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  1. Hello again, all! Thank you for your support, I made another MOC now: ̶S̶A̶N̶ B-11 Superfortress by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Here you can see a view from below with the wet-wing interior revealed:And of course a swoosh: Please favorite the image on flickr if you like it! Comments are very appreciated as well, i tried to pack a lot of detail and even some features into it!
  2. W Navarre

    Undersea Base

    Thank you, sir! Excellent thought, I should have done a blue backdrop!
  3. This is a bit more of a fantasy MOC, kind of like a cyberpunk underwater station! Hope you like it: Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Check out more on flickr, and please give me a like there or a comment if you can :) . Thank you for stopping by!
  4. W Navarre

    General Major's Last Stand

    Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment! Yes it is a little damage, or else perhaps a vent! Thanks again .
  5. Hey all, I'm super excited to share with you my latest MOC! It's a small battle scene in the suburbs, with a Berlin Camo Tank, modeled after the M1 A1. General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Would love to hear your thoughts! Please favorite on flickr if you get the chance, much appreciated :) . Thank you!
  6. Hello all! Here is a small fleet I built: Operation: Kamikaze by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr I'll be posting more micro ships over the course of the next week, stay tuned :) . Please give this a like on flickr if you think it's worthy, thank you very much for stopping by! All comments are appreciated!
  7. W Navarre

    Ballistic Missile Submarine

    Thank you sir! Good idea, the scale is indeed a bit off back there: I realized too late I should have made the fins all two studs shorter! Also that's a good idea for the part: I wish there was a larger three finned propeller, but since there isn't (or I don't have one) I should have tried that one out . Thanks!
  8. Hello all! Here again I have another naval creation I made, this time it's a nuclear submarine. Any comments or critiques are very welcome, thank you! This is a cutaway attempting to show a lot of the real details the submarine should have, including the sonar device, the crew bunks, the bridge, the torpedo tubes and of course the engine: Ballistic Missile Submarine by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr There are also several play features like hatches to see more details which you can see in the comments on flickr! Ballistic Missile Submarine by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Also, if you like it please stop by on flickr and give it a favorite, thank you again .
  9. W Navarre

    Nuclear Ekranoplan!

    Thank you, yep, its definitely more artistic than accurate . Speaking of which, I am about to post a submarine, it'd be great to have your thoughts there, doubtless a few details are off or there are some engineering issues, although I did my best to make it completely realistic and accurate! Thanks again! Haha, that's true for me too until I saw it a few weeks ago! Then I decided I had to build it for sure . I don't think this quite is steampunk, but it is kind of realistic near future . . but also a little on the fantastic side! Thanks!
  10. W Navarre

    Nuclear Ekranoplan!

    Thank you! Thanks for the thoughtful analysis, that indeed is a runway for airplanes, but one would assume it's only meant to be used while parked in the water, but used for transporting the aircrafts faster. Your point is excellent, it was based in part off this artists design, which might have the same problem . I also based it heavily off real Soviet Ekranoplans from the cold war. Thank you! Thanks! That's achieved using only small 2x1 bricks, and a little bit of brickbending. I used every single 2x1 in black that I had .
  11. A new build :D ! I hope you like it, it was a lot of work! Shiryokan Nuclear Ekranoplan by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Doctor Aito Olezka by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr More shots on the flickr page, please favorite it on flickr if you can, every like is very appreciated! C&C is also welcome, thank you for stopping by!
  12. W Navarre

    [MOC] The Russian Mine!

    Thank you very much, guys! I appreciate it .
  13. Hello, all! Here is my latest build of a burning Russian iron mine shaft. Above ground there is also a black Sedan, which, for the most part, is based off this black Sedan MOC. I did make some changes, but most credit for the car goes to the builder of that! Clandestine Operation: Russian Objectives by General 尓àvarre Hope you like this! Drop by on flickr and give me a favorite if you are willing please :) . All comments are welcome, gentlemen!
  14. W Navarre

    The De Cioto Family

    Thank you! We'll see when I have the time, unfortunately I am very busy right now! Thank you, glad you liked them! Thanks! Minifigs are super enjoyable, plalying with combos and posing them! Let's be honest, this particular family is like the aristocracy of France. Too much money = no family business. They have lands that other people farm for them, etc. And of course, you could certainly call mining gold the family business, at least for Cetiago and his side of the family. Yep, I liked those too! Unfortunately I don't have the time right now, sorry to disappoint, we'll see if I get the time, but don't get your hopes up.
  15. Hello, all! Here is an oil Rig I made based a little off the map from CoD called Rust. I hope you like my version, check it out on flickr! Covert Operation: E5 Takedown by General 尓àvarre Please give this a favorite on flickr, if you like! All comments and criticisms appreciated! This was a very enjoyable MOC to make, and I hope to make more Call of Duty inspired scenes soon :) .