jedha temple. Once we get the blurays I'm sure we'll change/add some more. Feel free to post screenshots of architectural details on Jedha. Again, we'll be displaying it next at BrickFiesta in Mesquite, TX June 29-July 2, which is an AFOL focused convention with a lot of potential for growth. If you can make it, let me know so we can meet up and talk Star Wars MOCs.
  8. Tree of Worlds Each year, a group of Eurobricks members meet together in Schaumburg, Illinois, at the annual Lego convention Brickworld Chicago, to construct one large and crazy collaborative build. This is the result: This year, 18 members of our online community came together to build one crazy display--a massive free-standing tree, six feet tall, holding on the end of its mythical branches, Elemental Worlds--realms embodying all of the most important elements of the universe. This build took a year of planning, building, headaches, and Swedish Fish to construct, transport, rebuild, and finally display to the public and private attendees this past weekend. To build the tree itself, a small number of us met up a for a few weekends prior to the event to pre-build the entire piece. This worked wonders, as it meant we didn't have to build on theory...until we arrived and found out we didn't organize well enough and had to rebuild half the trunk from scratch... One of the coolest aspects of the tree was that it was situated on the convention floor, in a wide open space. Utilizing planning and generous fire safety regulations, we are able to position the tree in a vast wide open space, which meant that all the aisles in the hall seemed to lead to it. This made the display a landmark of the convention, so much so that we noticed people start to use it as a meeting-point. For those interested in logistical construction, we supported the tree with a simple wooden frame (somewhat visible on the progress picture above). It was...mostly successful! Additionally, we must thank LEGO themselves for their great Event Support program (via their Ambassador Program)--which allowed us to buy many many many more brown bricks that we thought we'd need at an affordable rate. We otherwise would not have been able to build this creation. --- So who built this? Eurorbricks--that's who! Well more accurately, a number of Eurobricks members did: Front Row, Left to Right: @Hinckley, @Quarryman, @Ryushi, @CorneliusMurdock, @soccerkid6, @LittleJohn Second Row, Left to Right: @Darkdragon, @ZCerberus, @Kristel, @Captain Nemo, @MKJoshA Third Row, Left to Right: @Prune Face, (Tree), @Silver.Smith, @Rogue Angel, @Gideon, @Vincent Kessels Not Present at Convention: @Bob De Quatre @RoxYourBlox ---- Who Built What? Each member of the collab built a realm on a branch and/or helped construct the tree itself. The Ice Realm, by @Gideon, who also apparently took 1000 photos at the convention, many of which are shown here. The Night Realm by @Kristel--her Dragon was nominated for Best was also at one point destroyed after a great fall and had to be rebuilt...thanks in no part to unnamed persons who know who they is Edit Z- There was one sober person there... he takes no responsibility for the incident. The Gem Realm, by @Quarryman, who also came so close to finishing his individual build this year! Edit:Z- Quarry was also nominated for Best Land Vehicle for another build! The Harvest Realm, by brother builders @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn. This was their first Brickworld Chicago, and we were very excited to have them join the team...and teach them the important lesson that you need to put Technic in heavy things if you want it to hang upside down. Edit Z- Little John was nominated for Best Teen Creation and SoccerKid6 was nominated for Best Individual Layout and won a Judge’s Award for their castley creations. Speaking of heavy things, @MKJoshA built the Earth Realm--which ended up being too heavy for the tree when it snapped a branch overnight (although for the record, all the sober members were not in the convention hall at the time of the incident...) So we were forced to make a quick fix by moving his realm to a nearby table and moving the Bee to the end of the branch. So...sorry again Josh! The Water Realm, built by @Captain Nemo, because of course. Edit Z- Nemo wracked up 4 more nominations for Best Creature, Best Sea Vessel, Best Large Building and Brick World Master! The Heart Realm, by @CorneliusMurdock, who we apparently don't love enough, because we broke his heart like three times. The Thirst Realm, by @Darkdragon, ironically located next to the Water Realm and under the furnaces of the Forge Realm. Dark Dragon also won the award for Best Train, which was part of her individual layout. The Forge Realm, by @Silver.Smith, with a very cool Forge Deity. The Nature Realm, by @Rogue Angel, which contained numerous flowers that were constantly knocked off. The Nebula Realm, by @Hinckley. The fire ship on his realm was nominated for, and won, best Sea Vessel. Edit Z- Hinckley also took home a small brick for his Best Large Building! Additional Builds In addition to the Tree itself, we constructed numerous other builds to decorate the display. Builders: @Captain Nemo (Dragon Snake, Bear, Dream-Catcher) @Hinckley (Bee, Beehive, Mushroom) @Ryushi (Greenery placement) @ZCerberus (Frogs, Flowers) @Bob De Quatre (Stag Hall Design), @Prune Face (Lighting) Edit Z- Ryushi captured a big brick for Best Replica and ZCerberus got the nod for Best Spacecraft thanks to table space donated by Hinck and Nemo! Transformation One of the best things about the display was that it transformed. During the annual World of Lights (in which the convention hall lights are turned off, leaving only lights on the builds) the tree transformed from a mythical representation of the universe to that of a physical one--with the realms becoming floating planets. Accolades The Tree of Worlds was awarded the Best Group Display at Brickworld Chicago 2018. This is the third consecutive win for Eurobricks! The Fire Ship won the award for Best Sea Vessel and the Night Dragon was nominated for Best Creature. Additionally, our very own Root-Admin @Hinckley finally won the prestigious Brickworld Master award. -- Finally I'd like to thank everyone once again who participated in this undertaking that was our display! It was a lot of hard work but we are very happy to show off the results. If you would like to see more images, please view the Flickr Pages of Gideon and Hinckley
  9. The Maestro

