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Found 19 results

  1. For the Glory of Corrington! (GoC) - A Faction Enduring Challenge Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration for a build or choose a direction for a storyline. Well, fear not fellow Corlanders, here is some direction for those times when you need it! The following are a set of faction endorsed cooperative building tasks to inspire and guide you on your journeys through Corrish territories in Nova Terra. GoC General Rules Builds for GoC tasks should be posted in their own thread with the tag [GoC]. You must also provide a link to your build in this thread. A progress list will be maintained in the second post of this thread. Quality - This should also be an opportunity for you to improve your building skills, so take your time and focus on quality. When presenting your build, designated members of Corrington will award you a if they feel it passes quality standards. Don't worry, we will of course take into account collection size and experience. If some minor adjustments are required, these will be suggested. Two from the reviewers are required for the build to officially count towards the challenge. It is recommended you do not de-construct your build until you receive the required from reviewers in case it requires some adjustments to pass these requirements. - By submitting an entry you agree to receive feedback from the reviewers and will accept their judgement on the matter. - All tasks have a minimum size requirement of a 20x20 (400) stud footprint (or equivalent - irregular bases are permitted as long as they meet the minimum 400 stud footprint). - Other individual requirements will be listed in each task description. Builds that do not meet the task requirements will be rejected. - Only builds posted after 1 January 2019 may count towards the GoC challenge. - Current reviewers @Ayrlego @Captain Dee @Bregir @SilentWolf @LM71Blackbird @evancelt Rewards - Complete any of the below tasks to earn the corresponding IC title for that task for one of your characters. All tasks consist of a minimum of three separate builds (entries). Some tasks will stipulate the subject of each of the three builds and may require them to be posted in a specific order. Others only require three separate builds that meet the requirements. Please read the requirements for each task carefully and ask any questions in this thread. - Each subsequent entry in a task must be significantly different from the last and should attempt to show some kind of improvement from the last, for instance using different techniques or changing the subject matter. NB: In some tasks, there might be specific requirements for the three builds defined. The idea is to glorify our faction, so you should strive to do the best within your own limitations and be proud of every GoC build. Clone builds rushed to complete tasks will not be accepted. - Complete three tasks (total of nine builds) for your main character to become a Knight in the Order of Corrington (OC) and the right to style themselves 'Sir' and use the post nominals OC. eg Sir Fredrick Mercury OC. - Complete six tasks (total of 18 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Baronetcy within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Baron of Feltham - Complete nine tasks (total of 27 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Earldom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Earl of Finnsbrough - Complete twelve tasks (total of 36 builds) for your main character to receive a honorary Dukedom within the Corlander nobility. Your new title will be announced by Royal decree when you complete the requirements. An example may be something like: Sir Fredrick Mercury OC, Duke of Rhyeshire - Nobility titles will only be awarded to Corlanders. Foreigners are welcome to participate in any of GoC tasks and will be awarded the corresponding title if they complete an individual task; however, they will not be eligible for ennoblement. - A list of tasks is provided below. They do not have to be completed in any order and new tasks may be added from time to time as faction priorities change. GoC Task List 1. Redcoats Rule! Background: The mighty Empire of Corrington is built on several foundations, but perhaps one of the most iconic is the bright scarlet coats worn by her soldiers. With dogged stoicism, Corlander redcoats face the harshest of conditions, are unmoveable in defence and relentless in advance. The sight of the redcoats of Corrington will always strike terror in her enemies! Goals: Show us your redcoats! Requirements: Build three scenes showing soldiers of the crown going about their business in the colonies. Your build must showcase faction troops, preferably redcoats. They could be training, parading, maintaining weapons, guarding supplies, fighting dastardly pirates or treacherous natives (and winning of course!). Alternatively you may choose to build a military building (fort, barracks, armoury etc. Just remember to include plenty of redcoats!). There is no EGS requirement for this task. Your combined builds should display at least two different branches of the army; for example, infantry, cavalry, artillery, engineers etc. Title Awarded: Patron of the Army 2. The Oaken Shield Background: The backbone of Corlander power in Terra Nova is the Royal Navy. Royal Navy warships hunt pirates, raid enemy hideouts and settlements and keep trade routes open. Goal: Ensure Corlander Naval supremacy