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  1. Captain Genaro

    [OL-FB] Floating Battery

    A rather ugly ship, but I suppose I should blame the actual designer rather than you for that. I do like the design on her. You did a good job with the tumblehome, especially around the bow and stern. As for improvement, I think the jibs are too small (though this may be due to the slack in the lines that are holding them in place), and I think that you could add a few more details on the deck. Bars holding belaying pins, some guns on the upper decks, and a ships bell would be some simple ideas you may consider incorporating into your next vessel.
  2. It will not continue to grow. All existing funds per the monthly summary remain unchanged.
  3. Captain Genaro

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Thank you for the compliment. I hope the story isn't too dull, and if you have any ideas on how I can improve my writing please let me know.
  4. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    I believe troops will show up in the month after they are licensed (e.g. troops raised in January won't show up until February). If the expense is not showing up, that's a bigger problem that I won't be able to get to until the weekend.
  5. Captain Genaro

    [OL - A-MCRA] Travels to Terraversa

    Temple Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The last man hurried to his compatriots who were gathered around the Olean official standing besides the steps leading to the alter of Tyche. While not the largest temple in the compound, it was one of the finest with gold, stained-glass, and marble used liberally in the construction, construction largely financed by the RNTC and other Veleanders who hold venerate Tyche as no other, save perhaps Zeus. Daylight poured in through the stained-glass windows, flooding the floor in a colorful display, while flames from the votive candles flanking the alter serving as the only other source of light. “Finally, we can get started,” one of the men growled as the newcomer took his place. “And perhaps we can get an explanation as to what is happening here.” “My dear friends,” Henri Hollande began (for it was none other than the extravagant and seemingly incompetent mayor himself), “forgive me.” At this, Henri was taken by a bought of coughing before he could continue. “I fear I have been indisposed of these past months. The fever, no, no I assure you I am no longer contagious now, the doctor's assure me of that, but it will still be some time before my hair recovers from the treatment (a particularly sore point for Henri as his lush, lengthy locks were a source of pride for him). No, but that must be put aside, and we must discuss this delicate matter. A matter too long delayed by my illness." “You could have used an aid,” one of the Terraversans rebutted, upset at the months of delay. Henri merely shook his head. “I fear not. My men are loyal and trustworthy, make no mistake, but a matter this important requires someone who carries the authority to make decisions without waiting weeks or months to hear back from officials in Granoleon.” “And you are such a man?” one of the other’s asked. “You would be surprised, sir, to learn the extent of my full authority within the Company, but that is not why we are here.” At this Henri straighten up and spoke as clearly as his weakened state would allow. “We are here to discuss a new government for Terraversa.” While such a declaration may have been shocking in most groups, this gathering of loyalist politicians, nobles, and merchants had expected nothing short. In fact, it was why they were present. “A rather public place to be making such statements, wouldn’t you say?” the first man continued. “Don’t be absurd, the priests of Artemis may be many things, but I assure you that they are not known for being sloppy. If they assure me that the temple complex is free from outsiders, I am fully prepared to take their word. Besides,” Henri went on. “It’s noon prayers. If someone was spying on us it would be impossible to hear anything over the echoing chants of the monks. And what outsider would be surprised to witness an Olean, nay, a Veleander discussing business before the goddess Tyche herself? Now if there are no further objections,” Henri paused to cough, and when none of the other men responded he continued. “Good. The Company has found negotiations with Oldis to be in vain. He is a stubborn fool who will not negotiate in good faith and would