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Found 3 results

  1. "WELCOME TO THE GRAND CITY OF JAMESTOWN!" After his last design assignment in Jamestown, Peter Nash (architect) stayed a little longer in this Large City. This city was bustling with activity. This city was not for nothing the second largest city of Corrington. (Mesabi Landing had already reached the Grand City level.) After some research, Peter came to the conclusion that Jamestown was also not far from this legendary status. Only one Royal Factory was still missing to receive the Grand City label. In the past period, Peter had been involved in the rum industry. This was already abundantly represented in Jamestown. An important link was still missing in the 'rum chain'. The Rum Distillery was already established; a Rum Transport Company had moved into a beautiful office and warehouse on the harbor. With Peter's last assignment, a generous Barrels and Crates Factory was added to the 'rum chain'. Once again beautifully situated on the water, which made it easy to transport over water. --- Will be licensed as a Royal Factory building to Jamestown by @Ayrlego Property type: Royal Factory Dimensions: 177 x 130 studs Total parts: ~37,600 Credits: - Overall concept: based on a gameplay design from Anno 1800 (see picture below): - Design hull vessel: @ bricks_fan_uy (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Design big cart: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Design small cart: @ marinbrickdesign (Instragram) (Lego 6010 remake)
  2. To further expand Corrington’s grip as the greatest imperial power, a Trading Company enlisted the services of renowned architect, Peter Nash, to construct infrastructure to facilitate the rum trade based in Jameston. Mr. Nash quickly designs and completes an office building to serve as the headquarters for the rum trade, a warehouse to store rum before it is shipped, and an inn to house local workers. From the balcony of the newly constructed office building, Mr. Nash appears satisfied with the work completed ashore. Before the rum can be transported, vessels are needed to convey the cargo. Two vessels cruise into port. Coincidentally, HMS Carolina was in the vicinity, sailing to fight in the ongoing Lotii War. Feeling a sense of national duty to bolster Corrington’s commercial endeavors, HMS Carolina dispatches Lieutenant Palmer and Sailing Master Bowles to survey the vessels. Having been in the service for less than a year, Lieutenant Palmer relies on the experience of Mr. Bowles to properly survey the ships. Gazing at the shore, Palmer takes in the bustling activity on land. Large, ow-driven carts move the copious amounts of rum to the awaiting ships. An off-duty soldier indulges in the abundant rum just outside of the inn. Several curious citizens of Jameston marvel at the new ships in the quay. Mr. Palmer: “All is well Mr. Bowles, we must make haste to our ship before the war against the Lotii ends” Mr. Bowles: “Aye aye, sir” --- Collab build by @DeathCap and @Bricksbypidy! Will be licensed as a Royal Commerce building to Jamestown by the ETTC (@Ayrlego). (Sold to the ETTC) Completing GoC task 6.3 Sweet, Sweet, Corrington with this build. Property type: Royal Commerce Dimensions: 162 x 90 studs Total parts: ~31,700 Credits: - Design Inn, Office, House, landscaping and rendering: @Bricksbypidy - Design Warehouse, Vessel Class 4, Vessel Class 2 and storytelling: @DeathCap - Design carts: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy
  3. Peter Nash (architect) had meanwhile become the house architect of sugar kingpin 'Padre Azúcar'. After designing his hacienda on Queenston and his agave farmhouse on Mesabi Landing, Peter received a new assignment from the 'Padre'. His eye had fallen on Jamestown. Here he wanted to further expand his sugar empire. He had a plantation here and wanted a rum distillery to process the raw products into the divine liquid: rum. --- Will be licensed as a Large Factory to Jamestown (Mayor Colonel Sir Dirk Allcock @Ayrlego), by @Bricksbypidy. Completing GoC task 6.2 Sweet, Sweet, Corrington with this build. Property type: Large Factory Dimensions: 130 x 98 studs Total parts: ~18,300 Credits: - Inspiration: My earlier 'inspiration post on our Discord channel from AI generator Midjourney' - Design carts: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Design well: @ Peter.g.keith (Instagram) - modified by Bricksbypidy - Desgin water tower rooftop: LEGO set 76178 Daily Bugle (Marvel Super Heroes) - Have you spot the custom logos on the rum crates and facade?