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  1. [OL FB] Lavalette Microbuilds

    Thank you. I'd agree that the grass could use something more, and I'll have to work on that in the future. I'm glad you noticed the river. Yes, the golden microfigs are statues, but I think a pedestal would help avoid confusion. Thank you very much. I'm glad you like the descriptions. Thanks. You're too kind, thank you. Ah, well I must admit I thought about a memorial of sorts, but then I realized these are small micro-licenses, and that simply wouldn't do. Thank you very much.
  2. [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    "Capitaine, could we not split up the fleet...?" Hollande says with a pleading gaze. "Certainly, monsieur!" the swift response falls. "How will you divide the fleet?" P1110657 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Hollande paused for a moment and stared at the commodore. How could anyone so stupid be put in a position of authority, he wondered. “Well, Commodore, it’s really quite simple,” Hollande continued, speaking very slow. “We send some of the ships on their original course while the remainder are sent to help those ships. A simple signal should do the trick.” Almost immediately the Commodore began fuming, but before he could say something he would later regret, Hollande's grey-clad aid, Oliver, intervened. “I do believe, sir, that the Commodore was less concerned about the technicalities of dividing a fleet and more with which ships you would like to send to each location.” “Oh… yes, but of course…” replied Hollande, his voice trailing off. “Well. Hmm, we could always send… uhh,” he said with a pleading glance to Oliver. “Perhaps we should yield to the Commodore’s experience and judgement on the matter?” “Yes, quite right, just what I was about to say. Commodore,” continued Hollande as he straightened his posture, “I believe this delicate decision falls under your purview.” P1110656 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain Belfonce,” roared the Commodore in his deep, booming voice. “Signal the Eastern Trader and Esprit Fortune to prepare to receive the launch.” As the captain relayed these commands to the lieutenant of the watch, the Commodore turned back to Hollande. “And perhaps, sir, you would be so kind as to write down your orders so that I may have them delivered.” “Certainly, Commodore, certainly.” Hollande replied. “Now, Mr. Oliver, take note. The captains are to save those ships but must not linger. No, they must go there and do what can be done before returning to join us in Kings Port. Hmm, and perhaps it would be wise to give them some doubloons. Yes, we’ll go sort out some doubloons to ensure they are well supplied. Shame, but there’ll be no time to shift any of the soldiers, but oh well, those ships are plenty big,” Hollande said as his rambling came to an end. “Yes, sir, I’ll get right on it,” said Oliver as he dashed back to the cabin and get some parchment. As Oliver ran off and the seamen ran about their duties, Hollande just stared into the water. It had been a pretty rough day, and he made a lot of decisions. The stress of command really was getting to him. Perhaps it was time for a drink. P1110659 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr An overview shot. I did my best to follow @Kolonialbeamter's Commerce de Breshaun, the ship the Espirit Tyche is based on.
  3. Account Summary

    Thanks for the reminder. @Drunknok We'll fix your issue.
  4. Account Summary

    I believe Corrington gets a discount for educational properties. Do you have a link showing where the factory discount comes from?
  5. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    His Most Holy Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, hereby requires any and all vessels attempting to obtain a suspension from His proclamation from the Second Day of the Eleventh Month of the Second Year of His Divine Reign to send the request to the Office of the Intendant Général des Finances. This includes, but is not limited to, any foreign holders of Preferred Stock in the Compagnie Royale de la Nouvelle Terre (RNTC). His Majesty's Representative, the Intendant Général des Finances, will inform foreigners if their vessel shall be exempted. Be it done on the Eigth Day of the Eleventh Month of the Second Year of His Divine Reign. OOC: Anyone any everyone who wants to use Oleon's ports and who wants an exemption from the tax should send me a PM to that effect. This includes foreign shareholders in the RNTC.
  6. Account Summary

    Not broken, just needed to be updated. It should be working now.
  7. [COR - Nov FB] Barber's Shop, Jameston

    It's really nice to see these builds come together to create a street scene. Each of the buildings has a unique look, but at the same time they go together nicely. As for the barbershop, it's a nice, clean build. The bright red, blue, and white barber colors (really not sure what else to call them) are a nice contrast to the black and grey used for the rest of the build.
  8. Just a couple of microbuilds that will be licensed using some of Oleon's awards from Chapter V (yes, it's hard to get things licensed with our bureaucracy). These mark my first attempts at building in microscale, and comments and criticisms are most welcome. 1) Lavalette Glass Factory With the rapid growth of the colonies, traditional artisan glass blowers simply were unable to keep up with demand. To address this shortfall in supplies, some decided it was time to go large-scale and devote entire factories to the production of glass. Capable of producing both sheet glass and blown glass, the factory is a constant hive of activity. Its location along the river makes it easy to ship the vast quantities of bulky sand needed to keep the facility operating at full capacity. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr 2) Temple of Tyche Profit before piety is how most in Oleon view Veleanders, but this is an unfortunate misnomer. True, Vele isn't known for worshiping the three major deities, but to suggest that they are no better than a greedy green is simply unfair. After all, each Veleander knows that their commercial success wouldn't be possible without the blessings of Tyche, the goddess of fortune and luck. And given the prevalence of Veleanders in the RNTC, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the company's stronghold is home to the largest temple to Tyche in all of New Terra. Though some may look at the gold-plated statues and marble exterior as extravagant and wasteful, Veleanders know that a small payment to honor Tyche is sure to reap dividends in the future. EB Microbuilds by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  9. New ship

    Interesting story. I look forward to learning more about Jonah. Some of your pictures are rather blurry. I'd suggest investing in a cheap tripod and seeing if your camera has a macro setting. Those can help your pictures tremendously. As for your build, it looks like a good first ship. You may want to look at pictures of real ships to help identify things to include (e.g. a bowsprit) for future builds. I hope this helps.
  10. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Secretary Guilder, His Most Holy Majesty King Philip I is aware of your concerns regarding the tax on foreign shipping in Oleon's ports. He is aware of concerns regarding cultural exchange and has directed his agents to ensure that this does not impede the ability of anyone to bask in the Kingdom of Light's unparalleled, sublime culture. Of significant concern to His Most Holy Majesty is the fact that Oleon's ports struggle to support our merchant marine, much less that of all nations. Foreign merchants flooding Oleon's ports with inferior foreign goods can only reduce the profits of our own merchants. His Majesty does not see fit for foreigners to profit at the expense of His subjects. Furthermore, prior to this tax, Oleon only taxed income from its merchants. As such, if the profitability of Oleander merchants suffered, so did the Royal Treasury. Once again, His Most Holy Majesty does not desire to see Oleon suffer just to enrich impious and heretical foreigners. It is the opinion of the Royal Treasury that this tax on foreign shipping does not constitute a port closure any more than our property tax represents a settlement closure. Also, the RNTC cannot unilaterally waive the tax. The Company is subject to, not immune from, the rule of law. This does not eliminate the possibility of shareholders being exempt from the tax. In His absolute wisdom, His Most Holy Majesty included the ability to suspend the tax on a case-by-case basis. This suspension can apply to RNTC shareholders. Vive le Roi et Pour la Prospérité! Pierre Lavalette Genaro Duc de Vele et Pair d’Oleon, Intendant Général des Finances, Grand’Croix de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees, et Directeur de RNTC Granoleon, Nov. 4th, 617AE
  11. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Err If this applies to you, I think we need to have another discussion.
  12. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    It does. Just as standard land properties in RNTC ports are subject to Oleon's tax, so are ships visiting RNTC ports. You are always welcome to request the tax be suspended for your vessels.
  13. As of now, this would not be allowed. The starting point is determined by port, not zone or island.
  14. [COR] Staking a claim on Argentia

    Select mine. On the next page, it asks what type of mine. Use the first option (Prospect).
  15. [COR] Staking a claim on Argentia

    License it as a prospecting build. By the end of the month, you will be informed of the results (you may need to remind your faction's leadership if the results are not forthcoming).