    The Battle of Maerwynn Creek

    For many years the forces of Arbenheim have tested their neighboring kings power by pillaging border villages. In an attempt protect his people the king ordered small encampments around the borders. One location was the homestead of Maerwynn, an important location as it was host to one of the few mills in the area. The kings intuition had been right, for only a fortnight later did the horns of Arbenheim sound in the village of Maerwynn. A collaboration between SirWilsonBricks( ) and myself for the CBS 2017. His is the left, my side is on the right. Hay, after me finally finishing editing (which is a bit sloppy in places) here it is :D This was our main build for the show and it is the biggest build to date for both of us. It was great fun planning, skyping, planning, bricklinking, more planning and finally building this whoppa. If I could change a couple things I probably would (namely the ground texturing on my side) but it still came out looking incredible. The reception we got at the CBS was also great, with loads of people loving. I must say though, I may have stared a kid to death after he said "Hey mum, look NEXO KNIGHTS" Speaking of the CBS, it was a real blast and getting to know people better, meeting new people was awesome :) and of course seeing new creations (cough David Hense... Cough) Cannot wait to next year to see everyone again. Another creation on the way and hope you enjoy, C&C always wanted.
  10. Dear all, We know (and hope ) that you are all busy with some awesome entries for the last chapter of challenge V. And while we do not want to take your attention away from that, we still have a little something extra to offer. As some of you may know, Eurobricks is the home of several RPGs, and one of them, the Star Wars themed Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka, has proposed a collaboration. In short, we (and other Eurobricks RPG's) build for the NPC faction in their challenge, and they will offer their builders for some of our challenges in the future. But what is our role in this? We are building for the Black Sun in this challenge (Operation Eclipse) together with volunteers from other eurobricks RPGs. As such, our builds will compete against the two player factions in SoNE, comparable to if we had someone building for Mardier in a future challenge. A few words about the Black Sun from Nar Eurbrikka staff member LucasLaughing: The deadline is the 3rd of June, well after our own challenge V ends. Each builder can build one build, placed in one of three locations: The Sewers Imperial and Rebel builders must show their sigfig sneaking through the sewers of Coruscant to infiltrate Xizor's palace Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters protecting the entrance to the palace Xizor's Palace Rebel builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to rescue Leia Imperial builders must show their sigfig fighting through the palace to capture Xizor Black Sun builders must show Black Sun gangsters fighting off the intruders Xizor's Skyhook Builders must show a chaotic space battle as Imperial, Rebel, and Black Sun forces fight around the skyhook Our builds will be scored similarly to the player builds, and if the Black Sun (us) wins, the player factions will lose territory. If you are interested, or want more information, go to the Black Sun sign-up thread and state your business. The Brethren Court would like to encourage you to participate, to spur cross-theme collaboration and to gain the assistance of other themes in some of our future challenges. Therefore, participation will be awarded as follows: BOBS prizes: All participants are awarded the right to license a small property based on a microbuild. Best (BoBS) entry instead gets a large property. 2nd best gets a medium. These licenses must still be paid for, but only requires microbuilds for activation. We hope you like this offer - and should you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, or over in the Nar Eurbrikka forum. May the force be with you!
