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  1. W Navarre

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    I read the story now, and it was an interesting tale: a little over dramatic and goofy, but fun! I liked the beginning, only this sentence had various typos or errors: His eyes stopped at a hill. It’s (Its) rock wall leaning (leaned) over the valley. Vekrod and Hob stood behind, looking after the horses, while Balduin and I climbed the steep mudded (muddy, or muddied) path that guided us to the cliff.
  2. W Navarre

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Ouch, what a pity! We will have to step up next time. Really it's a pity there isn't more time to build for me, I really would like to have entered the challenge but was simply too busy!
  3. Did I somehow for the most part miss this? The magic effect in the first build with the lake is sweet, and both builds are really cool!
  4. W Navarre

    [AoM: House - Phase I] The Valley

    I would like to read this when I have a little more time! (And a cup of coffee ). As for the MOCs they are really cool, the first one has great FP and pretty effective lightning, also love the way it foreshadows in micro the next build of the cottage. Well done!
  5. W Navarre

    Sabishi Monastery

    Indeed, very beautiful! A lovely job by you two, gotta always love your collaborations!
  6. W Navarre

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    Awesome way to mark the days, will you make a complete group shot?
  7. W Navarre

    AoM Tower Phase 2: Herfin Telosuren

    Oh, beautiful! Such pretty elfish architecture and good colour arrangements! Love all the diverse foliage, would be right at home in the hidden world under Varlyrio!
  8. Excellent attractive build! Those green uniforms are fun to look at, I need to learn how to do that in GIMP, haha.
  9. This is a real fine military campus! I like the elegance and the details!
  10. W Navarre

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    Those guys are cool! Way to use Chima parts nicely!
  11. W Navarre

    [AoM: Stables - Phase I] Wash away

    I like the dark green water and the SNOT base! Interesting use of transparent clear too! I wonder if dark green leaves on the tree, or just green, might have pulled the build together more. A colorful autumn tree looks odd next to stagnant dirty waters... Great MOC altogether though!
  12. W Navarre

    [AoM: Stables - Phase II] Don't Look Back

    Beautiful snow-work! And lovely tree.
  13. W Navarre

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: For the Skulls!

    I like the build with the five guys, unexpected and very cool, I like how they are all posed around the globe, and good touch giving them all the same innocent looking skeleton masks!
  14. That's a really cute little building! And then that interior hammers the nail into the coffin, love the floor and all the subtle details, brilliant job mate!
  15. W Navarre

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: The Enlightened

    I can see you're dedication, this is a set of very impressive builds and a nice story to accompany it! There is no doubt about it, the shot with the solitary chamber is the money shot here, that one is a winner, with it's detail and atmosphere! Altogether very well done!