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Found 9 results

  1. *Your entry has earned 28 XP* The Clone Wars rage across the galaxy, bringing fire and fury to a thousand worlds. Among them; the ancient sanctuary moon of Jedha, where a Republic Retrieval Squad charges through the teeming streets of the Holy City in pursuit of a Separatist agent. Captain Yima is a key leader in the uprisings on Hijo, his capture is vital to undermining the Free People's Army. Commander Owl's patience grows thin. How hard can it be to catch one man? MORE PHOTOS Thanks for looking!
  2. *Your entry has earned 27 XP* Following Lorrd, refugees from Entralla move on the Jedha before escaping to Vohai. Their shuttle is unarmed and quite vulnerable, but well suited for discretely moving as many people as possible across hyperspace. The stopover in Jedha will allow the crew to refuel and resupply before their longest stretch. Not much survived the attack on Jedha, but the Imperials that returned for "disaster recovery" maintained a fairly independent outpost that ended up being highly influenced by the Followers of the Force that quickly followed, making for a quite, unassuming ally to those escaping the New Territories.
  3. The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The instructions for <The Empire over Jedha City> is finally complete. Brick count: 5098 Size: 50x32x33cm Amazing instructions by Legolijntje The instruction is sold for $30 USD. Contact for purchase. The package includes: *467 pages of high quality PDF instructions *Alternate stand instructions *High-res photo images of the moc Parts list: City version: Stand version: Note: The alternate stand version does not sold separately. Red bricks can be replaced to any colour bricks available. The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr mid scale ISD by one case, on Flickr Alternate stand version The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr The Empire over Jedha City by one case, on Flickr
  4. Here I want to present you my newest MOC. It shows the Tythoni Square, Jedha City. Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square by Boba-1980, auf Flickr I build this MOC for the German ComicCon 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. As I saw the first trailer or even the teaser trailer of Rogue One the decision was made and I definitely had to build the scene on the Tythoni Square. As you can see it is not the exact scene because when the AT-ST arrives, the tank and the building with the white balconies were alway destroyed. So in this MOC I mixed some scenes and because of the younger visitors of the ComicCon I did not show dead troopers. Last but not least, the tank is the slightly modified LEGO set. The AT-ST comes from Josh Fowler, here the Lego version would have been much too large. Thank you for the many inspirations: Staudi, Ryan McBryde, Graeme.Straughn, Dunedain98, Graham Gidman As always, I hope you like the MOC. Boba1980 p.s. more pictures coming soon Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-3 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-2 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-7 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-6 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-4 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Jedha - Ambush On Tythoni Square-5 by Boba-1980, auf Flickr
  5. I've already posted these builds separately on AG and SoNE, but I wanted to show them together and as we displayed them at BrickUniverse. These four sections are my attempt to make Star Wars modular buildings a thing. Join our Flickr group if you have modular builds you'd like to share, too - Modular Sci-Fi Jedha Dark Red 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Dark Flesh 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Medium Azure 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha Market 1 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr The rest of the build (temple, tank, carts, and eastern buildings) was done by Dwight Neal, a fellow DFWLUG member. Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Jedha 2.0 BrickUniverse OKC by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr We've been working on this collab since some of the first trailers came out last September, starting with Dwight's tank and street, Dwight's Jedha by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr displaying the first version of it in December for BrickUniverse Dallas. Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr Rogue One - Jedha - BrickUniverse Fair Park 2016 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr My sections changed quite a bit between Dallas and OKC to make it a 360 build and our layout changed to accommodate Dwight's new Jedha temple. Once we get the blurays I'm sure we'll change/add some more. Feel free to post screenshots of architectural details on Jedha. Again, we'll be displaying it next at BrickFiesta in Mesquite, TX June 29-July 2, which is an AFOL focused convention with a lot of potential for growth. If you can make it, let me know so we can meet up and talk Star Wars MOCs.
  6. Hey there. After a long absence of eurobricks (I've managed to loose my PW and wasn't able to reactivate my old account ) I'm using now the chance to showcase my latest two MOCs in this topic as those are somehow related. Probably most of you have already seen a feature of my Shuttle Tydirium on blogs as eurobricksstarwarsforum (amazing article by the way, thanks!) and elsewhere. In my latest works I`m trying to create a key image for each model, therefore I'm often building a whole scene. I think this is an extra challenge and also a nice way to present the model differently. For the Shuttle Tydirium I went with the two scenes below: The goal is to present the model in the best way, so I had to adapt some points in its favor as camera angle, proportions, lighting and so on. All the elements in the shot are created with physical bricks (except the sky/backdrop). But to showcase the model with all its details and features a video is still the best medium. What do you think? Do you like this format or would you prefer an other presentation form such as seen (f.e.) in the LEGO designer videos (a longer more descriptive video with voiceover)? I'm happy for any suggestions and feedback As a left over of the second scene I had the nice midi scaled Star Destroyer sitting around my desk. Credits to Brickdoctor for his LDD hull design. The biggest problem I had with the 40 studs long model: finding a nice scene and way of presentation. I love the breathtaking vistas in Rogue One! This is one of my favorites: A menacing Imperial Star Destroyer hovering over Jedha City. It was easy to include a small sculpture of Jedha City in the stand. Most important: building an unobtrusive connection, which was able to distribute the weight of the main model. This was extensive, it was always tipping over! The final solution are two technical axes connected at the focal point of the lower hull. Best thanks for your interest. Cheers! MB
  7. Boba1980

    [MOC] Jedha

    Hello! Today I want to present you my newest MICROFIGHTER MOC. It is my entry for round 2 of the MOC-Olympics-Contest at my German LUG. A base of 32x32 was the limit. For this MOC I also created two new Microfighters, an AT-ST and a hovertank. What do you think about this? I hope you like the city of Jedha as much as I do. Boba IDSMO - R2 - Jedha by Boba-1980, auf Flickr IDSMO - R2 - Jedha by Boba-1980, auf Flickr Imperial Assault Hovertank - Microfighter by Boba-1980, auf Flickr AT-ST - Microfighter by Boba-1980, auf Flickr
  8. Hi guys and happy new year! I wanted to start my posts this year with not one but two micro landscape builds inspired by Jedha. The first is a reconstruction of the Assault on Jedha complete with Hovertank and At-St. The At-St model is an old build but the hover tank is a new design I am really pleased with. IMG_20161221_184332 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr IMG_20161221_213237 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr0 This model is a recreation of a particular shot from the Rogue One trailer, still built on my usual 16x16 base. IMG_20161222_084737 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr My second micro build was inspired by another shot from the trailer and shows a Star Destroyer hovering over Jedha. It's a really simple build and I was only messing about with some tan slopes and came up with this design. The Star Destroyer is the model from the 2015 advent calendar. IMG_20161216_094055 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr IMG_20161216_130700 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Hope you enjoy and please share any feedback. Thanks
  9. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Dodging Patrols

    I built this to coincide with my review of the set 75153 AT-ST Walker, which you can check out here! I studied bits from the trailer and combined them into this representation of Jedha.