rather line his own pockets with bribes than see commerce, commerce vital to the wellbeing of this island and the farmers, merchants, laborers who inhabit it. And, gentlemen, let there be no mistake, commerce is the only reason I am here. The Company is not concerned with who rules this island as long as they are our friend.” “Then you would sell us out to earn a few livres!” one of the Terraversans exclaimed. Henri coughed “Don’t be absurd. No company is going to do very well if it is constantly hitching its wagon to a new horse. Think of the time and resources wasted; we’d never actually earn a profit! No, no. Thanks to Tarlo, we have found men who desire to be masters of their own destiny, men who are prepared to be our friends, and men I would very much like to assist.” "And your King, no doubt, would like to assist." "No doubt." “You speak well, Mayor, but let’s cut to the chase. What is it you want and what can you give us?” “Financing, powder, weapons, training, and if we can reach an agreement, perhaps some men and ships.” The Terraversans began muttering excitedly to each other. This was far more than many of them had hoped for, especially given the delays on Henri's part. Nonetheless, they were wise and shrewd, knowing better than to blindly accept Henri's offer. "And in return?" one of them inquired. “Well, that would depend on the outcome” Henri replied hazily. “Trading concessions, a token of gratitude, political support, I’m sure we can work out an exact arraignment when the time comes. But for now, gentlemen, I must know your resolve. Granoleon grows weary of waiting, and I fear they will not tolerate many more delays. And I am sure that you have no desire to postpone your goals any longer than you already have." Temple Meeting by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr "We are not fools, Henri, we may desire our freedom from Oldis' stupidity any tyranny, but we will not rush headlong into this without," "Nonsense!" one of the other Terraversans exclaimed, interrupting his comrade. "We must seize the day! Strike while the iron is glowing hot! I for one do not see Oldis as growing any weaker, and the longer we delay, the harder it will be to win the peasants to our side!" "And do not forget Corrington and Eslandola's involvement," Henri interjected. "Delay too long, if their interests become too vested then I fear that my masters may not be so willing to support your cause and risk an outright conflict with the other powers of Halos." "What is it you we must do to secure your support?" one of the Terraversans inquired. At this, Henri shrugged. "We want to see results, desirable results, to prove you are an investment worth making. Oldis is still weak, and most of his fleet is tied up in Westface with that pirate. Perhaps outright rebellion is too much to expect at this point, but raise your militias, you are influential men. Raise them and take control of smaller port towns, places where our ships can bring supplies to support your efforts. Gain the support of the people, perhaps the natives who fared better under Marderian control would be willing to support you." "And no doubt you have recognized that despite our means we are hardly in a position to carry out what you request." "I already have men working to earn the support of the common people," Henri said, referencing the men who were deployed across the island as part of the Huntress' quest. "But as for your more immediate concerns," he went on, holding out some parchment. One of the Terraversans took it and began reading. “Troop numbers, the status of the fortifications, yes, yes, we know all this. We have men in the army who can provide it to us.” “Then turn it over and see something I doubt they can provide.” The man gasped. “This, this is...” “Fifty doubloons worth of muskets, powder, balls. Enough for a small regiment,” Henri interrupted, grinning while he spoke. “Simply show this to the official at our headquarters and he will release the carriage to you. But gentlemen, before we retire let me caution against delay. I do not mean to be impertinent, but my mission has already taken far too long, even without my illness, and my masters grow impatient by the hour. Please, I beg of you, do not delay in carrying out what I ask. Do not delay, and this Company shall spare no expense in seeing your goals to fruition." “Of course, Henri,” one of the men replied. “We thank you for your assistance, and you shall have our reply shortly.”
  6. Captain Genaro

