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Found 35 results

  1. Even the most fearsome Viking warrior needs to take a break from raiding, pillaging, fighting and feasting in order to answer the call of nature…. and where better to do this than in the peace and privacy of the Viking Privy! Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr“Protected from the worst of the elements but with plenty of ventilation, the facility incorporates a gravity operated waste transportation system leading to a subterranean storage facility. A comfortable seat and absorbent, biodegradable plant based wipes to deal with any “mess” complete the customer experience.” Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on FlickrThis build actually began as an experiment in fence designs for a historical themed MOC I have planned. I’ve previously used flex tube to create the woven hurdle type texture but these flexible hoses are far easier to use and look much better. The idea for turning it into a toilet come from a reconstruction of a Viking toilet I saw online and I thought why not? Some pics of it with custom Viking figures from United Bricks Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Untitled by g.nat, on Flickr Instructions for the toilet are now on my Rebrickable page Rebrickable Link Thanks for looking!!
  2. "Anti-Imperialists" Putting together some barbarian soldiers for an upcoming CoWLUG collaboration. Longships are based on ones designed by Jonas Kramm and bricks_fan_uy.
  3. the Inventor

    [MOC] Setting sail

    Asger and his band of the Wolf are setting sail to their new destination to pillage. -- I wanted to take a picture of the boat I build for their hideout last year. Setting sail by Ids de Jong, on Flickr
  4. Stave Church inspired by church from Gol, Norway. It gonna be a part of our LUG collab project - Viking Village.
  5. Jan_the_Creator

    Viking Village Collaboration

    I'm glad to present you the newest project by LUG, the Viking Village! 8 members and friends of our Polish community teamed up for a huge early medieval display in the far north, where the Vikings rule unquestionably! Our model had its premiere on Hobby Fair in Poznań on 5th and 6th of september. Yes, we still have conventions here, even during the worldwide pandemic. ;) The whole collab stands on 7x8 standard 32x32 baseplates. We want to expand this project next year, as more builders enter with their parts. This is definitely a long-term project. ;) Big thanks to JaskiertheBard, because he was the one to start the project and he's built a huge chunk of it baseplates of it, including basically everything on the left side. I've just built a tiny 2x2 slice with the pathway uptop the cliff. :P Please excuse my terrible editing skills, but I guess it looks fine for a photo that was primarily taken on a convention last week with a light striking into the camera lens. It was tough, but I guess it looks quite nice. :) More closeup pics: [ Here's a whole Flickr album with even more pics. Thanks for viewing! ~Jan, the Creator
  6. leafan

