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  1. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    Fixed. I will be out of town for the next week, and won't be addressing any issues here. Please continue to report them here, and either Phred will address it or I can take care of it once I am back.
  2. Captain Genaro

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    Yes, virtual builds are allowed. Phred has some nice builds showing natives of Fatu Hiva, but any native figure is acceptable for the challenge.
  3. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    The MCRA revenue and expenses is now in the May summary, and settlement growth has been added. The account was added. It looks like the account issues have been corrected, and I don't see any issues with the sheets. There are a lot of spreadsheets working here, and sometimes an update to one spreadsheet can impact the others. If something seems off, check back in 10-15 minutes to see if it is fixed. The spreadsheets may just need a little time to get all caught up. When did you replace Tomsche as the mayor of Quinnsville?
  4. Captain Genaro

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    Please do, and have some fun with it. No one is going to kill your characters, and with a little creativity I think you can be very competitive in every category. Your entries might be disqualified or score very poorly, and you could probably expect the same IC response as if someone made a MOC of their characters looting any one of Oleon's islands. Oleon hates thieves, the RTNC hates smugglers, and the Order hates heretics. But no one is going to seize or kill your characters.
  5. Captain Genaro

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    @DrunknokThe death sentence is a joke. No one is going to kill your characters here.
  6. Captain Genaro

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    I assume you're confused about the idol/pagan artifact part. That can be whatever you want. A temple, voodoo doll, statue, etc. It's intentionally left open ended to encourage creativity. These licenses do not count against any monthly limits. Just make a note of it when licensing the property. As with Corrington's challenge, Oleon will buy the licenses at cost if anyone doesn't have the doubloons or desire to license their builds in Fatu Hiva. It probably wouldn't help your overall score, and it certainly wouldn't help your score for the sub-category. And of course there's the whole thing about a painful death. Yes, you are not required to use a specific type of minifig for the islanders. We know that collections are limited, and we don't want anyone to feel obligated to purchase specific minifigs for this contest. Fleshies, old islanders, POTC natives, CMF natives, etc. are all acceptable.
  7. Captain Genaro