  11. This is a royal collaborative build by (in order of appearance): @blackdeathgr, @Kolonialbeamter @robinnilsson403 @Captain Genaro, and @Brandon Stark. Comments and criticism are always welcome. Riding a few dozen yards behind the rest of the convoy, partially for privacy but primarily to avoid the dust tossed up by the convoy of horses, men, and wagons, Lieutenant Wolfgang Hochstetter worried about his future. The unsigned letter, the cause of his worries, sat in the lieutenant’s saddlebag as he pondered every possible reason for the unexpected order to return to Breshaun and report to the Royal Mint. The lieutenant was in charge of overseeing the convoys of pure Belson silver that traveled from the isolated mines deep in the island’s untamed wilderness to the massive smelting operations, and finally at the Royal Mint, where the metal was turned into coins, bars, and whatever else the King desired before being placed on massive galleons destined for Granoleon. Sure, there had been delays, the young lieutenant knew. The natives were getting restless again and there were reports of robbers, possibly even pirates, ambushing travelers along the isolated island roads. But these weren’t his fault, Wolfgang told himself, he was simply in charge of ensuring the silver kept flowing, something that, despite a few delays, he did very well. Still, despite his near perfect record, that single piece of paper in his saddlebag consumed the young lieutenant’s mind more than hordes of cannibals or violent brigands could. The sun was just beginning to set by the time the convoy arrived at the city gates. The convoy remained together for a few miles, but as they neared their destination, the wagon and guards took the right path which lead to the freight entrance behind the Mint, while Wolfgang took the left path to the front of the majestic building. The lieutenant rode on for a few hundred yards, the shadows growing longer, before finding a stable where he could keep his horse. Delaying only long enough to pay for his horses’ supper, Wolfgang continued down the winding roads before turning onto the tree lined boulevard which lead straight to the Mint’s main gate. Despite seeing the building on multiple occasions, Wolfgang couldn’t help but be in awe of the building’s sublime splendor. But it was not the intricate stonework or gold-plated royal crest that Wolfgang reflected on; rather, it was the sheer size of the imposing structure. And as the last rays of the setting sun disappeared behind the Mint’s enormous roof, Wolfgang passed the black iron gates and into the dark foyer. Immediately upon entering, Wolfgang was approached by a porter who, upon seeing the letter instructed the officer to “follow.” The two quickly took off and within a few moments were completely lost in the labyrinth of halls, stairs, and rooms. P2280008 by Robin Nilsson, on Flickr After countless turns and endless corridors, they arrived at a portion of the Mint Wolfgang had never seen before. A long simple hallway flanked the corridor, empty apart from two vigilant soldiers guarding a massive gold-plated vault. Like most visitors to the Mint, Wolfgang heard stories about the massive vaults deep within the building, but had never seen them. Walking past the guards, Wolfgang’s worries disappeared for a moment as he tried to imagine just how much wealth lay behind the massive iron door. But as imaginative as he was, Wolfgang couldn’t begin to fathom the plethora of chests filled with coins, the stacks of silver bars too heavy for the strongest draft horse to carry, and the long rods of pure silver destined to be melted down and turned into whatever the artisans (or more accurately, whatever the artisans’ customers) desired. P2280016 by Robin Nilsson, on Flickr They finally arrived in a rather large antechamber, empty apart from a few chairs and a secretary’s desk. After confirming that Wolfgang was ready to meet his host, the porter turned to the massive French doors and gave them two loud knocks. After a brief pause, a firm voice from within replied. “Enter,” the voice commanded, and the doors swung inwards revealing the immense office of le Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon. Realizing who sat before him, Wolfgang froze for a moment before walking forward. Reaching the Intendant’s desk, Wolfgang froze and, looking at the life-sized statue of Tyche that stood behind the Intendant’s desk, he clumsily blessed