    My Viking Disaster

    Ok, so recently I decided to splash out and purchase Lego Vikings sets 7018 - Viking Ship Challenges the Midgard Serpent and 7019 - Viking Fort against the Fafnir Dragon. I got a decent deal at around £100 for both sets delivered. When they arrived however, nearly all of the pieces were caked in dust. Not just light, blow away dust, but solidified 'years in the attic' type dust, so I decided to clean them. What is the best way to clean hundreds of individual Lego parts? Put them in the bath with soapy water? Get a wet toothbrush to each piece? No. Those methods would be too sensible - I shoved them in the washing machine in some laundry bags! It's important to note that I was very distracted at the time by my Football (see Soccer for any Americans reading) team playing their biggest rivals in a local derby. So they came out of the wash nice and clean, but covered in tiny scratches! It wasn't the end of the world though because I'm not ever planning on selling these sets, and they were still decent enough to display. Now comes the truly stupid part (remember my distraction). The pieces by now are soaking wet right? So what to do? Dry them by hand? Nah that'd take forever and I want to build the sets. Leave them under a fan? Nah I don't have a fan and that'd take hours. I PUT THEM INTO THE BLOODY DRYER!!! Yes, you read that correctly. £100 worth of beautiful Lego sets into a dryer. Now, to my slight defence, I did set the dryer to a Cold setting with no spin, but my cheapo dryer didn't want to listen to that and put the heat on anyway. So do you want to know what happens when you heat Lego? Well I can confirm that at the heat I used, the larger plates melt first, and smaller plates without internal support just kind of... warp. I'd say that about 25% of the 2 sets were destroyed - but they were *clean* dammit! So, £50 or so of Bricklink orders later and the remaining pieces should be with me soon. Lesson learned. I type this for solidarity and to make @Marghal laugh. Since then I have completed my Vikings collection with all sets except the Chess sets which is ridiculously expensive. I hope to set-up a nice display at some point.
  7. I've been offline for ages, and thought what better way to break my hiatus than with 24 consecutive days of posting?! And it's December 1st! Well, at least here in Australia it is. My kids have got their official Lego Advent Calendars, but what's a castle fan to do? Since there's been no castle theme for years I decided to make my own Advent Calendar. And because I'm such a shameless Viking enthusiast, it's going to be a Viking one! Now much like the 2008 "Castle" and 2010 "Kingdoms" Advent Calendars (sets 7979 and 7952), mine isn't terribly Christmassy. They were really just an excuse to get a bunch of minifigs and minibuilds, and that's perfectly fine with me! Mine will just fit in with the ongoing efforts towards my Viking Village display. So without further ado, let's kick things off with: DAY 1 - Berserker Perhaps a bit of an angry start to the season, or maybe he's just stressed about spending the holidays with the in-laws? DAY 2 - Woodchopping Ah, now the Berserker has something to do with his axes! *CHOP CHOP* DAY 3 - Farm boy This young lad has the eggcellent job of collecting eggs! Ah, I crack myself up... no more silly yolks please... Day 4 - Toy boat When he's not working on the farm, the young lad enjoys playing with his toy boat. Day 5 - Old woodcarver An old villager carves wooden figures - maybe statues of the Norse gods? Day 6 - Campfire A simple build technique that's been done before, but now our hungry woodcarver can cook himself up a tasty meal! Day 7 - Blacksmith I think it's fair to say that no Lego Castle line is complete without a blacksmith! Day 8 - Anvil and grindstone Because the smith needs somewhere to work his elemental magic, doesn't he? Day 9 - Maiden Some traditional Scandinavian hospitality as this young maiden welcomes visitors to the village with some delicious freshly baked bread! Day 10 - Barrel o' mead The hospitality doesn't stop at bread! Skål! Day 11 - Pig farmer Home again, home again, jiggety-jig! Day 12 - Haystack A very, very simple build today - just three bricks! But you can stick the underside of a brick onto the end of the pitchfork. So at least it gives yesterday's farmer something to do besides chase that pig around all day! Day 13 - Apiary Hooray, more work for the farmer to do! A couple of beehives (which I made before the new beehive element was unveiled!) Day 14 - Huscarl Personal retainer and bodyguard to the Jarl, he takes his work very seriously. Day 15 - Banner stand Only five parts in this simple build, but I think it looks pretty cute. Plus it gives the huscarl something to stand next to so he can feel important! Day 16 - Cheese table More hospitality and winter feasting with a table full of interesting chesses. Day 17 - Noblewoman One of my custom prints, the noblewoman carries the household keys on her belt. Her cat makes sure the cheese table remains rat-free! Day 18 - Runestone A stone raised as a marker, inscribed with pictures and runes telling of great deeds and the like. If this were a real official Lego set, I'd like to see the surfaces of sloped bricks printed with the inscription! Day 19 - Sacred tree A bit small to be a mighty oak tree, but nevertheless it's part of a sacred grove in the forest outside our viking village. Some wild herbs and a mushroom grow in its shade. Day 20 - Sage And who worships in the sacred grove? Who collects the wild medicinal herbs? The village sage does! Day 21 - Jarl's weapon rack It's a rack. For weapons. Belonging to the Jarl. Day 22 - Jarl's armour rack It's another rack. For... oh you can figure it out! Day 23 - Jarl's throne Sitting. The great leveler. From the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest peasant, who doesn’t enjoy a good sit? Day 24 - The Jarl Who didn't see this coming after the past few days?! A good jarl would rule not by force, but with the support of his followers. He is a strong leader, an inspirational speaker, and a fierce warrior; generous with his food, drink, and coin.
  8. I always liked the Vikings theme, but I missed it during my dark ages. I have collected a few of those figures since, but those beautiful boat hulls escaped me. Our LUG is doing an event at our local "House of Denmark" annual local event and since Lego being Danish, we participate. I wanted to build something Danish-y and hence the subject of Vikings. I used the ship hull pieces that the Pirate ships use, in dark brown, and built up from there using dark brown 1x4 tiles and various slopes. It became apparent that the ship was too wide for a minifigure scale Viking ship, so a miniland scale it became. I enjoyed building the miniland vikings and their shields. Total build time of 4 days for the ship, Vikings, tree and scenery. Vikings by Miro Dudas, on Flickr
  9. Macsen Wledig

    MOC: England 793

    Hi there I'm here to bring you the latest Brick to the Past build, England 793. 793 is arguably one of the most important years in British history, for this is the year of the first recorded Viking raid on these lands. Of course we can’t discount the likelihood that earlier raids took place and nobody bothered to write about them; but at the very least, this is the year in which people really started to take notice. Our story is told through the sinuous waters of a tidal river, which weaves its way past Anglo-Saxon villages, riparian woodlands and estuarine bogs to the island dotted shores of the North Sea. The model was created in 2016 by builders James Pegrum, Dan Harris, Simon Pickard, Jimmy Clinch, Steve Snasdell and Tim Goddard. The model is just over 17 square metres in size and reaches over 30 bricks in height. As usual a great deal of research went into creating this model, which took the form of extensive reading and no small number of field trips. The model contains a number features based on these efforts and we have tried to incorporate as many iconic Anglo-Saxon sites and features as possible. You can see more photos and info about the model over on our website at I would have added more photos but there seems to be some sort of functionality problem when trying to link from a URL and I couldn't see any way of just writing the code myself. I assume this is a result of the recent update... Anyway, if someone could let me know how I can insert code, I'll add a few more. In the meantime, is where all the photos are.
  10. Hello all, I hope I am here in the right categorie and such a post doesn't exist already. I want to introduce myself real fast. My name is Ragnar, I am 62 years old and I live in Germany, so please excuse potential misspelling. I promised my grandson who is 8 years old and actually living in the States to build an authentic and big Viking Scenario for a local Lego Contest. I started some researches on Lego Viking Sets and found the ones from 2005. I bought the Sets 7015, 7016, 7017, 7018, 7019, 7020 and also 7021, some extra Figures like Thor and Loki from the newer Sets "Marvel's The Avengers", nearly 40 other Viking Figures and some items like weapons, shields, etc. It took me nearly two month to get them all together - brandnew. I was a little bit surprised by the prices that I had to pay. It seems that Lego Sets are actually a good investment. I was a little bit disappointed that no buildings for a Viking-Village-Scenario were available, so I made more researches and found this MOC-Community with all these great ideas. My idea is to combine these original Sets with some Mythologie topics and of course with these own created buildings. So my questions are, how to start such a MOC? In my age the power of imagination is not that high anymore. Do I have to buy from every single available brown and grey Lego-Piece like 100 to get a start? Do I get a kind of construction manual from a helping hand, or is this forbidden as a "MOC-Member"? Greetings and in advance Thank You.
  11. After captain Ben D'Anvers sailed a few times back and forwarth to the Viking settlement and right before his ship sunk (that bloody idiot...), he managed to improve the relationship with the Viking Tribe to a level of trust, so an alliance was made. Part of the deal is that MAESTRO teaches the Vikings how to handle guns and rifles. In exchange, MAESTRO has now a compagny of Viking soldiers. Back in Elysabethtown, Lord Tomvaximus decided the best spot for the new fort would be across the entrance of the bay, so the ships in the bay could easily be defended against raiders. I hereby present Fort Viking ----- Pfiew, just in time normally :D Anyway, C&C welcome :)
  12. First part of the story ... Captain Ben D'Anvers was relieved when he saw a little settlement. They survived the unknown jungle they had to go through. But once arrived in the hamlet, he saw he took too few soldiers with him. He never imagined he would run into such a big community. Those vikings must breed kids like rabbits!! Somewhere in the middle of the hamlet, the longest (erm...) longhouse stood next to a campfire. It was very nice detailed with even golden accents. Based on the quality of their weaponry and those gold touches, there should be some mines around the hamlet... Very interesting... Luckily for Ben, the Vikings were very friendly and even really gratefull they saw for the first time in ages some people from a world that became a fantasy for them. A man with red horns on his helmet came outside the longhouse and started talking blablabla as Ben didn't understand a word. With hands and feet and a small chicken, they managed to greet eachother. After a few hours of making strange moves and sounds, Captain Ben understood he wouldn't come anyfurther. Time to go back home and return with a translator from Corrington! To be continued? Depends on your votes hahaha :D C&C welcome!