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - Era II, Challenge II

    Half right. I do mean maximum, but I did mean to use conscious. Thank you for the correction.
  8. Oleon, Challenge II – Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or  Until now most development on Île d'Or has taken place in the budding town of Fatu Hiva. What started out as a few shacks and a wooden dock has continued to grow with new influxes of colonists from Halos and an increasing number of natives who come to the settlement to trade pearls and labor for Olean goods and food. And despite the rumors spread by their northern colonial competitors, Oleon was only too happy to welcome the natives into the Empire of Light and the natives, though wary of some Olean customs, seemed pleased with their new overlord. Most suggested that the natives’ contentment had to do with the culture, trade, and religion being brought to the island, but an astute observer would notice the dread on the native’s faces when talk of the island’s interior was brought up and how they revere the defenses and soldiers standing between the settlement and the wild jungle. But that soon changed. As the settlement continued to grow, more and more colonists hoped to make their fortune in the jungle. Driven by rumors of gold, they began traveling into the interior. The natives watched with pity as the colonists cheerfully headed to their destiny. Weeks passed, and the colonists were forgotten. Some would occasionally remark at the lack of contact with the settlers, but nothing happened until the governor decided to send several men into the jungle to find the settlers and survey routes for new roads between them and the settlement. Days after the surveying team was deployed the first natives arrived. It was a simple boat, and they didn’t cease their frantic rowing until the native craft was beached behind Fatu Hiva’s walls. Soon the trickle of natives became a stream until the town’s harbor was clogged by native craft. The governor tried for force the natives to return to their villages, but they refused, their fear of some unknown danger overwhelming any fear they may have for the town’s authorities. The governor was unable to get any information from the natives who only mentioned a great evil being awakened, and with no news from the colonists or survey team, the governor grew worried. He wrote to the Secrétaire d’État des Colonies, but was quickly informed that, although a royal settlement, Fatu Hiva was under the RNTC’s region of trade. Subsequent pleas to Lavalette fell on deaf ears as various officials simply sent the letters to each other, no one knowing what to do in Hollande’s absence. Eventually word reached Major Hochstetter who assumed the governor was an old woman, but still decided to deploy a company to Fatu Hiva to ensure nothing had gone wrong.  Upon arriving, the company found the town overflowing with natives. The captain in command thought the entire native populace must be stuffed into the town, but the fortifications were fine, and the garrison was in order. Still, to put the governor’s mind to rest, the captain marched his company into the wilderness to find the lost colonists and survey team. Several days later, the sentries were startled by the sound of gunfire from the jungle. Though faint at first, the sporadic fire became louder and louder. The entire town was up, with many native warriors lining the wall, visibly shaking at the thought of this unknown terror. Without warning a man came charging out of the forest, screaming incoherently and flailing his arms, but he quickly fell under a barrage of native spears and arrows before the defenders realized the man was wearing the uniform of a company infantryman. Unfortunately, the barrage startled the garrison and the edge of the jungle was quickly overwhelmed by a near constant pounding of roundshot, cannister, arrows, and spears before the officers could restore order. Finally, the town’s gates opened, and a heavily armed troop cautiously headed towards the jungle. Upon arriving, several of the men retched at the carnage. Thirty of the men from the RNTC company had been mercilessly mowed down in the fire from the defenses, and only three, a sergeant and two privates, showed any sign of life. Picture by Ayrlego The wounded men were taken to Fatu Hiva for treatment, though no one believed they would survive the night, and the guilty defenders began digging graves for the company men. But as they began to move the bodies, they noticed strange wounds that couldn’t have been caused by the defender’s fire. The men told this to the lieutenant overseeing their progress, but the frightened young man, desperately seeking to be finished with his unpleasant task, told the men to return to their duties and leave autopsies to doctors. As expected, none of the wounded survived the night. One private died quietly without waking while the other would spontaneously scream and began sobbing inconsolably until he drifted off to eternal rest. The sergeant, a veteran of battles from Guleph to Halos, was just barely conscious, but all he seemed capable of doing was repeating warnings to avoid the jungle and stating that the foe was unlike anything he had ever seen, but before he could provide any meaningful information, he muttered a prayer for his soul before closing his eyes for the final time. Realizing the severity of the situation and knowing that future requests for troops would take months to fill, the island’s governor has decided to appeal to mercenaries to come and aid his tiny island. Offering rich rewards to those who succeed, the governor is confident that there are enough brave men in New Terra with nothing to lose and a fortune to gain. NB: In era II, each main challenge will focus on developing one area of the "hosting nation", and highlight the speciality of that nation. For challenge II it is Oleon and mythology. General Rules Deadline: September 2, 618 AE. The challenge will consist of three sub-categories. Participants