himself in the Oleander fashion. While he did this, the Intendant got up and proceeded to stand next to the young lieutenant who, upon finishing the blessing, turned, knelt on one knee, and kissed l'Anneau de Vele, the Ring of Vele, which rested upon the Intendant’s right middle finger. P1110334 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Lieutenant Wolfgang Hochstetter, reporting as ordered, my lord” said Wolfgang as he stood up. The Intendant stared for a moment before speaking in his firm, cold voice. “Fortuna iuvat pias [Fortuna favors the pious], Lieutenant. I have seen men greater than you, men of Oleander birth, who upon entering my office kneel before me before paying homage to the goddess,” replied the Intendant, his cold voice showing just a mere hint of kindness. “Those men have all failed. You, however, a foreigner no less, knows the proper order of things. I am pleased to see this. Sit,” the Intendant gestured toward two chairs. Wolfgang bowed and thanked his lordship and walked towards the chairs while the Intendant walked towards a liquor cabinet and filled two glasses from separate bottles. Speechless, Wolfgang struggled to grasp his situation. Not only did he meet a Peer of Oleon, but he received some rather high praise and was now being served drinks by the same Peer. P1110341 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “I believe you are found of raspberry schnapps” said the Intendant as he held out a glass to Wolfgang. Wolfgang nodded before the Intendant toasted “To the King” and they both took a long swig from their glasses. “You must forgive the secrecy, but there are those that must not know of my presence in Breshaun and especially of my meeting you” stated the Intendant in a conversational tone. “You are aware of the fate of Major Leon?” Wolfgang thought for a moment. “The RNTC officer who drowned in Lavalette?” “No, the RNTC officer who was drowned in Lavalette. Make no mistake, Lieutenant, Major Leon was killed, and he was killed by the Order.” “But how can you be so certain, my lord. I don’t mean to doubt your lordship, but these are serious accusations” a stunned Wolfgang replied. “It’s all in a report I shall give you. But I did not order you here to explain my reasoning. No, I ordered you here because there is an opportunity you should accept.” The Intendant took a sip of his wine before continuing. “It appears that the RNTC is in need of an officer to command its forces in Lavalette. You are my primary candidate.” Stunned, Wolfgang couldn’t believe his ears. “Me, sir, my lord?” stammered Wolfgang. “I don’t mean to question your lordship, but are you quite certain.” “I have reviewed your record,” replied the Intendant. “Your intelligence and brutality, especially your unique methods of interrogation and native pacification, are in high demand in Lavalette. Better yet, as a foreigner, I have nothing to fear from you. It’s a miracle you made it to a lieutenant, but you won’t advance any further in the army. You need me if you hope to advance, so you can’t betray me.” “Your praise is too much, my lord. I simply served the Crown as best I could.” As he said this, Wolfgang reflected on the Intendant’s words. They were all true, and what choice did he have? As an exile, he could never return to his home country and his welcome in other lands wouldn’t be any warmer than Oleon. With no skills other than his military knowledge, he couldn’t exactly change careers and he had no desire to spend the rest of his days as a lieutenant taking orders from men half his age. Besides, he had no family and the new settlements further east offered untold opportunities for fortune and fame. “What do you command of me, my lord?” At this, the Intendant stood up, walked over to a smaller desk and pressed two seals onto a sheet of paper. “Your orders, Major Hochstetter, are quite simple. Restore order in Lavalette, check the spread of the Order’s authority, and find the assassin who killed Major Leon.” P1110344 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “The assassin, my lord?” “A cleric of Hades. I only know of two priests of Tyche in Lavalette right now, so the cleric has not decided to make his identity known. Your report includes a list of names, one of which is