    [COR WTC] Shot Tower, Mesabi Landing

    Amazing. When I first saw this I thought the idea was merely a fiction (an interesting fiction, but fiction nonetheless), and here I find it's based on an actual practice. I suppose I'm trying to express my gratification for learning something new about the creation of round shots. As for your build, it fits quite nicely. A simple design, but one that is enhanced by the nice tan detailing throughout. I particularly like the additional detailing around the top floor as it helps to distinguish this from the lower floors. As for improvements, I think the surrounding landscaping looks a little out of place. This is a large industrial building, but it doesn't appear to have easy access for wagons to deliver goods and take receipts. But that's not a major complaint with your build, just something to consider (or ignore) for future builds.
  7. Captain Genaro

    [COR-FB] Seeking out the consul

    Nice build, Bregir. I particularly like the second story window design with the pole, and the roof is very fitting for Olean architecture. I'm sure Oleon will have a response to this soon enough, but in the meantime we thank you for the generous license.
  8. I finally got around to photographing the results from my prospecting build. I've tried to continue working with ball joints with the rockwork, with some success I think, and decided to try a black background instead of my typical white. Comments and criticism is welcome. While not the valuable metals and gems the Company had hoped for, the discovery of mercury on Stéphanique was still an important resource, perhaps one that was even better than gold and rubies. The current mercury mines in Halos were already operating at their limits forcing the new gold and silver producers in New Terra to pay outrageous sums to the sultans of Mokolei and the Middle Kingdoms in order to ensure that production could continue. But this discovery could change that; the first new source of quicksilver in over two hundred years and right in the middle of the colonies. Right where it was most needed. Mercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr The Company wasted no time in sinking a shaft and bringing in workers to begin extracting the valuable ore. A small garrison ensured that the secretive natives would be dissuaded from causing any trouble that could halt production while Company officials regularly visited to ensure that the foremen were doing everything possible to maximize the amount of ore being brought to the surface. Mercury Mine by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr
  9. An excellent addition to Fatu Hiva, and certainly a worthy basilica for the Order. Your introduction does a nice job incorporating the build into the events of the BOBS world, and the monetary was a great addition to an already sublime build.
  10. Very nice build, Ayrlego. I'm enjoying this Myzectlan series immensely, and this build is no exception. The poinsettia plants are really well done, and your furnaces look great, too.
  11. Captain Genaro

    [OL MCRA Results] Oleon's Response

    If only the Padre wasn't so devoted to the order these two could have been the best of friends, burning towns and people (in no particular order). Thanks, Kai. I'm glad you like the minifig shots. Thank you, and I look forward to the WTC's reply. Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it, Bodi. Thank you, Captain. I'm pleased that you picked up on the railing (my favorite detail, too). Thank you. I'm afraid we'll have to wait on Corrington to make the next move now. It does seem reasonable to have a MOC or two in a Lego game. Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like it. Thank you, Bregir. To answer your question, I do try to get all Lego shots as much as possible and I do try to incorporate certain features that make it easier to accomplish this. That said, the photography is the main trick, and I often go through several stages of placing figures and taking photos before figuring out which shots will work. That is some very high praise, thank you. I'm glad you like it. Ross is right, the torso is from the Bespin guards.
  12. @Elostirion Leadership is not trying to ignore you. We just require a bit of time to reach a definitive answer some of the time. With leaders across multiple contents it can sometimes take a bit longer to get everyone on the same page, especially around Christmas. I suspect you should have a properly reply shortly.
  13. Captain Genaro

