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  1. Captain Genaro

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I'm on vacation right now, but can help with stuff early next week.
  2. Captain Genaro

    [OL - FB] Lacroix Oliveyard, a quiet start

    Absolutely lovely. I'm afraid I cannot add too many more compliments, but I would echo what others have written. The building is very nicely done with just enough wear, you have some very nice techniques on the olive trees, and I think the thin cypress tree and flowers add a little color to the otherwise earthtone build. Overall, great Lego techniques/design with lovely colors to make it look beautiful.
  3. Captain Genaro

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    His Most Holy Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, to all present and yet to come, hail. The officers of His Most Sacred Majesty's troops have distinguished themselves by so many actions of considerable virtue and courage in support of the loyalists on the island of Terraversa which it pleased the gods to bless the justice of our arms, that, ordinary awards becoming insufficient to the affection and the thankfulness which we have for them, we have deemed it necessary to reward their zeal and fidelity with awards far exceeding what is ordinarily bestowed. Edward Beauchamp, Lieutenant-Colonel du Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment, whose virtue, merit, and distinguished service in the army has been brought to the attention of His Most Sacred Majesty. For his ardour is raising loyalist regiments to supplement His Most Holy Majesty's forces, for his cunning actions to ambush enemy troops in the swamps of the island, and for his valor in commanding les enfants perdus in the final assault on the city of Kings Port. In recognition of this distinguished service to the Empire, Edward Beauchamp is hereby bestowed with the title of Chevalier du Royaume and Le Médaillon des Deux Épées. Furthermore, in light of the tragic death of Colonel Delange, the temporary appointment of Edward Beauchamp as Colonel du Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment is hereby recognized and made permanent. Dated the 24th Day of the 1st Month of the 6th Year of His Reign. Vive Le Roi! OOC: Congratulations @CapOnBOBS for your character's propmotion. A well deserved honor to be sure. Anyone else who feels they would like to earn a title/medal/rank (or if you would like to nominate someone else), simply reach out to Oleon's leadership. A simple PM will suffice, or you are welcome to make an IC reply and/or MOC.
  4. Captain Genaro

    [COR -FB] Unexpected Orders

    Very nice column, Ayrlego. I'm impressed with the number of soldiers you have, and although a little hard to tell it looks like you took the time to make each soldier unique (i.e. no repeated heads). You're quite right, it was common for drummers in many armies to have reversed colors (i.e. reverse the jacket and facing colors). This was common in 18th century armies, but largely disappeared during the uniform standardization of the Napoleonic era. The only example I know of an army continuing this tradition is the US Army's Fife and Drums Corp. This practice can also be seen in various other regiments, but easy to find examples are the British 57th Regiment (drummers in yellow jackets) and the French Régiment de la Sarre (drummers in blue jackets). Given the lack of uniformity in the uniforms during this time, it would not surprise me to see various regiments ignoring this custom or having their own approach.
  5. Captain Genaro

    Third Parties for Hire

    Pan Terra, Inc. (PTI) – A company providing “logistics solutions to logistics challenges,” Pan Terra, Inc. (PTI) is a small transportation company with an aging fleet of ships and planes. Unable to keep up with its larger competitors and their modern fleets, PTI has stubbornly managed to maintain its dominance in with one market niche; military contracts. The company has an expertise in moving military equipment, and rumors abound that their talents often find the company smuggling arms to the most volatile regions of the world (rumors the company forcefully denies). Still, one thing the company cannot deny is the presence of many former State Security Police (SSP) operatives on the payroll. Why a company involved in “completely legal and legitimate business” requires experts in espionage and covert operations on its payroll remains a mystery. Services Provided (PM for pricing and more details): 1) Aiding Rebels - Is there a square under enemy control? Contact PTI, and for a reasonable fee we will ensure the rebels get the weapons they need to disrupt enemy operations. Outcomes vary, but include reducing the income for a square, enemy troop taking casualties, and in the best-case scenario the rebels will be able to take control of the zone. 2) Economic Development - Hire PTI's experts to increase the yields of a zone through economic development. Our trained professionals will oversee infrastructure development, new business formation, and resource extraction to maximize your return! 3) Military Logistics - PTI's logistics experts will move garrisons, FOBs, and AA batteries from zone-to-zone as needed. For these normally immobile items, such an operation can provide a serious tactical advantage. 4) Advanced Weapons Delivery - If your troops need an edge, look no further than PTI. Through connections with governments willing to sell anything to anyone for the right price, we will get your troops the advantage they need [+1 to any build score featuring the unit with advanced weapons]. Key Figures: “Lord” Rupert Everton – The founder of PTI, Mr. Everton’s arrogance and old-world aristocratic attitude earned him his “title” from his subordinates at PTI. Despite these flaws, Mr. Everton is able to charm customers and ensures a steady stream of government contracts (including contracts governments like to keep hush-hush) keep the company busy.  Samuel McPhee – A former SSP intelligence analyst, Mr. McPhee suffered a career-ending injury when Al-Babawan separatists attacked the SSP post he was assigned to. Now the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of PTI, Mr. McPhee relies on his prior experience to make sure all shipments, especially the kind you don’t want meddlesome weapons inspectors finding, reach their destination on time.  Captain Pierre Dupont – Reaching the rank of commander before retiring from the navy, Captain Dupont is the commodore of the PTI fleet. Unlike most senior management officials, Captain Dupont eschews a cushy office career, preferring to actively command the company’s ships. The go-to captain for “priority” shipments, Captain Dupont’s crew consists of PTI’s best men; men who aren’t afraid to get the job done at all costs.
  6. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB1] "Vineyard of Light" Grape Plantation

    You certainly have a large build here, but did not sacrifice quality for size. This is a very nice build throughout, and I like the sloping terrain along the river. Very nicely done. the group of vines at a slight angle is a really nice touch which makes the build look more organic and less like a grid.
  7. Lovely builds both of you. The classic feel for Capt's build is a lot of fun, and it's neat to see those sets serving as an inspiration for a recent build. The angled wall for the corner is very smooth, and fits right in without any of the gaps you often find when trying to build with unusual angles. Bodi's contribution is fantastic as well. It clearly has more modern bricks/design to be sure, and I think it fits in well to compliment the massive fort. The barrack is particularly nice with colors which work really well together and enough details to make the build interesting without it feeling cluttered. Well done to both of you, and I think some medals and titles might be in order...
  8. Captain Genaro

    [COR-FB] Mysterious Bones

    A fantastic idea. I don't think we have seen too many archeological builds, much less any paleontology, which helps make this build all the more unique. Having the whole excavation occur during a seemingly mundane task as opposed to a formal expedition is great, too. Makes it feel much more organic instead of forced. As for the build itself, you continue to do a great job with this style. I think you capture the Ayrlego baseplate style really well. One idea which came to mind is to have a bit more red along the sides. Looking at the pile of dirt it seems there is a layer of clay, and I am curious if you could take advantage of the elevated base to capture some of the layers of dirt. Maybe it would not work, but food for thought if you try this style again.
  9. Captain Genaro

    [OL - FB - Micro] A New Vineyard

    I like how this turned out. The vines look much better now, and a good parts usage on the vines. The building has a unique shape which makes it more interesting than your typical square structure. I might recommend adding some green plates to represent grass, but it's a good build nonetheless.
  10. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB] Wine Press

    Thank you. The texturing took a while to get right, but I think it was worth the effort. I'm glad you like it. I've seen the production, but never owned or operated a wine press. Thank you, BD. It's really interesting to read you still press grapes the traditional way. You'll have to show us in a build once you have more time. Thank you for the compliments, Bodi. Very kind, thank you. Thank you, I'm glad you like the technique.
  11. That's a very nice building. The colors work well together with the blue providing nice accents without being overpowering. Your solution for the railings along the deck is very unique, and I like the creativity. The tiles are great, too. Not sure if those are actual Lego parts or if it is some sort of custom digital thing, but I like them. One suggestion is to add something to clearly define the building as a research hub. Perhaps engineers working on a cannon or chemists experimenting with gunpowder could help clearly define this as an education build.
  12. Captain Genaro

    [SR - FB] BirdBase - The Sereen Cay

    I like this build a lot. The overall design and layout is well done, and prevent any part of the build from just looking empty. I like the parts usage to create the greebling along the white walls and quay. Really clever ways to make a collection of bricks go further. Best of luck to the new captain, and I look forward to reading about her adventures in future builds.
  13. Captain Genaro

    [ESL - Troops] MCTC marching in Nova Terreli

    Not only does this build have some great techniques and part usage, but the building is truly beautiful, too. The colors work great together, the way you have the vine climbing the wall before going onto the roof is clever, and the bars on the lower windows are fantastic details. To put it simply, this is a build I enjoy just looking at.
  14. Captain Genaro

    Olean Letters of Marque - The Second Terraversan War

    By His Most Sacred Majesty. A Proclamation. To all honorable men who seek riches, glory, and adventure. By Order of His Most Sacred Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, His Proclamation dated the Second Day of the Sixth Month of the Fourth Year of His Divine Reign granting the issuance of Letters of Marque is hereby amended to include vessels flying the colors of Corrington, her trade companies, and any vessels belonging to nations in a state of war with the Empire of Oleon. Be it done on the First Day of the Seventh Month of the Fourth Year of His Divine Reign. Vive le Roi!  OOC: All LOMs issued by Oleon will now legitimize attacks against Corrington and Terraversa.
  15. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB] Wine Press

    No one knows the exact origins of the winepress. Many say it was Dionysus who, upon seeing how much of glorious juice was wasted by the traditional trampling of grapes, has Hephaestus create the first wine press, a machine which early Oleanders quickly reverse engineered and spread throughout the Empire. Others (heretics obviously) claim it was the inevitable result of scientific progress in a wine-obsessed nation. Regardless of how, the important thing is the winepress is here. To the untrained observer it seems simple enough. A basket is filled with grapes from nearby barrels. Once the basket is filled, a capstan is turned to lower a plate, slowly crushing the grapes. Juice flows out a hole in the bottom of the basket into a cask. until the cask is full and ready to be stored for fermentation. The cake, the remaining seeds, skin, and stems are then put aside and usually end up as food for swine. Despite being a very manual task, the work requires significant skill. The grapes must be properly harvested, for unripened or overripe fruit could contaminate an entire batch of wine. Lowering the capstan is no small task either. Too much pressure and the artisan risks crushing the seeds, a terrible disaster, while failing to press hard enough would result in juice stuck in the cake. But for the man who can master this craft, the rewards are rich. P1130821 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr