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  1. 14. Bastion of the East - Task 2 - Royal Sugar Cane Plantation Queenston Will be licensed to the Crown by @Ayrlego.
  2. At the opening party of the Primary School in Queenston, Peter Nash (architect) met a wealthy man. Among the locals he was known as 'Padre Azúcar'. This wealthy farmer owned several estates in the Queenston area. He wanted to expand his sugar cane plantation on a vacant lot. A beautiful hacienda had to be realized here. And so it happened... The hacienda consisted of two building parts, interconnected with a covered outdoor area with lovely yellow inner walls. From the gallery, all around, there was a beautiful view of the sunlit courtyard with the most exotic flowers. In the middle, on the Mediterranean tiled floor, was the center piece of the hacienda, the fountain (based on a design by @evancelt). Various arched passageways provided access to this Royal hacienda. The entrances were secured by Royal Guards (that belongs to royal builds... ) There were as many as 1,000 sugar cane plants outside the hacienda (displayed on this build). Although it was not easy to see due to the high crops, several workers were at work. Although... all of them... there was also one sleeping under the palm trees. Various carts drove back and forth with sugar cane. A flourishing trade in Queenston was a fact! --- Will be licensed by @Ayrlego to the Crown, after a 'financial contribution' for @Bricksbypidy. @Ayrlego, you take care of the paperwork? Completing GoC task 14.2 Bastion of the East with this build. Property type: Royal Plantation Dimensions: 130 x 186 studs Total parts: ~36,000 Credits: - Fountain: @evancelt - Hand cart: @ Barthezz Brick (Instagram) - Cart with cow: @ Peter.g.Keith (Instagram) --- I had some issues with rendering the macaroni tiles...
  3. Bricksbypidy

    Account Summary

    I saw that I'm already on the list of nov/dec. However, I only started in January 2023. You have now given me 25 db for signing up in nov/dec. This should atually not be awarded until January. Thanks for the effort @Ayrlego!
  4. Bricksbypidy

    [GOC] Chinampa on Lake Myzec

    Absolutely awesome build! Well done!
  5. Bricksbypidy

    [OL - FB] LBSF Premium Sea Salt

    Nice build! Great factory-vibe! Like the boiling effect of the water and the small detail with the green leaves at the pipeline!
  6. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] Whisky Distillery, Wullham

    Thanks guys for your positive feedback! I'm not sure what you mean by this. But if you mean if there are more interior pics... No, there are none. I have placed a few objects (boilers, tanks, minifigs and lighting) to create a nice ambience. But the interior is not fully worked out.
  7. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] Whisky Distillery, Wullham

    Thanks @Yperio_Bricks. Nice that you recognize the 'whisky-vibe'!
  8. Bricksbypidy

    Settlement, Wullham, Panarium, Corrington

    Would you please change it to 'licensed by Bricksbypidy'. I just sent the corresponding form. (after consultation with @Ayrlego).
  9. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] Whisky Distillery, Wullham

    I've contacted @Ayrlego and @evancelt. Ayrlego is going to adjust the paperwork. The large factory will be placed in Wullham, but licensed by @Bricksbypidy. I'm using Bricklink for renders. I lighten the shadows with photoshop and add a background. The flag (and some other parts) are custom parts, made with PartsDesigner. I have no idea what this means, but I take it as a compliment! I used trans glass, which creates this automatically with rendering, actually. I eat pirates for breakfast!
  10. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] Whisky Distillery, Wullham

    I take this as a compliment! Thanks!
  11. After the completion of his first design assignment (Queenston Primary School), Peter Nash (architect) was overwhelmed with congratulations and positive messages. "What a warm welcome to the New World!", he thought. At the opening party he got into a conversation with the mayor of Wullham, @evancelt. Mayor Major Sir Jonathan Brickleton invited him to come to Wullham. So he did... A few days later, Peter left for Wullham with an old friend, Doug MacIver ("He is a little bit weird, he is wearing a skirt..."] After arriving on the island, Peter was surprised by the landscape. It looked completely different here than in Queenston. The landscape was barren and rougher; it was hilly and there were many sheep. Above all, the temperature was a lot lower and the wind was blowing very hard. It reminded them of where Doug came from. A while later, while taking a walk on the island with Doug, Doug had a great idea. "This island is a great location to start a whiskey distillery!" he said. "Rum is sewage for pirates, people of our stature drink whisky!" Peter agreed and a few days later he started making the first sketches. He designed a main building (distillery) and a first storagehouse. The mayor checked the drawings carefully and approved the construction of the distillery. So construction could begin! See the final result here! --- Licensed in Wullham as a large factory, by @Bricksbypidy. Dimensions: 98 x 130 studs Total parts: ~13,600
  12. Thanks @Ayrlego, I will edit my post to just task 14 - 1. I've heard it makes me a lot of money.
  13. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] What Will Be Will Be

    Nice little build! Love the tree technique with the brackets.
  14. Bricksbypidy

    [COR-FB] Primary School, Queenston

    Could you explain this a bit more, please? I can't find this 'rule'... How much DB's would I make with this?
  15. 14. Bastion of the East - Task 1 - Primary School Queenston Will be licensed directly to Queenston by @Justsomebrix