may choose to enter any number of sub-categories, however all participates must submit an entry to Category A in order to progress to the other two categories. All entries must be linked in this thread. Entries across all three categories will be eligible to win 'BoBS cards' at leadership discretion. The type of card will be dependent on the build and why a card is being awarded. Category A – Intelligence Your band of mercenaries needs to know what they’re up against. As such, they desire to gather information about their foe before setting out, and the refugees in Fatu Hiva could provide valuable information, that is if they weren’t so afraid to talk. Show your mercenaries visiting natives at local workshops and attempting to learn about the terror in the jungle. Your build should feature the natives using their skills to provide valuable goods for the Oleanese. Do they simply work in Olean factories, are their native crafts valuable enough to the colonists, or do they take the best of both worlds to create hybrid workshops?  Rewards and Rules: Minimum size: 256 stud footprint (equal to 16x16). One entry allowed per player. Build must be able to be licensed under the rules of the EGS and in addition to posting a link here, a link should also be posted in the Fatu Hiva settlement thread.  The winner of this challenge will have obviously invested a great deal in the fledgling settlement, and so will be awarded a free large property license of any type in the settlement of Fatu Hiva (micro scale build only required). The ownership of all properties will have the personal guarantee of the Colonial governor, even in the event of a state of war between Oleon and the nation of the owner. Scoring will consider how well you introduce your mercenaries and how creative the workshop is. Category B – Setting Out Your expedition has to get started somewhere, but where is up to you. Do you follow the route of the original colonists and soldiers straight into the interior, do you decide to visit one of the beach side settlements abandoned by the refugees, or do you come up with something else? During your journey, it is probable that you will run across pagan idols and artefacts, items that the Order of the Faith would like the world to be rid of. Trying to hide or smuggle the items would be a death sentence, a most painful death sentence, but destroying the items or somehow making them pure could buy a lot of favor with the Order, and Order has very deep pockets. Your build will be judged by how well you incorporate the following description into your build, and how you deal with the pagan artefacts. "Nicknamed The Crown, this island's coasts are white sand, and the surrounding sea is deep, but a small ridge of coral does exist to the west. The natives of this island dive for pearls in the reef ridge, where they also cast nets for fish. The Island's soil is rocky, and not great for crop growing. Little is known about the interior of the island, other than a thick and wild jungle grows there. It is rumored that there may be gold on this island. It is also suspected that the natives of this island are related to those from the glimmering archipelago." Rewards and Rules: Maximum size per entry: 1024 stud footprint (equal to 32x32). Each entry may consist of several builds and multiple entries per player is encouraged. The overall winner for Cat B will be granted a free large arts and culture property license, second place a free medium arts and culture property license and third place a free small arts and culture property license (microbuilds required to activate) in Fatu Hiva. Additionally there will be three winners for the sub-category of the idol. Each winner will receive gifts from the order as well as 100 DBs. Whether these gifts truly have supernatural powers or their mere presence helps to reassure men is a matter for philosophers, but what cannot be denied is their effectiveness. 1st: Relic of Saint-Arltrees: Oleon's patron saint and one of Oleon's greatest warriors, this relic will surely bring the strength and battlefield success of the great saint to whoever carries it. [BOBS CARD TBD] 2nd: Medal of Ares: This sacred medal, blessed with water from the Spring of Athena, is sure to protect any soldier who marches into battle wearing it. [BOBS CARD TBD] 3rd: Blessings of Artemis : Not the most powerful god, but the priests will ask for her to intercede on your behalf. [ BOBS CARD TBD] For this category, multiple entries per player are allowed and encouraged.  Category C – The Final Battle From the perspective of one of your characters, show the final resolution to your mercenaries’ adventure. The build should feature a conflict between your band and whatever evil is plaguing the deepest, darkest corners of the island. The story should be a narrative by one of your characters and it should match the build. The story should be entertaining and, if your character is prone to exaggeration, may include the supernatural. This build does not need to be a historically accurate portrayal, but must be a story told by one of the members. Rewards and Rules: Size: Unlimited. One entry per player. The winner will be awarded with the title "Defender of Fatu Hiva." Also, the skills their victories mercenaries have gained here will no doubt serve them well in future adventures [BOBS CARD TBD]. In recognition of their service in helping to save Fatu Hiva, the colonial governor will reward the mercenaries with land grants for a free large plantation property license, second place a free medium plantation property license and third place a free small plantation property license (microbuilds required to activate) on Ile de Or. Judging will consider the creativity of your story, the unique nature of the enemy, and your depiction of jungle combat.
  9. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    Thanks for the reminder. I'll ask Phred to give me access to the sheet, and they should be added soon. We will try to get on that soon.
  10. Captain Genaro

