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  1. W Navarre

    Conzaga Family (Varlyrio)

    Wow, you really went all out and the final thing is something epic! I really love the way the body guards turned out for example, and I will comment on flickr on my favorite of the vignettes :) . Great bios too!
  2. W Navarre

    Challenge I: Conzaga Manor

    As I said on flickr this is awesome, I like the story you are setting up too! And, I may say, the red border is perfect as well as bold!
  3. W Navarre

    CHALLENGE I: Rebuilding the City Wall

    Very cool wheel and castle, I like how you wrote on the border!
  4. Very nice work, I like the pink tree!
  5. W Navarre

    Challenge I: The Gate of Schwarzburg

    Wow, that is super cool, I love the roofs! Also the wheelbarrow is great, and there is so much awesome designing and detail!
  6. Very cool, I really like the way you made the hole!
  7. W Navarre

    Challenge I - Brick by Brick

    That's awesome, I love the shots they really capture Avalonia with those trees!
  8. W Navarre

    Challenge I: Constructing Falcontop Keep

    Fantastic! I love the building in progress! The roof, the crane, and the wood around the building! Also love that little detail which the crane is picking up, and the manor itself is great, the inset windows look very good. The one little critique I have is that I wish you had not left all those studs on the top ooof the walls they are building. Maybe it's a nice nod to LEGO building, but it is distracting, fo me at least, and could be tiled (leaving a few studs perhaps).
  9. W Navarre

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Creative! I would have tiled the wood frame if you could have, but the snow is great and the lavender is a cool idea!
  10. Wonderful interior, that is a very nice staircase! Cool roof too, and I like the use of those ladders for scaffolding!
  11. W Navarre

    Challenge I: Aslanic Temple in Barqa

    Wow, stunning build. I love the action with all the minifigs, and everyone of them seems to have a life. Also it's great to see the road like that, keeps the continuity with the rest of Barqa, and on top of it all the shrine inside is sweet, I love the printed parts for the wall! Well done!
  12. W Navarre

    A mercenary's story: Part III

    I like the bonus details! And I don't think that's the sheriff . Although you never know!
  13. W Navarre

    [AoM]: Patman's Cellar

    I really love the friendly country house feel this has, the flowers, the unique roof, and the setting make it seem quite European! Well made!
  14. W Navarre

    [AoM]: Patman's Stable

    Nice! I like the fig and agree that the road looks pleasant from above!
  15. W Navarre

    Challenge I: Grahark [Guild Ch 2D]

    This is a great encampment! I like the sand wall and the wood battlements!