in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three warships for commissioning in the Royal Navy, one for each of the three naval armament schemes, Gunboats for the Colonies, Sloops for the Royal Navy, and Cruisers of Terra Nova. A requirement of this task is that the completed build is handed over to the faction for licensing and deployment. Title Awarded: Master Naval Shipwright 3. The Merchant Marine Background: While the Royal Navy has been prominent in keeping the sea lanes of Terra Nova safe, the Corlander Merchant Marine has seen a slow but persistent demise. We cannot allow this decline to continue. Goal: Build up a significant fleet of merchant vessels to bring home the riches of Terra Nova. Requirements: Build three merchant vessels, one if which is offered to the Crown. These vessels should be licensable in the EGS, and must meet the following requirements. In total, your builds must make up a minimum of 12 shiplevels. One ship must be small (class 1-2), another medium (class 3-5) and one large (6+). Additionally, one build should be a historical or exotic rigging type (eg. xebec, longboat, felucca, junk, cog, carrrack, proa, polacre, etc.), one should be a fore-and-aft rig (eg. schooner, sloop, cutter, lugger, etc.), and one should be a square rigged vessel (eg. brig, snow, ship-rigged, galleon, etc.). (The predominant rigging type on a vessel determines the category) Rigging types and sizes can be combined freely. Title Awarded: Shipping Nabob 4. Purser's Network Background: The 'Oaken Shield', or ships of the Royal Navy need shore based support to be able to function and carry out their roles or defending and expanding the Empire. The fleet operates several major Naval bases in Terra Nova and these require constant expansion. Major fleet bases include Arlinsport, King's Harbour, and Port Woodhouse. Goal: Build an extensive naval support and logistics network for the Royal Navy in Terra Nova Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing how the fleet is supported from ashore. Your scene must be in one of the settlements listed above and must be licensable in the EGS. Ownership must be transferred to the faction. Each of your scenes must be a different EGS licence type. eg. Artisan, Commerce, Factory, Education etc. Some examples could include: Naval hospital, quays and cranes, armoury, ropeyard, sail maker, powder mill, cannon foundry, tavern, cartographers, various industries for provisioning, powder depot, recruitment office, training facilities, storehouses, etc. Title Awarded: Master Purser 5. Higher Education Background: Corrington is known as a bastion of knowledge and learning. Science, mathematics and literature all flourish under Corlander patronage and Corlander schools and universities are world renowned. Thus it is only natural that this passion for education is transferred with Corlander settlers in Terra Nova. Goal: Display Corlander supremacy in the field of education and knowledge in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showcasing Corrington's commitment to knowledge and science in Terra Nova. You can complete the following three subtasks in any order. There are no set locations for these tasks. 1. Build a scene showing some aspect of education for children of the colonies. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 2. Build a scene showing some kind of vocational training in a specific industry or field. For example, a college for engineers or cartographers, an academy for military officers etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. 3. Build a scene showing a place for research or higher learning. Examples could include an agricultural research institute, a university college for theoretical mathematics, a chemistry or botany laboratory etc. The build must be licensable as an educational property under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Patron of Knowledge 6. Sweet, Sweet Corrington! Background: One of the major premises for Corrington settling the new world was access to areas suitable for the growth and harvesting of sugar cane. The settlements of Stormhaven, Port Raleigh and Jameston all have burgeoning sugar cane industries, but the demand in the old world for sugar is insatiable. Alternative sources to cane sugar have even been investigated in Mesabi Landing. Our sugar industry must be expanded! Goal: Expand Corrington’s grip on the sugar industry in the new world. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes in any of the three main ‘sugar’ settlements (Stormhaven, Port Raleigh or Jameston) showing some aspect of the industry. Your three scenes may be in the same settlement, or can be spread across all or some of them. Alternatively one of your scenes may be exploring other sources for sugar (Agave or Stevia) in Mesabi Landing. Your scene could be anything from a plantation, to the storage and processing of the raw product, or any of the products derived from sugar (eg. Rum!). Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Sugar Kingpin 7. Chocolate and Coffee on Cocovia Background: One of the first islands settled by Corlanders in Terra Nova, Cocovia was so named for the abundance of Cacao plants that grow naturally on the island. Indeed the chocolate industry on the island now has a solid foundation and the demand for chocolate in the old world requires extensive expansion. The island is also thought ideal for the cultivation of coffee, although coffee plantations and industry have yet to be established. Goal: To establish monopolies on both chocolate and coffee for Corrington. Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing the either the chocolate or coffee industries in Quinnsville or King's Harbour. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Your scenes must be built in the following order and the properties must be constructed in either the settlement of Quinnsville of King's Harbour. 1. Your first scene should show the growing of the raw product (coffee beans or cocoa beans) and must be licensable as a plantation under the EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show some aspect of processing the raw product. It must be EGS licensable as a factory. 3. Your final scene should show the production or sale of the final product eg. A coffee shop or chocolatier. It must be EGS licensable as either a commercial property or artisan. Title Awarded: Colonial Cafe King 8. The Lotii Connection Background: Port Raleigh hosts a sizable Lotii community – the largest of any of Corrington’s settlements in the Brick Seas so far. These industrious arrivals have quickly adapted to live in the colonies; however, they have also transported much of their home culture with them. Many of their buildings are built in the style of their ancestral home and they have bought with them their traditional artwork, crafts and festivals. NB. The Lotii are based on a generic East Asian culture and previous depictions have displayed both Japanese and Chinese characteristics. Goal: Display Lotii culture in Port Raleigh Requirements: Build three scenes showing inhabitants of Port Raleigh with Lotii background. Your build should display some aspect of traditional Lotii culture which has been transplanted into the settlement. Examples could include teahouses, Japanese style gardens, porcelain production, Oriental style buildings or restaurants, fireworks production/sellers, street festivals etc. There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Honorary Lotii 9. Equines for Elizabethville Background: The rolling plains of the island of Lacryma are ideal for the breeding of horses, indeed some of the finest horses in the new world are from Elizabethville! Goal: Expand the equine industry in Elizabethville Requirements: Build three scenes showing some aspect of the breading, keeping or export of horses in Elizabethville. Examples could include a ranch, stables, racetrack, blacksmith specialising in shoeing horses, saddler, wainwright etc. Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Purveyor of Thoroughbreds 10. Daily life of the Myzec Background: The Myzec are loosely based on the Aztec civilisation and inhabit the city of Myzectlan, located in a hidden valley on Cascadia. They primarily farm maize, sweet potato and beans in 'floating island' plots or chinampas on Lake Myzec. The meat in their diet includes fish and water fowl/turkeys and dugout canoes are used to transverse the lake. Very few mammals are farmed in the Myzec valley although there are some pigs and goats. They weave cloth from goat wool and produce leather from animal hides hunted outside the valley. A basket ball type game is a very popular recreational activity. They ferment an alcoholic ale from maize. Goal: To expand the lore of the native people in the lost city of Myzectlan on Cascadia. Requirements: Build a three small scenes showing the Myzec people conducting activities from their day to day life. Some examples may include: Farming a chinampa lot, milling maize grain, making tortillas, fermenting ale, fishing, trapping ducks, repairing fishing nets, making canoes, warriors training, producing mud bricks for construction, weaving cloth, tanning hides, hunting in the jungle, making jewellery/pottery, ball games, etc There is no EGS requirement for this task (although licensable builds are encouraged). Title Awarded: Friend of the Myzec 11. Strategic Outposts Background: Some of Corrington's settlements in Terra Nova occupy vital strategic positions for the defence and expansion of the Empire but have little commercial value - they exist primarily to protect Corrington's interests. Hence these settlements tend to be smaller and more military focused. To maximise their strategic importance, they require extensive naval bases, army barracks, fortifications and logistics hubs. Currently, these include Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse. Until such time as more purely military outposts are created, the commercial hubs of Spudkirk and Port Raleigh, together with the developing settlements of Wullham and Brickford Landing; which all also occupy strategic locations, will be included in this task. Goal: To build up the network of Corlander strategic defences in Terra Nova. Requirements: Build a scene showing a building of strategic value in each of these important locations. Your building should be military in nature and examples could include: fortifications, quays and cranes, naval storehouses, army barracks, munitions stores and factories, etc. Your build must be licensable under the EGS rules and the ownership must be transferred to the faction. To complete this task you must build one scene in both Hussar's Isle and Port Woodhouse and a third scene in either Spudkirk or Port Raleigh. Title Awarded: Strategic Mastermind 12. Mangrove Madness Background: The settlement of Stormhaven was founded on the Isle of Serentia in the only safe port for over 400 miles. Unfortunately, despite the excellent shelter provided for ships, the location is not ideal for a settlement. Stormhaven cove is covered in mangroves which are almost impenetrable in many places. Properties within the settlement limits are build on stilts above the mangroves and raised wooden walkways provide access between properties. Further inland building is possible on land and some plantations and other properties have been established. Goal: To expand the settlement of Stormhaven Requirements: Build a series of scenes showing the unique aspects of life in Stormhaven. 