our cleric. You are to identify him, arrest him, and have him sent to me alive. Is that clear?” the Intendant asked with a threatening tone. “My lord, I’m not sure I heard you correctly, sir, as I’m merely a lieutenant and the next rank is,” “I am well aware of military ranks, Major, and I hope you are aware that in this matter my word is final.” “Yes, my lord. Certainly, my lord, forgive me, I never meant to question you.” Wolfgang paused for a moment before continuing. “May I ask how you know so much about the assassin?” The Intendant stared for a moment before continuing. “Your horse and personal affects have been loaded onto the Philip Roi, and you are expected onboard before the morning tide. Your uniform is in your cabin along with a tailor who can make the final adjustments. Congratulations on your promotion, Major,” said the Intendant as he stood. On que, two servants opened the massive French doors to the Intendant’s office. Wolfgang stood, feelings of fear, pride, and confusion all competing inside him, took his leave, and began to exit when the Intendant interrupted. “Major, the assassin shall be delivered to me alive. There is no debate on this point.” P1110315 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Brandon Stark's Story: Breshaun Collab 1 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Breshaun Collab 2 by Brandon Stark, on Flickr Brandon walked through the Royal Mint of Breshaun, on his way to a meeting with the Intendant General des Finances d'Oleon. It was two weeks ago when he had received a summons with the royal seal asking him to come to Breshaun for a meeting with the Intendant General. After a long journey and a brief stop in King's Port, Terraversa, Brandon arrived at the port of Breshaun. He had no time for a stop in Eltina. As he walked through the halls of the large building, which reminded him so much of the palaces back home in Oleon, Brandon couldn't help but wonder why he needed to meet with one of the kingdom's top officials. He thought he was summoned to be reprimanded or punished for settling an island without the Crown's permission, but that meeting would've been with the Secretaire des Colonies. Maybe they were going to force him to pay a fine? As Brandon continued walking down the hall, he noticed a familiar young woman walking in his direction down the corridor. She also seemed to be wearing a very familiar dress. Brandon assumed it was just his eyes, but he decided to get a closer look. As he got closer, he immediately noticed the young woman. "Lady Maelynn of the House of Couture. What brings you to Breshaun?" Brandon said in a half joking manner. Brandon also saw she was wearing the silk dress he had sent her with the money he made from investments and mayor pay. Maelynn responded with. "I'm not a lady yet, Mayor Lantell. And I'm following my father, who's helping run this mint for the crown" Brandon quickly bowed and kissed her hand. Maelynn Couture, the daughter of a prominent aristocrat back in Oleon, was Brandon's betrothed. He had gone so far in life since that day in the Juniper grove, he thought to himself. Though he and Maelynn were to marry soon, Brandon left for the colonies as part of a royal expeditionary force more than a year ago, though he stayed in the colonies even after his duties were done. "It is pleasant to see you after a year of being apart. You've only grown more beautiful since then." Brandon then looked at his watch, then remembered the time of the meeting. "Apologies, Maelynn, but I must go now. I have to meet with the Intendant General des Finances, and he is one you don't want to make angry. Now, after I'm done, would you like to come with me to the mayor's mansion tonight? I hear he's hosting an event for nobles and other prestigious people like us." "Brandon, I would be more than happy to go with you. Please meet me at the Poseidon Garden at 6 tonight. I have to go home first to prepare for the event. Just wait for me there. Until then, Brandon." Maelynn then begun walking down the corridor. Brandon then walked in the direction of the Intendant General's office, wondering what the meeting would be like. But Brandon had feelings of joy after meeting his betrothed after a year of being apart.
  12. LittleJohn


