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  1. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    I really enjoyed looking at this build. The facade presents a nice, clean structure like one might expect for a well off craftsman and the collection of timepieces are fantastic. The variety is amazing, and I hope you don't mind if I use some of your designs. If I had a complaint, it's that there's no sign on the front of the building. As it currently stands, the exterior looks like it could be used for a variety of purposes, but a simple sign might help define it as a commercial building.
  2. Lego appoint new CEO

    Lego does publish their financials. I haven't looked at them too much and I don't know if they report unit sales anywhere, but overall it does look like total revenue and profit has increased for the past 5 years.
  3. Map Name: Studica Grid: E4 As always, comments and criticism are welcome. With the hills surrounding the Basin firmly under COAC control and a steady flow of troops landing at the recently captured beachhead, the order came down for the 55th to carry out their part of the mission. It was supposed to be an easy mission, move into REDACTED and secure one of the main roads leading inland from the beach. After all, the RoN hardly put up any fight at the beach, and they were supposed to be completely disorganized. A walk in the park, as one general described it, and for that reason you won't need more than a tank and some infantry. Heck, he bragged, the infantry could probably handle it alone. Just march in, take the road and make sure the rail line is secure before the RoN can move in reinforcements. Of course, these staff officers didn't exactly jump at the chance to volunteer to lead the assault; better to leave the glory to a younger officer. And that's how the recently promoted 2nd Lieutenant Pierre Noche found himself trying to coordinate his troops as a handful of RoN survivors put up a desperate yet futile defense. P1110549 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "We could really use some guns now George!" Pierre yelled at the Plantasian spotter attached to his unit. In theory, the Plantasians were supposed to identify targets and let the big naval guns know their coordinates. Then the navy could unleash hell and clear the path for the ground troops. Of course, this theory didn't take the general staff into consideration. "No go, chief," George replied. "CGS doesn't want to risk civvies." Pierre swore before continuing. "You tell that SOB that if he doesn't get us some cover, he's looking at a dead unit. And if we miraculously survive, I'll personally kill him." George just gave Pierre thumbs up before conveying Pierre's message using words that were less likely to result in a court martial. P1110540 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr A medic attended to a soldier who was shot just below the heart. At this point, all that could be done was to try and comfort and pray for the dying man. A Walk in the Park by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The generals may have been worried about civilian casualties, but the tank commander was far more concerned about RoN snipers and anti-tank rockets taking cover in the buildings overlooking the road. A Walk in the Park by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr A Walk in the Park by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr A Walk in the Park by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The RoN put up a valiant defense, but one that was ultimately in vain as the small unit quickly began securing buildings and overwhelmed the defenders before reinforcements could arrive. A Walk in the Park by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  4. The Empire of Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion

    Wow, I am really impressed. A lovely picture and a fun addition to Oleon. The background was fun to read, too. Please keep these drawings coming as I'd love to see more of them.
  5. The Wonders of Cascadia

    Hats off to you, good sir. This build is amazing. Superb job on creating a temple that is being overgrown by a thick jungle. The trans-black for the water looks amazing and the brick built backdrop is just icing on the cake.
  6. [OL - FB] Lavalette Government Building

    Very well done. You did a really nice job capturing the overall look and feel of an Oleandish government building. The ponds are a great touch and you did a great job adding some irregularities to the pavement. I'll echo what others have already said and say that some details on the roof would improve the build, and you may wish to add some minifigs going about their business.
  7. [OL - FB] Ship of the line l'Ardent

    Nicely done all around. Her lines look good and you did a nice job making her ornate and colorful. Very fitting for an Oleander vessel. Hats off with all the details you included. All the features I expect to see on a sailing ship are present. My main complaint is with the head rails. They're very difficult to get right in Lego, but I don't think the current design does your ship justice. The best solution I have found is using flex tubing, but some brick built solutions look decent, too. Just some food for thought. The delegation is a fun addition, too. I hope they don't have too much trouble with the dude in the shako.
  8. [OL-FB] The Royal Shipyard in Eltina

    Ah ha! So this is how you make ships so fast. You did a nice job capturing the hive of activity. Seeing the ribbing of the new vessel is nice, too. One concern is that the sand goes from dark tan to tan. While this looks good for most beaches, it seems out of place here given that you have a wooden wall to hold the water at bay. But I don't let that distract from the rest of your nice build.
  9. The Commercial Bureau

    As others have said (but it still bears repeating), lovely job with the scale. The use of the sextant really makes it look like a precision instrument. The rest of the build is nice, too, and I love the subject matter.
  10. The information on TCs and players is typically in the first several posts of a faction's topic (e.g. Oleon's list of subjects with the TC information a few posts down). As a general rule, if there's ever a faction-specific question (leadership, members, background, etc.) the first several posts in the faction's topic are a good place to start. You rarely need to go digging though the entire topic to find important information.
  11. The latter two can be found in the various factions' topics. Many players have a link to their photostream in their signature or you can access it by clicking directly on their photos.
  12. Oh wow, I can't believe I missed this. It's amazing how well you captured the curves of a submarine with Lego bricks. It's absolutely amazing, especially the way it tappers down for the tail/stern area. The WIP pictures are fun as well and it's great to get a sneak peak into how you got everything connected (not sure if that was your intention, but it's a great bonus). Only complaint would be to add some more activity to the shipyard, but maybe it's the graveyard shift.
  13. [MRCA] The Death Of Captain Morgan

    Nooo, don't tell me this is the end of Captain Morgan's tale. Oh well, I'm sure tales of his exploits will continue to be told even after he is gone. About the build, it's really good. I love the pin rack and belaying pin design, and the brick built figurehead is particularly nice, too. My favorite part has to be Poseidon's watery fingers preparing to grab Captain Morgan. Great parts usage, and great positioning of the minifig. Plus, it was really fun to see how you portrayed the different stories in each picture.
  14. What a great MOC and story. The build is very convincing and goes along well with the story. I'm particularly fond of the ruins alongside the newer yet simpler structures. I love the slow growth on the buildings, and the various techniques used to show ageing, decaying structures (different colors on the roofs, round plates, etc). If I had one suggestion, it would be to add some more trees and plants in the open space. I've always imagined lost-jungle cities as being surrounded by trees and plants, but the open space almost suggests meadows or fields. Of course, it's a minor point, and could simply be a difference of opinion.
  15. Great Brick War General Discussion Thread

    Do different types of builds impact the game or are results strictly the result of scores? For example, if I do a recon build showing my troops scouting ahead, does that provide any advantage or disadvantage compared to a media build that has the same score?