  13. After weeks of sailing, The Knight of Stedor arrived at a desolated beach, unknown to the current maps. Captain Ben D'anvers yelled to his crew: "Time for a break and start exploring lazy sundayworkers!" An explosion of joy was the answer! Finally they discovered an island! Once disembarked, Officer Giancarlo noticed a small wooden structure in the middle of the beach. He pointed it out to Captain Ben and together they walked curiously to the mystical shrine. "Huh, this is a strange place", officer Giancarlo said "look at that small statue with the funny hat". Captain Ben D'Anvers was looking around him. This certainly is something very uncommon. He knew there were natives found on one of the other islands closeby, but he recognised the helmet from one of his trips to the National History Museum of Corrington. "That's a viking helmet" Ben said "and I guess that blue statue under it was the original wearer of that helmet." "But it still is a strange shrine then, look at those shields above it..." Giancarlo replied. "Wait a minute, this is not just a shrine, I think we are standing on a stranded Drakar!!! That really looks like a stern of a vessel to me" answered Ben a little bit too loud because suddenly... .. Suddenly 2 norse warriors ran towards them, their weapons swinging in the air... "Soldiers! Here!" yelled Ben... Quickly 2 MAESTRO-soldiers entered the scene of action, pointing their muskets to the warriors. They never saw something like that before and thought it was just a wooden stick, so they started laughing, not at all frightened by the gunpower of the soldiers. So one of the 2 soldiers aimed for a flying bird and shot it down. Now the 2 vikings stopped and looked in awe to the magical weapon their opponent had "That was close" Ben sighed. "Thanks for coming so quicklyi" He bowed for the Viking warriors. Meanwhile one of the soldiers brought a chest full of shiny golden stuff and opened it in front of the 2 Vikings. Stunned by all the gold and understanding this act of friendship, they bowed towards Captain Ben D'Anvers and said something in an unknown language before pointing their hands to an invisible place somewhere in the woods. They started walking and guiding our explorers into the woods. The 2 MAESTRO-Soldiers constanlty watched out to ensure the safety of their masters. Giancarlo whispered "Why do you gave them gold, they are barbarians and I guess they can't offer us anything valuable". Captain Ben D'Anvers replied: "You know Vikings attacked our homelands 300 years ago. They are the ancestors of the modern day Kingdoms of The Great Raider, west of Corrington and Oleon. But they didn't only raid villages in the east, they also explored the seas west of their homeland. Somehow one of these ships has stranded here and I guess their captain died too soon, so they never had the possibility to return. If these stories are true, we may find prove the world is round. If so, they should have somewhere ancient maps of the unknown area east of where we are now. That would give us a big advantage over our competitors!" Is Captain Ben D'Anvers right about this? The future will tell!! To be continued!!! C&C welcome!!! Some more pictures:
  14. Darn it. As I looked out over the expanse of the ocean, I noticed a ship nearing our shores. I was the lookout for the coast of our little settlement of Skaljarik. It was a terrible post. as I was forced to starve and freeze keeping a lookout. That stupid war cost me everything. I had been assigned to raid the Kaliphlin coast, back when people respected me. But civil war had broken out, and I had lost most of my crew. Upon my return, Jarl Stormbreaker had stripped me of everything. I was barely above scum. May Wulf Stormbreaker die the miserable death he visits upon me. I hated my job, I hated this village, and I was beginning to hate life. Sighing, I started down the path. As I reached the shore, I saw my two friends practicing combat. They claimed to be my friends, once upon a time. But I knew now how hollow those words had been. When Wulf took everything from me, neither of them lifted a finger. No, they were too busy planning pick-nicks and trips to help their dying friend. As I saw the ship keel away from our shores, I wanted to spit on those two. Lydia and Rollo. What pathetic friends. But I just continued on. As the hours wore by, the urge to do something was overcoming me. I wanted to avenge the wrong done, or simply leave before I died. But as night fell, I returned to Wulf's lodge. Because it held the only thing keeping me alive. "Logan," the servant said. "You look like a wreck." "Life will do that to you, Bynjar," I replied. She smiled in return. "Just don't do anything stupid during the night watch," she replied. "And take this." As I took the package, I could feel the warmth within. "You got fresh bread?" "And fish," she replied. "Wulf wasn't hungry this evening." As I took to the night watch, I ate the food Bynjar gave me. It was wonderful. The bread was so warm, it literally melted in the mouth. And the fish was excellent, as usual. That's why I can't leave. I looked out at the sky. The stars were everywhere, and it was very relaxing to look at. I had almost drifted off to sleep when my body sent me a warning. There was a chill in the air. And unnatural chill. The Algus. But that was the question. What was the point? I could let them kill Wulf and his cronies. All my enemies, killed without even knowing what hit them. The thought brought a grim to my mind. But then I stopped cold. Bynjar. Leaping up, I rushed to Jarl Stormbreaker's lodge. I must warn them. We must be prepared for what's coming. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>(Story ends)<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> ^ Furrier ^ Courier ^ Stables ^ Fishery And a final shot of the build. Builder's notes: Well, this took quite a lot of time, but worth it, IMO. I am very pleased with how this turned out. And it's great to be building for GoH again. Also, Happy thanksgiving! Author's notes: As said above, it's great to be back to doing GoH. I've had tons of good excuses, and a few bad ones for being inactive. But I am glad to be writing about the Vikings of Skaljarik once more. For the praise of His glory! ~Andrew Spader
  15. Inconspicuous

