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Found 1 result

  1. MKJoshA

    Feud in Teridyan

    See the previous parts of the story: Part 1 Part 2 Wyndor and Glorfindel left Dålig Ulv on their journey to try to foster unity amongst their fellow Mitgardians. They had already journeyed for many days taking time to stop at different villages and cities along the way sharing their message. They even had to time to watch certain local tournaments like the one in Arnarvhall. Wyndor and Glorfindel thought that these kinds of festivals were good at reminding the people that they all belonged to one guild regardless of their past history. Next stop on their journey was Teridyan. As the two adventurers walked into the city they could tell that no festivals awaited them here. Instead they were accosted by angry voices. “What do you mean this is all you have! The jarl will not be satisfied with this, we were counting on you being able to provide us with much more food” they heard the guard captain say. “With this famine times are hard even for us Clansmen. Maybe you City-Dwellers should learn to fend for yourselves better!” replied the leader of troop of Great Elk Clansmen. Glorfindel and Wyndor looked at each other for just a moment before Glorfindel spoke up, “I’m sorry to interrupt your… business good sirs. But as official representative from Valholl, perhaps I can be of assistance in settling this dispute?” “You city dwellers are all the same” spat the Clansman. “You think all problems can be settled with words. Well, you are welcome to try your hand here. I could use a good laugh today.” The other two Clansmen chuckled to themselves. Not to be dissuaded, Glorfindel continued with his questions. “Captain, perhaps you could begin with your side of the story.” “Well, your honor,” began the guard, “it’s like this you see. There’s been a famine this harvest. Maybe it’s affected other parts of Mitgardia, but none so much as here in Teridyan. As you can see our fair city is in need of repairs and we haven’t received much help from Valholl… no offense your honor, I know you all have been busy with bigger problems. But you see many of our farmers have moved to other parts of Mitgardia and with this famine, we haven’t the food to feed everyone in the city. We’ve always had a good relationship with our neighbors, the Great Elk Clan, so our jarl commissioned the Clan to help provide us with provisions. We are paying them adequately, but you see there just isn’t enough for everyone… and well my family…” Glorfindel could tell this guard had a lot on his chest and knew they weren’t going to get far in their discussion if he let him continue. “All right captain, I think I’m beginning to understand. And you, Clansmen, what is your side in all this?” “Hrmph,” the leader started, “as he said, we have had a shortage of food recently. We agreed to help the people of Teridyan by bringing in some of the game we had killed. But the famine is starting to affect us too and we can’t spare any more. We have to think of our own families first. We can’t look after these weaklings anymore. If they knew the land as we do they wouldn’t be in situation!” “And if they all hunted don’t you think there would be far less game to find?” asked Wyndor. “Who’s the whelp?” the dark haired Clansman asked. Not showing he heard Wyndor continued, “and if all these ‘city-dwellers’ lived the way you do who would trade with you and provide your barrels and wagon wheels? Do you have trained coopers amongst your people now or blacksmiths or glass workers?” “We lived without them before, we can live without them again!” answered the gray-haired Clansman. “That’s not what you told me when I came of age Dain” replied Wyndor. Dain looked closer at Wyndor. “It couldn’t be, not Graham’s little pup? How’d you grow up so fast?” Glorfindel raised an eyebrow at Wyndor inquisitively. “My father was a firm believer in raising us accord to the clan’s ways and sent us to them for our right of passage into adulthood” Wyndor explained. “Dain here was one of the elders who oversaw my time in the wilderness many years ago.” He then turned back to the Clansmen. “You said at that time that the clans and the city-dwellers would always need each other.” “That was a different time” answered Dain. “Things have changed. Most city-dwellers no longer care about our ways and traditions. They have no knowledge of the past and that betrays their contempt for the future!” “The future is not living like a savage!” shouted one of the townsfolk. A small crowd had gathered to see the two strangers and had stayed to hear the heated discussion. “You see,” said the Clansman leader. “We can afford to help these aragant city-dwellers no longer! Take these barrels of venison, but know that there will be no more from the Great Elk Clan.” Dain caught Wyndor’s eye for a moment after the leader had spoken his final pronouncement, and then turned away sadly. Wyndor and Glorfindel were soon left by themselves as everyone else had business to take care of. “Well, that didn’t go as planned” said Glorfindel. “No, it appears Mitgardia is not as unified as we had first hoped” answered Wyndor. “Let’s meet with the jarl to see if there is anything else we can do to try to heal the rift here. But I’m afraid that there may not be much more we can do.”