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    LEGO at first, then biology, chemistry, team sports, music.


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  1. Jan_the_Creator

    [MOC] Imperial Facility on Er'Kit 2.0

    Thanks! Yes, in 2020 I made a separate post with it: Also, thanks a lot everyone! Here's a YT video that a friend of mine had edited:
  2. Jan_the_Creator

    [MOC] Imperial Facility on Er'Kit 2.0

    Hey guys! Here's a big update of my Imperial Base on Er'Kit. This build is both an extension of my long-planned project and an online collab with my friend Noah (H2Brick). Who motivated me to do this? Well, Noah did, whose part of the collab comes very soon. It's much more vertical than mine, I'm gonna spoil you just this. :D It was so nice to do multiple whatsapp/discord building calls with Noah and give feedback to each other. Hope you like this updated version of the base. I personally see some oversimplified areas that I can improve in the future. Don't worry, I'll work on them. I'm having an exam session now and I was grinding for the past 5 days to get this done. I guess it was worth it! :D BTW. The size of the moc is 2x3 gray 48x48 baseplates now, and will be expanded (again) this year! TIE Fighter by Jerac. AT-ST by Pablo Brickasso. 74-Z Speeder heavily inspired by Luca s projects. Ok, here are some pics: Huge thanks to CTR Bricks for editing the main pic! More detail shots in a Flickr album: And here is the september 2020 edition of the collab: Imperius Unitada Ober Totallex!
  3. *Your entry has earned 3 XP* From Left to Right: -Rivius Kosh, ISB's Senior Agent, specialized in espionage, undercover maneuvres. (My sig fig) -Army General Haalan Parik accompanied by two Death Troopers (sniper and infantry) -Navy Colonel Alycia Fen, experienced shuttle pilot from the Triumvirate's Logistics branch. -K-2P4, KX-series enforcer droid, male program, designated to provide tactical field support. -Chief of Security Lieutenant Driis Duren (battle gear) -Army Lieutenant Hersh Tanats -TT-2424, Stormtrooper officer along with TT-5797 and TT-3986 Standard infantry units. -TS-2135, Shocktrooper. Provides additional firepower and battle experience. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Hey everyone! Here's my first post in the Factions RPG! Sadly, I can't build a full MOC for those sweet figs due to my massive personal project which I'll be revealing soon! Hope this post matches all the guidelines, I was told even a figbarf post can give you both IP and XP (if done on time, obviously). If not, pardon me! I am still bamboozled by how well structured this RPG is! :D ~Jan
  4. Jan_the_Creator

    [Factions Ep. 8 - Cat A] [K12 - Kalist VI - TT] Expedition to Ilum

    Cool build! Very well thought-out figs and story! I'd only like to see all the characters on one picture. TBH I'm not very convinced on the colourful rubber bads and the anti studs on the holo table. But these are just nitpicks! Glory to the Triumvirate!
  5. Jan_the_Creator

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    #doublepost Factions Sig-Fig. Imperial Triumvirate by Jan, the Creator, on Flickr Alright, here's my Sig for the Triumvirate! Rivius Kosh, ISB spy, reporting for duty.
  6. Jan_the_Creator

    Faction: The Imperial Triumvirate (TT)

    Thanks to Bjorn for the invitation, I'm sooo excited to join the only ( ) important Faction! My sig-fig will be revealed soon!
  7. Jan_the_Creator

    Viking Village Collaboration

    I'm glad to present you the newest project by Zbudujmy.to LUG, the Viking Village! 8 members and friends of our Polish community teamed up for a huge early medieval display in the far north, where the Vikings rule unquestionably! Our model had its premiere on Hobby Fair in Poznań on 5th and 6th of september. Yes, we still have conventions here, even during the worldwide pandemic. ;) The whole collab stands on 7x8 standard 32x32 baseplates. We want to expand this project next year, as more builders enter with their parts. This is definitely a long-term project. ;) Big thanks to JaskiertheBard, because he was the one to start the project and he's built a huge chunk of it baseplates of it, including basically everything on the left side. I've just built a tiny 2x2 slice with the pathway uptop the cliff. :P Please excuse my terrible editing skills, but I guess it looks fine for a photo that was primarily taken on a convention last week with a light striking into the camera lens. It was tough, but I guess it looks quite nice. :) More closeup pics: [ Here's a whole Flickr album with even more pics. Thanks for viewing! ~Jan, the Creator