    [ESL FB] Levanta, Jungles near Myzectlan

    Nice build, and an excellent concept. I'm not sure if this is based on something in reality but it certainly seems realistic enough to have existed in real life. With your build, the bright colors do an excellent job capturing the jungle atmosphere.
  14. Nice office, Bregir. I like the use of the garage pieces on the façade, and the clerk's desk is simple but does the job well. Here's to hoping Montoya can help the admiral with his troubles.
  15. Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Charles Clouet hurried along the promenade, praying that his master wouldn’t be too upset by his delay. “Damned fools” he muttered between breaths. “Damned fools should know better, waiting so long to inform me,” he swore as he hurried. Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr Puffing, Charles rounded a hedge just as a familiar, stern voice stated “F3 to G4.” Looking under the pergola Charles saw Pierre Lavalette Genaro, Duc de Vele sitting under the pergola, papers stacked on the table in front of him. Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “My lord!” Charles exclaimed with a deep bow as he approached the pergola. “Forgive me. I was unaware of your return until a few minutes ago!” The Duke turned his head slightly to glance at Charles before responding. “Your timing is impeccable. I was just about to send someone to find you. Sit,” he ordered, gesturing to an empty chair. “You know the Major?” “The Major, my lord?” Charles asked. The Duke pointed at his opponent who was busy studying the board. “No, my lord, I don’t believe I have been introduced.” “Major, come here,” commanded the Duke. Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr After a brief glance at one of his rooks, the Major headed for the pergola. “Major Wolfgang Hochstetter, Charles Clouet,” said the Duke in his typical emotionless tone, not even bothering to look up from the letter he was reading. “The Major is currently in command of the company’s fortifications in Lavalette, Charles is one of my secretaries” the Duke continued. “A pleasure, Major,” Charles said with a bow. After Wolfgang replied, Charles went on “Where does your family hail from, Major. Eranos, perhaps?” “The Major is not from Oleon, Charles” the Duke interrupted, this time bothering to look up. “Major,” he went on, “perhaps you could join us for drinks shortly, but for now Charles and I have some business to discuss. Wolfgang gave a crisp bow before returning to the board to contemplate his next move. “Not from Oleon, but yet he commands our forces in Lavalette?” Charles inquired. “I find foreigners tend to take less interest to Oleon’s internal politics,” replied the Duke. “Now, what is the situation with Fatu Hiva?” Charles froze for a moment. The Duke wasn’t going to like this. “We’re still not exactly sure what happened there, sir. The commander’s report states that the Corrish vessel attempted to enter the harbor, refused to respond to any hails or signals, and showed no signs of distress.” “Were there any other ships she could have been fleeing from?” “According to the report, my lord, there were only the ships at anchor and some small native vessels.” Charles paused for a moment, but seeing that the Duke remained silent, he continued. “The vessel, the Corrish vessel, was cleared for action and her guns run out at the time. She fired on the fortifications which swiftly destroyed her.” “And what have the damned Corries to say?” inquired the Duke. “Nothing as of yet. The WTC’s rag,” “What is their interest in this?” “It was one of their ships, my lord.” “Ah” the Duke said before ordering Charles to continue. “Their paper claims that we are in league with the pirates and that their vessel was simply pursuing a pirate vessel into our port. Baseless claims, my lord. Utterly baseless, and they offer no support for their claims.” At this Wolfgang interrupted. “G3 to D6, and I take your bishop,” called Wolfgang. “H3, E7” the Duke instantly snapped back before returning to Charles. “So they claim that we are hosting pirates in our harbors and use this as an excuse to chase legitimate shipping across the Brick Seas. Have we established what ship they were chasing?” “No, my lord. We have not determined if they had a particular prize in sight. It is the opinion of the garrison’s commander that they were simply hoping to seize some local or coastal vessels.” “And Corrington has no official response?” “Correct. As of now they have remained silent on the matter.” The Duke silently fumed, rapidly drumming his fingers on the table before suddenly snapping. “Damned Corries,” he roared in a rare display of emotion, one so strong and filled with such hate that Chares involuntarily recoiled. “Damn them all! Attacking our forts, our ships! I’ll see the perpetrators hang for this!” While the Duke paused for a breath, Charles quickly interjected. “The report states no Corries survived, my Lord. And if they did, they would be in the hands of the Order by now, seeing how they control that settlement.” The Duke chose to ignore this last statement. “What is our response?” Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr “Jacque Debussy has penned a letter…” “Do you have it?” interrupted the Duke. Charles nodded. “Read it,” the Duke commanded. After a brief delay to remember in which pocket he placed the letter, Charles pulled it out and read it in full. The whole time, the Duke remained silent, maintaining a steady gaze seemingly into the abyss. When Charles had finished, the Duke remained still for a moment before replying. “Is that all?” “I, I don’t quite follow, my lord” a confused Charles replied. “The response, I mean. Isn’t there something meaningful or are we going to respond to Corrish gunshots with strongly worded objections?” the Duke thundered. “If you wish to compose the response…” “My response would be to send a fleet to these pirates’ homeport and drag their masters out by their toes! I’d see the whole blasted town burnt to the ground!” the duke roared on. “But that would be an act of war,” Charles meekly responded. “And what would you call firing on Fatu Hiva?” challenged the Duke before pausing. “No, no,” he said as he cooled down. “As much as I would like to see that happen, I fear that would require more political capital than I care to spend on this issue, especially considering our potential to profit from it.” “How’s that, my lord?” The Duke simply stared at Charles, his calm, stoic personality taking control once more. “All shall be revealed in good time, Charles. All in good time.” Oleon's Response by Capt. Genaro, on Flickr