    [OL FB] Armory of Lavalette

    Thank you, professor. The texture is very time consuming, but I am very pleased with how it came out. I'm going to blame the shoddy construction on the Corrish contractor. And it's only a war crime if Oleon looses. Thank you. I'm glad I could bring back some (hopefully fun and happy) memories. The design is my own, and I look forward to seeing how you use and improve on it. Thank you, Bart. I like to represent the process as accurately as possible. Thank you, good sir. I do hope Cooke gets to see a little more activity soon. But I fear I must disappoint you when it comes to fashion. Genaro has worn his hat bow-to-stern prior to leaving for King's Harbor. Far better for keeping the tropical sun and rain off your face. I'm very glad that you like it. I'm rather surprised that more people haven't commented on the drummer's uniform, but I'm pleased that it hasn't gone unnoticed by everyone. Thank you, Bodi. It took far too long to get this posted, but now that it is up I hope that we can continue Genaro's talk with Lagaufre.
  11. Captain Genaro

    [SR - FB] Matelot Tavern - Breshaun

    That is a nice introduction and a fine way to introduce your characters to BOBS. Your build is very well done and captures the open-frame timber look very well while the yellow reminds me of Classic Pirates. The round plates and tiles along the path really help break up the dark gray, too, but my favorite feature has to be the lattice window design just to the left of the door.
  12. Captain Genaro

    Era II Trade MRCA

    It's impossible to say who would win, and each battle could be different. The weather gauge would determine a lot. If the maxed-out fleet wins the weather gauge, they would have a better chance of winning, while if they lose the weather gauge they would face a good chance of loosing. In your scenario, since the fleets are equal in maneuver stats, the weather gauge would come down to a dice roll, with the defender having an advantage in a tie. All stats are added.
  13. Since the beginning of the game, certain islands have received bonuses for different property types and commodities. These bonuses have been automatically applied to properties, but no one was told when they discovered a bonus. That will now change. Whenever a bonus is activated (by having the right property type and commodity), it will be announced at the end of the month. Note that this does not change any rules nor does it require you to change your behavior or licensing. You can ignore this if you'd like, or you can use the information to try and discover additional island bonuses or to exploit known bonuses. Discovering island bonuses is part luck and part skill. Island descriptions (see the indexes for New Island Information in the master index) may give you clues as to what bonuses (positive or negative) exist, but these are not guaranteed to be completely accurate. Bonuses and islands are not created equal, and you very well may find some islands having a plethora of bonuses while others have nothing. Again, I would like to emphazie that no rules are being changed and nothing new is being added. All we're doing is making this information public so that builders can better exploit these bonuses. Without further ado, here are all previously discovered bonuses: Builder Faction Commodity Property Island Bonus (Extra DBs/Month) Small Medium Large Royal Phred Oleon Grape or wine Commerce Medium Île de Zeus 3 6 9 12 Ayrlego Corrington Tropical fruit Plantation Small Alicentia 4 8 12 16 Legostone Eslandola Timber or woodworking Plantation Small Cocovia 2 4 6 8 Phred Oleon Grape or wine Plantation Small Île de Zeus 3 6 9 12 Ayrlego Corrington Crab Commerce Medium Garma's Key 3 6 9 12 Legostone Eslandola Citrus Plantation Medium Isla de Victoria 3 6 9 12 ETTC Corrington Vanilla Plantation Medium Celestia 3 6 9 12 Mesabi Landing Corrington Agricultural science Plantation Small Argentia 3 6 9 12 Drunknok Corrington Agricultural science Plantation Small Argentia 3 6 9 12 Drunknok Corrington Agricultural science Plantation Small Argentia 3 6 9 12 Ayrlego Corrington Crab Commerce Small Garma's Key 3 6 9 12 LM71Blackbird Corrington Cocoa Plantation Large Cocovia 2 4 6 8 Mesabi Landing Corrington Agricultural science Plantation Small Argentia 3 6 9 12
  14. Captain Genaro

    [COR - FB] Spud Plantation in Port Raleigh

    This is a nice build. The irregularities in the rows of crops are convincing and help make it look more lifelike. As others have said, the manor house looks very similar to an old American southern plantation house, and it looks very nice. I suggest working on the pediment to better integrate it into the rest of the roof instead of having the roof slope down behind it.
  15. Captain Genaro

    [TSotEP] 14 - The Grand Finale (1/2)

    This has been a very fun story all the way through to the end, and although I am interested in seeing how it will end, I will be somewhat disappointed that it must conclude. The brick built water is very nice and works well with the rest of the build's style.