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  1. Followers of the Force Pentastar Alignment Mando‘ade
  2. Why hello there! I, TalusMoonbreaker, hereby do gift my services to the Followers of the Force… and the New Jedi Order! I will follow you. My brother in the Force. My captain. My Faction Leader. Signed, TalusMoonbreaker Character Notes!
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    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    2B. More peeps for assassination!
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    Moccenigo Famiglia

    The Moccenigo Family is a smaller, less politically powerful family that has a long history of providing Varlyrio with grand and magnificent architecture, generally around the capital of Illaryian or in their home of Porto Caglaveri, about which half of the structures have been designed by the Moccenigos. However, since their failed attempt to frame the beloved Rego, Luca di Carli, their name became one of villainy and all of their contracts were hence cancelled leading to the family’s eventual bankruptcy and further splitting (that has yet to be fully explained nella storia, but tis a teaser for future developments :D). Brabantio Moccenigo Status: Dead Brabantio was the opportunistic head of the family until he caught a common case of the assassinations for attempting “treasonous deeds” in league with the now deceased Kolgari Prins Råiden Tígrisdýrið. Before his untimely demise, he was a quite famous architect who often received contracts from the wealthy and prestigious families of eastern Varlyrio including the past two Regos themselves, Supano Amancio and Luca di Carli respectively. Isotta Moccenigo Status: Ill Isotta managed to be cursed while out surveying with her husband Brabantio and is now perpetually ill with various ailments. But when not sick, she is known for hosting lavish, corretto banquets and balls, much of which attracts the attention of the wealthy, leading to more contracts for Brabantio. As such for being sick, she spends most of her time in bed reading and gaining knowledge that at least one of her sons will cherish, the other not so. Ironically, she comes from a long line of healers, but has yet to find a cure to her curse. Ristoro Moccenigo Status: Imprisoned for Debauchery Ristoro is the eldest of Brabantio’s two sons and is, well, inclined to immoral behavior which has gotten him detained for debauchery several times and most certainly hasn’t wrecked La Villa Moccenigo with any ostentatious parties. Unlike his younger brother, Ristoro never entered the family trade despite his father’s displeasure, but he did manage to marry which greatly pleased his family who prematurally hoped it’d change his habits (they were sorely disappointed), although his wife, Marsilia, soon realized that her kindness towards him had been an extremely terrible idea. Currently, he is rotting away in some dank prison for angering the Moccenigos’ business rivals the Ziccardi for taking some, well, licentious libertà. Ilazio Moccenigo Ilazio followed in his father’s footsteps and studied under his tutelage to become an architect and contributed much to his family’s legacy, all to be thrown down the drain by an ill-fated move on Brabantio’s part and the double-crossing Arama de Cioto. When he wasn’t working with his father, he spent his time reading, fencing with Salvadore, admiring and practicing painting, or mentoring his new niece Aurelia. Normally calm and composed (or what everyone else refers to as “brooding”), the insulting or harming of any of his famiglia for unjust reasons makes him act irrationally and with much vendetta. Marsilia di Veniera Status: Alive Marsilia is a kind woman from a well-to-do family in the mountainous, eastern Varlyrian town of Veniera who found Ristoro beat up after he had some fun and came to like him after patching him up whilst taking care of him for several days. Originally, she worked in her family’s winery but now must compensate with odd jobs to support herself and her young daughter since marrying Ristoro and moving to Porto Caglaveri. Currently, she has zero intent of bailing Ristoro out of prison and is only residing with the Moccenigos still because she’d rather not go back home in disgrace. Mirco il Servitore Status: Alive Mirco is but a humble servant of the Moccenigo family who deeply cares about everyone even if they don’t reciprocate, thinking that he is incompetent and socially awkward. He always addresses them as mio Signore or mia Signora. Salvadore Armando Moccenigo Status: Off in Kaliphlin Salvadore’s parents wandered off to the wastelands (presumably looking for gold) and accidentally left him at La Villa Moccenigo after one of Ristoro’s secret gallas. Brabantio and Isotta decided to keep watch over the child until his parents returned, which never occurred and he became a sort of cugino to Ilazio and Ristoro. Although he never picked up on architecture and was quite adventurous, he at least wasn’t a useless cretino and spent most of his time practicing fencing or contracting as a sellsword. The latest of his contracts has taken him to far off Barqa in Kaliphlin. Aurelia Moccenigo di Veniera Status: Alive Aurelia is, in all technicality, a bastard, although neither she nor Marsilia’s family know of it (Marsilia had to pretend that Aurelia was her maid around her family to keep out of their wrath), and no one, besides the Ziccardi, would call her that as an insult; for a Varlyrian, she’s extremely nonviolent and kind. Although she currently works as a messenger, ironically many of the denizens of Porto Caglaveri have assumed that she is a mute since she practically never speaks to anyone.
  5. Thanks! Thanks! I had fun with the different styles. Kept the building process fresh and fun! Indeed, old places of worship have really neat and beautiful architecture! Thanks! Grazie! Precisely! Grazie mio compagno traditore! The rounded arches on the exterior really scream romanesque to me! And making the scene have depth was really important, oh and of course the sword and bucket! Forgot to mention it, but the cobbles were semi-inspired by this build: Grazie! It helps to have been there! Hmmm... originally, I think I had the transition in both Italiano and English but may have forgotten it... Naja, guess I just have to remember it for next time! And as @W Navarre mentioned, I had no idea that Arama was la assassina! It was quite a shocking turn of events for me! The reason I wrote it like that (and subsequently had to edit it to match the overall story) was that I had used a head that looked serpentine.
  6. TalusMoonbreaker

    [Freebuild] « New Hope » Grange in Marginea (Avalonia)

    This is a very cute scene! also, Dwagons! feedback, -For the border, tiles generally are better than plates. It looks cleaner. -Maybe add some more plants, especially around the house -and the muddy path could use some more tiles -very good!
  7. TalusMoonbreaker

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Varlyrio Challenges 1C. Line of Business: 2A. East Coast Cities (home scenery)
  8. TalusMoonbreaker

    The Tiger of Illaryian (Full Collab)

    It was joy to work with you fellow compagni di cospirazione @LegoHobbitFan @W Navarre! (and secret compagni too @Kai NRG e @Ayrlego) I will admit to being a tiny bit mad at the ending but honestly è perfetto, you mentioned keeping us in the dark for some of the specifics of the storia to feel like how our characters would feel and it most certainly worked! This ending gives me several ideas on how to continue this (no idea when they'll be built though as I might need a break after this. Twas enjoyable but took a lot out of me :D). All of the builds were absolutely amazing! (lol the only build complaint that I can of is that one is missing! [its understandble :) ] Someone else will probably do an in depth critique ) I look forward to our next adventures i miei compagni! Addio! (also I totally won't distribute retribution against either the Rego or Arama :D)
  9. TalusMoonbreaker

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Donne, Uomini e altri bravi abitanti! I humbly present ... (drumroll per favore) my contribution:
  10. Previously: https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/185879-cdc1-tower-torre-orientale-prelude/ L'assassinio di Brabantio Moccenigo Capitolo due di La Tigre di Illaryian The sun was beginning to set over the town of Porto Caglaveri, outside of Illyrian, shadows fading over the edifices standing around the quaint piazza, one of which was the aged Tempio della Signora del Secchio e dello Scudo, a once proud temple for the revered Sana Argenta. Approaching the piazza head-on was a lone figure, the only one there on that eve. The steps of the figure echoed around the cobbled piazza with the only other noises being the gentle flow of water from the small fountain and quiet breaths from the figure’s snakelike nose. Everything seemed normal about this figure except for the dark tan piece of cloth around the mouth and the mean crossbow at the figure’s side. “È una bella serata,” remarked the hooded figure, looking upwards. Upon looking down, the figure’s gaze fixated on the faded doors, slightly ajar. “Ma non per lui,” the figure finished, advancing on the ajar door. On the inside of the temple, Brabantio was clearing up for the night. He’d gotten the scaffold cleaned free to be used on the morrow for whitewashing the decrypt exterior. But then, the door hinges creaked as the large, black door was opened letting in a bit of the late-evening breeze. “Who is it?” Brabantio called down, expecting another accursed lackey to come in to tell him he was too old to be working this late in the eve. “Ah, Signore Moccenigo. Have you not heard enough of our pleasant conversations to recognize la mia voce?” A cold tremble went down his spine as he heard the voice. He then stood up and dropped the bucket, swearing “Accidenti!” “There’s no time to fool around,” said the figure, drawing the loaded crossbow and pulling out a spare bolt. “I need you to swear – here we are in a cattedrale, che fortuna! You must never, I swear never reveal what you know. Swear it, Moccenigo, by Sana Argenta herself swear it! Look here, the Rego dares to trust you. Bene! Are you worth it, feccia!" Brabantio spun around slowly on top of the scaffolding, looked down and spat at the hooded figure leaning in through the ajar door. “What does it matter to anyone what I am worth?” said Brabantio his voice quivering but now louder and more defiant, “But appestare! I know those letters that I wish to be paid for are worth a fortune. And you, assassina, know it too! There are famiglie that’d pay a million piastres to know this, but your Rego must pay more.” “My Rego?” the figure said, sounding hurt, “he is your Rego too!” The figure then shifted his stance and moved more into the ingress, saying “You see I would give you a chance, you wretch, will you take it or not? “And you would give me a chance, you audacious villana?” Brabantio scoffed, “Am I in your power, or is it not the other way around?” Before Moccenigo could answer, a crossbow bolt sped towards his beating heart. He threw himself down upon the wooden boards, but not in time. He tumbled off the scaffolding, the bolt piercing his side before he could crumble onto the hard, cold flagstones. “There … is another person who will possess the letter, if I die,” groaned Brabantio through his teeth, winded from the fall. Don’t be a fool, assassina!Think through it first! This is but vendetta, not prevention. It’ll be far worse .. for you if you kill me. Someone else will get the ricatto,” he paused coughing,” someone who will do you much more harm than me!” The figure laughed a high, cold laugh. “Oh, Signore Moccenigo, you are tame! “Oh, and I ... have something of yours,” the figure said coolly while pulling out two wrapped pieces of parchment. They were the two letters that Signore Moccenigo had written inculpating the Rego, Luca di Carlo. “Someone else will have the ricatto, you say? Bene Me,” the figure said, raising the crossbow to the shoulder again. “No!” Brabantio cried, feebly getting to his knees, “someone else already read that!” “What? Who? I’m losing my patience, Moccenigo!” “Edmondo Ziccardi,” he croaked. “You’re lying,” the figure retorted shrewdly. “You haven’t given a letter to anyone yet. Would you like for your last words to be a falsehood? If not condannato, then speak up quickly,” the figure said impatiently, the crossbow fully loaded. “Dead or alive, I will fool you yet. You think you know it all! Stolto, you don’t know the future!” Brabantio said defiantly, accepting the inevitable and asking Sana Argenta for forgiveness. “I know your future, Moccenigo,” replied the assassin coldly. The deed was done, the paw of the tiger had struck. The figure then whistled and the sounds of hooves clattering on the uneven cobbles could be heard in the piazza. The figure then left the Tempio, closing the ajar door, never to be seen in Porto Caglaveri again. Il giorno successivo Besides mine Papà, my family was safe. I had seen to that before going with the servant to Il Tempio della Signora del Secchio e dello Scudo in my home of Porto Caglaveri. Papà had gotten the contract to reinvigorate the spirit of that ancient cathedral from the Rego himself. I’d always been suspicious of that mercante and that now led me to suspect Rego of this treacherous act. Sì, he must have set my father up! However, I had other evidence to consider. Mia nipote, Aurelia, had attended a ball the previous eve at the Ziccardi’s palazzo and seen similar documents to what mine Papà had on his desk. Edmondo Ziccardi could be in league with the dastardly Rego, he is my father’s rival after all! “Mio Signore,” the servant questioned. “Are … you alright?” I looked at the servant, my concentration now broken. His face was wrought with concern for me, he seemed genuine. “No,” I replied. We then arrived at the temple, which still had a façade worn from the ages, he had been renovating the interior after all. “I will leave you here,” said the servant, his eyes downcast. “I will wait at this door until you are done, Mio Signore.” I then walked up the steps and pushed open the large, black door, and then saw it. Mio padre dead, slain, with crossbow bolts protruding from his wretched, bloodied corpse. One bolt stuck out from his frail side and the other, his lifeless heart. I knelt besides the physical remains of my father, now only existing in memory. Tears sprung from my eyes as I collapsed onto my knees. “Papà, I know you cannot hear me, tuo figlio Ilazio, but I swear. I swear to Sana Argenta herself that I will make whatever bastardo maledetto did this pay. I will make them pay with their own life! Even If I have to condemn my soul to the depths of Nocturnus, I will make that miscredente pay!” Continua
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    CDC2 CMF soccerkid6

    Very nice Isaac! I think the mushroom farmer is my favorite. Bit busy with my other entry but need to do this one too!
  12. TalusMoonbreaker

    CDC2 Ancient Wonders: Halls of History

    Absolutely ingenious! And very well played. this honestly feels like one of your best Mocs. The architecture and colors are great and the Story, absolutely perfect
  13. TalusMoonbreaker

    CDC1 Tower: Torre Orientale

    Definitely! I’m a bit busy at the moment & my desk is a mess, but I’m up for brainstorming!
  14. TalusMoonbreaker

    CDC1 Tower: Torre Orientale

    Indeed it is! Thanks! Grazie! A lot of the story was inspired by La Cospirazione, including the use of Italiano. (The Varlyrio guild challenge stories were amazing and part of the deciding factor for me joining.) Glad you liked the story and that one line made you laugh!