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Found 5 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Sabishi Monastery

    A collab between John and I for the miscellaneous category of the CCC XVII. The build was inspired by this stunning concept art. It weighs in at 41.2 pounds, making it our second largest build to date, behind only Life In Nordheim. Credit for the deer design goes to Grantmasters. We hope you enjoy our last build of 2019! Sabishi Monastery is located high in the Heavenly Mountains of Mitgardia, leading to a very secluded life for the monks who reside there. Still there is plenty to do, and the scenery is beyond beautiful. See more images on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking, and Happy New Year
  2. LittleJohn

    Nordheim Armory

    The 5th module of my large collab with Isaac, for BrickFair Virginia 2016. See the others: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. The Nordheim Armory supplies the Nordheim Watch with their weapons and armor, in addition to storing to storing many of the weapons for the bustling city, in case of attack. It also houses a small forge area outside, where the weapons are made. Lots more pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C appreciated
  3. The brave soldiers from Daydelon pour forth from Veggrfell, lead by the indomitable Jarl Snowy. Sir Glorfindel has ordered him to hold the town at all costs, but the Algus forces are unconcerned by the plain MItgardian steel wielded by most of the town guardsmen. A few of the Daydelon men, Snowy included, carry weapons forged in the dragonfire forges of the Nocturnian Resistance, delivered by Gorrian Ratback Dragon. Still the situation is bleak, and night is falling soon. The Mitgardian defenders: And the Algus attackers: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, my entry for Cat A. I had a right pain with photos, no matter what I did, the lighting sucked. Super grainy pictures result. UK winters aren't the best for photo taking, even going outside didn't help. Anyway, C+C welcome. More photos on my Flickr. Many thanks to SK for the name, and the use of his lands! I owe all the others that replied a build now!
  4. I had a lot of fun making these figs, and I'm looking forward to seeing more entries for this great contest. Here's my series of figs for the anniversary contest: Mitgardia Figs: Avalonia Figs: Kaliphlin Figs: Nocturnus Figs: Fig bios Name: Nighstalker Skills: Nocturnus is home to many assassins, and the "Nightstalker" is rumoured to be one of the most deadly. She is extremely skilled with her blades and can almost become invisible when wishing to remain unseen. Name: Avalonian Nobleman Skills: Considered unresistably handsome (at least by himself), this nobleman is always impeccably dressed and ready to lend aid to any damsel in distress. Name: Kaliphlin Lady Skills: Born into one of the rich families of Kaliphlin, this young lady spends most of her time at evening parties or going for walks in her extensive gardens. Name: Clan Leader Skills: Known for his wise advice and skill in battle, the Clan leader is held in the highest respect by his clan. Name: Dwarven Warrior Skills: Strong, determined, and armed with his war hammer and shield, the dwarven warrior is a formidable foe. Name: Royal Guard Skills: The royal guards of Kaliphlin generally guard Kaliphlin lords and their property. They are trustworthy and quite competent with their pole axes. Name: Orc Farmer Skills: Not all orcs are foul, violent creatures: some, like this farmer simply want to take care of themselves and their families. He works hard to raise crops in the swampy environment of Nocturnus. Name: Lady Hunter Skills: Reputed to be one of the best hunters in Avalonia, she knows all the habits of the wildlife of the forest and can track or shoot as well as any man. without breastplate Name: Stalwart Knight Skills: This knight is ready for anything and everything. As a member of the Flight of the Dragons, he's a very skilled horseman as well as foot-soldier. Name: Viking Farmer Skills: A steady worker, this farmer provides food not only for his family but also extra to sell in the nearest city. Name: Black Mage Skills: While his magic is powerful enough to stop most any foe, this mage is also dangerous with his daggers. Name: Traveling Merchant Skills: Able to procure just about anything you want, this merchant always manages to make a tidy profit on his sales. Name: Northern Hunter/Gatherer Skills: The mountainous regions of Mitgardia provide little food for the un-experienced, but this hunter always manages to find some game or plants to provide for her village. Name: Farmer Boy Skills: A cheerful worker, this boy helps his family with the farmwork. Always followed by his faithful pet chicken he can usually be found pitching hay or feeding the livestock. Name: Female Mercenary Skills: A soldier for hire, this capable warrior often guards Kaliphlin caravans. Name: Uruk Chieftain Skills: A fearsome sight, this warrior's brute strength and ferocity make anyone think twice before attacking his band. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. soccerkid6

    A Clever Trap

    Here's my entry for Category A of Challenge I. I had a lot of fun putting this together and I think it turned out nicely. I'd like to receive UoP credit for: battle scene [Military Science], and fortifications [Military Science] = 2 credits The Wolfpack has many watchtowers throughout Nocturnus, some in better shape than others... After receiving word that a group of Hand of Corruption soldiers were in the area, Gavin planned a clever trap. Some of his men lured the group to one of their watchtowers. The Hand of Corruption soldiers, seeing their foes fleeing before them gave chase, just as Gavin had hoped they would: Gavin's men quickly ducked into the tower. And the horde following them quickly turned their attention to the fresh bacon lying on the doorstep. After all, their quarry was trapped in the tower, right? Gavin quickly seized his opportunity and knocked the prison cage off its supports and let it fall on the group below: I just got a new webhost so now my website address is (not .tk). This should fix the problems some of you were having with the site and make it much more reliable. I'm planning on making some major updates on the site in the near future as well. More pictures of the build can be seen at the new website, here. Any C&C is appreciated