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Found 11 results

  1. Under the radar, but LEGO revealed an update about replacing the ABS brick both in their 2016 Responsibility Report and a LEGO Batman Movie article here: The prototypes as featured in the Responsibility Report: So, what do you think of the progress? Mods: If this should be merged with a previous thread, please do so. I didn't want to bump a three-year-old topic.
  2. My seventh entry for ABS Builder challenge. This was a pretty simple and quick build, but it was fun implementing the seed part into a micro creation. The dark red seed part is used 4 times. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  3. LittleJohn

    Lobster Dinner

    My sixth entry for ABS builder challenge. This build came together quite quickly, though the presentation was a bit of a challenge to get right. The lobster was a fun challenge to create, and I’m quite pleased with the result, though perhaps my personal favorite part of the build is the cup. Inspiration goes to Siercon and Coral, as well as Legohaulic. The dark red seed part is used 12 times. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  4. LittleJohn


    My fourth entry for the ABS builder challenge, and a collaboration with Dave Zambito, a fellow Azure Blue teammate. We were both at a local LUG event this Saturday, so I contacted him asking if he would be interested in doing a live collab while we were there. He said yes, so we decided on a subject matter and each brought some bricks to build with. Despite only having around 2 hours to build, we were able to complete the whole thing at the event. 28 of the seed part are included in the build, in 4 different colors. More pictures on Brickbuilt Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  5. Blu Tack, the adhesive putty normally used to put posters up, can leave stains on walls. If you use it to hold two ABS pieces of LEGO together, will it leave a mark on the LEGO when you remove it? Even after a long time?
  6. So I got the kid the 60052 Cargo Train for his birthday, and looking to extend the possibilities of the layout. His train table is 4' by 6' (122 cm x 183 cm), so there will be room to add a second loop and some switches, etc... I see that ME Models now has R56, R72 and R88 ABS curves for sale on BL. Which do you think is best, or combinations - suggestions greatly appreciated.
  7. im so sick of red and black -.- i want, i dont, dark green, white, rusty red, someone of you will say "there are parts with those colors!" but ill answer: no! there arent enough coloured parts compared to red and black ones :\ so has anyone of you tried to spray some parts? what kind of colors did you use? is it something acceptable by the lego purists?
  8. One of my mocs from my recent Iron Builder against Jimmy Fortel, the seed parts are the fencing foils. Enjoy!
  9. *sorry for any grammar mistake, English is not my mother language. Hello everybody. So, I've always been intrigued with the idea of making pieces in colors that LEGO hadn't released. Painting or dying pieces wouldn't satisfy me though, I want as few differences from the original pieces as possible. So, I was considering making castings with silicone (there are many videos on YT) and melting LEGO pieces for the plastic. I know, LEGO has plenty of expensive machines that inject hot plastic at high pressure, but I wanted to try nonetheless. I wanted to ask you if you have any tips or information, or if you know of someone who tried something like this. There are many persons who tried making lego pieces, but I know of noone trying to do it with actual lego plastic. At what temperature do lego pieces melt? (here they say 105°C) Will they burn before they melt? What are differences between the different plastics used by LEGO? (Like transparent pieces not being made of ABS plastic) What are the dangers (like poisoning) when attempting something like this? How much will it take to the plastic to cool down and solidify? Will it solidify while casting it in the mold? Is there any reason why the result might be not satisfactory? I heard of someone who melt lego plastic with acetone and then used it for castings, it didn't end well. I wanted to try a purple Miru Mata (worn by Damek the Matoran), post your thoughts.
  10. So this was posted on my local LUG's Facebook page today. It'll be quite the shift for such a large consumer of plastic! 'Lego A/S is setting a target to use a sustainable resin in its signature bricks by 2030, replacing ABS. The search for that new resin will not be easy, though, said Allan Rasmussen, senior project manager for Lego. Not only must the selected material be able to meet the same characteristics as the locking building blocks, they must also blend seamlessly with bricks already in children’s hands. “I need to find a material that is just as good as this one,” Rasmussen said. “I need to find a material that will be just as good in 50 years, because these are passed down from generation to generation.” Speaking at Innovation Takes Root 2014 in Orlando on Feb. 18, Rasmussen said the sustainability quest is in its early stages, but the Danish company already has tested some bricks using an impact modified polylactic acid are “very, very close.” A problem with a post-molding “creep,” however, means that a few weeks after they are molded the bricks do not click and stick together as well as they should.' Any thoughts, comments, or reactions?
  11. Remember a while back, be it on deviantArt(can I say that site name?) or here, that I posed up a picture of a black, muscled HF-build torso, and promised a figure would be completed around it? The muscled black HF torso, that looked similar to this? Well wait no more, it's finally here! The one, the only... Dark Matter!? That's right. Evidently he has returned, Upgraded to a new body(and in a sense, a new mind), and ready to lead his forces against the Factory once more. By the way, his upgrade has increased his height exponentially. He now stands at about 2 standard-size Heroes tall. 'Shine' and my panda-like Hero demonstrate here. He's got quite an arsenal, with his shoulder-mounted plasma-bolt cannon, the thrusters in his boots, and his bloodied-up broadsword(not shown), along with his loyal army of Villains. Among these villains is the Red Fist, who you will be seeing more of.. shortly. Comments and criticism are greatly welcomed. More to come soon! -Cirkit