1. Build two scenes showing buildings within the settlement limits. Your buildings must be in the style of the settlement ie. they must be constructed on wooden stilts above mangroves. Examples (one, two, three). Your scenes must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license them yourself, you may sell them or the faction will purchase them. 2. Build a scene showing a rural property outside the settlement limits. Your scene should in some way support the settlement, for example it may be a plantation or farm, a lumber yard etc. Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. Title Awarded: Swamp Magnate 13. A New Haven Success Story Background: The Eslandolan and Garvian invasion of the Isle de Medio left thousands of Mardierian settlers homeless and facing starvation. Corlander efforts to assist were met with fierce resistance from Eslandola and the resulting Nova Malto crisis was resolved by shipping large numbers of Mardierian refugees to the Corlander island of Alicentia for resettlement. Thus the settlement of New Haven was established, populated primarily with Mardierian refugees from the Mardierian-Eslandolan/Garvey conflict. Goal: Assist Mardierian resettlement in New Haven Requirements: Build a series of three scenes showing Marderian refugees settling down to life as Corlander citizens in New Haven. Your scenes must be build in the following order and the properties must be constructed in the settlement of New Haven. 1. Your first scene should show a Marderian family arriving in New Haven, show their initial lodgings and introduce their backstory (where did they come from, what did they do? Did any of their possessions survive? etc. Your build must be licensable as a residence or artisan under EGS rules. 2. Your second scene should show your Marderian Family starting work or establishing a business in New Haven. Maybe they establish a plantation (the Isle de Medio was famous for citrus plantations), or are they a master artisan who opens a workshop? Your scene must be able to be licensed in the EGS. Should you not wish to license it yourself, you may sell it or the faction will purchase it. 3. Your third scene should show your Marderian family celebrating or expressing their culture in their new settlement. Marderian culture is loosely based on Mediterranean cultures such as Italy, Greece or Spain. Perhaps they are celebrating a Marderian holiday, or preparing a traditional Marderian meal. The choice is yours! There is no requirement for this scene to be licensable under the EGS rules. Title Awarded: Humanitarian Hero Additional Temporary Tasks 14. Bastion of the East Valid until 1 Jan 23 or Queenston achieves City Status - whichever comes first Background: Corrington has long coveted the large island known as Arlintina at the far east of the known map. Finally, a small colony has been established on the southern coast of Arlintina. With vast open floodlands perfectly suited for sugar cane cultivation, rumoured mercury deposits and a bay large enough for ships of all sizes, Queenston is full of potential! Goal: Grow Queenston into a self sustainable city from which to project the glory of Corrington! Requirements: Build 3 properties that show Queenston as a growing settlement (must be licensable under EGS rules). Of the 3 builds, you may keep 1 as a personal investment, but 2 must be sold to Corrington : 1 to Queenston; and 1 to the Crown. There are no property size limits, Corrington will pay ×2 the licensing fee for the purchase of your builds. All builds must respect Queenston's aesthetic (see settlement page for examples/inspiration). Tag @Ayrlego in builds to be donated to the crown. 1. As a new settlement on promising land, people from all corners of the Empire have moved to Queenston in hopes of a better life on the new frontier. Build a property that shows what the daily life of these pioneers may look like. 2. Queenston's location offers great access to open floodlands perfect for sugar cultivation. Build a sugar cane plantation to exploit this resource. 3. Queenston is the most easterly settlement of the great Empire of Corrington. What lays beyond the eastern horizon, no one knows. To the south, war with the Lotii rages. Build a scene showing some aspect of the military defences of Queenston. Examples of suitable builds could be a barracks, supply depot, training facility, foundry, military docks etc. You build should include the glorious redcoats of Corrington's military as a major feature. Title Awarded: Queenston Pioneer
  2. Not much to say, playing around with hull shapes and rigging techniques. Thought I'd make some progress on the Shipping Nabob title. I probably enjoyed building the beakhead the most. The thin slopes and inverted front are simple yet sophisticated (perfect for a Xebec!) I like how the rigging turned out, though it took way too long. I think I got the hang of it (mostly). Already working on the next one! Stern... nothing fancy, but I like how trim she is. Final shot, let me know what you think!
  3. In response to the war now declared with Oleon, the Corrington Admiralty has opened a primary Naval Intelligence Office in Port Woodhouse. Naval Intelligence officers are responsible for manning Corlander naval communication structures, inventing new means for inter-ship communication, developing written ciphers, and maintaining networks of undercover operatives. Their new presence in Port Woodhouse signals the focus given to technological advancement within the Corlander armed forces. The recent introduction of optical telegraph relay stations across the Brick Seas has greatly aided quick communication between ships and settlements. Lieutenant Keeling (right tower) is experimenting with a new flag-based semaphore method where individual flags represent letters. He signals down to the larger seaside mast-based semaphore tower and later will ride down to see how well the crew took down his message. Intelligence Captain Hunter meets with visiting Post-Captain Seward and explains the newest ciphers his crew will need to communicate written orders securely. ------------------------- @Ayrlego's Port Woodhouse builds are stunning and are what originally drew me to BotBs. I wanted to try one out! Making the tile pattern around the fountain was pretty fun. Submitted for license to Corrington as part of Glory of Corrington Task 11: Strategic Outposts
  4. With the growing importance of Wullham as the "Breadbasket of Corrington" becoming apparent, the Headquarters of the Corlander Armed Forces thought it wise to build defenses in the settlement. Named for a war hero from generations past (who happened to be the great-grandfather of Elsabeth Stockton), sprawling Fort Stockton guards Wullham Bay with 16 large shore batteries. The fort also houses barracks for a large contingent of infantry. Built for GoC Strategic Outposts, to be licensed by Corrington as a Large Fort in Wullham Some BTS shots:
  5. Two new types of gunboat are being deployed in Wullham Bay to help protect the coastal waters. The boats, which can be rapidly put to sea from Fort Stockton, are oar- and sail-powered, and pack a punch with a large onboard gun. An oar-powered gunboat: A sail-powered gunboat: Original Post photo: Submitted to Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Gunboats for the Colonies. To be licensed as two gunboats
  6. Great parades are planned for the Corlander capital of Belson in the lead up to hostilities with Oleon. As preparation for the parades, soldiers of the 26th Foot undergo the ritual of "Absolute Stillness". Under the close watch of senior officers, the company must remain absolutely still - they may not make a single movement. The company that can remain motionless for the longest period of time receives the honor of vanguard position in the parade.
  7. Royal Navy Intelligence has begun deploying semaphore optical telegraph stations across the Brick Seas. Relay towers with a semaphore rig at the top are built within line of sight of each other to allow rapid textual communication between islands and ships. Hussar's Isle, the north-western-most of the Rider Islands near Cocovia is often the first sight sailors behold, and an important strategic location for both civilian and military navigation. As such, the admiralty has made it a priority to get the semaphore tower there operational as soon as possible. The intelligence officers at the Hussar's Isle semaphore tower scan the horizon looking for Royal Navy ships. Once communication is made with a ship, they relay messages quickly on to King's Harbor. Two soldiers stationed at the island's outpost run supplies up to the relay tower. Built for GoC Strategic Outposts. OOC: I love the Horatio Hornblower book/movie where they raid a semaphore tower and thought it was an aspect missing from BoBS that could add some more color! Process shot:
  8. For submission to the Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Sloops for the Royal Navy Commander McBlock congratulates newly minted Midshipman Studson on passing his exams. He'll be able to join the crew of HMS Silverthorne Members of the admiralty arrive to see the HMS Silverthorne off on her maiden voyage. Midshipman Studson is quite nervous. The marine sentries have learned to not lock their knees - they'd pass out from the long hours on guard duty otherwise. The members of the admiralty admire the size of the new sloop - they think that Corrington may need to roll out a few dozen more in the coming months. Once at sea, Marine Major Tileson tells Lieutenant Sloping the tale of when he led a raid on an Oleon semaphore signaling tower. Commander McBlock takes a moment to savor his first command. Seaman Crockett heads up the rigging so they can make way The crew of the HMS Silverthorne is ready to put the new ship through her paces HMS Silverthorne is offered for license to Corrington Royal Navy
  9. After meeting the two Onondaga warriors earlier in the week at his cabin, Captain Brickleton invited them to camp to meet the soldiers. The Onondaga put on an impromptu show of marksmanship with the bow and arrow at the edge of camp. Captain Brickleton invited the warriors to give the soldiers of the 26th Foot and colonial militia a series of archery lessons. The Onondaga gladly accepted. While the Corlander soldiers were well-trained with muskets and sabers, Brickleton figured it couldn't hurt to have them learn a new skill from expert teachers.
  10. This is my first Entry for the Oaken shield Task of the GOC-challenge. To Rear- Admiral Fletcher Commander of the Terra Novan Fleet As answer for your call for Gunboats for the colonies, I have been searching for a multi purpose light vessel. The result is a boat with six oars that can serve as a landing boat due to it's space for twelve soldiers or as light gun carrier with an experimental 12 pounder gun. With slight modifications the boat can get a very small mast and a sail but generally the boat is not supposed for that as it would destroy the very small silhouette. Fortunately it is small enough to be considered as side boat for larger ships, but still you can find instructions with this letter with which every shipwright should be able to replicate it. Your servant, John W. Jaeger Marine Lieutenant serving in Spudkirk There it is, my first ship Critique ver welcomed as this is new Land for me! Stay healthy!
  11. During the Juniper wars, the 12th Grenadier Regiment was tasked with holding the flank of the main forces. However, in the bug-infested marshlands, the crack regiment quickly grew restless, and the colonel decided to rewrite the front slightly, and led his grenadiers through Hillswell Marsh against an enemy of vastly superior numbers. However, the enemy forces consisted mainly of militia, and against the Grenadiers, they were routed with ease. While this campaign was largely irrelevant in the grander scheme of things, it is widely celebrated by the regiment. Some of the Grenadiers have made their way to the colonies, where their relentless storm will sweep away enemies of the Crown! ______ An entry for the Glory of Corrington - it is nothing special, but I did my best in creating some interesting poses for the assault. (And really found the limits of what you can do without disassembling minifigs...)
  12. [GoC - Ship] Class 5 Xebec "Sternidae" Sailing from the Corrington mainland, the xebec "Sternidae" is welcomed into the bustling port of Quinnsville. Xebec 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The ship is laden with precious cargo from the old world cities. Thanks to her large hull, she had an extra large load for the long voyage to Cocovia. Xebec 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Being a completely unarmed vessel, she traveled from port to port safely with the help of the ships of the Royal Navy. Xebec 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Now, she will call the new world home and travel the islands. -------------------------------------------------- My first build towards the GoC Merchant Marine tasks. This one my Task #2 build. A medium sized ship between class 3-5. I am still really new at rigging, so please keep that in mind! C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking! @Bregir @Ayrlego @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  13. [GoC - Cruisers of Terra Nova] Post-Ship HMS Black Panther The Quinnsville shipyards have produced yet another vessel which it intends to donate to the Royal Navy for use in protecting Corrington's investments. The 18-gun, post-ship HMS Black Panther has just been launched and has entered the proving phase before joining the naval base in King's Harbour. Frigate 3.4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr In the gundeck she can carry eighteen 24-pounders and has an assortment of small cannon and deck guns for signaling and if necessary, boarding. Frigate 3.5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Down below, the first 24-pounders are being positioned. The rest of the armament will follow once the order has been fulfilled by the Quinnsville Cannon Foundry. Frigate 3.6 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr To Rear-admiral Fletcher, In the interest of the Nation of Corrington and all her settlements she protects, I, Mayor Richard Brickford of the city of Quinnsville, hereby donate the recently completed ship, the HMS Black Panther. I believe that she will prove quite useful to the Terra Novian fleet that so bravely protects the sometime dangers waters that we call home. The proving is going quite well so far, and if she passes your inspection I do believe she will make a fine addition to the fleet. As the other vessels now in the service of Her Majesty's Royal Navy, the handy-work of our hardworking shipwrights should meet your quality standards. In Her Majesty's service Richard Brickford Mayor of Quinnsville --------------------------------------------------- My 3rd and final entry for the GoC Oaken Shield Tasks, the HMS Black Panther! I'm quite happy how the tumble home turned out overall. The figurehead may be a bit large, but I like how it looks in the end. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! @Bregir @Ayrlego @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  14. The gunboat strategy of the Royal Navy has so far been successful enough to mollify even the staunchest of critics. Hence, boatyards across the colonies are churning out new designs on a regular basis. In King's Harbour, where the gunboats have fought(and won) some of their fiercest battles, the local dockyards have designed an improved version of the first colonial gunboats. It is currently under trials near King's Harbour under an experienced master's mate, and is proving more maneuverable and sea worthy than the original design. ___________________________________________ My next contribution to the Gunboats for the Colonies and the GoC.
  15. [GoC - Sloops for the RN] Class 3 Cutter From the shipyards of Quinnsville comes a ship built for greatness. A ship that is intended to serve in Her Majesty's Royal Navy and protect the shipping of Corlander businesses. To answer the call of Rear-Admiral Fletcher to build ships to protect the interests of the Crown, a cutter rigged vessel has been crafted from the fine timbers of Cocovia. Cutter 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The Ship is but lightly armed with 6 four pounders, but offers plenty of maneuverability thanks to its cutter rigging. Cutter 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Such a small vessel doesn't require a ships wheel, but merely a tiller to control the ships course. Cutter 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Currently, she is only staffed with a bare-bones crew as she makes her way to the other side of Cocovia to join the ranks of the greatest navy in the Brick Seas. Cutter 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr ------------------------------------------ My first entry towards the GoC Oaken Shield Tasks. I am quite happy how the vessel turned out, especially considering my limited real brick collection, but there is always room for improvement. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! @Ayrlego @Bregir @SilentWolf @Captain Dee
  16. Their offices in Quinnsville had just recently been set up properly, but the WTC had already establish local business opportunities some time ago. The island of Cocovia was known for its fertile grounds, especially for coffee and cocoa, so it seemed natural to claim some new land from the jungle for an agricultural venture. With cocoa already grown on a large plantation nearby, and another one near King's Harbour, it had been decided to go for coffee. Highly profitable, coffee was still yet to be grown in commercial quantities in Corrington - so the WTC might have a first mover advantage on the market! Having... acquired... the necessary seeds from an ETTC research site in King's Harbour, the first coffee trees were growing already, while parts of the plantation were still in the process of being set up. Fighting back the jungle proved to be easier said than done! .. The local WTC Operator was discussing the progress with the plantations foreman: "We need to get this up and running as soon as possible. I promised results to Mr. Mordo, and I do not plan to disappoint him." "But sir, I need more men. The conditions here are tough, and even then the trees only grow so fast. It will take time, no matter what." "I guess. Still, hasten your efforts. The sooner we can sell overpriced coffee to gullible minifigs, the better." "Will do, sir. By the way, what is it with all the gold?" "We are a royal trade company after all! It also helps with moving our income around. For tax purposes, you know. The last thing we want is to pay the Crown..." ================================= Licensed as a medium plantation in Quinnsville. A wide shot of the full build: One more aerial view: Since this is for the GoC-initiative, a shoutout to @Ayrlego, @Bregir, @Captain Dee and @SilentWolf. If possible I would really appreciate a quick response if this build is fine, since it takes quite a bit of room, and I fear our cats might soon find it... interesting. I was unable to pick coffee as a category when licensing this, which I found very odd (I picked "Tropical Fruit" instead, which coffee technical is). An oversight in the licensing form? This also might call for an update of the island bonus list. As always, C&C are appreciated, thanks for watching!
  17. LM71Blackbird

    [GoC] Northern Garrison

    [GoC] Northern Garrison Today, mayor Richard Brickford was making the trek up to one of the garrisons of the Quinnsville Fusiliers. It was located on a northern section of what is known as the Fist. Richard was going up to meet with the garrison commander. The mayor was accompanied by a few regulars that were heading up to relieve the currently stationed regulars. The men were cooking up a fine lunch of roasted fish before they would accompany the mayor back into town. Up on the roof, a roofer was replacing a few damaged shingles. Island weather can be rough on building at times. The Garrison commander was happy to see the mayor and even happier to report that everything was operating smoothly in the Northern reaches of Quinnsville. ------------------------------------- Interior pics in the spoiler! My second entry for the Redcoats Rule! GoC project. I had quite a lot of fun building this one. This is a first time for the roof design and angled building style for me. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! @Bregir @Ayrlego @Captain Dee @SilentWolf
  18. Location: N/A Type: Class 4 Ship WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The WTC Libertine had a long history. Built as an Oleander Snow around the turn of the century, the ship was sold to Telvoki trader, who used it to smuggle for Corrington during the Juniper War. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The ship had been bought by the WTC, who kept the blue colour scheme, and renamed it. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The Ship was to be assigned to Captain Angles, whose' original ship, The Checkered Past, was far to leaky to be used as a trade ship. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr The ship was quite well stocked, favouring hauling and smuggling over combat. WTC Libertine by North White, on Flickr But the WTC had plans for this ship... Fin Thanks for viewing my new ship! I was heavily inspired by @Captain Braunsfeld's ship, and you'll probably notice a lot of similarities. Yes, blue is super historically inaccurate as a colour scheme, but I had the white and blue hulls, and I really like how it turned out. I think the one thing I don't like is the Rigging pieces, I wish I had the long ones, but unfortunately, I only have the short one's so I doubled up. I probably won't do custom rigging on this, but I do plan to make some sails for it, at some point. I'd like this to count for Task 2 of Category 3 of the GOC. Please let me know any suggestions for her, I'm calling her finished, but if anyone has any suggestions for making her better, I will work on implementing them. @Bregir, @Ayrlego, @SilentWolf, and @Captain Dee, let me know what you guys think too.
  19. [GoC] Artillery Field Testing Artillery Testing 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr A ways out from the city limits of the settlement of Quinnsville, some artillery soldiers are doing field tests on some newly invented weaponry out of the Cannon Foundry. Artillery Testing 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The mayor, Richard Brickford, was invited to come out and watch the weapon trials. Being a veteran of the Juniper War, a little gunfire didn't bother him in the slightest. Artillery Testing 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr One of the new weapons being tested is a new long range field gun, able to fire cannonballs great distances and if all goes well, explode on impact. Artillery Testing 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr The other weapon being tested was a slightly comical looking contraption. However, it may prove useful on the battlefield with it's many barrels being able to be fired in rapid succession. Artillery Testing 7 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr It turned out to be a pleasant afternoon without any serious incident or anything blowing up, much to the delight of the officer conducting the trials! ------------------------------ My first entry for the Glory of Corrington Patron of the Army tasks! I was looking some stuff up and came across a 17th century field gun and I had to try and build it in bricks. It is based off of a Falconet Field Gun. The multi-barreled gun is based off of a super early machine gun design by Leonardo Da Vinci. C&C are welcome and apprecieated and thanks for looking! Not sure what something like this would be classed as, but if it's unable to be licensed it doesn't really matter that much to me. @Bregir @Ayrlego @Captain Dee @SilentWolf More photos in the spoiler: