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  1. W Navarre

    Guilds of Historica is Awesome!

    Really great work with the idea.
  2. W Navarre

    General Major's Last Stand

    Thank you, I tried some new combos! Thank you, I was in a hurry so a lot of the sections like the roof turned out simple but effective. Thank you, glad you liked it! Thanks! I want to try to make the tank without that color scheme but it is eye catching at least! Looks even better irl I think!
  3. W Navarre

    General Major's Last Stand

    Thank you! Haha, this is what I built, I don't think I'll build it again . Do you say that because the picture resembles a render? It's not .
  4. Your welcome, and thanks for joining the team! The collaboration was great fun! From what I understand the story is a very minor part of the judging. Something like one fourth? Probably presentation is also one fourth. This is unfortunate for you since like you say, it's difficult for you to capture a perfect photo. Your story was really detailed and well thought out, I loved it and the way you embraced the concept of Varlyrio perfectly. No one else did that so well for this contest. I hope you don't think it was time wasted because you didn't come out as the best in a combined judgement including presentation and other things, and with close competition! Your work was valued by me for example, and the art you ended up with was more important than winning, as you noted . Keep up the great work!
  5. W Navarre

    [MOC] Modern Military Fighter Jet

    Thank you, just now saw your comment. I'm glad you stopped by!
  6. W Navarre

    [MOC] Modern Military Fighter Jet

    Thank you, that's exactly the airplane that inspired this camo scheme! Glad you like the part usage . Thanks for commenting!
  7. Hello all, I believe this is the correct place to post this! I'd not based on one specific design like the F15, but it's a model inspired by and hopefully accurately representing a modern Fighter Jet. I hope you like it! Please favorite the picture on flickr if you can! Strategic Shiryokan Multi Role Aircraft by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr The aircraft features an accessible cockpit: With room for at least two pilots (not very comfortable tho): Four aileron flaps: And fully retractable landing gear (bonus swoosh!): Hope you like it!
  8. Hello all, hope you'll like my latest model, a helicopter carrying a floating island Field Hospital: Flying Fortress II by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Let me know what you think, I was super pleased with the copter, and it took me just two and a half hours to do it! Thank you for stopping by, please favorite it on flickr if you like it :) . Thank you!
  9. W Navarre

    B-11 Superfortress

    Hello again, all! Thank you for your support, I made another MOC now: ̶S̶A̶N̶ B-11 Superfortress by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Here you can see a view from below with the wet-wing interior revealed:And of course a swoosh: Please favorite the image on flickr if you like it! Comments are very appreciated as well, i tried to pack a lot of detail and even some features into it!
  10. W Navarre

    Undersea Base

    Thank you, sir! Excellent thought, I should have done a blue backdrop!
  11. This is a bit more of a fantasy MOC, kind of like a cyberpunk underwater station! Hope you like it: Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Deep Sea Base: Yatmitsu by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Check out more on flickr, and please give me a like there or a comment if you can :) . Thank you for stopping by!
  12. W Navarre

    General Major's Last Stand

    Thank you very much for the thoughtful comment! Yes it is a little damage, or else perhaps a vent! Thanks again .
  13. Hey all, I'm super excited to share with you my latest MOC! It's a small battle scene in the suburbs, with a Berlin Camo Tank, modeled after the M1 A1. General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr General Major's Last Stand by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr Would love to hear your thoughts! Please favorite on flickr if you get the chance, much appreciated :) . Thank you!
  14. Hello all! Here is a small fleet I built: Operation: Kamikaze by General 尓àvarre, on Flickr I'll be posting more micro ships over the course of the next week, stay tuned :) . Please give this a like on flickr if you think it's worthy, thank you very much for stopping by! All comments are appreciated!
  15. W Navarre

    Ballistic Missile Submarine

    Thank you sir! Good idea, the scale is indeed a bit off back there: I realized too late I should have made the fins all two studs shorter! Also that's a good idea for the part: I wish there was a larger three finned propeller, but since there isn't (or I don't have one) I should have tried that one out . Thanks!