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  1. This topic serves as the master index for L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi. All relevant builds are listed below. Please direct comments on individual builds to their respective topics. Bodi Military Academy Gun Carriage Workshop Keymonus: The entrance of the harbor Emptying the sea with a bucket The beginning of the works merc Eastern gatehouse Gun range Hospital of Asclepius at Astrapi Blackdeathgr: Parade Ground Dukesc Barracks robinnilsson403 Cannonball foundry Here is the original request for builders. L'Arsenal Royal d'Astrapi - The Royal Arsenal of Astrapi His Majesty is concerned that the speed as which Oleon's colonies in New Terra develop does not reflect their rapidly growing importance for the realm. Especially Astrapi is turning into a port of great value with growing convoy traffic each month. However, infrastructure and economic capacities are not keeping up, limiting not only our merchants profits but even more importantly our military presence in the region as well. To correct this situation, His Majesty has ordered the Royal Office of the Colonies to issue a development plan for Oleon's overseas possessions. The first project to be realized is the establishment of a Royal Arsenal in Astrapi. Details: this is a building collab aiming at the creation of a royal sized factory to be owned by Oleon (see the Royal Mint and Château Richemont for previous Oleon collabs) the collab is to be completed by the end of the year the build itself will encompass a number of MOCs to match the necessary footprint of 10.000 studs this program is open to all Oleanders builders can take inspiration from suggested parts below, or - after consultation with OL leadership - build what they seem fits best suggested parts: (cannon/anchor) foundry, carriage factory, barracks, officer academy, storage, barracks, ammunition factory, armory, powder mill, parade ground, (entrance) gate house the arsenal will be expanded in the future, naval installations will follow for more background on a real life arsenal, see for example the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, GB as a reward for participation in this building program, all participants will be paid twice the value of what their contribution would be worth as a license (small, medium, large properties) in addition, all participants that take part in two royal building programs will be dubbed Knight of the Royal Order of Saint Arltrees. Past participation (Royal Mint, Château Richemont) does count. it should go without notice that contributing to Oleon's growth and fame is every of His Majesty's loyal subjects' duty! Note that royal properties are held to high standards. As such, if you plan on joining this collab, be prepared to put forth your best effort. Building advice will of course be provided in the process. Berart Mazan Duc de Boussac, Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, Grand Officier de l’Ordre Royal de Saint-Arltrees Granoleon, Nov. 11th, 617AE Vive le Roi!
  2. Great build, Keymonus. Your build and story really captures the construction process, and leaves me eagerly waiting to see the next build. The pile driver is really well done, and you did a great job with the terrain. The water next to the rocks is nice, but the rest of the water seems lacking. Perhaps you could use some more trans-clear pieces to show gentle waves in the open part of the water.
  3. [OL FB] An Offer

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. You shouldn't have to wait too long for the next installment. Thank you for the compliment. This build was supposed to be a quick vignette to lead into the next portion of my story, but I'm pleasantly surprised by how many people like the wallpaper technique. I doubt I'm the first one to create this technique, but I agree that it looks nice. I look forward to seeing what you manage to come up with.
  4. Very nice build. I really like using the spears for the fence, and your medical symbol is well done and easily recognizable. The building is well done, and your use of studs to create details around the windows is well done.
  5. [OL-Royal Arsenal of Astrapi] Barracks

    Compared to a sailing ship, those certainly are luxurious accommodations. Plenty of room and a sizable wardrobe; you really spoil this elite regiment. You did capture the stereotypical long, simple, barracks well. It can be hard to add too much detail to the overall structure since these buildings are remarkably simple in real life, but I think there is some opportunity with the interior. Especially with LDD, a tiled or more detailed floor would be nice, and some soldiers would make the build look inhabited. That said, the front is really nice, especially the fence and porch. If you do plan on using LDD in the future, I would suggest looking at rendering software and using screenshots when possible.
  6. @blackdeathgr is the builder of this MOC. All credit for the design and construction belongs to him. I am merely posting it on his behalf. Located just before the commander's palace and near other buildings for senior officers, the main parade ground isn't a very exciting place. Apart from flag ceremonies and the occasional parade it's a fairly quiet place. Despite it's central location, the facility's layout means that few pedestrians have reason to cross it. Still, standing orders are for two sentries to be posted to the parade ground at all times, a job that even a bookkeeper would find dull. Sure, sentries occasionally apprehend deserters and traitors, and on very rare occasion a foreign agent, but that is, at best, a farfetched possibility for those stationed at the parade ground. After all, few foreign governments are concerned about the secrets of Oleon's colors, and most soldiers are wise enough to know that causing trouble near the officers' quarters never ends well. Nonetheless, the sentries remain ever vigilant for even the slightest error on their part can result in most a most severe punishment. Once again, please direct all comments and criticisms to @blackdeathgr La place.lxf by Spy Tha, on Flickr
  7. [OL-Royal Arsenal of Astrapi] Gun Range

    Very nice firing range. The transition from dirt and sand to jungle is well done, and the positioning of the soldiers is very nice, too (though one seems distracted).
  8. A very nice build, Bodi, and the story was quite enjoyable. I especially liked your explanation for the lime green tiles. I do hope to see the Duchesse character developed some more as I would like to know what makes her such an intimidating figure. The building is well done with just enough parts out of place to suggest mild weathering, and your trees are a nice touch. The carriage is nice, too, and must have one heck of a driver to control the horse without any reins. For improvements, the ground could use some work. On the path, it looks odd to have the tan pieces sitting above the grey. It gives the appearance of dirt being placed on top of the paving stones.
  9. [OL - Royal Arsenal of Astrapi] Cannonball foundry

    I really like this build. The walls and pathway are well detailed, and the coal chutes are really nicely done (for a moment I even thought that they factory floor was at a lower level than the exterior). The furnace designs are impressive, too. I would agree that the floor does look rather sparse, but perhaps that can be explained away by it being a new facility that is being reviewed by the brass (can't have things messy for them!).
  10. [OL FB] An Offer

    Previously: Lavalette Inn As always, comments and criticisms are welcome. An Offer by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr After a hearty dinner, one of the best Captain Anthony Genaro had in quite some time, the two men retired Paul Laforge’s lounge. After easing into one of the fine, plush chairs, Anthony took a moment to take in the room. Massive ceilings, wall paper, a fine Varcoast, or perhaps Mokolei (not that Anthony could tell the difference) rug, and gold plating adorning every available surface. Anthony complimented Paul on his fortune and luxury, and the men chatted a while about the spice trade, sailing, and old times. “Tell me, Gen, do you still speak Corrish?” Paul asked during a lull in the conversation. “Just enough to put a sour taste in my mouth,” Anthony replied with a chuckle. “But surely you didn’t have me over for dinner just to insult me?” “No, no I’m afraid it’s something far more serious. You see, I’m at a bit of a loss. This isn’t even supposed to be my problem, but with Hollande gone the problem has fallen on me.” “Not his replacement, that Hock-something fellow?” “Hochstetter?” Paul said, looking uncomfortable. “Well, I suppose it is his problem, but he wants me to fix it.” “And you can’t say no.” “Anthony,” Paul replied stairing straight at the captain. “One does not simply tell Hochstetter ‘no’.” After a brief pause, Anthony spoke. “But you still haven’t told me what all the trouble is about." “Ah, well, that is the key isn’t it. There’s a certain, ah, project and we’ve run into some difficulty.” “Project?” “Yes, project. Let’s leave it at that,” said Paul, overly eager to move past this subject. “Well, there is a certain Corrie who should have the solution.” “And you can’t simply hire him because?” “That’s precisely what we’re trying to do, but he's not the type of man you hire with a notice in the paper. But you needn't worry with the details. Look, your part really wouldn't be difficult. I just need someone with authority and decent manners to sail a company official down there and back." “I may be down on my luck, but I’m not some lieutenant who just runs errands,” Anthony responded, indignant at the mere thought. Paul took a deep breath before continuing. “Look, Gen, I see your situation. Speaking as your friend, you’re dead broke, probably spent your last doubloon, you have no hope of a ship, and you’re out of lodging. No, let me finish” Paul demanded before Anthony could interrupt. “I don’t mean to insult you, but you and I both know this is the truth. Look, I don’t need you. A simple run down and back? There are dozens of Company captains who could handle that. But you're my friend, Gen. You're in a tight spot, and I'd like to help. I won't force you, but I also won't make this offer again." The men sat in silence for a while, the only noise coming from the crackling fire. Then Anthony rubbed his temple and swore before continuing. “But what if you’re wrong? What if orders come in?” asked Anthony. He knew it wouldn’t happen, but there was still that small sliver of hope in him that simply wouldn’t die. “I’ll have La Royale hire the vessel. You keep your place on the Captains List and you’ll be at full pay for a bit, that’s in addition to the Company’s salary and bonus, mind you. If orders come in, they’ll wait.” “You can do that?” Anthony asked with surprise. “Oh, come now. It’s no harder than adding a friend’s child to the ship’s roll, something you should be familiar with” Paul joked. “Why you must have had twenty years of experience before even setting foot on a ship.” “Oh, yes,” Anthony replied with a chuckle, "it's amazing what you can get away with if you know the right people. And I suppose you know the right people for this, ah, temporary hiring." "Me personally? No, but I know someone who must know someone" Paul said with a shrug. Anthony took a deep breath and stared into the abyss for a minute before Paul continued. “Cheer up, Gen. It’s not all bad. Besides, how often do you get the chance to order about a ship full of Company men?” “Not often enough.”
  11. [SR-FB] Ye Sculptor Workshop

    That's a pretty neat machine that opens up some neat opportunities (a ship's name along the stern, shop signs, or cool promotions for soccer tournaments!). Thank you for showing the video of the machine in action.
  12. Lavalette Inn

    I must say that I'm a little surprised by just how well received (relative to my other builds) this MOC is both here and on Flickr. Thank you, sir. I'm still trying to improve my skills with greenery, but I'm glad it's well received so far. I'm glad you like it. Thank you. I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure what you mean by "comprehensible." Is part of the story hard to follow? That's very kind of you to say, thank you. Unfortunately an interior isn't possible. From the outside it may appear that I used 1 stud wide bricks and plates, but in reality most of the plates are at least 2 studs wide and many of the bricks are, too. Thank you for the compliment. For the stories I like to have pictures from the minifigs' views, but that does overlook much of the build. I look forward to seeing you improve upon the elements in your future builds. I'm glad you love it. I believe the English term is plaster. As for the door, I'm sure that I copied the design from somewhere else.
  13. [SR][FB] The Prio Ship Palmetto

    That's a nice little boat you have there. The colors work surprisingly well, and the sails are really nice. Some of the pictures look out of focus. I'm not sure what type of camera and equipment you have available, but a tripod or even setting the camera down and using a delay timer can help with this.
  14. [COR] Lawliet's house - Small residence

    That's a very nice build you have. The overall design is clean, and I can tell that you spent a good bit of effort on the porch and balcony. For future builds, I would recommend trying to put a little more effort into the scenery. Nothing fancy, but a rock-lined path with some basic vegetation can be accomplished with basic parts.
  15. Lavalette Inn

    I've decided it's about time I continue developing my naval character's story, and I'm very pleased with how the build turned out. As always, comments and criticism are welcome. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Captain Anthony Genaro walked down the road distressed. Once again, the only letter waiting for him at the port admiral's office was from his brother. Nothing from the admiralty, no news of a command, and to make matters worse there was still no word on when the payroll would arrive. At this point, he just wanted to return to his room without any further disappointment, but as he turned one last corner before reaching his inn, he saw that wouldn't be the case. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Captain Genaro!” Abigale Fisher shrieked, her bulky frame filling most of the door, when the young officer was a few steps away. “Do you have any idea what day it is?” “And a most good and holy day it is, no doubt,” the Captain replied, knowing full well what Abigale was after, but doing his best to avoid it. “Today marks six months, Captain, six months,” she continued, hands firmly planted on her hips, her stone-cold gaze unyielding. “Six months since I’ve seen a penny of rent out of you.” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Good lord, has it really been that long? Well, I for one will be sure to write to the port admiral and complain about his inability to maintain a steady schedule for the payroll ship.” “Don’t you dare give me any of that today, Captain, I don’t want your jokes.” Anthony gulped as he began racking his brain for the right response. He could stare down a Ship of the Line in not more than a brig or be the first to board a galley of bloodthirsty corsairs, but none of that mattered now. “Well?” Abigale asked. “It’s just… well, you see times are tough for a poor officer on half pay,” Anthony meekly replied. “I’m barely scrapping by as is. But on my honor, as soon as the payroll arrives,” but Abigale interrupted him before he could finish. “Oh, good. I’m sure my creditors will be happy to take your good will and honor in lieu of gold. Oh, sure, I’m certain that’ll keep me out of debtors’ prison.” “But what would you have me do?” Anthony cried out, desperate for some way to pacify his landlady and get back to his room. “Surely your sword or medals would be worth a few month’s rent,” replied Abigale, her cold stare unchanged. “Why, an excellent idea, Mrs. Fisher. Let me just take a look in my trunk...” “Oh, no you don’t, Captain! I know you haven’t got anything in there!” Abigale exclaimed. “You’ve got a perfectly good medal on your hat and a perfectly good sword in your belt.” “Well, surely this can wait until tomorrow,” Anthony pleaded. “No!” “But it’s late! Surely you don’t intend to let me spend the night in the streets!” Abigale just stood in the doorway and stared at the captain. Then, without another word, she turned, entered the inn, and slammed the door shut, leaving Anthony alone, cursing his current situation. “Gen?” a familiar voice asked. “Anthony Genaro? By Zeus it is!” The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Anthony turned to the voice and immediately cheered up. “Paul Laforge, you old devil!” he exclaimed upon seeing his old shipmate. They served together as midshipmen in the peace and both were commissioned as lieutenants on the Mars during the Juniper War, but Anthony hadn't seen Paul for years. He immediately ran over and kissed each cheek in the proper Olean greeting. “How have you been? How’s Marie?” “Fine, both of us just fine, thank you,” Paul replied. “But it appears that you’ve seen better.” "Ah, it's nothing, just waiting for my next assignment," Anthony said. "But what's this? Don't tell me you've sold out?" "Alas, I'm afraid I have" Paul chuckled. "Half pay simply didn't suit Marie, but I was able to get one of the company's ships. Nothing like serving the Crown, but by Zeus do they pay well." "And it appears you ate most of it" Anthony said with a playful jab at his friend's increasing gut. "Well, Marie is quite a cook. Speaking of which, perhaps you could join us for dinner?" "I'd hate to impose..." "Come, come! I won't take no for an answer!" "Well, if you insist," Anthony replied, not requiring much encouragement to enjoy a free meal with his old friend. The Inn by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr