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  1. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    We're improving the troop spreadsheets so that it is easier to track and find your faction's soldiers. I still have to transfer over some troops from the old portion to the new. This should (hopefully) be done in a week, but in the meantime some discrepancies may exist.
  2. The Account Summary has been updated for the most recent MCRA.
  3. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    It is licensed. The property report shows the owner. You licensed it in Quinnsville's name so that is what you need to search to show the results. As far as his bankers are concerned his debts are paid in full. The Order of the Faith may have other ideas, but that's between you and them... @Wellesley You should be added now. If you notice any unusual, please wait and check again in an hour or so. Adding players is intensive on the spreadsheets and it may just take a few minutes for everything to update. If the issue persists, please let us know here. Sorry for taking so long to respond. Mesabi Landing went from a city to a grand city. As settlements increase in ranking, their trade value diminishes (see the first table for the Trade Value Modifiers). This represents increased local consumption and serves to motivate players to expand and colonize more land.
  4. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    I'll add this to my to do list, but I won't be able to check until later this week.
  5. Captain Genaro

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    There's no deadline so feel free to apply when it best fits your story. As for the Order (being the Order of Saint Arltress) does not have equivalent ranks for clergy, but members of the clergy are welcome to apply. The Chevalier title applies to both civilians and soldiers, and I believe there are some historical examples of religious figures being knighted throughout history. If you're asking about the Order of the Faith, the answer is, again, no. Since this has been of little interest to players we have not fleshed it out yet. Phred is working on something, and we can try to expedite this process so religious characters have an official hierarchy.
  6. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    I won't be able to get to that until late this week at the earliest, but it's on my to do list (unless Phred gets to it first).
  7. Captain Genaro

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    His Most Holy Majesty, King Philip the First, by the Grace of the Gods, King of Oleon and Guelph, Protector of New Terra, the True Defender of the Faith and so forth, hereby directs all Royal Representatives and Servants of the Crown to inform the High Council of any persons who through their acts and deed are worthy of official recognition by Oleon’s Sacred Crown. Any such recognition shall include an exact report of the heroic and noble deeds and what medal or title the deed is worthy of. Dated the 5th Day of the 6th Month of the 4th Year of His Reign. Vive Le Roi! It's time for more medals and titles and ranks to be handed out. Just as before, players can nominate their own or other players' characters. If your character already has a noble title or medal, you are welcome to request additional and/or higher ones. All we ask for is an IC letter stating the character and explaining why they are worthy of such an award (citing your progress in BOBS and contributions to Oleon would likely help). No accompanying builds are required, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. Except as stated in the medals and titles and ranks threads, there are no minimum requirements to apply for a promotion so there's really no reason not to apply.
  8. Captain Genaro

    Angélique and Dame Fortune

    Those are some good boats, Sarge. The shaping of the boats is quite good (the bows are a bit blunt, but that may be a limitation of building in Lego), and the story you developed for each one really helps to connect these builds to the BOBS universe. Well done. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help filling out the licensing forms.
  9. I could see it being a residence if the portrayal is more like a barrack or if the build focuses on the living quarters.
  10. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    You licensed a small residence in Proxyville on 8/22. It looks like January is off by one line. We are working to get this corrected.
  11. We have a spreadsheet for troop locations that is done. We are getting faction-specific ones ready and distributed to your leadership (who can then pass it along to all faction members via the appropriate PM). This should be ready soon. As for ship locations, that is a good idea and worth investigating further.
  12. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    These matters have been addressed.
  13. These builds are all very impressive. The main scene with the gathering of those foul degenerates is really well done. As others have mentioned, you did a nice job making a small crowd look like an unruly mob, and you captured a worn down building very well. Your Section XIII vigs are a great addition, and, I'm sure bring much relief to our loyal subjects who were undoubtedly greatly disturbed by what appeared to be an unchallenged threat to our glorious empire! The files are a fantastic touch, too, and do your artistic ability justice. Very well done, and a nice addition to help draw the viewer deeper into the scene. For the building, I would recommend moving the second story windows up more or reducing the spacing between the attic and the second story windows. Right now it simply looks too large, especially relative to the spacing between the second story and ground floor windows. If you need any help licensing these builds, don't hesitate to ask.
  14. Captain Genaro

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    P1130632 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Despite the delays, everything was starting to proceed according to plan. The RNTC had finally gotten weapons, arms, shot, and powder, from the arsenals in Henri Hollande succeeded in getting arms, shot, and powder delivered from the arsenals on Le Bellan, and so far the Terraversans were none the wiser. But these delays were taking a toll, especially at home where Henri's master was growing impatient with the lack of progress, leaving Hollande with no choice but to quickly distribute the supplies to the loyalists. Fortunately the Slippery Banana (as the rescued Terraversan brig was now known) allowed the Company to partially conceal their activities since few would take note of a Terraversan brig sailing in Terraversan waters. Still, the process was not without its risks since an Olean crew on a vessel brimming with military supplies, a RNTC official, and a royal officer was hardly a common sight, or perhaps more properly, not a common sight for areas of no interest to the Empire. P1130634 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "Disgraceful, look at this rabble," the Captain said dismissively. "I have no idea what your Hollande sees in them, but as far as I can tell they wouldn't last a minute against proper infantry." "Hmm," the Company official replied as he inspected his figures for the weapons delivered. "Doesn't the army say that about every foe?" The Captain laughed. "Leon, forgive me if I say that perhaps the eye of a soldier is better at discerning these things than the eye of a merchant, but surely even you can agree that this display is appalling. Why look there, that man stands a better chance of strangling himself with his cartage box than he does of putting it to its intended purpose." "Hmm" the official replied again, glancing between his records and the crates stacked before him. "Yes, yes, reminds me Abu, ah-cah, err, well, Royal Port, down in Guleph, you know during the troubles. Or perhaps you don't know, perhaps this was bit before your time. Well, regardless, I remember, just as clear as yesterday, oh, you had to be there, the sun, the heat, the sand everywhere. Well, that's besides the point, but regardless, these goat herders, mere peasants, oh to watch them try to organize a defense. Well, you see, I was only an ensign at the time, so you can understand that I was a bit uneasy, but once I gazed on the herdsmen, oh how I remember, it was a burden lifted. No fear, no pressure, I knew I had nothing to worry about, you see. Half of me wanted to laugh at their incompetence while the other half cry at the disgrace of fighting such an unworthy foe. It would have been pitiable if they weren't damned traitors. Still, the cavalry routed them all in good order. Nothing too hard, and a nice day's work if you ask me. Not that it did us any good, you see. No medals or honor in that." "Hmm" the official replied. "Well, are you done yet?" the Captain asked, suddenly changing the subject. "Surely all the crates are here, and you've counted them a dozen times over." "Hmm? Oh, yes, yes, just finishing now," the official said with a sigh. "I'll head to the boat and order the men to prepare to return to the boat." "Ah, that won't be necessary, Leon. You see, you and I will go with the men in the boat, but the other two lads shall stay behind." "You never mentioned this!" replied the official sharply. "Well I wasn't sure it would be necessary, but I believe it shall." "Necessary for what?" "That is not your concern. All that concerns you is obeying my command as Lord Vele's instructions dictate." "What good would two men do here? Surely they won't turn the tide if Oldis discovers this operation. If they attack and the loyalists are defeated, these men will be arrested for sure! No chance of escape! How could you condemn men to such a fate?" "But Henri's plan has gone so well so far, what makes you think that aging fool Oldis would discover our operation?" the Captain asked with a hint of sarcasm before pausing and continuing in a very serious tone. " I know these men's fate, Leon. I know it far better than you ever could. You've never seen men die, you've never watched cannons roaring directly at you, you've never stood steady while a dragoon lunges at you with his saber. But that is besides the point; war, Leon, war is a chess match. If you cannot stomach to lose a pawn occasionally, then you cannot win." "Even the chess master does not throw away pawns without a master strategy, sir" the official replied coldly, "and I for one cannot see any benefit to allowing these men to risk capture or death just so the launch is less crowded." "Enough, I have spoken," declared the Captain. "I don't know how things are done in the Company, but I assure you that in the army we expect orders to be obeyed even when those charged with carrying out said orders are too blind to see the master strategy. Now let us depart, further discussion on this matter serves no purpose." P1130642 by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  15. As far as I can tell the sheet is calculating everything correctly, including settlement size, and it has been calculating this way for all of 2019. I will have to do some searching to determine if this is different from how it calculated settlement status prior to 2019.