    Dragon's Edge Outpost

    After spending around a year away from my Lego collection, I finally had an opportunity to build something new! Here's a diorama inspired by Netflix series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, which takes place between the first and second How to Train Your Dragon movies. Welcome to Dragon's Edge Outpost, a supply station where dragon riders can stop for supplies (and a snack!) when exploring islands far away from Berk. Built on the edge of a rocky cliff, the small shelter serves as an entrance to a convenient cave. Just be careful not to fall into the waters below -- though they look peaceful enough, they're frigid during the winter! Roof design loosely based off this image. Stilted architecture inspired by the palafitos of Chiloé, which I visited during my recent travels. Here's Hiccup the minifigure, as the character appears in the new series. Somewhere between the younger and older versions. There's nothing Toothless loves more than a tasty Icelandic cod! For this MOC, I used an updated version of my original Toothless. "Hey! Get down from there you useless reptile!" Toothless makes a fire inside the cave while Hiccup prepares to spend the night at the outpost. Thanks in advance for your comments and critiques! Inky
  16. Janjy Giggins

    [MOC] Viking Longship

    After the Sea Hawk I didn't want to do another ship anytime soon, and I've actually been working on a massive (well, for my flat anyway) Black Falcons castle for the past several months. But I wanted a break from that today so I knocked up this Viking longship. It's not as polished as the Hawk (and the same goes for the photos), but not bad for an afternoon's work, I think! Janjy
  17. Many people have made custom minifig capes before, so this is by no means a new method. But I made a little Viking-themed model and wanted to spruce up the accompanying minifig. (It's basically a modified version of the Ninjago 70752 Jungle Trap set, and can bee seen here if interested: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=109087 ) I wanted to create the look of a woollen cloak, with a fur draped around the shoulders for extra warmth. Maybe something like a wolf pelt. My tough little Norseman is trekking through some cold, mountainous terrain! I've seen other people use actual fur fabric for this kind of thing, but to me that doesn't seem to be the way TLG would go about it. For instance, they already have a full-length "fur" cape: http://www.bricklink...Pic.asp?P=12857 I'm aiming to produce something in keeping with that style, just shorter and worn over a normal cape. So, I began my quest. I went to the local fabric shop and bought a couple of scraps of cotton from the offcuts bin. It only cost me a few dollars and I've got enough fabric to make dozens of capes! Lucky minifigs are so small! I then ironed the fabric, and cut off a 10cm square and lay it down in a disposable plastic plate. To prevent the fibres of the fabric from fraying I diluted PVA glue with water in a plastic cup, brushed it liberally onto the fabric, then pegged it up with a couple of little bulldog clips to dry. I traced the outline of an official cape onto the fabric, used a hole punch for the neck holes, and just cut out the shape freehand. The end result is a little stiffer than the official capes (and I'm talking about the older style fabric capes here). I used equal parts water and PVA, so I might try a little more water next time to see if it's an improvement. Still, I'm very pleased with how it turned out and will definitely be making some more to keep the rest of my Vikings warm! As always any questions, comments or feedback is most welcom!
  18. I saw the Ninjago 70752 Jungle Trap set, and on a whim remade it into something more Viking-ish. The MOD is functionally identical to the original; a footfall on the top step triggers the trap. I've replaced the orc-swords with axes and the palm fronds with the more traditional foliage piece. The grass is now snow, and the wooden structure has been replaced with a runestone. "A lone Viking searches high in the mountains for the legendary Golden Spear. The sagas say it was once wielded by a great warrior, and lies in wait for one wise enough to retrieve it unscathed."
  19. Spader

    Tension is sparked

    Lydia and I had traveled far, finally reaching the Council of Jarls, which was held in Arkadia, a small Viking town. The council was a needed event, because the Viking villages weren't very tactful in their dealings. Thus, a joint council was held every 6 months. Jarl Arian, and Wulf were here, not 200 feet from the gate.....but then Lydia found her father. Ragnar Redbrook, Jarl of Lydia's home village of Redwood, was there. And so was her father, chained to Ragnar. "So this is your daughter, Mikhail," Ragnar sneered. "I bet she can't wait to see you die. Because that's what I have planned for you," Ragnar continued, an evil glint in his eye. I didn't doubt for a second that he was capable of it. Ragnar was known for his bloody ways, and wasn't exactly popular. But he was dangerous, and that kept him Jarl. Lydia was scared, I could tell. But she drew her bow, ready to avenge her father, should Ragnar kill him. I, too, had no wish to see a murder, but Ragnar was a very skilled warrior, and I knew I couldn't beat him. But then the tide turned. Jarl Arian, Jarl of Skaljarik, and Wulf Stormbreaker, Captain of the Voyageur, burst out the gate. Arian was armed with his sword, and the Shield of his town. I could tell Arian was angry, and wise men stayed away from Jarl Arian when he was angry. "Let the man go, Ragnar Redbrook," Jarl Arian bellowed. "Or I will personally separate your head from your body!" Well, I though, there goes negotiation. But I knew why Arian was this angry. Ragnar had killed one of Arian's friends, and Arian hadn't forgotten. Simply put, nether of these men were people you wanted as enemies. Lydia had an arrow notched. An then it dawned on me what she was going to try. She was going to try and hit Ragnar in the hand. She was an excellent shot, so I didn't think she would miss. But she did miss, a centimeter to the left. Instead of getting Ragnar in the hand, it shot him in the heart. For one second, everyone fell silent. Then Olaf, Lydia's father, rushed to her. "Thank goodness you're alive," they told each other. Meanwhile, I moved to speak with Jarl Arian, and Wulf. "You preformed well," Arian told me. "I didn't do anything," I replied. "No, Logan, you did. You accompanied one of our kin, even though you didn't have to. I appreciate that." Well, I didn't see it that way, but it never hurt to have Jarl Arian's appreciation. "As for you, young lady," Arian continued. "You saved my cleaning my sword." I didn't understand for a second, and then wished I hadn't understood. Arian had a way of putting things as bluntly as possible. But I was happy Lydia had re-untied with her father, but then I wondered... "Lydia, where are you and your father going to live," I asked. I assumed they weren't going back to Redwood, as Lydia had just killed the Jarl of the town. "We're coming to Skaljarik, if we can," Olaf replied. "Certainly you can," boomed Arian. As we marched toward our home, Jarl Arian motioned for me to walk next to him. "Logan," he replied. "I am going to need you in the near future." "Why," I asked. "We may have just started a war," Arian replied. "Certainly, we sparked some tension. And I want you to be one of our war leaders." "But I've only fought one battle," I replied. "You don't understand," Jarl Arian countered. "Back in Skaljarik, who can beat you in chess?" "You," I replied, remembering that Arian was the only one to have defeated me in chess. "But that's the point," Arian replied. "You have a knack for strategy. And we're going to need it." Builder's Notes: Sorry I didn't get an overall picture, but the build turned out pretty well, I think. I especially liked the river....but tell me what you think! Author's Notes: The story is a bit short, as always, but y;all have told me you like it. Thus be it. Also, check out what I just got from Bricklink below.....
  20. Amir Navabi was at war. The estranged son of one of the powerhouse families of Kaliphlin was angry, and he was showing it. His parents, for whom he had precious little respect, had sided with the High Council. Determined to defy the people he felt betrayed by, Amir had sided with Ulandus. And he was a more than capable fighter. He, along with some other Ulandian soldiers, had decided to take the aqueducts, as many as possible. Using his superior ability, Amir forced the swordsman to jump into the river. The battle had been won, at least at this aqueduct. Now is where I come in. "Good Pastnoon," I called. "What are Vikings doing so far inland?" Amir questioned, looking curiously at the three of us. "We were shipwrecked. We need a guide to take us north," I replied, curtly. The ship had encountered one of the worst storms I had ever known. We were lucky to be alive. "Very well," Amir replied. "But it might be dangerous." "Why," Rollo asked. "No one has informed you. Kaliphlin is in Civil War," He told us. "Gorlog's breath," I murmured. "Of all the times to be in Kaliphlin Builder's notes: This build was a throw together, but I wanted to contribute SOMETHING to my side in the civil war. I would build more, but some unforeseen circumstances have stopped me. Sorry. Author's notes: Same. The story was rushed, really just an excuse to explain why my Vikings are stuck in Kaliphlin. For the Praise of His Glory! ~Andrew
  21. DwalinF

    Northern Church

    I decided to continue viking's theme (after my Viking's House ) As you know St. Olaf was the great Norway King that is regardered as a leader of Christianisation of Scandinavia
  22. Spader

    The Smorgasbord

    It was time for the feast in Skaljarik. Today marked the day before all raiding parties were sent out. And to celebrate, we had a Smorgasbord. "Do you always do this?" Lydia wanted to know. She had glanced around at all the food and ale being devoured. "Every year," I replied. "Right before Raiding season. Where are we raiding this year, Rollo?" Rollo Wulfson was my longtime friend, and raiding partner. We were always assigned the same ship. "Dad said something about Kaliphlin," he replied, filling his jug with ale. In general, boys under 18 weren't allowed ale, but it was Smorgasbord day, and Rollo's father was Jarl of our town. But it was the other news that had my attention. Kaliphlin? Well, hopefully we got a good city. I looked at Rollo. "Save me a seat, will you?" "With pleasure," he replied. I walked over to Wulf Stormbreaker. Jarl Wulf, I reminded myself. "Jarl Wulf, where are we going this year?" Wulf looked at me. He had a mischievous look, and he answered, "You're raiding the high council. Any city you like. And you're going to be in Command of the War Party. Just do me a favor and don't get yourself killed. I pondered this. Kaliphlin was farther than we usually went. But they probably had lots of Gold that could be....shall we say......redistributed. "Then I guess I'll need to go to the supply house." Wulf nodded. THIS was going to be some raiding season......... Builder's notes: Sorry I haven't had time to build, and this was a throwtogether. But I've been very busy. But this sets up my story nicely for the Civil War....anyway. Author's notes: As said above, this build is really only setting up my next few builds. But tell me what you think!
  23. As we sailed to pick up our kin from the north, I pondered my position. I was on the eve of my first real battle. Sure, I had fought, but I had never fought to the death. But this would be my revenge, I told myself. Revenge for my father. There was our northern kin. In the battle party was Rex Thorhammer, two raiders I didn't know, and an archer. Looking closer, I realized the archer was a girl. And the girl was quite pretty. Then Brandr Eraksson broke through my thoughts. “If you don't mind the shoreline, Logan, we're going to run aground.” After we loaded the war party on, Wulf and Rex went to the cabin to discuss the raid, leaving me in charge of the tiller. As I held it firmly, surveying the sea, the girl came up to the deck. “So you're Wulf's first mate,” she said. “Yes,” I replied. I felt the need to say something, but I felt an even greater need to not look like an idiot. She sensed my inner struggle, and answered the question on the tip of my tongue. “I'm Lydia, by the way.” “Good to meet you, Lydia.” Well, at least I could string a few words together. I didn't exactly have much experience talking to girls. “My name is Logan Fleetfoot.” “Why fleetfoot?” Here, at least, was a question that I could answer. “Well, back in Skaljarik, when we go bear hunting, I was named fleetfoot for my ability to move around the wood without making noise. It's a skill that has helped a lot.” “I'll bet.” We went on talking, right up until we reached the Nocturnian coast. I was shocked. It was at least a 8 hour voyage, even with a triangular sail. I was just as surprised to learn that I enjoyed talking to Lydia. I wondered idly how many such raids she had been on. I eventually asked her. “This is my first time,” she told me. “You?” “This is my first as well. It's not the same, is it?” “No, I should think not.” We had landed on the beach without much trouble. Having followed the river, we came upon the forces of the Black Spire. One was a dark knight, and all the rest were goblins and orcs. It was time for battle. As we began the fight, I quickly noted that I could defeat the goblins fairly easily. I wrote it down to that the goblins were poor fighters. But the truth was it was my own skill. I was a competent ax man, but where I came from, competent was the equivalent of “Skilled and highly dangerous”. We had gone through the goblin ranks like a knife through hot butter, and I had come upon a farmer. Well, if he fought, thus be it. He would die. But he didn't fight. He begged me, “Northerner, I have a family. A wife, children. Have mercy.” Now I had started a quest for revenge upon those responsible for my father's death. In the background, Wulf ordered, “Kill him.” I started, but then stopped. My anger was because raiders had taken my father from me. I would not visit the same punishment on some poor farmer's family. I murmered under my breath to the farmer, “run”. Then I turned to Wulf. “No. I will not kill him.” Wulf glared at me. “He's the enemy,” he almost shouted at me. “My father was taken from me,” I started. “And there is a hole in my heart for him that will never be replaced. I will not visit that punishment on some poor Nocturnian farmer's family.” Wulf, with an enormous effort, mastered his anger. Together, we tuned back to the Black Knight. Wulf let out an enormous roar, and swung his ax in a murderous side-stroke. My ax kept the sword at bay. Wulf's ax hit the bewitched horse head on, and it fell. The Black Knight rose, and shouted, while running in the opposite direction, “You'll pay for this, Wulf Stormbreaker.” As we walked back to the ship, Wulf pulled me aside. “Why the devil did you defy me?” I wanted to say nerves, but I decided avoiding the truth was a bad idea. “Because it would have been wrong.” “Wrong? His people killed your father!” “But not him. Every day, I feel the loss of my father,” I continued, gathering resolve. “I will not visit that pain upon someone else. Otherwise, I'm no better then they are. I watched Wulf's anger slowly fade. I hoped I hadn't pushed him too far. Author's notes: So the story was a bit shorter then I wanted, but oh well. Builder's notes: The builds aren't as large as I would like, but school has been brutal. In any case, I hope you guys like it,
  24. My second Freebuild! ---------------------- Wulf and I had just returned from our trip, and were on our way to visit the Jarl, to report. Wulf had said something about a possible mission for us, as Jarl Arian always had things he wanted Wulf to do. Simply put, Wulf was Jarl Arian's ace. Also, this meant I got all the exciting jobs. Dangerous, but exciting. I waved at my cousin as I walked by. He was a farmer here in Mitgardia, and a wealthy one. He worked hard, but he was good at it. I just couldn't imagine doing such menial work. It made me all the more grateful to Wulf. “I have something special for you, Wulf.” Jarl Arian DID have a mission for us. And by the sound of it, a good one. “Due to a Blue Wolf mercenary we recently captured, I have found the origin of the raid on our town by the Black Spire. The raid that killed your father,” Jarl Arian, said, looking at me. “I want you to get revenge. It is time for the Black Spire to learn they shouldn't mess with the Nordic of Mitgardia. Rex Thorhammer, Jarl of our kin, has asked that a force from here be sent to aid his force coming from the north, and I think you are the best choice. The chance to avenge my father! This was a day I hoped would come. Alone, Jarl Arian would never move against the Black Spire.......but with our kin to the north, he would jump at the opportunity. Wulf, too, hated the Black Spire and all it stood for. Wulf and I answered in unison. “We'll do it.” Author's Notes: the Viking Clan, or the Vikings are referred to as Nordic people. Also, a Jarl is the leader of a town or city. Builder's Notes: I had a lot of fun building this. I hope you enjoy it!