    My fourth entry for the ABS builder challenge, and a collaboration with Dave Zambito, a fellow Azure Blue teammate. We were both at a local LUG event this Saturday, so I contacted him asking if he would be interested in doing a live collab while we were there. He said yes, so we decided on a subject matter and each brought some bricks to build with. Despite only having around 2 hours to build, we were able to complete the whole thing at the event. 28 of the seed part are included in the build, in 4 different colors. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  13. marathon_productions

    Assassination on Clak'Dor VII

    Hope you enjoy
  14. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Armory

    The 5th module of my large collab with Isaac, for BrickFair Virginia 2016. See the others: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The Nordheim Armory supplies the Nordheim Watch with their weapons and armor, in addition to storing to storing many of the weapons for the bustling city, in case of attack. It also houses a small forge area outside, where the weapons are made. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  15. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Harbormaster

    The third module of a large collab build that Isaac and I are building for Brickfair, Virginia. First module, second module. We’ll be posting one new module a week. The harbor-master’s house and tower both have full interiors. The tower is only one half of the gatehouse, which is why the arch has nothing on top of it. The harbor-master’s house sits in the corner of the Nordheim Docks, and all incoming traffic is registered there. The winter lull gives the harbor-master plenty of time to catch up on his records, inside his cozy home. I would like to claim UoP credits for: General Building: Interior Design Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt All C&C much appreciated
  16. Kai NRG

    Antville - A Family Collab

    Welcome to Antville! This build was a collaborative effort between myself, my two brothers (@Garmadon and W. Navarre), four younger sisters, my Dad, and a friend who dropped by. We managed to build it over the course of three days. There are 8 different 32x32 (+ border) sections. First of all, my section, the City Pool: Right across from that are a few shops. This segment was done by my 14 year old sister. As we drive down the road from there we hit the Samurai Shop, built by my Dad and a friend with a bit of technical advice from @Garmadon. Right across from that is the bank. Yes, it sticks out like sore thumb. W. Navarre just plain refused to do anything other than a cowboy style bank, so - whatever! Then as we continue our sightseeing trip, along comes the playground - theoretically built by the four year old, but actually the 14 year old did most of the work with a little inspiration from KOS Brick's great playground! Across from the playground is a residential home, built by @Garmadon. Right behind that is a barn... probably a little close to the house for comfort, but we had a limited footprint and did what we could! This was built by my 12 year old sister; I helped out especially with angling the barn. And the last section is a small Church building, built by my 6 year old sister who thankfully didn't mind me tearing down what I didn't like and was pretty good about stacking things exactly the way I told her to. And finally, one last overview: Hope that wasn't too many pictures! Comments are appreciated - thanks for looking!
  17. A collab built for the Colossal Battle Contest on Flick by W. Navarre (the citadel and farthest end is his), Kai NRG - you all know her - (the center), and Garmadon - oh wait, that would be me - (the front). A few facts about it: 1. The whole thing took us only 8 days to build. 2. The entire MOC was completely destroyed only one day after all the last pictures were taken - which was about three days after it was finished. 3. The build measures 150x66 studs. 4. I was originally going to have rock-work on both sides as well, but, as Kai expressively put it, I'm not MassEditor! (i.e., I ran out of pieces before then... ) 5. Kai got to photograph the whole thing together... and demanded that I put this one in here. JK. 6. Geneva (Kai) and Josiah (W. Navarre) are my brother and sister respectively. Of the three of us siblings (by which I mean the ones of us who worked on it, there are a bunch of younger ones as well!) Kai is the oldest, then sincerely yours, and then W. Navarre. 7. Although this the first collab between the three of us, it hopefully won't be the last! More shots, first of the front: Figless: The Pass: The middle: Red House: Blue House: Green House: See all of Kai's houses in her album on Flickr. And the last section, the citadel: Some more pics of all three together: Fighting in the streets: The invading force: [/url And some of the defenders: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  18. LittleJohn

    Katoren City Hall

    My second module for a large collab with soccerkid6. The Katoren city hall collects taxes and issues licenses. A concealed compartment under the floor provides a secure location for the collected money. See a video of how the trapdoor works here: Link Credit goes to robuko's "King of Queenscross" build for inspiring the dark red parts on the city hall. More pictures can be seen here: Link C&C much apreciated
  19. MKJoshA

    Feud in Teridyan

    See the previous parts of the story: Part 1 Part 2 Wyndor and Glorfindel left Dålig Ulv on their journey to try to foster unity amongst their fellow Mitgardians. They had already journeyed for many days taking time to stop at different villages and cities along the way sharing their message. They even had to time to watch certain local tournaments like the one in Arnarvhall. Wyndor and Glorfindel thought that these kinds of festivals were good at reminding the people that they all belonged to one guild regardless of their past history. Next stop on their journey was Teridyan. As the two adventurers walked into the city they could tell that no festivals awaited them here. Instead they were accosted by angry voices. “What do you mean this is all you have! The jarl will not be satisfied with this, we were counting on you being able to provide us with much more food” they heard the guard captain say. “With this famine times are hard even for us Clansmen. Maybe you City-Dwellers should learn to fend for yourselves better!” replied the leader of troop of Great Elk Clansmen. Glorfindel and Wyndor looked at each other for just a moment before Glorfindel spoke up, “I’m sorry to interrupt your… business good sirs. But as official representative from Valholl, perhaps I can be of assistance in settling this dispute?” “You city dwellers are all the same” spat the Clansman. “You think all problems can be settled with words. Well, you are welcome to try your hand here. I could use a good laugh today.” The other two Clansmen chuckled to themselves. Not to be dissuaded, Glorfindel continued with his questions. “Captain, perhaps you could begin with your side of the story.” “Well, your honor,” began the guard, “it’s like this you see. There’s been a famine this harvest. Maybe it’s affected other parts of Mitgardia, but none so much as here in Teridyan. As you can see our fair city is in need of repairs and we haven’t received much help from Valholl… no offense your honor, I know you all have been busy with bigger problems. But you see many of our farmers have moved to other parts of Mitgardia and with this famine, we haven’t the food to feed everyone in the city. We’ve always had a good relationship with our neighbors, the Great Elk Clan, so our jarl commissioned the Clan to help provide us with provisions. We are paying them adequately, but you see there just isn’t enough for everyone… and well my family…” Glorfindel could tell this guard had a lot on his chest and knew they weren’t going to get far in their discussion if he let him continue. “All right captain, I think I’m beginning to understand. And you, Clansmen, what is your side in all this?” “Hrmph,” the leader started, “as he said, we have had a shortage of food recently. We agreed to help the people of Teridyan by bringing in some of the game we had killed. But the famine is starting to affect us too and we can’t spare any more. We have to think of our own families first. We can’t look after these weaklings anymore. If they knew the land as we do they wouldn’t be in situation!” “And if they all hunted don’t you think there would be far less game to find?” asked Wyndor. “Who’s the whelp?” the dark haired Clansman asked. Not showing he heard Wyndor continued, “and if all these ‘city-dwellers’ lived the way you do who would trade with you and provide your barrels and wagon wheels? Do you have trained coopers amongst your people now or blacksmiths or glass workers?” “We lived without them before, we can live without them again!” answered the gray-haired Clansman. “That’s not what you told me when I came of age Dain” replied Wyndor. Dain looked closer at Wyndor. “It couldn’t be, not Graham’s little pup? How’d you grow up so fast?” Glorfindel raised an eyebrow at Wyndor inquisitively. “My father was a firm believer in raising us accord to the clan’s ways and sent us to them for our right of passage into adulthood” Wyndor explained. “Dain here was one of the elders who oversaw my time in the wilderness many years ago.” He then turned back to the Clansmen. “You said at that time that the clans and the city-dwellers would always need each other.” “That was a different time” answered Dain. “Things have changed. Most city-dwellers no longer care about our ways and traditions. They have no knowledge of the past and that betrays their contempt for the future!” “The future is not living like a savage!” shouted one of the townsfolk. A small crowd had gathered to see the two strangers and had stayed to hear the heated discussion. “You see,” said the Clansman leader. “We can afford to help these aragant city-dwellers no longer! Take these barrels of venison, but know that there will be no more from the Great Elk Clan.” Dain caught Wyndor’s eye for a moment after the leader had spoken his final pronouncement, and then turned away sadly. Wyndor and Glorfindel were soon left by themselves as everyone else had business to take care of. “Well, that didn’t go as planned” said Glorfindel. “No, it appears Mitgardia is not as unified as we had first hoped” answered Wyndor. “Let’s meet with the jarl to see if there is anything else we can do to try to heal the rift here. But I’m afraid that there may not be much more we can do.”
  20. The Temple of the Twin Jaguars. from Mark of Falworth, on Flickr. My contribution to the Symphony of Construction round 2. Be sure to check out the full interpretive progression of four MOCs and three musical compositions in the Round 2 thread in the Symphony of Construction group!